With the ticket defeated, knives come out against Sarah Palin.

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Originally posted by wage zombie:
[b]Rasmussen: 69% of GOP Voters Say Palin Helped McCain[/b]

Good thing the rest of American voters thought she didn't eh?!


[b]The fiscal conservatives are trying to take her out now before she builds up her own networks and becomes more powerful (and more professional).[/b]

I am cheering for their success, you betcha. [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img]


GOP infighting? Please, more of it. [img]tongue.gif" border="0[/img]

Repubs are the kind of people that desperately need an enemy they can savagely tear down with completely unprincipled attacks, smears, lies and deceit.

First it was the Soviets, who were Over There Somewhere and didn't actually care much about what some loudmouth radio talk show host had to say about the USSR.

Then it was the "enemies at home" - Democrats, homosexuals, Those Minorities, and basically anyone with a working brain who wouldn't fall in line with their thinking. The damage from that is still being felt today in the USA with the echoes of that viciousness in the success of Proposition 8 in California.

Now that Barack Obama has successfully led the Dems to back-to-back electoral gains in the House + Senate, and taken the White House, the Repubs will finish off their excesses that led to their reversal of fortune in 2006. When a man like Mark Foley can hypocritically believe he has carte blanche to chase after much younger men and use the authority of his job to do so, it's not hard to see that Republicans have come to fundamentally believe that they are above the law, that they are somehow superior and do not need to be beholden to the legal principles that stretch back centuries in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Republicans need an enemy, and they will find enemies in each other. Let them tear the party to pieces with their silly ideological litmus tests. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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'Source' for Palin's 'Africa' blunder likely a hoax

A former campaign adviser to John McCain named Martin Eisenstadt has outed himself as the proud source of the "Sarah Palin doesn't know Africa is a continent" story. The New Republic and MSNBC have picked up the Eisenstadt scoop.

But it's not at all clear that Eisenstadt exists. William K. Wolfrum of Shakespeare's Sister, who was suckered by Eisenstadt during the campaign, did some digging and concluded, 'There is no M. Thomas Eisenstadt. There is no Eisenstadt Group. There is no Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy. M. Thomas Eisenstadt is a hoax.'


but you have forgotten that the American memory hole is the #1 in the world. They could say have them come on air and call it a hoax, and there would still be many that believe she doesn't know africa is not a country, and not just conspiracy, she has proven herself to be extremely stupid in the range of quayle. Just like how we can't land a probe on mars better than 50% of the time in 2000's yet we landed men on the moon without a hitch 3 times, yet have never gone back? I find that strange indeed. I am waiting for china to finish mapping the moon to see if their high res pics show the moon rovers lying around. Then I will have some support for the moon landing. I know I know it sounds crazy. But I have my doubts is all.


She said she is thinking of running in '12 I highly doubt that unless she gets more of an education than her BA says she does. I guess anyone can buy their diploma. I would wager that a lot of the people on this board never went to higher education(at graduation from highschool) but many are nonetheless very intelligent. Being able to remember something isn't the same as being intelligent. I only have my highschool(sadly my typing skills show this too)But most of the people I know consider me to be "one of the smart people the know'whatever that means.


The interesting thing is that this highlights the extreme effectiveness of the ability of [i]Republicans[/i] to push their own urban legends and falsehoods about Democrats.

Remember the ZOMG VINCE FOSTAR WAS MURDARED OMG pack of lies that the wingnuts used to falsely claim the Clintons conspired to commit murder?


Dr we are seeing it here and it is actually viewed as true. See con fiscal responsibility. EVRYTHING points to the contrary, yet this urban legend persists. Meanwhile pointing the finger at everyone else for the things they actually do. Don't forget the "muddy the waters' playbook. See election finance lawbreaking. "Evryone does it" meme. Or senate appointments. I hate cons. I hate libs for lying and pretending to be progressive, But I think I hate the sometimes sheep voters who get sucked into these lies the most.


It really is an interesting testament to the success of falsehood-planters at using fringe media to push a trope into the mainsream.

(ooh look, I can use $5 words on babble. Tongue out )