Toronto International Film Festival protest (or "I can't believe it's not apartheid")

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Toronto International Film Festival protest (or "I can't believe it's not apartheid")

Boy! Tough crowd, tough moderators, one slip and they shut you down...

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An open letter to the Toronto International Film Festival

by John Greyson, Naomi Klein, et. al.


An opinion piece by Ms Klein that appeared in the Globe and Mail

We don't feel like celebrating with Israel this year

But today, Ms. Al Shawa said, that hope is a bitter memory. The international outrage has evaporated. Gaza has vanished from the news. And it seems that all those deaths - as many as 1,400 - were not enough to bring justice. Indeed Israel is refusing to co-operate even with a toothless UN fact-finding mission, headed by respected South African judge Richard Goldstone.

Last Spring, while Mr. Goldstone's mission was in Gaza gathering devastating testimony, the Toronto International Film Festival was selecting movies for its Tel Aviv spotlight, timed with the city's 100th birthday. There are many who would have us believe that there is no connection between Israel's desire to avoid scrutiny for its actions in the occupied territories and this week's glittering Toronto premieres.


A recent column by Antonia Zerbisias, Toronto Star

Pro Palestinian letter has uncovered debate


There's a lot to discuss, starting with why Toronto is the reported test market area for the campaign to improve Israel's "brand," one that has suffered horribly - especially since its invasion of Gaza last winter.

But the sands are shifting.

While on one side, there is a push to equate criticism of Israel with "delegitimizing" the Jewish state, there are now voices rising to push back.

It will be hard to silence them.


And a piece by John Baglow, a contributor to The Mark,  a great online news site I came upon.

The Tel Aviv Question


Of course the National Post has launched a full scale attack on those who have anything to do with the protest, resorting to their usual bullshit of labeling them as anti-semitic. 

From college campuses ... to newspapers that spout vile nonsense ... old-fashioned Jew hatred is on the march in this country and worldwide.


This is about Israel, not about Jews.  This is about politics, not about religion.

This is about a boycott on Israel, an apartheid state, and those that support it. Boycott the National Post and all Canwest newspapers, sponsors of the highlight on Tel Aviv campaign.

Support the boycott, make it an election issue, ask your MP, ask all your federal candidates.