The TPP as part of Global Warfare

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The TPP as part of Global Warfare

Open Letters…

A Silence no longer affordable

“Powerlessness and silence go together. We should use our privileged position not as a shelter from the world’s reality, but as a platform from which to speak. A voice is a gift. It should be cherished and used.”

– Margaret Atwood, Canadian author and novelist



The TPP as part of Global Warfare:

Whether it’s the TPP or bombing Syria to a pile of rubble Canada can no longer afford to be complicit in America’s global warfare

            Over the past thirty years the neoliberal free market economy has come to dominate globally serving the corporate interest at the expense of the public interest. There are alarming trends that confirm the predatory nature of this economic model as poverty and social inequality increase at alarming rates, debt is socialized as wealth is privatized and debt bondage for the middle class is pandemic.

We are marching blindly into an endless series of trade agreements completely indifferent to the social consequences of the agreements.  These so called agreements are touted as dealing with trade when in fact they have the  ability to radically alter and destroy the economic well being of whole societies.

The rise of predatory corporate capitalism has without question been facilitated by governments/leaders being all too willing to be led rather than leading. The public interest is all too often abandoned in favor of the corporate interest.

 The TPP is being presented as a partnership when it is clearly no such thing. It has been initiated by the US which is by far the largest economy and the other “partners” are much smaller and more accurately are satellite economies. It follows from this reality that the main benefits will accrue disproportionately to the dominate partner as is evident even now under existing agreements.

It is critically important the TPP also be reviewed in relation to present geopolitical dynamics. We live in a highly integrated world where decisions and consequences reverberate globally all too quickly. We can ill afford to see events in isolation.

Wars are fought for both geographic and economic advantage and the continuous and malignant warfare of the 21st century is no exception. We live with the stark reality the world’s singular super power is attempting to establish global domination. Russia and China are the major impediments to the US achieving global hegemony and the present warfare- military and economic -is directed at them.

Militarily the American initiated Ukraine coup d’detat of 2014 was targeted at ensnaring Russia as is the Syrian conflict. The US Navy patrols the South China Sea as a challenge to China’s dominance of the region.   Economically, the US has imposed sanctions on Russia in an attempt to cripple its economy. The TTP is an effort by the US to challenge and destroy China’s economic dominance of Southeast Asia.

Both of these countries are under siege economically and militarily as the US tries to intimidate them into submission. Both, needless to say, are nuclear armed and American aggression creates a very tense and volatile situation. A situation that many international commentators warn will lead to WWIII.  Others argue we are already seeing WWIII and it may be only a matter of time before it goes nuclear.

This aggression results in the death of millions, the destruction of whole countries from Afghanistan to Libya to Iraq and now Syria.  It spawns huge waves of refugees.  We so hypocritically celebrate our humanity by offering them refuge, but are silent when it comes to speaking out against the criminal warfare that drives them from their homelands.

By our silence we are complicit in these wars.  By our active support we are criminally liable.   NATO, originally created as a defense alliance, has now become a kowtowing mindless goon in service to American military treachery; just as the EU is the mindless dupe of US economic treachery. Europe is paying a huge and unconscionable price for its complicity in America’s wars as it blindly accepts US military leadership, its economies suffer in backlash to Russian sanctions and its borders are lined with millions of refugees.

Europe and Russia should be natural allies but the US is determined to drive a wedge into this relationship.

In the Western World there is a leadership crisis. It starts in Washington and ends up on the door step of NATO and the EU. In Washington the warmongers prevail and they are willing to play a very dangerous and reckless game at the world’s expense – all because of their insane desire to establish global hegemony.

As for NATO and the EU they could defuse a menacing imbalance of power by refusing to be America’s dupe.  By refusing to be party to this global criminality they could rescue their sovereignty, their economies and their right to exist- as the present course will see them gutted economically and possibly destroyed physically as the tilt towards a larger war continues.

 America is very adept at fighting wars on others home turf and at others expense.

The TPP is a monstrous 6000 page “agreement”, a labyrinth of complexity and page after page of legalese intended to  baffle and bewilder and clearly designed, once again as,” too big to fail.”  But fail it must as it is fundamentally a dishonest document in its claimed intentions.

It is an instrument of warfare-economic warfare- a scurrilous warfare that seeks total domination and complete monopoly as prescribed in The Program for a New American Century (PNAC) and Wolfowitz Doctrine- documents that ever so explicitly explain what drives present day geopolitics.

There will always be those who dominate but those who pursue total  domination and those who accommodate it are the tyrants and fools of history.  Are we to join this notorious cabal or are going to set a new standard, a new world order without the constancy of war and the persistent threat of nuclear annihilation?

Silence is complicity in its most cowardly form.  Where Western leaders are  led and refuse to lead they are no more than acolytes to power. They were mandated by their electorates to exercise power not acquiescence.

Canada, for one, can no longer to be silent, living in our bubble of unreality. Our “privileged position” does not buy us immunity from the tumultuous change that surrounds us. It only grants us temporary sanctuary and one that is in erosion.

Canada can no longer be the silent and complicit vassal state. It has an obligation to itself and the global community to be a vocal and progressive agent of essential change.

We must start to speak out in accord other countries and start working toward a new world order where multilateralism prevails, where international law is respected and no nation is allowed to practice such belligerent warmongering as we see now. 

The unipolar world has been a shameless disaster. 

 Leaders must get back to leading and not be cowed into silence by a pervasive tyranny that is ultimately destructive to all.  What has been done over the past decades to create this calamity will also take decades to undo.  It will take resolute political courage and enduring commitment to defining a viable and just new world order.

   A very good starting point is to repudiate the TPP.

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