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Canadians Should Not Be Lulled Into Ratifying The 'New' NAFTA

"The trade deal is flawed: inequality would grow and the environment deteriorate further. Civil society organizations in Mexico, the US and Canada demand that Canada not be lulled into rubber-stamping the new NAFTA..."


CETA: 'Fake News' and 'Canada Bashing?'

"Financial newspapers are stunned: The Netherlands, the nation that invented trade, rejecting a trade agreement? How is that possible? Well, it was possible due to the incredible work of Dutch grassroots groups and their efforts to alert the Dutch public to CETA's effects. As mentioned previously, CETA is less about trade than about rules that give corporations special rights. Many are getting the message that being against CETA is not being against Canada or European friendship but about being a blueprint for trade that usurps power from democratic bodies and gives it to large multinational bodies."

Pity we had no such 'incredible grassroots groups' to inspire critical resistance to NAFTA 2.0, or that in Canada it is our 'democratic bodies' themselves, with politicians of all parliamentary parties that are consenting and urging Candians support this usurpation of power to 'give it to large multinational bodies'. Time for Canadians to stop hiding from the awkward truth of institutionalized political treachery on the part of people that are supposed to represent our interests, not big business or Washington.