Trouble in the Balkans

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Trouble in the Balkans

US-Russia Round Three: Macedonia

"The latest flare-up between the two Great Powers is now gearing up to be for Macedonia, with the US following the template it's learned in the previous two cases to throw the country into chaos during the forthcoming 17 May Color Revolution offensive.

With all eyes on Macedonia to see what will happen this Sunday, it's worth recalling the previous two rounds of their confrontation in better understanding how Round Three repeats the seamless continuation of their New Cold War rivalry.

The underlying theme connecting Syria, Ukraine and now Macedonia is that they're proxy wars between the US and Russia, with Washington playing the destructive offensive role while Russia holds the stabilizing defense.

To explain, the US strives to force regime change on those targeted states, while Russia actively wants to reinforce their governments in resisting the attacks..."

Macedonians Rally for Government Resignation Amid Surging Political Unrest (and vid)

"Anti-government protesters have gathered near the parliament building in Macedonia's capital demanding the government's resignation after a wiretapping scandal. The protests come as 30 people were charged with terrorism after 22 were killed this weekend.

The latest armed attacks in Macedonia have 'confirmed that the EU and NATO still have much unfinished business in the Western Balkans,' said senior associate at Carnegie Europe and editor in chief of Strategic Europe, Judy Dempsey on Monday.

Foreign affairs analyst Srdja Trifkovic told RT that the rise in ethnic tensions in Albania could have been orchestrated with foreign help. Critics suggest that the unrest in Macedonia comes at an inconvenient time with reference to the construction of the Turkish Stream project, which would deliver Russian gas to Europe via Greece and potentially via Macedonia.

'If the Russia-Turkish pipeline goes through then US plans to send gas into Europe via Qatar will be sacrificed,' Marko Gasic said..."


What is Behind the Events in Macedonia?

"The geopolitical games of USA around Ukraine have already led to a civil war in that country. Now to maintain the chaos near the borders of Russia and preserve the tensions in the center of Europe, the US is ready to plunge another European country into chaos, Macedonia..."


Thousands of Anti-Govt Protesters Rally in Macedonia

"At least 20,000 people march from the Government Building to the Macedonian Parliament in Skopje to protest police brutality and alleged government corruption. Protesters have taken to the streets to call on the government to resign after opposition leader Zoran Zaev accused the country's leadership of covering up the 2011 police killing of 21 year old  Martin Neskovski."


Anti-Government Protests in Macedonia are 'Scripted' - Political Analyst Pandovski (and audio)

"Anti-government protesters flooded the streets of Skopje, capital of Macedonia on Sunday, demanding the recognition of PM Nikola Gruevski. Radio Sputnik discussed the latest protests in Macedonia with Vladimir Pandovski, Skopje-based political analyst focusing on social media and propaganda."


Macedonia Under Attack By NATO (and vid)

"...Flores discusses some of the details and history of the recent Albanian terrorist attack in Macedonia. He categorizes these as classic Color/Spring type attacks, which are coordinated by an astro-turf (fake 'grass roots') protest movement in Macedonia."


Breaking: Over 90,000 'Anti-Maidan' Rally Against Sunday's Western Backed 'Demo' (and vid)

"Tonight VMRO-DPME and its coalition parties are holding a rally under the slogan 'Macedonia Strong!' Initial assessments count over 90,000 citizens, making this rally the largets in the history of Macedonia."



A Color Revolution For Macedonia  -  by Paul Craig Roberts

"During the Cold War, Washington was concerned about communists fomenting street-protests that they could turn into revolutions, with groomed politicians waiting in the wings to take over the new government, thus expanding the Soviet empire.

Today this is precisely what Washington does.

We recently witnessed this operation in Ukraine and now it seems to be underway in Macedonia..."


Macedonia: European Powder-Keg  -  by Natalia Meden\

"The Balkans is a region known to be a European powder keg. The events in Macedonia prove that. One should see what is happening there through the prism of US Balkans policy. One of the goals is to prevent the construction of the Turkish Stream. With the South Stream pipeline project cancelled and the Turkish Stream on the way, Macedonia becomes a key country on the route."


Are the Albanians and the Americans Now Deciding the Macedonian Question?   -  by Elena Goskova

"Beyond the immediate reasons which led the US to launch a destabilization operation in Macedonia last month, Senator Elena Goskova noted Washington's strategy for thirty years in the Balkans. To the famous historian, the US wants to end, by all means, the Russian influence in the region, even separating populations and destroying all existing states."


Pro-West NGOs, Armenian Unrest and the Destabilization of Russia (and audio)

"In the midst of thse protests, and with the Ukrainian political crisis still smoldering on Russia's doorstep, attention is being given to some of the NGOs operating in the country."


Russian MP Says 'Foreign Instructors' Behind Yerevan Protests

"The organizers of protests in Armenia are instructors from abroad, the head of Russia's State Duma committee on CWIS affairs, Leonid Slutsky told reporters..."

Perhaps America's Colour Revoution cookie lady, Vicky Nuland has been around recently..?


The Interests that Power Armenia's 'Electric' Protests

"Armenia's 'Electric Yerevan' protests against a hike in power tariffs coincide with Armenia's sale of a massive complex of dams to a little known US company with US government approval. We look at how it could impact US influence in the region..."


Electric Yerevan and Lessons on the Color-Spring  -  by Joaquin Flores

"The protest movement in Yerevan over the electric bill hike has many of the clear signs of the Color-Spring tactic.

The Electric Yerevan protest provides us with an excellent opportunity to review some of the basic underlying mechanics and psychology of the Color-Spring tactic. It is important to share these publicly, for it is indeed probable that the Color Spring tactic will be increasingly applied in the world as a 'hybrid soft-power/hard-power tactic'..."


Hybrid War to Break the Balkans?  -  by Andrew Korybko

"In the spirit of the New Cold War and following on its success in snuffing out South Stream, the US has prioritized its efforts in obstructing Russia's Balkan Stream pipeline. The extraordinary high stakes that are involved means that the Balkans will remain one of the main flashpoints in this dangerous proxy struggle." [MUST READ]


1000s of Protesters Slam Montenegro Plan To Join NATO (and vid)

"Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Montenegro to protest against the Balkan country's planned membership in NATO. Some 7,000 demonstrators gathered in Montenegro's second largest city of Niksic on Saturday, calling on Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic to step down over his proposal to join the Western military alliance..."


NATO Foreign Ministers Agree To Offer Montenegro Membership (and vid)

"NATO foreign ministers have agreed to invite Montenegro to join the military alliance. The move is likely to lead to further deterioration in NATO's relations with Russia, which sees the alliance expansion eastward as a threat to its national security.

'We congratulate Montenegro,' NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told the meeting at the alliance headquarters in Brussels. 'This is the beginning of a very beautiful alliance,' he said.

Montenegro's parliament voted in September for a resolution to support the country's accession to NATO. The resolution passed by 50 votes out of 79, with the opposition calling for a national referendum on the issue.

Montenegro's NATO bid has received strong support from Washington..."


Because stirring up shit in the Balksns has always panned out historically, at least for the arms makers.


NATO Incorporates Montenegro, Escalating Anti-Russian Front in Balkans

"It is intended as a threat against Moscow and a signal that NATO intends to undermine any residual Russian influence in the Balkans. Further provocations loom as NATO prepares to extend its influence in the region, including potential membership by other ex-Yugoslav states, Macedonia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Russian officials have responded to the announcement by noting that the move is part of broader efforts to encircle and lay siege to Russia. 'They [NATO] are ready to admit even the North Pole to NATO just for the sake of encircling Russia, Duma military committee chair Vladimir Komoyedov said."


NATO Picks A New Fight With Russia

"The Obama administration and much of Official Washington have dangerously lost touch with reality, ginning up a costly new Cold War with Russia even as expensive wars continue in Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria. The latest provocation against Russia is to invite Montenegro into NATO, writes Jonathan Marshall..."


How US and EU Manipulate Public Consciousness: Montenegro

"It is well known that the US employs a sophisticated network of non-governmental organizations to manipulate public consciousness in multiple countries across the world. NGO's also play a key role in preparing color revolutions. These last months I've been closely following the efforts of its NATO 'partners' doing their best to integrate that Balkan state in the alliance.

It would be an understatement to say that a network of foreign controlled organizations is active in Montenegro. It's not just a network, it is a system of its own, a 'network of networks.'

As you can see, governmental structures, NGOs, media as well as commerical entities are involved in the unnatural process of pulling Montenegro into NATO. This method proved successful in Ukraine, where the US and EU have achieved their goals. As for Montenegro, only time will tell."


Thousands in Montenegro Protest Against NATO Membership

"Thousands have staged an anti-NATO rally outside Montenegro's parliament."


Hybrid Wars 5: Breaking the Balkans  -  by Andrew Korybko

"The Balkans are the most geostrategically important region in Europe today."


What is Cooking in the Bosnian Pot? CIA Director's Visit to the Balkans

"The prospects for the new stage of the US-Russia Cold War in S Europe."


Does Washington Want to Start A New War in the Balkans?

"With Monday's procedural vote in the US Senate to allow Montenegro into NATO, the Washington elite proved once again that heightening tensions with Russia might not just be inevitable, but actually desirable. To press ahead with Montenegro's NATO accession would fly directly in the face of the will of its people..."


Montenegro at crossroads: toward the West, or back to Russia

Djukanovic’s pro-Western stance made him the target of an alleged election-day coup attempt in Montenegro in October when the Kremlin’s secret service operatives reportedly planned to kill him, topple his government and replace it with a puppet regime. All that because of Montenegro’s NATO bid which Djukanovic had led until he stepped down after the election.


NATO Mission-Creep on Road To Russia Reaches Montenegro

"This week's vote by Montenegro's parliament to ratify the protocol for the tiny Balkan nation's admittance into the NATO alliance was a cruel irony..."


Yeah, Trump signed this a couple of weeks ago. Another reason why I think this is less a case of him trying to take over the world than not knowing what he is doing from one minute to the next.


Jihad 2.0: The Making of the Next Nightmare   -   by Pepe Escobar

"The Balkans may be about to explode - all over again."


In Balkans Speech, Trump's VP Pledges Allegiance To The Swamp

"Take this opportunity, through your actions, to draw even closer to each other and to the West; complete the unfinished business of the Western Balkans; and finish the journey that we started together so many years ago..."


Convicted Bosnian Croat Ex General Dies After 'Drinking Poison' at Hague Tribunal (and vid)

"Prior to drinking the substance, Praljak had heard that his 20-year sentence for alleged war crimes in the Bosnian city of Mostar was being upheld. Praljak, who was one of six former Bosnian Croats having their appeal heard at the UN tribunal, is reported to have told the judge that he is not 'a war criminal..."


The Mladic Case: A Stain on Civilization   -  by Christopher Black

'All that is a lie. This is a NATO-style trial.' The defiant words of General Mladic to the judges of the NATO controlled ad hoc war crimes trial for Yugoslavia rang out loud and clear they day they pretended to convict him..."

NATO justice - kangaroo court. (Meanwhile Canada's NATO Libya commander Charles 'the Butcher' Bouchard, for services rendered,  enjoys his new cushy job as CEO of Lockheed-Martin Canada.)



Euronews: Kosovo -- Hashim Thaci -- Organ Trafficking

Another little gift from NATO


Serbia Puts Military on High Alert over Incident Involving 'Kosovo Special Forces'

"Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said the police were also put on high alert following the Albanian 'attack' in the north of Kosovo..."


NATO's Legacy in Yugoslavia: Cancer & Ethnic Hatred

"RT's [Canadian] correspondent, Alex Mihailovich, takes us to Belgrade, Serbia where he reports on cancer rates in the former Yugoslavia caused by NATO's dropping of depleted Uranium on the region in the 1990s. [Thanks Canada!] Then host Anya Parampil breaks down the details of a new proposal to redraw Serbia and Kosovo's borders in a bid to quell ethnic tensions."


After Embarrassing Defeat, NATO, EU and the West Try to Alter Reality in Macedonia

"The West has lost more than just legitimacy in Macedonia - it has damaged its reputation, perhaps irretrievably. Although the Sept 30, 2018 name-change referendum in Macedonia which was supposed to set that ex-Yugoslav federal republic on a path to (certain) NATO and (blithely promised but much less certain) EU membership, failed miserably, with only 36.91% of the voters turning out, well short of the 50%+1 necessary for it to be valid - one would never know it from the reactions of its Western proponents and impatient beneficiaries..."


Macedonia and NATO: The Implications For the Future

"The West's plans for the Balkans are bringing again, a few years after the bloody Yugoslavian disintegration, tensions and upheaval in the area. They are fomenting nationalism and promoting imperialist conflict. The peoples of the Balkans have nothing to gain from this. Moreover, NATO is always the long arm of US aggression and its record is well known. Instead of stabilization and peace it brings conflict and war. Its march to the East sows gunpowder in the Balkans..."


Albania On Fire: Thousands Rally Against Alleged Govt Links to Crime in Tirana

"Tear gas has been fired and barbed wire put up in the capital of Albania, which is in the grip of intense anti-government protests. People want to get rid of the current cabinet, alleging corruption and links to organized crime. Opposition MPs have resigned en masse, demanding new elections."


NATO Supports 'Terrorists and Criminals' in Kosovo

"Kosovo Special Forces launched a raid on the Serb-dominated northwestern part of Kosovo on Tuesday. Two UN staffers were detained in the action and hospitalized for injuries. Russia's foreign ministry says the raid is the result of 'perennial indulgence' that Kosovo's Albanian majority receives from EU and UN."