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 [url=][b]Global crisis: The end of an age of reaction[/b][/url]

>By James Laxer

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls the din of imploding financial institutions, crashing stocks, choked credit markets, and government bailouts. It tolls the end of an age of reaction. What is to come may be better, it may be worse. It will be different.

What has ended is the Anglo-American era of globalization, with its ever vaster financial markets, de-regulation, and the out-sourcing of production to the cheapest available pools of labour. At the helm were the members of a ruling class nourished on bonuses, mergers and acquisitions, who never spared a thought for the people whose lives they were blithely reordering, often destroying

[url=, last champion of financial deregulation[/b][/url] Oh those Liberals, always the trend setters


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