Trudeau picks close allies as ambassadors to U.S. and UN

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Trudeau picks close allies as ambassadors to U.S. and UN

Trudeau Picks Close Allies As Ambassadors to US and UN

"Prime Minister Justine Trudeau has selected a politically connected Toronto corporate consultant and a high-powered lawyer from Quebec to take over as Canada's envoys to the US and the UN.

David MacNaughton, chairman of Strategy Corp, who co-chaired Mr Trudeau's Liberal election campaign in Ontario, will become ambassador to Washington with a mandate to improve Canada-US relations, the Globe and Mail has learned.

Marc-Andre Blanchard, the chief executive officer of the law firm McCarthy Tetrault, who was on Mr Trudeau's transition team, will be new ambassador to the UN. His instructions are to reassert Canada's role at the UN.

For many years, Mr MacNaughton worked in New York as chair of Hill & Knowlton, one of the world's most influential consulting firms. He spent much of his time in Washington lobbying political figures and senior government officials.

The official said Mr MacNaughton will be aided by his spouse and business partner, Leslie Noble, an influential figure with the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, who can reach out to the Republican-controlled Congress."

Corporate Rule & Crony Comprador Representation: Canucklheads are just along for the ride...


Just think, if the NDP had been elected PM Mulcair might also be naming a Hill & Knowlton ambassador from his team...