Trump just throw Canada under the bus in regards to milk.

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Trump just throw Canada under the bus in regards to milk.



I just saw trump singled out canada for our closed milk market on tv.  Same day the we had trump sign the Hire American, Buy American excutive order.  Let me suggest that Trudea is deciding to give to the americans in regards to milk to make this go away.  We a so so vulnerable economic pressure from the US.  I think we be on Trumps coaliton of the backmailed going to Syria. 

Had a quick look at Canada trade numbers.

We have a surplus of about 50 billion to the US a year.

And a surplus of about 1.8 billion with India and Beligum.  And some surplus countries that have to small to mention less the 150 million a year.  Without the US we would have a trade of balance crisis, I have quick look into the general numbers it looks ugly.  We are losing markert share around the world.  Maybe I will do something and post on the on youtube.


This is a real problem for Trudeau the Lesser.  The dairy industry in Quebec is larger than in any other province and they have a long history of taking on politicians that even think about betraying them. It would seem that industry lobby is the most logical reason for it not being included in NAFTA in the firts place. Supply management gives us a safe affordable supply of dairy products across the country. It is worth fighting for despite the fact it makes farmers with quotas a special class of farmer.

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This month, the Trump adminsitration sent out an eight-page draft letter to the Senate Finance and House Ways & Means committees outlining the administration’s objectives for NAFTA renegotiations.