Turkey minority

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Turkey minority

 Looks like a Turkish Minority.

Basement Dweller

Good. Erdogan is a scumbag.


It may be that the parties will deadlock, in which case new elections will have to held. In the meantime, the Turkish lira is at a record low, the stock market has tumbled 8 percent, and neither the economic crisis nor the foreign policy debacles are going away. Stay tuned, the future of a major player is in the balance.

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from voltairenet.org

Nearing the end of the Erdoğan system by Thierry Meyssan

...the downfall of the AKP partially through interference of the US Embassy?

if the united opposition takes control, ends the support for ISIS, will this be their end?

The collapse of their supply lines?

So what of Canada´s alliance with Turkey via NATO and our supposed military engagement against ISIS/Turkey?




Exclusive – Captured Documents Prove Turkish Alliance with ISIS

Posted by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on June 16, 2015

VT gets docs outlining Turkish intelligence support for ISIS and more....

...and with Israeli  support?

Can this story be verified?