Turkey shoots down Russian warplane

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Unionist wrote:
Likewise! Just maybe this year, spare the turkey.

ETA: Since we're drifting, a little historical note. We Canadians copied Thanksgiving from our U.S. neighbours in the late 19th century sometime. After WWI, however, we decided to create Remembrance Day on the anniversary of the armistice. That war was a much longer and (proportionally) more murderous catastrophe in Canada than in the U.S. So soon thereafter, we moved Thanksgiving up a month, so as not to be killing turkeys and poppies at the same time.

i don't think it was borrowed, but i could be un-understanding of the history of north america.  thanksgivng was celebrated throughout Britsh North America by the settlers who ripped it off of the Indigenous population. empire loyalists just continued celebrating it when they moved north and those in the independant country of Unted States just continued too.


Imperial Myth: The Enduring Lie of the US Origin  - by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz


ISUS...get my drift?


Obama to Putin: What are you having for Thanksgiving?

Putin: Turkey


A Thanksgiving Day Prayer  -  by Sam Husseini



NATO Attack On Russian Air Force: Reasons and Consequences


"If anyone ever doubted that the joint criminal enterprise called NATO was supporting and directing the terrorist groups in Syria, the same groups in Syria, they claim, that conducted the attacks in Paris and on the Russian airliner over Sinai, they now have the proof.

Can there be any doubt that this attack on Russian forces in Syria is intended to disrupt the Russian-Syrian campaign against those NATO supported terrorist groups?

The attack is intended to both test Russian resolve in Syria and to provoke it into a reaction that will be used to justify further military actions by the Turkish and US military forces against both. It was preceded by the sudden appearance of the refugee crisis in Europe and then the attacks in Sinai and Paris and the constant fear raising alerts in Belgium, Germany, Britain and the United States.

The world watches and waits for the next phase of this war, a war which is developing with breathtaking rapidity..."


CrossTalk: Reckless Turkey (and vid)


"And now for the consequences: In the wake of Turkey's international downing of a Russian military aircraft over Syrian airspace, the Russia-Turkey relationship is in deep decline. Ankara says it merely acted in self-defense, but it appears to be protecting Islamic State."


'Turkmen' Who Boasted of Killing Russian Pilot is Allegedly Turk Nationalist


"The rebel leader filmed boasting of killing a Russian pilot is allegedly a Turkish citizen with links to an ultranationalist movement - Gray Wolves."


NDPP wrote:

'Turkmen' Who Boasted of Killing Russian Pilot is Allegedly Turk Nationalist


"The rebel leader filmed boasting of killing a Russian pilot is allegedly a Turkish citizen with links to an ultranationalist movement - Gray Wolves."


I suspect he will be having a heart attack or accidental radiation poisoning soon.


Listening to the Turkish version of events in our MSP is like listening to the CBC about the latest Canadian election. 

Why Turkey wanted to shoot down a Russian plane



Turkish Jet Ambushed Russian Su-24 - Russian Air Force Commander


"Turkey had been tracking the Russian Su-24 for 34 minutes before shooting it down, Col Gen Viktor Bondarev said Friday. Turkish fighter jets were warned about Russian warplanes before hand and waited in ambush prior to the attack.

Objective monitoring proves the Turkish jet was in Syrian airspace for 40 seconds and dived 2km into Syrian territory."


NATO's Dirty Secret: Why the Alliance Abhors Russian Involvement in Syria


"The NATO alliance sees the Russian campaign to defeat terrorism in Syria as an unwelcome development because it reveals the extent of its collaboration with the terrorists. It will also become clear that with Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the West's only allies in the region are two Islamist governments.

The accomplices are nervous. If the refugees can return to Syria, Erdogan's bargaining chip for his extortion is suddenly missing. It is clear who in this conflict has an interest in escalation...'


Turkish Prime Minister: I Gave Orders To Shoot Down Russia's Plane Myself.


"Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has admitted to personally giving the order to fire on the aircraft, 'The Turkish Armed Forces carried out orders given by me personally.'


A fighter plane is shot down. Wow!

Isn't it time to move on here?


Feel free NR..


Reassessing NATO, Canada Shouldn't Let Itself Be 'Article Fived' Into A War By Turkey's Islamist President  -  by David Climenhaga


"...Does it benefit Canada in any way to remain part of NATO, an organization that harbours at least one member that  quite openly supports the so-called Islamic State terrorist organization?

I speak, in case you had any doubts, of Turkey, which is now apparently willing to risk dragging the North Atlantic Treaty Organization military alliance, of which Canada is a fully paid-up member, into a shooting war with a righteously angry nuclear-armed power - an ill wind, if ever there was one, that's likely to blow no good!

As someone who, should have some expertise in such situations said not so very long ago: 'Even if the plane was in their airspace for a few seconds, that is no excuse to attack.'

The speaker quoted above, by the way, was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan back in 2012, when the Syrians shot down a Turkish military aircraft that violated their airspace for a few seconds.

But that was then and this is now, I guess, and this is not a particularly sane world."


Downed SU-24's Black Box To Reveal Truth About Turkey's Treacherous Strike - Putin (and vid)


"Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu provided Russian President Vladimir Putin with the recovered flight recorder on Tuesday during their meeting in Moscow. Shoigu said that Russia has been actively conducting operations in on Syrian territory where the Russian Su-24 pilot was 'gunned down' by Turkmen militants after he had ejected from the plane.

The Russian leader emphasized that the parametric flight recorder should be opened only in the presence of international experts who are genuinely  interested in finding out the truth of the incident. 'As I understand, the flight recorder will give us the opportunity to understand the Su-24 tragedy from the moment of its take off to the moment of the crash,' Putin said."


The Radar Recordings of the Turkish Attack on the Russian Su-24


"...The elements presented during a press conference in Moscow by General Viktor Bondarev, Chief of Staff of the Russian Air Force, leave no doubt - the Turkish airforce, which had been informed of a flight plan of the Russian Sukhoi, in accordance with the agreements on military coordination, had already received prior instructions to assume attack position.

Bondarev's conclusion is that the Turkish pilots had spent several weeks training specifically to shoot down a Russian bomber on their border with Syria, and that the final details of the ambush had been carefully refined by the Turks - probably with their NATO allies - during the 12 hours which had followed the arrival of the information sent by the Russians before the take off..."


F-16 Designer: Turkey 'Set Up An Ambush' For Unsuspecting Russian SU-24


"Pierre Sprey, a highly respected US defense analyst who was on the team that developed the F-16, says that he has no doubt whatsoever that the Turkish Air Force attack on the Russian SU-24M bomber over Syria last month was the result of a well-planned ambush.

Sprey noted that after carrying out a close analysis of both Russian and Turkish materials on the attack, 'the evidence looks pretty strong that the Turks were setting up an ambush.

'Such an ambush wouldn't have been hard to pull off, because the Russians, in their detailed account of this, state very clearly that they had coordinated with NATO, with the Americans, announcing this attack well in advance, and had followed the protocol of listening in on the NATO-agreed frequency for any warnings or alerts from NATO or from the Turks.'

Canada is in the same dirty NATO club as Turkey. Which may explain why the US coalition has been bombing Syrian infrastructure instead of ISIS, especially their supply and oil smuggling routes from Syria and northern Iraq into Turkey.