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re: #151 - the Istanbul suicide bomber has been identified by Turkey's Interior Minister as a Turkish ISIS member.


Turkey/EU Deal: Erdogan Has Fawning Eurocrats Wrapped Around His Finger  -  by Bryan Macdonald


"Having completed a sordid deal with Turkey on Friday, a country that has imprisoned even more journalists than China, next week Eurocrats will no doubt be crowing about 'European values' as per usual.

In reality, Erdogan has no desire to join the EU. If Ankara did become a full member, it would presumably have to revert to genuine democracy. Doing so would loosen Erdogan's totalitarian grip on power. Instead, what Erdogan really wants is for Western Europe's elite to legitimize his regime. His strategy is working.

Erdogan reportedly said on Wednesday in Ankara, 'democracy, freedom and the rule of law...for us these words have absolutely no value any longer. Erdogan didn't stop there. He also said Turkey will 'strike Kurds everywhere.' Across governments and the establishment press, there seems to be an understanding that you cannot criticize Turkey.

That's because everybody is afraid to upset Erdogan. If this bully doesn't get what he wants he can flood Europe with migrants. And Jihadis. Not only that, if Turkey withdrew from NATO, the US would lose vital military bases it needs to dominate the Middle East. Erdogan has them all over a barrel. And he knows it. He must enjoy watching them squirm..."


ISIS, Oil and Turkey


"What RT found in Syrian town liberated from jihadists by Kurds."

And Canada plans to negotiate a free trade deal with this ally and criminal regime. I guess once you've done Ukraine, Israel or USA, anything goes...Of course Canada is itself a criminal regime it must be said. With a citizenry conveniently indifferent to most of it.



The Turkish government has reportedly ordered the deletion from the internet ofa German satirical video that pokes fun at President Recep Tayipp Erdoğan and condemns his human rights record.

Germany’s ambassador to Turkey, Martin Erdmann, was summoned to the foreign ministry in Ankara last week, according to German media, and asked to justify the contents of the short film made by Extra 3, the popular satirical television programme.

“We demanded that the programme be deleted,” a Turkish diplomat told Agence France-Presse on condition of anonymity.



'You Can Go Your Way': Erdogan Rejects Demands To Change Anti-Terror Law For EU Visa Deal (and vid)


"...Human Rights groups have accused Turkey of using its anti-terrorism laws in order to silence critics of the president, such as journalists and academics. Can Dundar, editor in chief of the Cumhuriyet newspaper, and Ankara bureau chief Erden Gul are facing life in prison after they published information that alleged the Turkish government was complicit in ferrying arms to Syria."

See also: EU Leaders Praise Erdogan's Refugee Effort, Shrug Off Rights Concerns


Turkey in Turmoil as Erdogan, Davutoglu Split Over Syria, Europe


"The split between the pair could have a devastating effect on the EU-Turkey migrant agreement, which could - if it fails - precipitate another mass movement of people through Turkey into Europe, exacerbating an already dangerous situation.

With Davutoglu gone, Turkey faces a politically uncertain future. It's relationship with NATO - already under strain - could worsen with the threat of ground troops in Syria and the controversial EU-Turkey deal is now teetering on failure, exploding the migrant crisis once again and destabilizing the region."

ps breaking:  Turkey accused of using phosphorus munitions against  Kurds


Turkish MP: Govt Ignored Police Data on ISIS Terrorists Behind Bombings in Turkey (and vid)


"A Turkish opposition MP says he has evidence of clandestine support by the country's authorities for Islamic State. Opposition MP Erdem Erdem told the Turkish parliament, 'I am asking a simple question: Why didn't you arrest these terrorists?"

Canada ignores the same issue re its NATO ally Turkey in the US-led Middle East coalition. Perhaps the reason is obvious.


German Left MP Sevim Dagdelen: 'Europe is Victim of Blackmail, Ankara's Hostage'


"Sevim Dagdelen, German MP from The Left Party, joins RT to discuss EU-Turkey relations..."


Weapons and Jihadists For al-Nusra Flowing DAILY From Turkey Into SyriaBy Stuart Hooper 21st Century Wire 27 May 2016

........Canada still in NATO? No threats by Canada to cease and desist?

Does this make Trudeau et al complicit in terrorism?

How do we proceed? Another document to be filed...in preparation!


Merkel To Miss Vote As Turkey Pressures Germany Not to Recognize Armenian Genocide


"German MPs receiving threatening emails over plans to recognize the Armenian genocide"


Has Germany ever condemned Belgium for its genocide? How about Canada or the US?


Turkey airport attack: Explosions and gunfire reported at Ataturk International airport in Istanbul



At Least 30 Confirmed Dead in Terror Attack at Istanbul Airport



It may very well be that some party or parties didn't approve...


Erdogan Apologizes To Putin Over Death of Russian Pilot, Calls Russia 'Friend and Strategic Partner' (and vid)



Istanbul Attack - Result of 'Complex and Dangerous' Situation in Turkey (and vid)


"Tuesday's attack came shortly after Turkey signed an agreement with Israel normalizing relations between the two countries. Ankara is also seeking to rebuild ties with Russia. In Breedon's view, it's highly possible there is a connection between these events.

'It is now 'very likely' Turkey will tighten security and military activity on the Syrian border.

Gwenyth Todd, a Middle East analyst says it is highly likely ISIS is behind the attacks..."


Wanted in Russia: EU Court Blocked Suspected Istanbul Attack Mastermind From Extradition in 2010


Akhmed Chatayev, Istanbul attack planner reportedly identified as Chechen ISIL trainer - earlier received refugee status in Austria which helped him to repeatedly avoid extradition to Russia on terror charges. Freely travelled in Europe and post-Soviet states for 13 years...

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

How Recep Tayyip Erdoğan inflamed tensions in Turkey

Background to coup includes various terror attacks and the Islamist president’s increasingly authoritarian views




Wasn't Turkey applying to o get into the EC?
This coup attempt and the brute suppression of the plotters surely will not help matters


TURKEY 2015/2016

The human rights situation deteriorated markedly following parliamentary elections in June and the outbreak of violence between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish armed forces in July. The media faced unprecedented pressure from the government; free expression online and offline suffered significantly. The right to freedom of peaceful assembly continued to be violated. Cases of excessive use of force by police and ill-treatment in detention increased. Impunity for human rights abuses persisted. The independence of the judiciary was further eroded. Separate suicide bombings attributed to the armed group Islamic State (IS) targeting left-wing and pro-Kurdish activists and demonstrators killed 139 people. An estimated 2.5 million refugees and asylum-seekers were accommodated in Turkey but individuals increasingly faced arbitrary detention and deportation as the government negotiated a migration deal with the EU.





Turkey has defeated a coup – and unleashed a violent mob

In standing up to their military the Turkish people have at last broken with the past and tamed the army – but at what price?

Exactly who orchestrated the coup remains unclear. And, as usual in Turkey, conspiracy theories abound. While the government points the finger at the Pennsylvania-based Islamic cleric Fetullah Gülen, whom Erdoğan accused of attempting to oust him with a corruption scandal in December 2013, others believe the president himself stage-managed it all to consolidate his power by quashing the military for good.

According to this theory, Erdoğan now has a cast-iron excuse for future authoritarianism, having established himself as the country’s undisputed guardian of popular rule – after all, the coup failed after his supporters responded to his call to take to the streets. I don’t share this view. A better theory is that Friday was a last-ditch attempt by factions of the army desperate to remove Erdoğan before he pushed forward plans to change the constitution to establish an executive presidency for himself, and – more urgently – to prevent the purge of army personnel that was probably in the works before this weekend.

What is interesting is the complete lack of public support for the attempt. Turkey has a long-established history of coups, which have occurred punctually almost every decade (1960, 1971, 1980 – plus 1997’s “postmodern” coup). Staunchly secular nationalists who like the idea of militarily safeguarding the country from ideological leaders may have been expected to support the coup. And yet there was no evidence of that, despite heartfelt opposition to Erdoğan’s 13-year rule among about 50% of the population, and growing desperation at the lack of mainstream opposition in Turkish politics.



Why Turkey's coup attempt matters big time for the United States



Turkey may be too unstable for NATO membership


One thing that is very strange is that Rebel Jets had Erdogan's plane in their sights but didn't fire - how could that be? 

My hunch is that the so-called coup was staged.


WikiLeaks under 'sustained attack' after announcing release of Turkey docs

Document-leaking organization suggests the Turkish government might be behind attack.

WikiLeaks on Monday said its site is under an ongoing attack after announcing it would release a trove of documents detailing Turkey's political power structure.

"Our infrastructure is under sustained attack," read a tweet sent by WikiLeaks, perhaps best known for the release of classified government and military documents.

The document-leaking organization said earlier Monday it was preparing to release 300,000 emails and 500,000 documents related to the failed Turkish coup Friday. WikiLeaks went on to suggest that the Turkish government might be behind the attack on the organization.

"We are unsure of the true origin of the attack. The timing suggests a Turkish state power faction or its allies," WikiLeaks said in a subsequent tweet. "We will prevail & publish."





The whole thing is suspicious.


Top Turkish Official In Charge Of Campaign Against ISIS Found Dead, Shot In The Neck

The top counter-terrorism official responsible for Turkey’s campaign against Islamic State did go to a “meeting” at the presidential palace in Ankara. He was later found with his hands tied behind his back, shot in the neck, according to a senior official.



Tomorrow's WikiLeaks dump should prove to be enlightening

I am beginning to think this Erdogan is very bad news


Massacre in Istanbul's Reina a Blatant Terror Attack


"Turkey was shaken once again in the first hours of 2017, as one of Istanbul's jet-set nightclubs was raided by a gunman who killed 39 and wounded 65 people, four of whom are in critical condition. Sources in Ankara say the investigation focuses on ISIL..."


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Istanbul Nightclub Attack


"A manhunt is still ongoing..."


Canadian Among 39 Killed




Why We Don't Dwell on Turkish Deaths in the West   -  by Robert Fisk


"Turkey is alone. First we'll look at the racist reasons for this. If 39 men and women had been slaughtered in Paris or Brussels or Berlin on New Year's Eve, the headlines would ripple on for three or four days..."

Yes, And very noticeable too. Especially here. Increasingly, only western msm dogwhistle propaganda campaigns are noticed or responded to.


"Foreign Intelligence Services' May Be Linked To Istanbul Club Massacre - Turkey's Deputy PM


"Deputy PM Numan Kurtulmus, in an interview with the Hurriyet Daily News, has suggested that external intelligence services could be involved in the terrorist attack.

'I am of the opinion that it's not possible for the perpetrator to have carried out such an attack without any support, it seems like a secret service thing. All these things are being investigated."


World Bulletin

Turkey asserts ‘right’ to close key base for coalition

Turkey said Thursday it had the right to close a key air base used by the US-led coalition to strike extremists in Syria, as tensions mount between NATO allies Ankara and Washington.

“We always have in our hands the right to say ‘we will close it’ but as I said, the conditions will be assessed,” Kalin told 24 TV channel.

But he added that Turkish authorities were not conducting any urgent assessments to decide whether to close the base to coalition planes.

Turkey is part of the US-led coalition against the ISIL group in Syria and lets Western war planes use Incirlik as a base for air raids.

Kalin’s comments came after Turkish ministers hit back at the United States over what they perceive as a lack of support for its own intervention in northern Syria and questioned Washington’s presence at the base.....

...clearly some historic shift is going on here!


– First published  …  January 07,  2017 –

A senior Iranian official has welcomed Turkey’s decision to pull out its forces from Iraq and respect the Arab country’s territorial integrity as a positive move.

“This [issue] that the Turkish government has decided to observe good neighborliness with Iraq and respect Iraq’s territorial integrity is a positive step,” Ali Akbar Velayati, senior adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on international affairs, said on Saturday.

“We welcome any kind of friendship among regional countries … we do not welcome any tension between Turkey and Iraq,” he added.

After a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in Baghdad on Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said his administration has reached an agreement with Turkey over Baghdad’s demand for the withdrawal of Turkish military forces from a camp in the north of the Arab country.

“The prime minister and the delegation accompanying him confirmed that this issue will be solved in a satisfactory manner soon,” Abadi said....



 Turkey’s Fateful Referendum: The Road to Dictatorship?



It might give a Turkish President as much power as a Canadian PM with a majority.  Talk about systems that promote serial dictatorships.



Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: is he a threat to Turkish democracy?

Turkey votes today on whether to cement the power of a man revered by many, reviled and feared by many others



Fascist Erdogan claiming a "clear victory" with a 51-49 margin, disputed ballots having been counted and many opponents sitting in jail out Trumps Trump.


While he can now stay in office longer it seems that he has the same type of powers that a PM elected with 39% of the vote gets to wield for four years in Canada. In our system we get a Harper dictatorship for 9 years and now we are into  the Trudea regime of absolute power in the House. He could likely have accomplished the same consolidation of power by changing to a FPTP system. 

Trudeau reneging on his PR promise is the mirror image of what is going on in Turkey.


Not aware that Harper or Trudeau threw their political opponents in jail and banned opposition rallies.



Mr. Magoo

It's not for me to tell Turkey how to manage their affairs, but given the very clear centralization of power in Erdogan's hands, this might have been a good time to impose a supermajority on a referendum.  This is going to be a huge change, not easily reversed.