Twenty Years ago Today: Tiananmen Square Massacre of peaceful protestors

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Cueball, I think if you look at the issues identified by Chinese activists, I think you'll see they are far from Western-inspired. True, Western language like that used by the China Democracy Party gets more ink in the Western press than groups working on social/economic rights or groups inspired by their interpretation of left-Confucian ethics. But what else would you expect from the Western press? 

I don't see that the government of China is about to fall or anything, but there is plenty of new activity that takes place outside the government's control. They can't even manage to suppress Falun Dafa, and through their own ham-handed actions have created a massive enemy for themselves. 


Wilf Day wrote:

al-Qa'bong wrote:
I heard a radio journalist yesterday say how, while he was talking to young Chinese people and trying to raise the subject of the massacre, all he received were blank looks.

Do you honestly think the people of China are so stupid?


Why no.  Most Chinese people I know are pretty smart.  I was merely passing on what the reporter on CBC said.

On the other hand, my opinion on people who make unfounded extrapolations with little basis in a particular text...



I think so many of our opinions of China and Chinese are second-hand propaganda wafting north over the border. One person of Asian ethnicity was quoted on CBC news two nights ago as opining that China doesnt need western style democracy. If it doesnt work here, he said, why should we want to recommend it for China?


Can we please be a little cautious about citing "one person of Asian ethnicity" as evidence for anything? I mean, seriously.