'Two nations under one queen': Canada, U.K. -- Joint embassies?

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'Two nations under one queen': Canada, U.K. -- Joint embassies?

going down...


'Two Nations But Under One Queen'..


"British Foreign Secretary William Hague has revealed plans to open a series of joint 'Commonwealth embassies' in cooperation with ex-colonial 'first cousins' Canada, Australia and New Zealand to enhance the countries' presence on the world stage and reduce some of the costs associated with running separate diplomatic missions abroad.

But the move may spark questions from critics in this country about whether the ability of Canadian diplomats to act fully independently in certain foreign countries may not be curtailed under such an arrangement.."



Two nations? That also denies the existence of the different nations within each of those sovereign states.

And yep, this is a return to two-tier colonialism. The white, English-speaking colonists can be "first cousins". All the others are poor relations, I guess.


oh come on....

I live overseas, and consular functions are getting thinner and thinner on the ground; lots of countries are pulling back to central hubs; someone mentioned that British consular stuff for Brits resident in Canada now goes through Washington;

no surprise

here in alpine France, I sometimes face the unappetizing prospect of 7 hours on the autoroute to get to Paris for a paper or passport or whatever, rather than a half-hour jaunt into Switzerland because Canada now services most Swiss things from a one-stop shop ....