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The good ol USA did whatever they did for the good ol USA, same as always...


Developments in South-Eastern Ukraine LIVE UPDATES

6 die in Donetsk as a result of Ukraine army shelling. Gaddafi's fate prepared for Yanukovic - former PM Azarov..."

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Yes and there wasn't shit the Ukrainians in Kiev could do about it, right? They just stood around while the USA booted out a popular government with a handfull of Nazi riot zombies. Now, according to you, it turns out everyone in western Ukraine is a Nazi becouse they elected nothing but Nazis to govern them and are now hell bent on killing everyone in eastern Ukraine becouse, well, you know, they speak Russian... Wait! Is't that the RT version of events?  



When you've finished here talking nonsense and gobbledygook in another tired attempt to discredit the truth of Maidan etc, you should do yourself a favour and go listen to the Rogozin interview I posted yesterday in the Russophobia thread on what Russia is up to...and compare that to the rotting shithouse United Snakes. They will bury you sweetheart...


Ukraine SITREP: Debaltsevo Cauldron Closed?

We shall know soon...


IMF - Not Russia - Is the Real Threat to Ukraine Sovereignty


NDPP wrote:

The US Arming of Ukraine and the Danger of World War III

"US arms supplies to Ukraine would be - and that can be taken almost literally - a declaration of war against Russia..."

The only alternative to disaster is the mobilization of the international working class in struggle against imperialism, on a socialist platform. The reactionary Russian nationalism of the Putin regime, the representative of the capitalist oligarchy that emerged from the dissolution of the USSR, is bankrupt. Incapable of making any appeal to opposition to war in the international working class, the Putin government inflames ethnic tensions within the former USSR. To the extent that it seeks to counter the aggression of NATO on the basis of Russian nationalism, it only paves the way for nuclear war.



No, just trots...


Kerry Comes To Kiev as US Ponders Sending Weapons to Ukraine (and vid)

"Kerry has brought with him an offer of $16.4 million in humanitarian aid according to US officials. But the possibility is high of arms supplies being part of Kerry and Poroshenko's meeting agenda, as its something the Ukrainian president has been vigorously calling for. Moscow has slammed Washington's readiniess to supply weapons..."


Merkel, Hollande, Putin To Discuss End to Ukraine's Civil War (and vid)

"The French president and the German chancellor are set to visit Moscow on Friday after a trip to Kiev, in order to find a peaceful solution to the escalating violence in Ukraine, the Kremlin has confirmed..."


Ukraine's Economy in Backwards Drive (podcast)

"Protests outside the president's offices in Kiev are just a part of a bigger picture of discontent gripping Ukraine, journalist Neil Clark told RT. With the economy worsening, former Maidan allies are now angered and splitting up..."

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NDPP wrote:

When you've finished here talking nonsense and gobbledygook in another tired attempt to discredit the truth of Maidan etc, you should do yourself a favour and go listen to the Rogozin interview I posted yesterday in the Russophobia thread on what Russia is up to...and compare that to the rotting shithouse United Snakes. They will bury you sweetheart...

Oh so your trying to say your bullshit is better than my bullshit?



way more of both in yours BecTongue out


Ukraine's Descent Into Fascism and How the West Turns A Blind Eye

"Ukrainian fascism is not the fringe phenomenon that western governments and media say it is, but central to Ukrainian politics and the way that crisis is evolving as the situation in that country worsens.."


Is Ukraine A Proxy Western-Russia War? US Weighs Arming Kiev and Violence Soars - Amy Goodman, Democracy Now (and vid)

"What's happening in Ukraine? Gorbachev had it right. We're in a new Cold War with Russia. The epicenter is not in Berlin, like the last one, but it's right on Russia's borders, so it's much more dangerous.

A political dispute in Ukraine became a Ukrainian civil war. Russia backed one side; the US and NATO, the other. So it's not only a new Cold War, it's a proxy war. We're arming Kiev. Russians are arming the eastern fighters. And I think, though I don't want to spoil anybody's day - I said to you in February - this had the potential to become a new Cuban missile-style confrontation with the risk of war. That's where we are now..." Prof Stephen Cohen

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I really don't know what leathal aid they could be talking about... Aside from maybe the Javelin anti tank missile system Ukraine wants/needs things like electronic warfare stuff; drones, encrypted communication gear, electronic jammers and artillery counter fire radar systems. They make most everything else as far as conventional weapons go but they lack the modernized electrical warfare stuff which strangely enough their enemy has and is using to help get the upper hand on the battlefield.

Something the ousted former leader neglected during his rule was modernizing the Ukrainian military. He built up his secret police but he left the army, air force and navy fall apart; probably with Russian encouragement. 


Analysis: Ukraine rebels claim Tochka ballistic missile shoot-down


Ukrainian rebels claim to have shot down an OTR-21 Tochka (SS-21 'Scarab'/9M79) short-range ballistic missile near Luhansk on the night of 1/2 February.

The claim, if true, would indicate that anti-Kiev forces have an operational missile defence capability. However, analysis by IHS Jane's indicates the rebels are unlikely to have downed the missile.

The news does nevertheless appear to confirm that Kiev is using tactical ballistic missiles, possibly armed with submunitions, in its 'anti-terrorism operation' in east Ukraine.


It's doubtfull they did shoot it down... it probably just fell to the ground after it delivered the submunition warhead load; but it still proves other stuff.   

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And apparently the Pro-Russians have a functioning air force now...

Separatists claim first airstrike on Ukrainian forces


Russian-backed separatists in the east of Ukraine claim to have conducted their first airstrikes against government forces.

The claim by the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic, which was reported by Russian state media on 5 February, is that it used a Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi Su-25 'Frogfoot' combat aircraft that had been forced to land in rebel-controlled territory in July 2014.

According to Russian news sources, the captured Su-25 attacked a Ukrainian Army convoy carrying troops to the embattled town of Debaltseve in the break-away Donetsk region.

Impressive... Ukrainian separatists show off 'air force'


Separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine are attempting to return combat aircraft from the Luhansk aviation museum to an airworthy state, a video posted online on 29 January appears to show.

The video, which was shot by Russian-backed insurgents in Ukraine, purports to show a Sukhoi Su-25 'Frogfoot' ground-attack aircraft and an Aero L-29 Delfín trainer and light-attack aircraft being readied for flight operations.

While the Su-25 is seen being painted in the colours of the self-styled separatist state of Novorossiya, nothing in the video suggests it is functional. The L-29, however, is powered up and performs a low-speed taxi trial. Both aircraft are armed - the Su-25 with four underwing rocket pods and the L-29 with two underwing dumb bombs - but it is not possible to tell if these munitions are live or museum props.

As mentioned in the artical they did this with a few monument tanks as well... one I seen was a late WW2 era IS3 heavy tank. They managed to get it running and moving around but I would think they'd have a hard time finding the two piece 122mm ammo for it. Maybe they could use regular D-20 122mm artillery ammo.

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And one last Ukraine fun fact...

Russian TOS-1 and Pantsyr-S1 systems reported in east Ukraine


Anti-Kiev forces are deploying TOS-1 220 mm thermobaric multiple rocket launchers and possibly Pantsyr-S1 air-defence systems in the continuing conflict in east Ukraine, reports indicate.

In a statement on 4 February the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence (MoD) claimed its forces had destroyed a TOS-1 system during fighting on 3 February. This followed a claim on 14 January by the MoD that its forces had encountered the type for the first time during fighting on 13 January.

Unconfirmed media reports had previously suggested TOS-1s were being used in the assault on Donetsk airport, although the Ukrainian MoD made no such claim at the time. The TOS-1 is not known to have been pictured in east Ukraine, making the statements by the MoD hard to verify - although the Ukrainian MoD has been a broadly reliable source in the past.

If the TOS-1 is being used one will eventually show up all blown up and shit on the internet: They always do. Here's one right here, keep an eye out for it...



The Saker - Ukraine SITREP: *EXTREMELY* Dangerous Situation in Debaltsevo

"The Novorussians and the junta have agreed to a ceasefire to allow the civilian population to leave Debaltsevo. In theory, each civilian will get to choose whether he/she wants to be evacuated to Novorossiya or to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine. The convoy of refugees will be escorted by senior OSCE officials.

Both sides of the conflict have pledged not to open fire during the time needed for the operation. Now consider this. The only thing protecting the junta forces are, precisely, these civilians. If these civilians leave, then Debaltsevo will turn into Saur Moglia.

Tonight, the junta has used WHITE PHOSPHOROUS again, and in recent days has used both ballistic missiles and cluster munitions. Why this sudden concern with the Debaltsevo civilians (when the Nazis consider them 'bugs' anyway)? Does anybody really believe that the Nazi freaks in Kiev care for Novorossian civilians?

This is the PERFECT opportunity for the kind of FALSE FLAG massacres NATO and the US are so good at.  Except that this time around, the goal will not be to bomb or invade Novorussia, (that is something the US/NATO simply cannot do) but to create the kind of hysteria which might make it possible to save the junta forces in the Debaltsevo cauldron.

Also, if a massacre happens at the evacuation of refugees, then this will 'prove' that the Novorossians don't care about civilians, and creates a Sarajevo-like situation, in which the surrounded UAF force gets to shoot as much as it wants, while the surrounding force is crucified by the imperial propaganda for every shell fired..."


'We Are Facing A Total War' -- Hollande

"...Because we are dealing with a war - which can become total.' These are the words of Hollande, very straightforward and direct, which is very uncharacteristic for contemporary European politicians, and they are a reflection of the high level of fear in continental Europe.

And what's important, it's fear that suddenly, unexpectedly, appeared, forcing the leaders of the two biggest European countries to hurry to Kiev and Moscow. What just happened?

Judging by the State Department announcements and the arrival of Kerry to Kiev, the catalyst of such a pained European reaction are the US intentions to start openly arming the Ukrainian army, which would generate a Russian response that would transform the conflict on the Donbass into something entirely different, which Hollande referred to as 'total war.'

Keeping in mind that both the junta and the Donbass announced a mobilization, and that Poroshenko said he is ready to introduce martial law and use new NATO-provided weapons, all of this could lead to the biggest regional conflict since WWII. It's possible that the unprecedented French and German diplomatic initiative is the last attempt to restrain the US from taking this step.

However, it is now finally clear that Russia will not retreat..."


RT News: Feb 05, 2015 (1700 MSK and vid)

"Renewed hopes for peace in Ukraine, the German, French leaders prepare to travel to Moscow to present a plan to end the conflict..."


SITREP: DPR Dep Corps Commander Eduard Basruin 05/02/15


Ukrainian Hryvnia in Free Fall After Central Bank Scraps Currency Support

Hryvnia hits record lows 24.5 per 1USD


Ukraine Parliament Passes Law Allowing Army Deserters To Be Shot

"Ukraine's parliament has passed a law which authorizes commanding officers to use physical force against army defectors. It comes as the latest military draft has seen a lack of enthusiasm on the part of potential soldiers..."




That white phosphorus claim is another that was debunked months ago. Although again, there were reports back in august that the rebels tried to procuure some.



Putin Peace Plan is Basis For Hollande-Merkel Initiatives on Ukraine - Reports (and vid)

"A nine page peace plan proposed by Putin in mid January could be the basis for the initiative the French and German leaders are coming to Moscow with, Western media reports. The new text is said to contain the promise of more autonomy for the rebel-held eastern Ukraine areas and more protection for the Russian language and culture.

Hollande and Merkel's unexpected push for peace coincided with the US Secretary of State's visit to Kiev. John Kerry had possible weapons supply on his agenda. While he said the simultaneous visits of the three leaders were a sign of their unified stance on Ukraine, Brian Becker, director of the anti-war ANSWER Coalition believes otherwise.

'You can see Merkel and Hollande going first to Kiev and then to Moscow. This is not being done under the direction of John Kerry and the US. I think the US is concerned that Europe can take an independent parth away from the US, in other words away from the NATO alliance in defence of their own national interests.

On Thursday, John Kerry didn't exclude the possibility of the US supplying Kiev with lethal weapons. European defence ministers that same day spoke clearly against sending weapons to Ukraine. 'I think the hardliners here are in Washington DC within the US State Department, with the neo-Conservatives amongst the Pentagon,' Becker said.

According to political analyst Chris Bambery, 'We are seeing a very confused situation because there's welcoming of the ceasefire...there's welcoming of the arrival of Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel in both Kiev and Moscow, but we also see NATO suddenly announce it's going to be setting up bases in eight NATO countries bordering Russia.'

Bambery says, 'But I don't think there' s evidence Russian Forces have crossed the border and are interfering. And I think if there was any evidence they would have released that evidence immediately. Because they are desperately trying to show that the Russian people are to blame for this and that Vladimir Putin is to blame for this.'


RT Correspondents Under Fire in E Ukraine

"RT journalists Roman Kosarev and Anna Knishenko have been fired upon near a checkpoint, from which buses with civilians were to leave the city of Uglegorsk, Donbas region where the evacuation of civilians is underway.

According to one of the correspondents who came under fire, the refugees were attacked by Kiev volunteer battalion Aydar members.

'They began firing at civilians who left this village, as well as at anything that moves...One local resident was wounded in his leg but luckily he lost little blood,' journalist Artyom Kol told Russian TV..

On Thursday it was reported that Kiev had accepted a proposal  by DPR authorities to establish a full-fledged ceasefire in the contested Debaltseve area on Friday, to ensure the safe evacuation of civilians from the combat zone..."

*Canadians will be happy to know that the Nazis of the Aidar Battalion shooting at fleeing civilians and journalists are kept nice and warm with Canadian 'humanitarian aid'. There has been no such aid for the civilian population of eastern Ukraine who continue to be shot, burned and bombed by Kiev. Thanks Canada for your contribution and your stunning absence of interest in doing anything but helping NATO's Nazis.

Canada Aids Aidar War Criminals

'The entire shipment of Canadian goods has been received, accounted for, distributed and delvered...some things went to Aidar Battalion...'


Crimes of Ukraine Aidar Battalion Confirmed in Amnesty Report


"Canada is the most Ukrainian country outside Ukraine" - [billionaire oligarch] President Petro Poroshenko


Quick Update on Debaltsevo

"The evacuation of civilians basically failed. First, the buses got stuck and had to wait due to nearby mortar shelling, then only 3 buses out of 20 were filled with refugees, nobody else wanted to leave, and considering the risks, I don't blame them...Today junta forces fired on refugees near Luhansk.."

When Ukrainians Choose Not to Die In A War

"The current war situation in eastern Ukraine and the decision of the government in Kiev to begin a new fourth wave of military conscription and mobilization is unleashing a firestorm of mass opposition and refusal to fight. Protest is rising in all regions of the country..."


Phosphorous Ammunition Deployed in Donetsk (video)

"Overnight into February 5 Donestk was presumably shelled with phosphorous ammunition. Witnesses filmed the event..."


'My Child Stopped Breathing': E Ukrainians Tell RT of Lives Destroyed By War (and vid)


'the ndp remains disturbed by continued violence by pro-russia rebels in eastern Ukraine.' [Not at all by Nazi atrocities committed there]

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None of this is going to stop the sepratist from surrounding and destroying the UKA in the Debaltsevo pocket.

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6079_Smith_W wrote:

That white phosphorus claim is another that was debunked months ago. Although again, there were reports back in august that the rebels tried to procuure some.

The silence is [b]deafening[/b] Ukiiiiieees!



06-02-2015 Novorossiya Military Report


Putin, Hollande, Merkel Talks on Ukraine 'Constructive' - Possible Document in Progress (and vid)

Talks characterized as 'constructive, informative, substantive'


Feb 6 DPR Dep Comndr Eduard Basurin Report on Debaltsevo Evacuation


Feb 6 Debaltsevo Evacuation Sabotaged by Ukrainian Party, Frontline Reports


Ukraine Gets Weapons from USA Then Sells Them In the Middle East!

CyberBerkut hacker group - scroll down for english document


The Fallujah Option For East Ukraine  -  by Mike Whitney

"Washington needs a war in Ukraine to achieve its strategic objectives. This cannot be overstated.

All of Washington's actions are designed with one purpose in mind, to intensify the fighting and escalate the conflict. The heavy losses sustained by Ukraine's inexperienced [conscript] army and the terrible suffering of the civilians in Lugansk and Donetsk are of no interest to US war planners. Their job is to make sure that peace in avoided at all costs.

There will be a war with Russia because that's what the political establishment wants..."


And Canada with all too many MSM Maidan mush-heads, will be cheering on Washington and the NATO Nazis


RT News - February 07, 2015  [1700 MSK and vid]

"The first details emerge of a Ukrainian peace plan put together by Presidents Putin and Hollande and Chancellor Merkel. As civilians in Eastern Ukraine try to escape the conflict, evacuation corridors are hit by gunfire and shelling." Excellent interview with former OSCE head.


Lavrov: US Escalated Ukraine Crisis At Every Stage Blamed Russia (and vid)

"At every stage of the Ukrainian crisis, Washington has been taking steps that 'only promoted further aggravation of the situation,' Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said at the Munich Security Conference.

'We cannot understand why in Afghanistan, Yemen and Mali, the West is calling on the governments to hold talks with the opposition, in some cases even with extremists, whereas in regard to the Ukrainian crisis, the West is indulging Kiev in its military operation,' Lavov said.

The Russian Foreign Minister once again stressed there is no military solution to the Ukrainian crisis.

Follow RT's LIVE UPDATES of the NATO Munich Security Conference "


Biden Says Europeans Questioning Russia Sanctions 'Inappropriate, Annoying' - Der Spiegel (and audio)

"US Vice President Joe Biden has called on countries to show unity when it comes to sanctions against Russia, labeling the divergent voices, 'inappropriate and annoying', reported Der Spiegel, quoting the participants of the Brussels meeting.

*Critics of the policy of sanctions against Moscow should be aware that they also benefit from the current low price of oil, Biden said..."


'This Is How We Will Win This War!'


'We Are Against This War!'


Canada backs the Billionaire. We shouldn't!


Full Speech, FM Sergey Lavrov, NATO Munich Security Conference (and vid)

'Russia set to provide peace process in Ukraine'


Overview of This Week in Ukraine War  -  by Roger Annis

"Situation as of Friday, February 6th. Overview of the stories of last week and what they mean in the larger picture." From  - excellent Canadian source.


European Guests: Talks Planned to Fail on the Eve of a Big War  - by Yuri Selivanov

"It is very likely that this whole mission to Moscow was especially conceived not so much as business but as pure propaganda. With the whole purpose to blame Moscow for the further escalation of the situation in Europe, which Washington probably already planned. Before beating the drums of war one should - in the great tradition of European politics, appear to the world in the image of a dove of peace..."


CrossTalk; Saving Ukraine (and vid)

"Will peace be given one more chance?"


Talks in Moscow - A two part Analysis  -  by Alexander Mercouris

"I am coming increasingly around to the view of Alastair Newman that Merkel and Hollande came with no plan to Moscow, but with the purpose of having what diplomats call 'a full and frank discussion' in private with Putin - looking at all the issues in the one place in Europe - the Kremlin - where they can be confidant the Americans are not spying on them.

That must be why they sent their officials away..."


American Military Expert to Ukraine: 'Donbass Is Lost, You Will Get No Weapons.'

"Why Ukraine can not win the war with Russia and why America will not supply the Ukrainains with weapons, explains the military expert of the Academy of Public Policy at the Kennan Institute, Michael Kofman.

'Sending weapons will not change anything, only extend the war. The main goal is to achieve a ceasfire, truce and bring the conflict to the political plane. Ukraine does not need weapons, it needs an army. Weapons without an army does not work.  And most importantly there are no financial resources to help Ukraine - this is the main problem..."


Doomsday Watch: Ukrainian Government To Seize Personal Savings

"Yatsenyuk is planning to rob Ukrainians using the 'Cyprus scenario'..."


Bill Calls for Anti-War and Anti-Mobilization Protesters to be Arrested in Ukraine

"The law is designed not against the mothers who let their sons go and defend their motherland with tears in their eyes. It is directed against paid and unpaid provocateurs, as well as brainwashed idiots, who, under the orders of Russian special agencies, create panic and stir hysteria in the society, in order to break the will of Ukrainians to victory..."

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Poroshenko's noisy claims about Russian passports has turned out ... to be a pack of lies.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Bryan MacDonald wrote:
On Saturday, Poroshenko was again engaged in physical theatre, this time in Munich. Holding up Russian passports, he alleged that they belonged to Russian soldiers who had been found on Ukrainian soil. Citing “mountains of (Russian) lies and propaganda,” the Ukrainian President stood on a German stage and, well, lied.

Speaking of ‘propaganda,’ Yahoo news called the Russian (civilian) passports – which all Russians traveling abroad carry – 'military ID's' which is certainly a new one.

Russian soldiers cannot use their passports while on active service – they must hand them in. Everybody who has ever lived in Russia knows this. Indeed, even contract soldiers are forced to hand in theirs while on army business and, like the troops, they get a replacement military ID. This is why Sochi’s bars are crawling with off-duty Russian military – they can’t go abroad without their travel documents.

Meanwhile, of course, the noisy claims about "Russian Aggression" are, well, let's just say "lacking in any substantiation or evidence" despite the ability of the US Empire to photograph a match box from spy satellites.

Oh well.

"Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression""Russian Aggression"

It must be true! Just repeat and ...


Ukraine Crisis: Putin, Poroshenko, Hollande, Merkel Voice Plans for Minsk Meeting (and vid)

"A 'Normandy Four' meeting may be held in the Belarus capital as early as Wednesday, the German government said, following a phone call between Vladimir Putin, Petro Poroshenko, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande.

'In the call they worked further on a package of measures in the context of their efforts on a comprehensive settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine,' Steffan Seibert, Germany's government spokesman said in a statement. 'This work will continue tomorrow in Berlin with the goal of holding a 'Normany Format' summit on Wednesday in Minsk,' he added.

Calling on Kiev to grant east Ukraine more powers, Hollande said the plan could be 'one of the last chances for peace in Ukraine..."


Merkel Asked For Quick Face Time With Harper

"The Canadian press has learned that the German Chancellor has asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a short meeting in Ottawa on Monday night, as she continues her frenzied transatlantic shuttle diplomacy on the Ukraine crisis with President Barack Obama, amid reports of a rift between the US and Europe over whether to arm Ukraine's military.

Merkel's supper hour arrival in Ottawa for talks with Harper afterwards will allow the prime minister to receive a private briefing from a trusted ally..."



The Munich Security Confrontation and the EU's 'Peace in Ukraine' Ploy

"The narrative that immediate peace in Ukraine can prevent American arms shipments to Kiev is actually a false choice meant to pressure Russia into a hasty agreement that can save Kiev's forces encircled in Debaltseve, and it doesn't reflect the reality of the situation.

If the US wants to send weapons to Ukraine, it'll do so with or without current hostilities in the country and regardless of Germany's position on the matter. Germany has never told the US what to do.

Also, Ukraine will not likely agree to any 'peace proposal' without first consulting its American headmaster, since it's the US and not the EU that holds the cards in Kiev..."


Stoltenberg Says Each NATO State Must Decide on Kiev Lethal Aid On its Own

NATO Security General Jens Stoltenberg has announced that each member of the alliance must make an independent decision on the supply of weapons to the Kiev government, which continues to fight independence supporters in southeastern Ukraine, the DPA news agency reports.."

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Ballistic missile used on Donetsk by Ukrainian military. A huge fireball, blowing out windows a dozen miles away, has been reported.

Reports also  indicate that it was probably a Tochka-U missile hitting a chemical and ammunition plant on the outskirts of this city of a million people. 

Ballistic missile used by Ukr military "we don't know what we hit" ...


Novorossiya News, Feb 8th, 2015 (and vid)


Situation on the Front - Feb 9, 2015 (and vid)

"Shelling of Donbass - today's attacks are especially fierce. The international community as usual prefers to ignore these systematic warcrimes..."


'US Interested in Keeping Ukraine an Open War as Means of Demoralizing Russia' (and vid)

"With a significant escalation of the Ukrainian crisis, which has developed into an expanding civil war, the US is interested in prolonging the hostilities in Ukraine as a means to contain Russia, political analyst Dan Glazebrook told RT..."


Crimea Cannot Be Blamed For Choosing To Join Russia - Sarkozy

"With regard to Crimea's referendum to leave Ukraine and join Russia in March, 2014, Sarkozy noted that 'Crimea has chosen Russia, and we cannot blame it for doing so.' He added that 'we must find the means to create a peackeeping force to protect Russian speakers in Ukraine."


Nuclear War and Clashing Ukraine Narratives  -  by Robert Parry

"America and Russia have two nearly opposite narratives on Ukraine, and this is more than an indictment of US news media which feigns objectivity but disseminates what amounts to propaganda. These divergent narratives are driving the world toward a possible nuclear crisis, writes Robert Parry..."

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[url=]Science for Peace holds conference in Toronto Feb 22 on Ukraine and Russia: Prospects for Peace[/url]

Ukraine and Russia: Prospects for Peace

10:00am to 7:30pm, Sunday, 22 February 2015


Sandford Fleming Building, room 1105
10 King’s College Road
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON M5S 3G4


10:30am-12:30pm, Panel 1 The Background
2:30-4:30pm, Panel 2 Who has done what? And why?
5:30-7:30pm, Panel 3 What are some potential solutions?


Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail Columnist
Olivia Ward, Foreign affairs columnist, Toronto Star
Metta Spencer, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, U of Toronto


Marta Dyczok, Associate Professor of Political Science, U of Western Ontario
John Feffer, Director of Policy, Institute for Police Studies, Washington, D.C.
Andrey Kamenshikov Nonviolence International. Moscow, coordinates network of peace groups
Andriy Kulykov, Ukrainian radio journalist based in Kyiv
Leonid Kosals, Professor at Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Alexander Likhotal, Green Cross International President, Gorbachev’s aide
Sergei Plekhanov, Associate Professor of Political Science, York University
Fred Weir, Moscow correspondent for Christian Science Monitor
Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Ukrainian-Canadian politician and businessman


Tickets $20 ($10 SfP members; $5 students/unwaged) from:

  • Eventbrite (credit card or PayPal)
  • UofTTix (Visa or Mastercard)
  • or at the door (cash or cheque only).



If you're thinking of going best first google the names and you'll get the basic picture - this is a typical stacked-deck, lib-left honeytrap guaranteed to ratify the main pro-west propaganda points with a veneer of 'critical analysis' containing little of either...

Might as well just go see the latest Nazi Right Sector super-star sensation from Kiev:

'A Tribute To the Brave Defenders of Ukraine'


German Lawmakers Claim Ukraine Conflict Covers Up Massive Cropland Seizures

"According to the office of a German Parliament member, the conflict in Ukraine is used to cover up a sale of farmland in the interest of major corporations. German lawmakers suggest that large areas of Ukraine's arable lands could be used to grow genetically modified crops, away from the watchful eye of the EU's agricultural regulator.

MP Bock Luna said the Ukrainian government that came to power in Kiev after last year's coup, has been actively giving away farmland in return for loans from international creditors..."


Ukrainian Journalist Critical of Military Draft Charged with Treason

"Ukraine's security service has detained a journalist on suspicion of treason after he released a video calling for his country's men to avoid the military draft. The detention comes after Ruslan Kotsaba last month. posted a video on Youtube that criticized the government's handling of the conflict and demanded Ukrainian men avoid the military draft:

'I call on all reasonable people to denounce this mobilization because this hell, this horror, must be stopped, he said on the video released January 17. More than 75,000 Ukrainians received draft notices in January alone."

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Mean while in the real world...

On Ukraine battlefield, one act of mercy becomes an Internet meme            


Chaban, 50, has become an Internet sensation since the weekend, when he posted an open letter to the mother of a Russian tank commander whose life he had spared during a skirmish last week. When I told him Tuesday afternoon that his letter had already been shared 17,000 times and liked by 8,000 Facebook users, Chaban was taken aback. His mobile Internet connection is excruciatingly slow, he said, so he had had no idea how popular he had become. “I guess it’s a big number, but I’m no expert in these things,” he said. “I wasn’t trying to do anything special. I’m just an average guy.”

Follow the links around and use google translate... it's interesting.







It's an 'internet meme' because Reuters and the rest of the MSM has decided to make it one. Probably because the world is getting wise to their usual 'tactics' - firing on civilian 'Moskali' evacuations and bombing them in their villages and towns. Hospitals, kindergartens.  There's lots of stuff their Nazi-boys have gotten up to that Western media will never show. I've held off on that but perhaps it's time for some truth about who/what we're really backing. Meanwhile:

DPR Corps Commander Morning Briefing 09/02/15

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

So what part of that story do you think is not ture? 


I didn't say it wasn't true.  But when only a story like this is hyped and promoted while everything else is suppressed it becomes simply a commercial for a side that performs lots of other tricks that aren't meant to see the light of day...The Americans are the same, well known for killing civilians and their sick and twisted antics on the battlefield -  but lots of bs and hollywood to obscure the darkside...




Frontline Update: NAF Recon groups are in downtown Debaltsevo


What is the Debaltsevo Cauldron Hiding?

 "...When the mouse-trap began to shut, everyone began to shout about the need...The need of what? Oh, about the need to follow the Minsk Agreements.

Why did the leaders of Europe rush to Russia?

What's inside the Debaltsevo Cauldron?


Ukraine - That's Where NATO's Eastward Expansion Led  -  by Manlio Dinucci

"For NATO's defense ministers meeting in Brussels yesterday, it was 'another busy day..."


US Presses For Military Action Against Russia

"As German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande prepare another round of talks with Russia and Ukraine on Wednesday, on the war crisis in Eastern Europe, the US is ratcheting up the pressure for military action. Over the past several days, American politicians and military officials have issued a series of bellicose statements, all premised on the lie that the US must move rapidly to counter 'Russian aggression' in Ukraine.

Washington is mobilizing its allies within Europe, including former Swedish PM Carl Bildt, a member of the US-based RAND Corporation and other think-tanks close to the American military. Bildt declared last week that, 'war with Russia is conceivable'.

There is an extraordinary disconnect between the policies that are being planned and carried out and what is being told to the [North] American people. Foreign and military policy takes on the character of a vast conspiracy, organized by a cabal of state officials, generals, intelligence chiefs and foreign policy strategists.

All this is being carried out without any discussion of the implications. Most [North] Americans have no idea what the criminal gang in Washington is planning and the immense consequences of these actions for the entire world. Amidst talk of imminent war in Europe, the American people are led to believe that the greatest danger they face is the latest winter storm..."

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No one story tells it all; not even your often exagerated, high drama, pull on the emotions, Russian state media approved stuff. 

How US Technology Could Help Ukraine Without 'Arming' It 


The question of whether or not to arm the Ukrainian military against Russian-backed separatists is quickly becoming contentious, both inside of Washington and also between the United States and its allies. But the debate misses a key point: The majority of the equipment that the Ukrainian military is asking for is not lethal.




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Rebels claim to encircle Ukraine troops in Debaltseve

 Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine say they have encircled the town of Debaltseve - but Ukraine says its troops are still fighting along a supply road.


I tend to believe the Pro-Russians on this one.


09-02-2015 Military Report of Novorossia - War in Ukraine, DPR-LPR (and vid)


Another Ukrainian Expert - No Russian Invasion or Regular Troops - Kiev Possible War Crimes (and vid)

"...It would seem we have a long and illustrious history of Russia NOT attacking Ukraine in 2014. Who is attacking then? That's the question...

This morning NAF scouts spotted NATO tanks inside the encirclement (Cauldron) at Debaltseve. According to this information, the possibility is strong that up to %25 of the trapped army may be NATO. Shell remnants marked clearly with US identifying numbers from 155mm shells, shot by the Paladin artillery system have been received from areas where the Ukrainian army has attacked civilian targets.

If the NATO troops are there, and who else would be running the complicated military equipment, the possibility that they won't make it home is in the same government's hands that brought the world a non-existent Russian invasion, and is pushing the world toward the brink..."


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