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Ukraine 3

Will repost this excellent update of the situation for those who may wish to 'catch up' on where things are in Ukraine:

The Ukraine Proxy and the New Cold War

Thom Hartman w/ Prof Stephen Cohen


Ukraine SITREP Feb 24th 2015: The Withdrawal of Heavy Weapons & the Minsk 2 Agreement (M2A)

"....There is also a very real possibility that Poroshenko himself might be preventing that withdrawal. The problem is not in the withdrawal of heavy guns by itself (the Junta knows that the Novorossiyans will not attack), but that after completing this part of the Minsk2 Agreement (M2A), the Junta will have to go down the list and that is simply something the Nazis in Kiev cannot do.

My guess is that all this talk about sending in peacekeepers has exactly the same rationale: to stop the implementation of M2A in a way that could not be blamed on Kiev. Clearly M2A has delivered a crushing blow to the stance of the junta by forcing it to do something it cannot do: negotiate and work with the Novorussian resistance.

I have no doubt that Poroshenko wants to break out of M2A but his problem is how to do it without taking the blame for it. Hence the foot-dragging with an otherwise rather straight forward withdrawal.

The US is still determined to send more weapons to Ukraine, even in direct violation of the spirit if not the letter of M2A.

The regime of Poroshenko is clearly in a difficult situation. Roughly speaking, Poroshenko and Co represent the interests of oligarchs masquerading as Nazis, while his opposition is the real thing - bona fide Nazi crackpots who feel that their 'revolution of dignity' was stolen from them, that the new regime is every but as corrupt as the old and far more incompetent. They are right of course.

So now, more and more of these 'grassroots Nazis' are threatening Poroshenko with a Third Maidan or even a revolution.

NATO is preparing to repel a Russian invasion..."

Meanwhile back in Canada, all parties that support this fiasco are preparing to conduct rinky-dinky election politics of their own, where none of this is being discussed, and  the results of which will have absolutely no effect upon this looming catastrophe..


Speaking of BS:  About Those Strange Things Happening in Kharkiv...

Looks like ukrainian intel alright

SSU: 'By way of stupidity shalt thou do war'


Rebels, Terrorists and Givi


DPR PM Alex Zakharchenko, Defenders Day Presser


Bec.De.Corbin wrote:
Ukraine rebels fill hospital as clashes flare around Mariupol
Wounded rebel fighter Islam Alibaterov limps painfully along the corridor of the hospital in the separatist-held town of Novoazovsk in east Ukraine.Like others in the growing stream of insurgents now filling up the beds here, he was injured as fighting with Ukrainian forces flared up in recent days just outside
the key government-held port city of Mariupol. 
Humm... fighting during the cease fire around Mariupol? Say it isn't so.     

Ok, but...

Novorussians wrote:

Reuters journalists in rebel-held territory watched 10 trucks carrying howitzers roll through Makiyvka, near rebel-held Donetsk. Rebels said the guns were on their way from Donetsk toward Amvrosiyvka, a town far from the front and close to the Russian frontier.

Near Amvrosiyvka, Reuters journalists saw a second convoy carrying 14 howitzers, also heading toward the Russian border.

Rebel commander Eduard Basurin said there were no plans for any further military advances. "That's it. We are going no further," he said.

But yet again, despite confirmation from the press about withdrawals, Ukraine says:

Ukranians wrote:

The Kiev military said rebel assertions they were pulling back guns were "empty words".

"On the contrary, the terrorist groups, making use of the ceasefire period, are reinforcing their units and building up ammunition."

[So far, since I took this discussion up last week, it is Ukraine that has been less reliable in the "truthiness" department, my opinion]

Novorussians also wrote:
However, Basurin denied Kiev's assertions that there were serious clashes in villages near Mariupol, saying there had been provocations from the Ukrainian side but no major incidents. Kiev fears Mariupol, with its 500,000 people, could be the next major rebel target.

And Putin now says:

Russians wrote:

Putin, who has mainly struck a conciliatory tone since the rebels captured Debaltseve, said in a television interview he did not think Russia and Ukraine would go to war.

"I think that such an apocalyptic scenario is unlikely and I hope this will never happen," he said.

Gee, this article from Reuters was so even-handed it reminded me of the long lost art of "journalism" -- I didn't realize there were any of those left alive.


Rapid Fall of the National Currency

"The Hryvna is falling with incredible speed. Today, on Feb 24, the currency market is in a state of shock due to another jump in the exchange rate.


Moscow Threatens to Cut Gas Flow to Kiev

"Russia's gas giant Gazprom has threatened to halt its natural gas flow to Ukraine with a full shutdown within two days, if Kiev fails to pay for deliveries. The Gazprom chief also warned that a full shutdown in deliveries to Ukraine would create serious risks for transit gas to Europe.

Russia provides about half of Ukraine's and 30 percent of Europe's total gas demands."


'Dictator Yanukovich Couldn't Hold a Candle to the New Ukraine Government

'"The Maidan promised a revoutionary transformation of the very foundations of the state. Though it's not important what the Maidan promised, it's important what it delivered. Especially, in comparison with what it destroyed..."


Canada Remains Steadfast..


What's Behind Ukraine's Secret Weapons Deal with UAE

"Violating even the IMF's own prohibition against pouring loans into a nation that's at war, the IMF was here making clear that they were 100% behind Obama's Ukraine proxy war against Russia. This is where the money will come from to finance Ukraine's acquisition of more weapons...its ongoing mass murder on the installment plan with the IMF providing most of the funds..."


Readout From Meeting Between Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister and First Deputy Speaker of Ukraine's Parliament


Ukrainian Deputy Speaker Hosted on the Hill

"Parubiy reminded guests of the situation in Ukraine and requested the Canadian government's assistance in arming his country against Russia backed rebels."

So much for Canada's support of Minsk2


RT News, Feb 24, 2015 [1700msk and vid]


Developments in Eastern Ukraine

"Kiev must be responsible about its decentralization obligations - Lavrov. It is of fundamental importance that we confirmed the need for compliance with all other items of the Minsk accords of Feb 12, Russia's FM said."


ITN: Red Lines (andvid)

"With a little help from his Gulf friends, Kiev finally gets weapons.."


US Armor Paraded 300 M From Russian Border (and vid)

"NATO member Estonia has held a military parade in the border town of Narva, just 300 meters from the Russia border. Over 140 pieces of NATO military hardware took part in the parade including four US armored personnel carriers M1126 Stryker, flying stars and stripes. Over 1400 troops marched the streets at Narva.

'Narva is a part of NATO no less than New York or Istanbul, and NATO defends every square meter of its territory, Estonian PM Taavi Roivas said in a speech in Tallim.

The city has a large number of ethnic Russians and a strong pro-autonomy movement..."


US Air Force Prepares To Support Ground War in Eastern Europe

"A-10 Wart-Hogs return to Germany as situation in Ukraine deteriorates...'


Canada Quietly Tiptoes Into Ukraine-Russia War: Walkom

"As debate over Canada's role in the latest Iraq war rages, Ottawa is quietly being drawn into a second, more dangerous conflict That second war is in Ukraine. The US and Britain are sending military advisers there to help Ukraine's embattled central government fight Moscow-backed secessionists. Defence Minister Jason Kenney says Canada might do the same.

Both the United States and Russia say they don't want to go to war against one another over Ukraine. But events are pushing both in that direction.

In the Commons, MPs compete with one another to see who can be more pro-Kyiv..."



Actually Rossokovsky, Putin's claim that it is not going to happen is a chilling sign that it probably is.

Did you expect rebels to bring reporters to the spots where they were bringing in equipment?

That same article has Basurin saying this:


He said the rebels still aimed to gain control of the entire territory of east Ukraine's two rebellious provinces, including the government-held port of Mariupol, but would seek this through "negotiations with the Ukrainian side".

The subtext of course is that although there is a claim they want to honour MinskII there will be some reason to claim a breach and continue their offensive, probably beyond the borders of those oblasts, if they get that far. And a close reading of the article also illustrates the difference between words and theatre, and actions.


Well that didn't take long to deteriorate into the usual cat and mouse game. When they do it it is genocide. When he does it it is just business.


Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Rossokovsky, I seen the stuff on the sepratists artillery withdrawal and that is a good start.

I was also impressed as to how much they had, the types, and the condiiton it was in. 

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

United Kingdom to send troops to Ukraine.

yabbut ... it's only for "training" purposes. Just like the US "advisors" in Viet Nam, remember?

The Independent wrote:
British troops will be deployed to Ukraine in the next few weeks to train soldiers fighting Russian separatists, David Cameron said yesterday, as he warned of “deeply damaging” consequences for the whole of Europe if the EU fails to stand up to Vladimir Putin.

Look the other way! Just click your heels together and repeat after me,

Russian invasion! Russian invasion! Russian invasion!



Each fragile peace that is developed is sabotaged by the NATO jackboot regimes.


6079_Smith_W wrote:

Actually Rossokovsky, Putin's claim that it is not going to happen is a chilling sign that it probably is.

Did you expect rebels to bring reporters to the spots where they were bringing in equipment?

That same article has Basurin saying this:


He said the rebels still aimed to gain control of the entire territory of east Ukraine's two rebellious provinces, including the government-held port of Mariupol, but would seek this through "negotiations with the Ukrainian side".

The subtext of course is that although there is a claim they want to honour MinskII there will be some reason to claim a breach and continue their offensive, probably beyond the borders of those oblasts, if they get that far. And a close reading of the article also illustrates the difference between words and theatre, and actions.

Yeah, I get it the red hats are always duplicitous scheming liars, and the white hats are always honest straight shooters.

This is an argument from prejudice and has no place in a serious discussion.

Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Rossokovsky, I seen the stuff on the sepratists artillery withdrawal and that is a good start.

I was also impressed as to how much they had, the types, and the condiiton it was in. 


It's too bad that the Ukrainians haven't afforded themselves of the opportunity to "bring reporters" (as Smith puts it) to the spot where they withdrawing "heavy weapons" from the frontier.



You posted the article Rossokovsky, not me. I didn't even have to get past the headline to get the gist. But it is all there.




You mean there was enough material in it for you read whatever you want into it based on your impression of the motives of the sources, disregard whatever doesn't suit your fancy, and accept at face value everything that accords with your particular ideological take?


OSCE Neglects its Mandate in Ukraine - Moscow

"The OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine is not fulfilling its mandate to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire, Moscow charges. The monitors complain they can't verify withdrawal of weapons without additional data.

Meanwhile the OSCE is concerned with the fact that Kiev is not withdrawing weapons from the demarcation line in Donbass..."


Poland Likely to Send Military Advisers To Help Ukraine

"An aid to the Polish defense minister says a final decision will be made in March with the number expected to be under a hundred. Poland has been a staunch ally of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Warsaw says the number of military advisers will range from around a dozen to several dozens..."


If that is your claim, R, I'm not the one who left out everything in the article that challenged my position. Why do you think I pulled those quotes in the first place?



6079_Smith_W wrote:

If that is your claim, R, I'm not the one who left out everything in the article that challenged my position. Why do you think I pulled those quotes in the first place?


I didn't leave anything out, I offered it as sourced counter comment to a post posted by Bed de Corbin containing information that implied that the ceasefire was on its last legs and rapidly breaking down.

See original post, above where I say "Ok but..."



DPR DM Afternoon SITREP: 25-02-15

On necessity of armament withdrawal by both sides, OSCE and airport attack on Minister Kononov


25-02-2015 Ukrainian Crisis News



Canada Considers Joining US-led Military Training Mission in Ukraine

"Canada is considering the idea of joining a US-led mission to train Ukrainian soldiers. Defence Minister Jason Kenney says the Harper government  is 'certainly open to it'..."


Analysis: Ukraine Crisis - Should Canada Push the West to Provide Weapons (and vid)

"But when it comes to courting Ukrainian-Canadian votes, you bet Kenney cares about Ukraine.'...


Kiev Junta Plans Renewed Aggression

"Minsk II resolved nothing. Russia bashing remains intense. Brussels imposed new sanctions. Obama intends more US ones. Moscow and rebels are blamed for Kiev ceasefire violations. Britain intends getting more involved.

It's part of Obama's preparations for more war. Peace is anathema to Washngton. Big Lies blaming rebels for Kiev ceasefire violations are used as a pretext for supplying junta forces with more heavy weapons. Washington provides plenty covertly.

Expect lots more ahead..."


Nazi Kiev Official Greeted in Ottawa and Washington

"Kiev's national security and defense council secretary Andriy Parubiy was feted on visits to Ottawa and Washington. He came seeking more heavy weapons and funding than already provided. He orchestrated Feb 2014 killings.

On Feb 23, Canada's Globe and Mail covered his Ottawa visit. Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper marches lockstep with imperial US policy.

Kiev and Washington are partners in high crimes. Renewed aggression on Donbass is planned at Obama's discretion. Parubiy is a convenient stooge. He came to get marching orders.

They exclude peace, security and good will..."


Right Sektor Ultranationalists [NAZIs] Hold 'March of Truth' in Kiev (and vid)

"Actvists for the extremist Right Sector movement marched through Kiev on Wednesday to express their dissatisfaction with the current Ukrainian government."

laine lowe laine lowe's picture

Sounds more like one-on-one shadwoing than training advisors.Wink

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Interview with Russian President V V Putin about Ukraine Feb 23 English subtitles.

Putin is interviewed by the host of a/the most popular TV news/discussion program in Russia.


Kiev Introduces Rationing As Falling Hryvnia Causes Shopping Binge

"Ukrainian supermarkets have imposed rationing of basic products after the drastic fall in the value of the hryvnia. The currency has lost 70 percent of its value, causing people to stockpile food and buy electronics as a hedge..."


Markets Believe There is a 97% Chance Ukraine Will Default

"As noted by @Schuldensuehner Ukraine's probablility of default is now just shy of 97.1%. Which is spectacular in its own right, but one has to consider what this market pricing really implies. The latest spike in the CDS spreads suggest the markets see serious political risks ahead soon."


Ukraine has always been a big money sink, despite the vast wealth of agricultural resources.

It was one of the "have not" Soviet's during the era of the USSR, and consequently, while the economies of some of the other post Soviet Republics such as Russia, Belarus and the Baltic states boombed in the post-Soviet era, others failed to take off, since they have benefited greatly from the economic equalization and stabilizing effect of the greater "Union".

Ukraine was among those, and the inability of the Ukraine to match, let alone exceed its Soviet era level of productivity has been a major factor in underlying the tensions that led to the present imbroglio.

Comparison of former Soviet Republics GDP per capita.

Comparison of former Soviet Republics GDP per capita, PPP

Comparison of former Soviet Republics GNI index, per capita.

All objective economic indicators demonstrate that Ukraine is worse off than it was when it was part of the Soviet Union.

Ukraine does not need this war. The EU and the USA can not afford to bankroll this country to economic stability.


Repost: (better subtitling) Interview with Putin about Ukraine: Feb 23


URGENT: Feb 22 - Statement of Kharkiv Partisans


US Pushes For Escalation, Arms Kiev By Laundering Weapons Through Abu Dhabi

"In further escalation, US delivery of weapons will be laundered through Abu Dhabi."


US Gen Breedlove Concerned About Putin's Reaction Over Arming Ukraine

"The head of US European Command is concerned about Russian president Vladimir Putin's reaction to Washington's decision to send weapons to Ukraine. 'Clearly, we don't know what Mr Putin will do,' Air Force Gen Philip Breedlove said on Wednesday. 'I think that we have to be cognizant. It could cause positive results, it could cause negative results..."


Washington Has Resurrected the Threat of Nuclear War  - by Paul Craig Roberts

"...One doesn't expect to find humor in it, [Foreign Affairs], but I found myself roaring with laughter while reading an article in the February 5 online issue, by Alexander J Motyl, 'Goodbye Putin: Why the President's Days are Numbered'.

To my dismay I discovered that the absolute gibberish wasn't a parody of Washington's propaganda. Motyl, an ardent Ukrainian nationalist, is a professor at Rutgers University, and was not joking..."


Ukraine Military Has Begun Heavy Weapons Withdrawal - Military Spokesman (and vid/podcast)

And podcast: 'OSCE under pressure to obscure Kiev's violations.'


At the Finish Line  of De-Industrialization: How Ukraine Loses Its Industry  -  by Ivan Lizin

"...One can say with certainty, that at the end of its civil war, the Ukraine will complete the process of de-industrializing and what is left of it, will be able to grow only grains.*

Not because of some Moscow policy, but from Kiev's own desire to kill itself to spite Russia."


* and those grains will likely be  Monsanto or Dupont GM varieties

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Bypassing Official Channels, Canada's Ukrainian Diaspora Finances and Fights a War Against Russia  -  by Mark Mackinnon

"...And the flag is echoed in the red Roots sweatshirt worn by Lenna Koszarny, head of the Kiev arm of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, as he presents official Canadian aid to troops. The gesture is one illustration of how Canada's powerful Ukrainian diaspora is not content to leave the defence of the homeland up to Ottawa.

'Is the diaspora at war with Russia? Absolutely,' says Ms Koszarny, 45.

Welcome to Canada's unofficial war. It's being fought on several fronts. At the individual level, people have taken up tasks ranging from providing front-line technical help to playing key roles in Ukraine's propaganda campaign. And some - a handful - have taken up arms.

Most obviously, the fundraising campaign, is going where no country, including Canada, is willing to go - supplying sometimes - lethal  equipment to Ukrainian fighters, including irregulars..."

irregulars=NAZIS .


Unmentioned is Kozarny's position as CEO of USAID-connected Horizon Capital, only recently vacated by her longtime business partner, now Finance Minister of Ukraine, Natalie Jaresko, a former US State Department official. Unmentioned also are the trips of both to the Atlantic Council for meetings and consultations on "the strategic partnership to enhance the Ukraine in Europe Initiative'.

Although largely a puff-piece, this big globe article is nonetheless rare, and important, as much for what it doesn't say, as what it does. It should be read widely, analyzed and discussed by all interested Canadians. As some of us, too few, already realize, the implications of our involvement in Ukraine are huge and dangerous.

Outrageous that this isn't an election issue but it isn't and won't be because any and all things truly important never are here.

So now it's official. Some Canadian-Ukrainians are actively working for the interests of a foreign power. Do Canadians really need or want yet another powerful and influential diaspora, in part committed to fighting and funding for yet another pernicious imperial proxy - Nazified, oligarchal Ukraine? If not, we had best say so and loudly soon.


Why the Rise of Fascism is Again the Issue  -  by John Pilger

"...The rulers of the World want Ukraine not only as a missile base; they want its economy. Kiev's new Finance Minister, Natalie Jaresko, is a former senior US State Department official in charge of US overseas 'investment'*.  She was hurriedly given Ukrainian citizenship. [*After which, her place as CEO of vulture-fund Horizon Capital was filled by her long-time Canadian partner, Lenna Koszarny - UCC]

They want Ukraine for its abundant gas; Vice President Joe Biden's son is on the board of Ukraine's biggest oil, gas and fracking company. The manufacturers of GM seens, companies such as the infamous Monsanto, want Ukraine's rich farming soil.

Above all, they want Ukraine's mighty neighbor, Russia. They want to Balkanise or dismember Russia and exploit the greatest source of natural gas on earth. As the Arctic ice melts, they want control of the Arctic Ocean and its energy riches, and Russia's long Arctic land border.

Their man in Moscow used to be Boris Yeltsin, a drunk who handed the country's economy to the West. His successor, Putin, has re-established Russia as a sovereign nation, that is his crime.

The responsibility of the rest of us is clear. It is to identify and expose the reckless lies of warmongers and never to collude with them. It is to re-awaken the great popular movements that brought a fragile civilisation to modern imperial states. Most important, it is to prevent the conquest of ourselves; our minds, our humanity, our self-respect.

If we remain silent, victory over us is assured and a holocaust beckons."

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

That Pilger piece is quite brilliant. May fascist heads explode reading it. Here's another quote...

John Pilger wrote:
Today, the world's greatest single campaign of terror entails the execution of entire families, guests at weddings, mourners at funerals. These are Obama's victims. According to the New York Times, Obama makes his selection from a CIA "kill list" presented to him every Tuesday in the White House Situation Room. He then decides, without a shred of legal justification, who will live and who will die. His execution weapon is the Hellfire missile carried by a pilotless aircraft known as a drone; these roast their victims and festoon the area with their remains. Each "hit" is registered on a faraway console screen as a "bugsplat".

"For goose-steppers," wrote the historian Norman Pollock, "substitute the seemingly more innocuous militarisation of the total culture. And for the bombastic leader, we have the reformer manque, blithely at work, planning and executing assassination, smiling all the while."

Uniting fascism old and new is the cult of superiority. "I believe in American exceptionalism with every fibre of my being," said Obama, evoking declarations of national fetishism from the 1930s. As the historian Alfred W. McCoy has pointed out, it was the Hitler devotee, Carl Schmitt, who said, "The sovereign is he who decides the exception." This sums up Americanism, the world's dominant ideology. That it remains unrecognised as a predatory ideology is the achievement of an equally unrecognised brainwashing. Insidious, undeclared, presented wittily as enlightenment on the march, its conceit insinuates western culture.


I agree, Pilger is magnificant. I especially noticed he thought the freshly Ukrainized American Vulture-fund manager turned Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko was worthy of note, as well as her connections to the US State Department. But how many would know that when she left to join the regime it was her longtime Canadian business partner Lenna Koszarny that stepped into her shoes at Horizon Capital?  Or of her connections to the PM or other power-wielders and of course 'the lobby'?

It is not the first time I have noticed a Canucklhead tendancy to avert the eyes and mind from their own polity's criminal complicity. Like Libya, where a Canadian NATO general bombed ISIS into life. On the basis of western political support, unanimous in the case of our own parliament. So I ask again: Do our politicians seriously intend to conduct a campaign and election without any examination of their all-party support of Fascist Ukraine, or the belligerent buildup to an increasingly likely war with Russia? And are Canadians really going to let them get away with that?

An out and out, no question, 2+2 = 4 NAZI, Andriy Parubiy, the 'Maidan Commandant' himself, was feted in the Parliament buildings just the other day and not one journalist had the cohones to even hint at  his dark provenance. Never mind one of our 'representatives' responsible for taking us deeper and deeper into this awful quagmire. They all support this Nazi regime. All of them. It's quite appalling what they're getting us into.

Our msm media, well, what can one say? It's worse than awful what they're cheerleading for and how they've got people doing it too - for Nazis and for the Nazi's war. Against people who resist these Nazis. And who our government and its 'opposition' condemns for this resistance and makes no mention of the bombing of their homes and towns, while calling them 'rebels' or 'terrorists'. So yes, Pilger IS brilliant.

But Mackinnon also should be paid attention to. His piece reveals much about the nature of our national involvement in this filthy business. irrespective of dangling threads, omissions or spin. Are people ok with Canadian citizens going to fight there? Or fundraising for weapons for these Nazis? Perhaps they are, because one doesn't hear much in the way of contras. Not here.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

On the streets of Kiev: Police beat people protesting currency collapse.

 Protests were allowed under "dictator" Yanukovich. Now that Ukraine is "free", all bets are off.

Christ, the wheels are coming off this brutal junta. Give it a week? Two? But isn't Poroshenko a complete sock puppet of the USA? So what! Fascists have no memory. Only the vampiric lust for blood ...

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

NDPP wrote:
But Mackinnon also should be paid attention to. His piece reveals much about the nature of our national involvement in this filthy business. irrespective of dangling threads, omissions or spin. Are people ok with Canadian citizens going to fight there? Or fundraising for weapons for these Nazis? Perhaps they are, because one doesn't hear much in the way of contras. Not here.

Canadian imperialism. Don't think that other countries, not just Russia, are watching what the Ottawa regime is doing. There is the support for the brutal colonialism and ethnic cleansing of the Israeli regime. Ditto for the Kievan junta. And ditto for the horrific crimes associated with Canadian mining across the Globe. Doors will close, which we once open, and Canadians travelling abroad will be treated with the same suspicion once reserved for citizens of the Empire. We are the other gringos from El Norte.


Nice storytelling. Not sure what relationship it has to the real world. The gas deals were signed long before any of the unrest happened - by Viktor Yanukovich. Right now there is no drilling because of the war. Monsanto has been there for years.

As for Boris Yeltsin giving away everything to the west, one of the first times Russia turned off the gas to Ukraine it was Yeltsin who did it, in order to press them for control of the Black Sea Fleet.

Did you know Pilger actually became a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary until he complained and had himself removed?  

To pilger: to present information in a sensationalist manner to reach a foregone conclusion.



And we always have been. Glad that stupid false mythology is finally dissolving personally. But riddle me this. Why is it that the Ukrainian or Jewish diasporas can fundraise openly without restraint, indeed with official support, to murder their 'enemies', or take the lands of Palestinians or Novorossians, but if the Palestinians or the people from Donbass were to try do the same here, and for the same publicly announced intentions - THERE WOULD BE HELL TO PAY.

What disgusting hypocrisy.


You can't donate to help people in Palestine without there being hell to pay? What are you talking about, NDPP?

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

6079_Smith_W wrote:
Did you know Pilger actually became a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary until he complained and had himself removed? 

John Pilger is an award-winning film-maker and journalist, taking the side of the oppressed and exploited around the world. His work honouring Aboriginal people of Australia is particularly significant.

Are you sure you're not on the wrong discussion board? This is bordering on racism.


  • Noam Chomsky said of Pilger: "John Pilger's work has been a beacon of light in often dark times. The realities he has brought to light have been a revelation, over and over again, and his courage and insight a constant inspiration."[84]

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

6079_Smith_W wrote:
You can't donate to help people in Palestine without there being hell to pay? What are you talking about, NDPP?

lol. The fascists have no memory. Neither, it seems, do you Smith.

Jason Kenney bans British MP George Galloway from Canada

This was for supporting democratically elected Palestinian authorities while Galloway was a member of Parliament.It was the first time in Canadian history that an M.P. was banned from entry to Canada and serves as a indicator of the disgrace that the Conservative jackboot regime has brought upon Canada.


My friend, this is absurd Galloway was barred from speaking in Canada, because his fundraising drive was identified as aiding terrorism.


I remember well enough to notice what NDPP wrote in his post, and it had to do with fundraising, not George Galloway. There are all kinds of organizations advocating for and fundraising for Palestine.

For that matter, the Russian embassy was the first to start lobbying (while of course, pretending that they weren't) on the situation in eastern Ukraine. They definitely got a reaction, but no one stopped them.

And pointing out that Pilger's professional standards and reputation aren't quite so sterling is racism? I'm surprised you aren't claiming it is genocide. But it made me chuckle anyway.


And it kind of begs the question of what NDPP is advocating here. Yes, we all oppose Canada's so-called anti-terrorism bill, and attempts to quash fair discussion and association. Does he think those oppressive actions SHOULD be applied in the case of Canadians fundraising to support Ukraine? Because if so he would seem to be supporting Harper's actions in principle. All I see is him confusing two separate political issues.


Yes it is, Rossokovky. Read my edit above. Fact is, Canadians are able to raise funds to support th Palestinian cause, and the Ukrainian cause, and that is a good thing.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Rokossovsky wrote:
My friend, this is absurd Galloway was barred from speaking in Canada, because his fundraising drive was identified as aiding terrorism.

The "terrorists" in question being the democratically elected Hamas Palestinian authorities. Decades passed, during which time the Palestinians were urinated upon by the West for failing to have "proper" [that is, Western approved] elections. When the Palestinians elected Hamas, they were punished .. for not having the "approved" results. Any Canadian who has a passing familiarity with the just struggle of the Palestinians knows this.

George Galloway was fund-raising for civic projects that were under the jurisdiction of the duly elected Palestinian authorities. He was banned from Canada for that reason and only, and much delayed, was he EVENTUALLY allowed in Canada.

I have no doubt that Palestinian solidarity activists in Canada are subject to surveillance by the Canadian gestapo, or CSIS, likely under the "helpful" guidance of Canada's "good friend" Israel. This will only get worse if the current police state legislation is passed. Israel's occupied territories are really an experimental proving ground for the latest in techniques and equipment of police atrocities and suppression of democracy. They're really a world leader in that regard and the Israeli thugs are making a "killing" selling the techniques and weapons systems, infrastructure of oppression, etc., to "democracies" around the world.



6079_Smith_W wrote:

You can't donate to help people in Palestine without there being hell to pay? What are you talking about, NDPP?

I very much doubt that if the national newspaper reported on members of the Palestinian diaspora here, organizing fundraising efforts to provision their forces with weaponry, or to announce recruitment drives for fighters, that it would be treated favourably.


Look NDPP, I'm just questioning a specific claim and asking whether you actually agree with our prime minister that groups should be prevented from raising funds for governments and political causes overseas. In most cases it is allowed, even in cases where there are questions of conduct, and that is a good thing.

I'm not the one conflating and distracting  with unrelated questions about refusing entry to elected politicians, newspaper bias, nor what is and isn't a terrorist organization

Yes Galloway should have been let across the border. Yes all media have a slant, and in fact the question of terrorist organizations, whether fairly or unfairly applied in some cases, doesn't apply here. Neither party in the Ukraine conflict is, nor is the Russian army, which was able to freely sell tickets to its choir on ticketmaster last time they were in Canada a couple of years ago.

And the article makes reference to a "handful" of people who have left to fight. Not quite the same thing as a recruitment campaign, and not the "fundraising" I asked about. But even so, is it something that should be illegal? Canadians are quite free to join armies of other countries.


Feb 26: Statement From DPR-PM Alexander Zakharchenko

"If shelling and attacks don't stop, we reserve the right to consider the Minsk agreements broken by the Ukrainian side. Any attempts to attack our cities and villages will be suppressed at their origins."


Little Time For Hardware Withdrawal in E Ukraine - OSCE (and podcast)

"Both parties have begun the withdrawal of military hardware, OSCE observers confirmed on Friday. However there are still reports of shelling. Both parties blame each other and various uncontrolled groups for the ceasefire violations."


Novorossia State-Building Reports (and vid)

Dontesk, Gorlovka shelled by UAF


Police Beating People Protesting Currency Collapse in Kiev (and vid)

"Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss?"

'Viktor you bastard, come back!' - Kiev graffiti


'Armour' (and vid)

For those who fell


Spaniards Who Fought For Donbass Arrested After Returning Home

"...A group of Spaniards who defined themselves as 'anti-capitalists' told news agency Europe Press last September that they had traveled to eastern Ukraine to fight along-side pro-Russian separatists to combat the 'resurgence of the Fourth Reich in Europe.' These youngsters established the Carlos Palomino International Brigade, in honor of the young anti-fascist from Spain who was stabbed to death by a neo-Nazi former soldier on the Madrid Metro."


800 Rebelling Coal Miners Sent Draft Notices

"The coal miners of Western Ukraine who incited a large-scale rebellion due to a three-month delay of salaries, are being inducted into the army. 800 rebellious miners received notices directly from military commissars who delivered them to coal mines #1 and #9 in Novovlynsk, which the state is planning to close."


Ukrainians Escape From Mobilization By Obtaining Hungarian Citizenship

"Almost 94,000 inhabitants of Western Ukraine have obtained Hungarian citizenship. Experts point out that Ukrainian males are crossing borders into Russia, Poland, Donestk and Luhansk Republics trying to escape from military mobilizations launched by Kiev.In the beginning of the year Ukrainian authorities unveiled a plan to mobilize nearly 104,000 men aged 20-60 to continue the so-called 'anti-terrorist campaign' in eastern Ukraine."




US, UK Meddling in OSCE's Mandate in Ukraine - Russia's Envoy to UK

"The US and UK are attempting to change the OSCE's existing mandate in Ukraine, according to Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin. His comments came after a closed-door UNSC meeting  on the ceasefire..."


Developments in South-Eastern Ukraine UPDATED

"Ukraine wants peacekeeping contingent in Donbass to be formed as EU mission - Poroshenko."


Ukraine Signs Multi-Million Dollar Arms Contracts, Gets Lethal Weapons - Defence Official

"We have concluded contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars on exports and imports of weapons,' Oleg Gladkovsky told a briefing, adding that Kiev has signed a deal on supplies of drones and electronic warfare with France's Thales Group.

The official said 'the majority of contracts have been reached with US companies,' but refused to give further details. Asked if Ukrainian troops will have new lethal weapons at their disposal, Gladkovsky replied 'We are in contact with the whole world. We do [will] get lethal weapons.'


Plan to Train Ukraine Military Cops on Hold

"...Under the terms of the MinskII peace treaty recently signed by Ukraine, Russia, France, and Germany all armed foreign forces were to be pulled out of the country. A defence spokesman, Dan Lebouthillier, say military police trainers would be on safe ground.

'The courses we are preparing for the Ukrainian military police are similar to the types of professional development courses we have been providing to Ukraine as part of the military training and cooperation program,' he said. 'The courses will be provided by unarmed members of the Canadian Armed Forces in a classroom setting./

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From the twittersphere:

Q: What do the US-backed Ukrainain regime and ISIS have in common?

Ans: Both parties like to smash statues and want to rewrite history.

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Ukraine takes weapons deliveries from UAE.

"Yeah, but they're only "defensive" weapons. You know. To stop the Russian "invasion"."

Meanwhile, unlike the UAF, the resistance is actually implementing withdrawal of heavy weapons.

The UAE supplying weapons to Ukraine could be part of a US covert operation, former US diplomat James Jatras told RT.

This discussion in Washington about supplying weapons has been going on for some time. Usually that indicates that some kind of a covert program is already in operation and that we already are supplying some weapons directly,” he said.

Jatras added that it is hard to believe that UAE would sell these weapons to Ukraine “without a green light from Washington.”

.... edited to add Feb 28 ...

"No, we didn't!" Dubai’s deal with Kiev includes no weapons supplies – UAE Foreign Ministry



NATO Finds Arab Backdoor to Arm Kiev

"The Kiev regime's new contract with the UAE for military weapons is thus a front for NATO supplying weapons to Ukraine. Conveniently for Western governments, the arrangement tends to obscure a NATO link in the eyes of their public, but only superficially.

While Western taxpayers bail out the Kiev regime with a $40 B loan from the IMF, the junta is evidently using the money to go on a weapons spree and to crank up its NATO supplied war machine.

The UAE weapons sale deal is just another backdoor for NATO to embark on further warmongering in Ukraine and toward Russia..."


Ceasefire seems to be holding for now, despite dire predictions.


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