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Poroshenko is awaiting a big IMF transfer. They're not supposed to pay belligerents at war. As well of course he was soundly beaten and badly. So we'll see.


UAF Troops' Questions For Their Commander-in-Chocolate (and vid)

Ukrainian soldiers not happy campers...


Ukraine Electricity Emergency Courtesy of Guess Who?  -  by William Engdahl

"Now the stupidity of Washington's war in east Ukraine hits home. Ukraine is in the midst of a critical electricity shortage as the hard eastern winter with below zero temperatures sets in. Cities across Ukraine are reporting daily power-blackouts more typical for a poor African country, with some cities experiencing daily outages up to six hours.

The critical chokepoint is the coal-rich Donbas region in the east where Kiev and Washington's war 'against terrorists' has brought coal mine supplies to a halt. No coal for the power-plants, no electricity to light homes or power industry or provide heat.

So the entire crisis in Ukraine initiated by Washington's 'democracy' NGOs with a gaggle of rag-tag neo-nazis and criminals, to oust the democratically elected government of Ukraine, is not at all about spreading peace, love and modern Washington democracy. It's about pivots and political power calculus.

And now, as a result of those Brzezinksi power chess games, Ukraine is a living hell economically. Instead of imagined billions of Euros in Brussels aid that some of its citizens fantasized about last winter on Maidan Square, Ukraine gets IMF austerity and conditionalities that open up its resources to plundering by Western banks and multinationals like Monsanto.

Yet there is a hand of help being extended to power-short Ukraine. On Dec 27 the Russian government announced that Russia will supply coal and electricity to Kiev without advance payment as a goodwill gesture..."


DPR Finalises Withdrawal of Heavy Weapons From Engagement Line - Defense Ministry

"The withdrawal was organised under control of the OSCE observers."


Lugansk Offical: Aidar Military Detained Taking Weapons from Donbass to Kiev

"Some military of Ukraine's Aidar territorial battalions, which actively particpated in the punitive mission in Donbass, are involved in criminal activities, including extortion and arms trafficking, head of the Lugansk regional administration Gennady Moskal said on Sunday.

'A part of that battalion has desterted Aidar, and begun illegal activities, looting, rabbing, racketeering, theft of vehicles and other crimes in the towns and villages controlled by the Ukrainian military,' the official website reads.

He also spoke about an attempt to take, from the zone of the forces's mission in Donbass - an arsenal, which he said was supposed to be used in Kiev 'to destabilize the situation there'. 'Several days earlier, Lugansk regional police stopped a criminal group, led by Aidar military called Filat. They criminals were fighting for an hour against police using automatic weapons.

After police detained the military and searched the places where they lived, they confiscated over 6,000 bullets, five boxes of grenades, 15 mines, two boxes of TNT blocks, 12 grenade launchers and several Kalashnikovs.."


Kiev's 'Quiet Americans'

"Kiev is filled with 'quiet Americans'....

We should pay attention to the following point: if earlier Kiev was supervised mostly by high-ranking CIA officials (former and current), now this role is performed by senior US military personnel, also former and current.

Almost all local politicians try to meet with Americans during their visits. Especially the ex-prime minister - Yulia Tymoshenko, who dropped off the list of 'those in power' and is now merely the leader of the smallest faction in the parliament. She even suggested making [Wesley] Clark the chief overseer of the assistance to Ukraine from the United States. However, her boot-licking counted for nothing as Washington is not currently interested in her services.

But the boot-licking of the Kiev political elite for US 'monitors' is understandable; Americans now control approval for everything from financial assistance, to UAF operations and appointments to the security services, MOD, the Cabinet and the President's administration..."


German Newspaper Handelsblatt Reports That Ukraine's President Poroshenko Refuses To Give Up His Billion Dollar Empire. Expect Another US/EU Regime Change in Ukraine.

"When articles like this start coming out of US media vassals like German business newspaper Handelsblatt, then you know something is afoot. Conflict of interest anyone..."


US Mulls Replacement For Poroshenko - Stephen Cohen

"Whether there is a 'fascist coup' now brewing in Kiev is hard to say, but the great deal of power wielded by the radicals is something Poroshenko and his friends in the US and EU should really worry about, Stephen Cohen warned.

Stephen Cohen believes that Washington still holds ['Yats'] Yatsenyuk in very high regard as a man who knows how the economy works and could become the 'IMF's man in Kiev.

What makes the present Ukrainian prime minister even more attractive to Washington is his hardline stance toward Moscow..."


Canada Sends 125 Soldiers to E Europe For NATO Reassurance

Canada on Monday will send 125 Canadian Army soldiers to Eatern and Central Europe to support NATO reassurance measures. The statement does not specify to which country the soldiers will be sent...'


More Than 6,000 Killed in Conflict in Ukraine's East - UN

"More than 6,000 people have been killed in the conflict in the east of Ukraine since last April, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein said in Geneva on Monday.

'More than six thousand lives have now been lost in less than a year due to fighting in eastern Ukraine,' HC Zeid said. 'It is imperative that all sides comply with the provisions of the Minsk agreements and halt the indiscriminate shelling and other hostilities that have created a dreadful situation for civilians - in stark disregard of international humanitarian law and human rights law.'

'All aspects of people's lives are being negatively affected, and the situation is increasingly intolerable for the local inhabitants, especially in areas controlled by the armed groups. Many have been trapped in conflict zones, forced to shelter in basements, with hardly any drinking water, food, heating, electricity, or basic medical supplies,' HC Zeid said..."

US Govt Issues Logistics Support Permits For 300 Military Personnel in Ukraine

"The US is planning to send 300 military personnel to Ukraine from March to October to train the Ukrainian army, according to a tender on a US website that requires logistics for the troops. In February, Washington confirmed it will send troops to Kiev to train Ukraine troops fighting against the militants in eastern Ukraine..."

Canada Warns of More Sanctions if Pro Russia Rebels Violate Ceasefire

Canada warns it will increase sanctions on Russia if pro-Moscow rebels in eastern Ukraine continue to violate a ceasefire deal inked last month. Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson vowed further action as 125 MORE CANADIAN SOLDIERS depart for Europe to join military exercises designed to reassure NATO alliance members near Russia that they will be protected should Moscow try to seize more territory.[LOL!]

'We stand prepared to continue to deploy further economic and political pressure if the Putin regime doesn't abide by the agreement they signed in Minsk,' Mr Nicholson said in an interview from Paris.

'Get out Putin,' Mr Nicholson said. 'Russians, get out of Ukraine. Let's bring some stability back to that area.'

In addition to the mythical 'Russians', a million Ukrainians have also left Ukraine. Guess where they went? You got it. Russia...

RT: CrossTalk; Ukraine Narratives (and vid, podcast)

"Narrative wars. Rarely have two diametrically opposed news narratives been so stark. In the realm of media there are two distinct Ukraines - one hoping for European integration and the other opposing western aggression and hegemony. But in the end, it would appear to be only about Russia.

CrossTalking with Alexander Mercouris, Mark Sleboda adn Jeffrey Tayler."


Whats the Catch? Poland Gets 'Free' US Armored Military Vehicles

"The Polish Army has received 45 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles all donated by the US government. The vehicles are barely used. Given that Poland is one of the only nations which has expressed willingness to provide arms to the Ukrainian military, many wonder if this equipment might find its way onto the battlefield.

Last week, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a law which established a joint military brigade between Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland. On Tuesday Ryszard Czarnecki of the Polish Law and Justice Party, called on both Poland and the larger European Union to pursue measures to 'push Russia away from our borders.'

If Poland follows through with these plans, this raises the possibility that the US may be indirectly arming the Ukrainian military..."

*similar to the UAE Ukrainian arms deal - also designed to evade the reality of US involvement. 


03-03-2015: Ukrainaian Crisis News


Ukraine Hikes Rate to 30% to Avert Hyperinflation and Currency Plunge

"The Central Bank of Ukraine is raising its bench-mark interest rate to 30 percent from 19.5 percent, the biggest increase in 15 years. It reflects the bank's attempt to save the collapsing economy from hyper-inflation that some estimate at 272 percent.

The domestic currency, the hryvnia, has lost about 70 percent since the start of the Maidan unrest a year ago. On Tuesday, it was trading at 26 hryvnia to the Dollar, while a year ago a greenback bought 8 hryvnia..."


Ukraine Agrees Tough Austerity Package To Gain $17.5 B (and vid)

"The Ukrainian parliament has approved amendments to the 2015 budget that sees drastic pension cuts and energy bills tripling. The changes are needed to comply with the terms of the agreed $17.5B IMF bailout package..."


Survey on Attitudes of the Crimean People to Events of 2014

"Attitudes to Crimea seceding from Ukraine and joining the Russian Federation:

Fully endorse - 82%  Mostly endorse - 11%  Disapprove - 7%

Wonder why?


'Viktor, you bastard, come back!'   - Kiev grafitti

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

A Ukrainian Commander from the brutal Azov Battalion has died after crashing into a WW2 Memorial.  Talk about poetic justice.

The commander of the "Azov" volunteer battalion and his driver crashed to their death in an off-road car retreating from the village of Shirokyne in the Donetsk Region of East Ukraine. The car smashed into a monument built in the memory of the heroes of World War II. The memorial survived the hit and did not fall, but the two Ukrainian national security agents died on the spot. On the last day before the armistice on February 14, the car crashed into a memorial to the heroes of World War II. Self-defense fighters considered the accident very symbolic.

Even in death, the great anti-fascist heroes of decades past can kick their asses. No wonder there's so much enthusiasm, like the enthusiasm of the Taliban or ISIS for similar actions, to tear down monuments of one kind or another.


Does this commander have a name? One of the articles on this claimed the source was Reuters, but they have nothing on it there. The only source is LifeNews, the same hard-hitting investigative news team that brought you the Dmitry Yarosh's calling card and the crucified baby story.

Here's the alleged scene:

And here's another version, claiming someone tried to ram the monument. No mention of any deaths. Guess they didn't get the memo:


"The militia repulsed all the attacks of the enemy and now they control Shirokino. During the occupation AFU committed outrages in the village, looted and robbed. The AFU jeep rammed the monument to Soviet soldier and tried to demolish it, but as a result it was broken itself. Also militia managed to hit APC 4 E and take it as trophy. "

And a note from FortRuss, which also picked up the story:


[Joaquin Flores Note: It is interesting to note that there may be something more going on than what is reported.  Watching the Life News video - see link above - we can see that there are bullet holes in both the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Red Army onument.  Furthermore and strangely, this event seems to have taken place about two weeks ago, and is only being reported now.  We also learn from this that despite the ceasefire, fighting continues over the village of Shirokyne, which is presently still contested by the opposing sides.  Speculations in the blogosphere also suggested that the Jeep may have hit another object, but was moved to the location of the statue in order to make an interesting story with a non-too subtle message


5 Reasons Why Ukraine is Becoming Europe's Zimbabwe

"...When Delta Bank, the country's fourth-biggest bank, was declared insolvent on Monday, PRIVATBANK, which is owned by oligarch IHOR KOLOMOISKY, and is the country's biggest bank, received an emergency 700 Billion Hryvnia ($28.9B) two year loan on February 25.  The loan was its second bailout in 2 days, and Privatbank was the country's biggest recipient of government aid in 2014..."

Ihor Kolomoisky


AIDAR [Nazi] Commander Fights, Threatens to Shoot Rada Members (and vid)

"Get out! Get out of the parliament! Return your mandate! B**ch! B**tard! Thief!'

He promised to shoot up the parliament...

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!..."

[Where? Not here]


Ukraine Coal Miners Black Lvov-Kovel Highway

"Highway traffic between Lvov and Kovel was blocked by striking coal miners who demanded their salaries be paid. The miners have announced a strike of unlimited duration and not a single coal mine of the Western region is working..."


Ukraine Unable To Import Coal Due To Hryvnya Exchange

"Ukraine can no longer import coal due to the rise of the dollar relative to the hryvnya. This announcement was made by the First Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry, Yurizh Zyukov. According to Zyhukov, only gaseous coal remains on UKraine's territory. 'However, right now it's not possible to buy imported coal. At a rate of 30 hryvnya/USD, a ton would cost 2400-2600 hryvnya..."


Ukraine's Iron and Steel Production Falls Sharply

"Ukraine's steel production falls by 29%. The decline is continuing. This was Ukraine's biggest source of foreign currency and one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal economy..."


But the Oligarchs, including Canada's friend, the billionaire President Porky P have never had it so good. Richer than ever! Keep those hundreds of millions in Canadian tax dollars rolling in Canucklheads!  And thanks to all those special friends leading Canada's political parties that continue to urge their mush-head members to keep supporting our 'democratic revolution'.  And remember Right Sector now has a Canadian branch so you can donate directly too. Your dollars will help  bomb Moskali civilians in Donbass even better!  Sieg H...I mean Slava Ukraini!


Developments in South Eastern Ukraine (and news feed)

"Russian humanitarian aid delivered to east Ukraine's Luhansk, Donetsk.."



'We Should Absolutely Consider Lethal Aid' To Ukraine - US

"Even with a sustainable ceasefire active in Ukraine, the US top brass is nursing schemes of arming Kiev troops with lethal aid, while the US president has prolonged anti-Russian sanctions introduced a year ago in connection with Ukraine crisis. It's the first time that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Martin E Dempsey, has spoken out in favor of supplying Kiev troops with American weapons.

'I think we should absolutely consider lethal aid and it ought to be in the conflict of NATO allies because [Russian President Vladimir] Putin's ultimate objective is to fracture NATO,' AFP cited Dempsey, speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee. US Army Europe Commander Ben Hodges said in Berlin on Tuesday that Ukraine is demanding from Washington 'intelligence, counter-fire, capability and something that can stop a Russian tank.'

Lt Gen Ben Hodges said that supplying Ukraine with lethal aid is going to increase stakes for Russia..."


CrossTalk: Ceasefire Holding (and vid/podcast)

"The second Minsk ceasefire agreement halting Ukraine's civil war appears to be largely holding. Against the odds, this is better than the alternative, i.e. more conflict. Ukraine's sovereignty has been shattered. Is frozen conflict the best we can hope for?

CrossTalking with Nebojsa Malic, Anna van Dempsey and Fraser Cameron


Promotion of Ukraine's Extreme Right by Canada's Globe and Mail is Debated by Readers

"Canada's largest national daily newspaper has published two articles in recent days extolling the 'Army SOS' and 'Patriot Defense' fundraising efforts being conducted in Canada on behalf of the extreme right-wing battalions engaged in the illegal terrorist war in eastern Ukraine.

The two Globe articles have each prompted a flood of online comments. The comments indicate a broad awareness among Canadians of the origins of the war in in eastern Ukraine and of the role of extreme right battalions. The majority of the comments indicate that unlike the writers and editors of the Globe and Mail, many Canadians do not buy the 'blame Russia' narrative explaining the war, nor do they support the extremists waging this war."


Implementation of Minsk Agreements A Condition For IMF Credits - Lagarde

"According to Lagarde, financial aid to Kiev will depend on the stability of the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Lagarde also said that Ukraine is right now in a serious economic crisis which is affecting both the country's economy and budget, to the point of putting it on the edge of default.

Lagarde also said that the crisis in Eastern Ukraine is seriously delaying economic reforms.The IMF opened a two-year credit line for Ukraine, with up to $17.5 B available. 'European politicians are in agreement that the only way to resolve the crisis in Ukraine is through the Minsk Agreement..."


EU-Kiev Diplomatic Relations Are Deteriorating

"Ukraine is suffering a diplomatic fiasco in Europe, having disappointed European politicians with empty promises. The main reason for the drop in diplomatic activity between the EU and Ukraine is the absence of progress in implementing reforms.

'Kiev so-called reformers' speechifying about their readiness to carry out reforms, which are always interrupted by something or other, has exhausted the patience of both Ukrainians and Europeans. The only thing that Kiev Euro-integrators are capable of is increasing sanctions on Russia and asking for more money.'


A Brief But Important Update

"The withdrawal of forces has been purely fictitious on the junta side. The enemy pulls back heavy weapons from the positions on camera and then returns them to the backup positions.

The OSCE observers essentially serve as spectators who record the fake withdrawals even though no actual pull back of heavy weapons happens. In the coming days there will be a more detailed article with factual evidence on this topic.

Overall, the enemy is using the process of heavy weapons withdrawal to regroup its forces and accumulate the reserces for the possiblity of resuming high-intensity military action. Naturally, this activity is not a secret for the NAF military command."

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

There are a pair of articles on The Intercept by Marcin Mamon. Through an ISIS contact in Istanbul, he made contact with the Chechen leaders of one of the independent battalions fighting for the Kiev government in the Donbass. He visited their headquarters just before the ceasefire, near the front at Debaltseve, and reports on the death of their leader, Isa Munayev in the battle there. I found these articles very interesting because they show the amazing complexity of the factions and how they align. They also give a very gritty, down to earth picture of what is going on in the trenches. The moral may be that Putin's ruthless suppression of Chechen independence was not without cost to Russia, and that cost will continue into the future.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

There are plenty of Chechen volunteers siding with the Donbass resistance as well. Yes, the situation is complex.


But neither should we forget the threat/proposition to Putin made by Saudi Bandar Bush to raise these Takfiri against him if Russia continued to  back Assad of Syria. The proposition was politely declined but I have no doubt that this card can and may still be played as part of what appears to be a steadily proceeding and multifacited attempt by the West at a full-court press of Russia. I would also say though, that at present Chechnya appears solid and committed to its present quite satisfactory position within the RF.

Chomsky told Amy Goodman that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' famous Doomsday clock is at three minutes to midnight. Then stated quite baldly in case the point hadn't been clearly understood, that "after 12 we're finished."

I find this lingers with me.

Thanks Michael I haven't seen these yet and will look forward to reading them. I very much believe that people need to have a serious re-think of all this and reconsider this country's very alarming support and involvement with the American warparty.

This won't end well for anybody the way we're going now.



Madrid Activists To Join Antifascist Caravan to Donbass (and vid)

"Just 24 hours after the National Police detained 8 Spaniards for their involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the Madrid Committee to Support Antifascists in Ukraine confirmed it is sending a new internationalist brigade to the Donbass and has posted a video on YouTube calling for participation, either physically or through collaboration.

The activists will form part of the second Antifascist Caravan of Barda Bassotti, as they did on the first one, which was in Ukrainian lands last September. They will travel to the Donbass for humanitarian work in May. The goal, organizers explained, is 'to bring our solidarity to the peoplle of Donbass who heroically resist the fascist onslaught', and deliver basic necessities, but also to denounce 'media manipulation' and the role of the US government and NATO in the political conflict.

The caravan, which is scheduled to arrive on May 9 - a symbolic date which coincides with the 70th anniversary of Victory Day over Nazi Germany - has at least a dozen volunteers from the Spanish state comprising the 'Ruben Ruiz/Barruri Brigade'. 'Solidarity is not a crime.' These words closed the press conference held by the Madrid Support Committee for Antifascists in Ukraine. The Committee also used the event to denounce 'the hypocrisy of the media towards the genocide of civilians in eastern Ukraine which does not seem relevant..."


US Boosting 'Anti-Propaganda' Budget; Mulling 'Increase of Lethality' for Ukraine Support - Nuland (and vid)

"Washington and its NATO allies have already spent over $110 Million on 'security assistance' to Ukraine and are considering increasing the 'lethality' of the aid, a top US diplomat told a congressional committee in an accusatory anti-Russian speech.

'We have over the last 14 months, provided $118 M in security assistance' to the authorities in Kiev, Asst Sec State Victoria Nuland told the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Wednesday.."


Ukrainian Authorities Refuse to Form Working Groups in Framework of Contact Group - Lavrov

"The Ukraine authorities have refused to create working groups in the framework of the Contact Group, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday. They are dragging out the process, Lavrov added.

'There should be no doubt that the documents from Feb 12 must be implemented fully,' Lavrov stressed. 'This includes immediately establishing working groups, starting work on constitutional reforms, restoring social and economic ties, and so on,' the minister said.

'The Ukrainian side refuses, for reasons unknown to me, to appoint its representatives to these departments.'..."


Developments in South Eastern Ukraine


Canada Extends a Helping Hand to Ukraine's Ultra-Nationalists  -  by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

*The Canucktion: From the Canadian Government to the Ukrainian Frontlines*

"Following similar debates in the US and UK, the Canadian government is considering direct military intervention in the Ukraine. The peace-loving nation is no stranger to NATO activity in the area which culminated in Operation Reassurance and the deployment of a naval, aerial and land-based task force.

While the country has imposed economic pressure in response to supposed Russian aggression; lawmakers now turn towards a more direct approach.

Canadian aid to the current regime has manifested in $ 400 Million dollars worith of loans and in the form of non-lethal aid to the frontlines (helmets, night-vision goggles, flack-jackets, etc). Defense Minister Jason Kenney says, quoting the Prime Minister 'all options are on the table,' when it comes to further intervention.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) is a leading supporter of further military intervention. This organization has been pressuring the Canadian government to follow in its allies footsteps and begin sending armaments..."

Thanks Canada...


ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Ukraine rigs bridges to Crimea with explosives

Thing is, Crimeans don't use the bridge anymore. The Kiev regime might try to forcibly draft them into the ethnic cleansing in Novorossiya ... so they wisely stay away. Not so for 1,000 or more Ukrainians who are now being put at risk on a bridge set to explode when the Ukrainian authorities feel like it.


Russian Diplomat Says US Airborne Troops Being Redeployed to Ukraine

"Moscow says US-Ukrainian military drills in the Western Ukraine Lviv region threaten Russia's security. 'Therefore the US Military is already in Ukraine. It is evident that they are not trying to bring peace to the country,' Foreign Ministry spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich said Thursday.

'Talking about the ships that entered the Black Sea, I would call it a very worrisome signal, a provocative idea which does not add up to stability and confidence that the peace process in Ukraine will be stepped up,' Lukashevich said.

'Any military presence in the proximity of a regional conflict is always a very dangerous maneuver which can lead to different unpleasant consequences,' the diplomat said. 'US military commanders should understand that such provocative actions may lead to the most serious consequences for the settlement of this Ukrainian conflict,' Lukashevich added.

The weapons supplies could not only lead to undermining the truce and also to a new escalation in the southeast, but also threaten the security of Russia, as we have stated many times."


US Army Europe Commander Goes Poroshenko, Claims 12,000 Russian Troops in East Ukraine

"....The US military estimates around 12,000 Russian soldiers are supporting pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine - US Army Europe Commander Ben Hodges said on Tuesday. In addition, 50,000 troops are posted on the Russian side of the border with Ukraine in case the separatists suffer a severe set-back, and the Ukrainian army gains the upper hand, Hodges said..."


'US Anti-Russian Rhetoric' - Preparations to Deliver Lethal Arms To Ukraine (and podcast)

"The US perceives the Ukrainian crisis as an opportunity to damage Russia and bring Ukraine into NATO,' says Srdja Trifkovic, Foreign Affairs Editor of Chronicles Magazine. He says a decision to ship lethal weapons to the Keiv regime has already been made.

Of course the Europeans are opposed to that but this would not be the first time that the US has sabotaged and torpedoed European peace initiatives. They will deny that Minsk II works at all. There will be constant accusations of fresh Russian incursions. We had one of these from Victoria Nuland on Wednesday, even though there was no evidence to substantiate this claim.

So we will continue to hear this rhetoric of Russian non-compliance adn demands for poor defenseless Ukraine to be supplied with weapons to defend themselves. But if they do go ahead, I think this will be something of a rift wtih the Western alliance because the Germans and the French in particular, will know that this is deliberate sabotage of Minsk and not an action that reflects the realities on the ground.

I also believe that in that case, the Russian government will be much less circumspect about actually helping the Donetsk and Lugansk republics and effectively doing what they have already been accused of having done."


Racism, Terror and Tuberculosis in Ukraine

"There is an increasing chaos in the country, all state institutions are collapsing. In a situation of acute social crisis, these well-armed and trained detachments may become the mainstay of the power holders in Ukraine.."


ikosmos ikosmos's picture

These threads should be called Banderistan (after Nazi henchman S. Bandera, hero of Ukrainian fascists, murderer of Jews, Poles, ...) already.


Kiev Authorities Stalling the Start of Political Process in Ukraine - Russian Diplomat

"Moscow is concerned that the issue of the start of a political process is being stalled and the social and economic situation is deteriorating, Russian Deputy FM Grigory Karasin says. 'The Ukrainian authorities often fail to implement what was agreed upon in Minsk,' the diplomat said..."


Ukraine After the Ceasefire: Contradictions Pile Up

"...What Obama, Merkel and others fail or refuse to acknowledge is that this conflict, sparked by the Western-backed Maidan movement, with fascists at its core and antagonism to the people in the east in its programme, has now taken on a logic of its own.

The reality is that Putin does not have full control of what the rebel forces are doing on the ground. His standing in the eyes of many people in the east of Ukraine, who may at one time have had illusions of what he was capable of delivering in terms of higher living standards etc, has been greatly diminished.

Many had the illusion that it would be enough for them to have a referendum to get decisive backing from Russia as with Crimea. Many people in the east no longer see the republics' integration into Russia on the agenda, and are accepting a future in formally independent republics."


West's Propaganda War for Public Opinion

"The West, particularly NATO states, have launched an aggressive and sophisticated propaganda war, accusing Russia for the Ukraine crisis in order to get public support, Patrick Hennigson said.

'I think the language within the Minsk agreement specifically said that Russia is not a military part to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. So what Victoria Nuland is saying is undermining what Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande have said at the table and agreed upon.

She is trying to transform the language. This is again because Minsk was a huge failure for Washington not least of all because they weren't there, but also because of what came out of the Minsk agreement, which is part of some sort of peaceful resolution.

And it seems to me that Victoria Nuland represents a faction within the US State Department [Neocons, as Ottawa, including NDP left-neocons] that doesn't want to see a peaceful resolution. They want to escalate the conflict, they want lethal aid. There is a faction within the State Department that really wants to escalate the military confrontation, to raise tensions in the region.

Unfortunately the dominant voices right now want to raise the game a little bit with Russia..."


'Our Struggle is For a Socialist Ukraine as Part of the Struggle For A Socialist World'

*Sept 29, 2014, Dimitry Kolesnik is the editor of the Ukrainian left-wing website Liva and a leading activist in the Marxist organization Borotba.*

"...Euromaidan started the day after the former president Yanukovich delayed the signing of the free trade agreement with the EU, which was linked to IMF loans with conditions for imposing austerity measures. [Canada is currently negotiating 'free-trade' also]

The day after, protests started by some layers of society, especially in Western Ukraine, where many people move to western countries to take on precarious jobs. The media never mentions that the EU Association Agreement had nothing to do with mobility for Ukrainians in the EU or joining the EU. It was merely a free trade agreement, the kind which was signed with Tunisia, Egypt or Turkey.

I want to emphasize that some Western-funded NGOs played the main role in organizing the movement. Many of their workers and activists prepared for the protests beforehand. Another important part were the far right and neo-nazi groups. And just a year ago the Western media were often criticizing these groups, now suddenly  they seem to be hardly noticing them and are whitewashing their participation in the new government along with the austerity measures covered up with abstract rhetoric about 'European values'..."


Lawmakers Urging Obama to Send Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

"US House Speaker John Boehmer and a group of senior Republican and Democratic lawmakers are urging President Barack Obama to send 'lethal' weapons to Ukraine.

'We urge you to quickly approve additional efforts to support Ukraine's efforts to defend its sovereign territory, including through the transfer of lethal defensive weapons systems to the Ukrainian military,' read a letter Thursday to the president by 11 lawmakers.

Meanwhile, the US and EU have agreed to 'impose significant additional costs' on Russia if a ceasefire agreement is violated..."


Russia Accuses NATO of Expansionism

"Russia's deputy defense minister has accused NATO of using the Ukraine crisis as a pretext to deploy forces to territories closer to Russia's borders, saying the alliance has hugely expanded its military activity in recent years.

'We've noticed that NATO member states are using the situation in southeastern Ukraine as a pretext to discard all diplomatic conventions, [use] tricks and slogans and push forward, closer to the Russian border,' said Anatoly Antonev.

Antonev said the major aim ot the Western alliance is to contain Russia and target Moscow for refusing to play along with its rules..."


Ukrainian Crisis News: 06-03-2015


Ukraine: 'No Land To Oligarchs, All Land To the People' Demand Farmers Outside the Rada (and vid)

"Dozens of farmers and local representatives staged a demonstration in support of land decentralisation and agricultural subsidies outside the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev on March 5, 2015."


Ukraine Blockade of Rebel Territories Fosters Resentment

"An effective government blockade on separatist-held areas, is only getting worse. The goal is ostensibly to choke the rebel economy and force the separatist front to yield, but for now Kiev's actions are fostering only resentment..."



PM Yatsenyuk Reportedly Obtained a Canadian Passport:  Rat Preparing To Leave Sinking Ship?

"...If we are to believe Polit Navigator, Yatsenyuk recently obtained a second passport, having received Canadian citizenship. Canada does not prohibit dual citizenship, while it is forbidden by law in Ukraine...."


PM Yatsenyuk Shocks Ukrainianians: 'I am not responsible for the economic crisis

"Why ask me? Read the Constitution. It says all responsiblility for the national currency is the National Bank's."

If Ukrainians do chase the weasel out he sounds ideal for Canadian politics


By Contrast: The Courage of Natalya Vitrenko - War with Russia * Must Watch*

please circulate and distribute

Doug Woodard

British Blogger Raises Awkward Questions on Russia's Role in Ukraine:




RT - ITN: Flying Lies (and vid)

Vicky 'F*ck the EU' Neocon Nuland: ANOTHER Russian Invasion? Another Rada Punch Up? etc


Guardian Changes Crucial Caption To Photo - Without Comment

Ukraine's Aidar Nazi-Grrrrlss...


Canadian 'Humanitarian' Aid Keeping Nazi 'Punishers' Nice and Warm



$+400 M of your tax dollars hard at work Canada


Developments in South Eastern Ukraine

-OSCE confirms shelling of mission observers at Donetsk Airport from Ukraine side

- DPR alleged Ukr delaying prisoner swaps: 'The Ukraine party keeping behind bars 3,000 people related to events in our territories.'

- 300 US servicement sent to W Ukraine to train UAF


Germany Slams NATO European Commander's Comments on Ukraine as 'Dangerous Propaganda' - Spiegel

"...Now the German Chancellery 'simply shake their heads' each time [Strangelove] Breedlove makes comments on Ukraine, Der Spiegel said.

'False claims and exaggerated accounts, warned a top German official during a recent meeting on Ukraine, have put NATO - and by extension the entire West - in danger of losing its credibility,' the paper wrote. The German authorities described Breedlove as a 'super hawk' whose role is that of increasing the pressure on America's more reserved trans-Atlantic partners.

But it is not only Breedlove the Germans are concerned with as they also view the head of European affairs and the US State Department, Victoria Nuland, among 'hindrances in the search for a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian conflict.'

The two are 'doing what they can to pave the way for weapons delivery,' the magazine said."


As is the government and Canada and all parliamentary parties as well, obedient to Washington and the Ukraine ultranationalists of UCC and their powerful US 'partners':

For those that may have missed its posting elsewhere - Murray Dobbin's analysis is relevent and instructive:

Faith Based Policy and the West's Dangerous Game with Russia

"...Canada's rhetoric is scarcely any more rational or in any way reflective of Canada's national interests. It is all bellicose stupidity disguised as concern for democracy and sovereignty...Talk of providing advanced weapons to the Ukraine military is frighteningly irresponsible but the war talk continues.

If the West and the corrupt and inept Ukrainian government ever did end up in a war with Russia...then what would Harper, Obama and Cameron do? Will NATO invade to free Ukraine and confront nuclear-armed Russia?

Do our 'leaders' have any long-term policy at all?

Do they think it's just a game?"


If the barking-mad totalitarian rant of Canada's Minister of Immigration and Citizenship Chris Alexander, playing to a Ukrainian ultranationalist fundraiser for visiting Nazi leader Andriy Parubiy is any indication, we're in for a future somewhat darker and dangerous than we may have imagined...

Canada's Totalitarian Barking-Mad Minister Chris Alexander on Ukraine @ 9:15

"we are just beginning..."



Very interesting news. And very sudden. For now, at least, it seems, cooler heads have prevailed. But make no mistake, something seems to have stopped this next very serious escalation - dead in its tracks.

May peace prevail...


'Trauma' (documentary)

"In the conflict-torn Donbass region medical evacuation teams play a vital role in saving the lives of those wounded by shelling. RTD's film crew joins one of the teams to witness what they deal with on a daily basis and hear the stories of those they have rescued."


Europe Blocking US From Racing To War Against Russia

"On Friday, 6 March, President Obama placed temporarily on ice his planned increase in weapons and soldiers to help the Ukrainian government to 'defend' Ukraine against the 'terrorists' in Donbass, which is the Ukrainian region that had voted 90% for the president, when the Obama Administration overthrew in 2014.

Apparently, the developments have shown that in the Eurozone, the Americans' desire for a full escalation of the conflict against Russia could no longer be accepted without objection by the Europeans..."


Officer of the Black Sea Navy: NATO Exercises in the Black Sea - Study of Crimea's Defenses

"...We closely monitor the movements and actions of NATO ships because regardless of the legends about the exercises, the activities of the ships of the Alliance [including HMCS Fredericton], are aimed at studying the defences of Crimea', said the officer of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.

Earlier, an official spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Lukashevich called the entrance of NATO ships into the Black Sea, 'a provocative idea which will not contribute to the settlement of the conflict on East Ukraine..."


Pro-Russia Militia in E Ukraine Urge Kiev To Implement Minsk Deal (and vid)

"After 3 weeks of training at the facilities of a forlorn factory in Kiev, this group of militants is departing to the frontline in E Ukraine. They will join the far-right paramilitary Azov Battalion which is now stationed near the port city of Mariupol. All the men are in a good mood and doubt the east Ukraine ceasefire will hold.

No negotiations with the pro-Russian side have been held so far and without them, experts say, the peace process will collapse. Pro Russia groups have also called on Kiev to start consultations about implementing the Minsk agreements."


A Letter On International Women's Day and the War on Ukraine

"I'm thinking about all the beautiful women destroyed by Ukraine with artillery since last year. The young mothers, the young children, the babushkas, the widows, the single women, teachers, nurses, workers and militia destroyed, some raped, and tortured by junta madmen.

Even shot out of the sky on MH17, many of them, sacrificed on the altar of satanic policies, their bodies falling naked to the ground, propelled through roofs into homes, cast into gardens and smashed against the street. Women, victims all.

We've all seen these dead, some dying in front of the video camera, some running for their lives from fire and shrapnel.

It has been a horrid year for women in Ukraine.

But we also think of the heroines of Donbass, and also the women reporters from Russia and China's CCTV who have reported the truth. The war and carnage is far from over. But our respect for the women and girls is endless too.

May god bless them in Novorossiya, Russia and all the conflict zones of the Hegemon, and keep them safe."

PS: A Man is Driving...



'I'm Italian'



Project 'Ukraine'


America's Coup Machine: Destroying Democracy Since 1953

"...Ukraine's former security chief, Aleksandr Yakimenko, has reported that the coup-plotters who overthrew the elected government in Ukraine, 'basically lived in the US Embassy. They were there every day.'

We also know from a leaked Russian intercept that they were in close contact with Ambassador Pyatt and the senior US official in charge of the coup, former Dick Cheney aide Victoria Nuland, officially the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs. And we can assume that many of their days in the Embassy were spent in strategy and training sessions with their individual CIA case officers.

To place the coup in Ukraine in historical context, this is at least the 80th time the United States has organized a coup or a failed coup in a foreign country since 1953..."


Parubiy Commemorates First Anniversary of Nbesna Sotnya with Toronto Community

"...Canada was always a leader in the sphere of international relations with Ukraine,' Parubiy reinforced. 'During the hardest times, Canada would say something and the entire world echoed that which Canada said. A big thank you to the Government of Canada, the Parliament of Canada and the nation from which we feel supported every day.'

'I thank the Ukrainian community, said Parubiy,' which to a large degree displays the position of Ukraine and obviously Canada's government orientates itself on the position of the community.'

'I was in Debaltseve a few days ago, and during this military operation there, there was a battalion of The National Guard, the 25th Battalion, and those guys once walked with bands around their arms on the Maidan. And today they were ready and seasoned, now not only in bullet-proof vests, but with tanks, artillery, BTRs, on the front lines continuing this fight for Ukraine,' said Parubiy.

'This is a huge miracle that we are witnessing. The Ukrainian army is being created before our eyes, the Ukrainian nation is being created before our eyes.' [um, I thought they lost...]

After his visit to Toronto, Parubiy headed to Ottawa...He then travelled to Washington to meet with US government officials and representatives - including SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN - to continue Ukraine's lobbying efforts for specific lethal and non-lethal weapons."


ISIS in Ukraine

"While we're fighting the Islamic State aka ISIS, in Iraq and Syria, and American officials tout the danger of an attack on the US homeland, in Ukraine, Washington and the Caliphate are fighting on the same side.

A remarkable series of articles by Marcin Memon in The Intercept [posted by Michael Murphy in 'Russia'] has documented an aspect of the Ukrainian conflict that no one else has paid any attention to; the role played by the 'Dudayev Battalion,' a fighting force of radical Islamists consisting of Chechens, but also including fighters from throughout the Caucasus as well as some Ukrainians.

Imbued with a fanatical hatred of the Russians, who are backing the rebels in the east, Munayev's men also feel they are paying off a debt, since the ultra nationalist RIGHT SECTOR battalions now fighting for Kiev apparently helped the Chechens in the past.

The links between the Kiev regime and the ISIS enclave in Ukraine are numerous and only half-hidden. When Mamon arrived at Dudayev's camp, he was met by an armored car that, we are told, was donated by IHOR KOLOMOISKY, one of the richest men in Ukraine, who was appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk.

Kolomoisky, despite his Jewish heritage [Israeli passport] has no compunctions about allying himself with openly anti-Semitic groups like RIGHT SECTOR, whose battalions he has financed: like the ISIS affailiated jihadists he gifted with an armored car, all he cares about is the fight against Vladimir Putin, whom he despises.

As US [and Canadian] aid flows into Ukraine, how much of it will trickle down to these allies of ISIS - and to what use will it be put? If JOHN McCAIN and Lindsay Graham have their way, US arms will soon find their way into the hands of these terrorists, whose jihad against the Russians is bound to turn westward and strike at the capitals of Europe."


CANVAS and RIGHT SECTOR Trail in the Murder of Nemtsov

"Yarosh, the leader of the Right Sector, a radical Ukrainian organization, cooperates with CANVAS. It's a Serbian-American organization for the implementation of 'orange revolutions'. This organization organized Maidan.

The murder of Nemtsov was supposed to destabilize the situation in Russia before the opposition march on March 1. This destabilization is most needed by the Ukrainian radical organizations, and therefore Yarosh and RIGHT SECTOR.

The situation on the fronts of Donbass is such that, defeated on all fronts, and expelled from Debaltsevo, the Ukrainian military will not soon recover from the damage and most likely will not be able to recover at all. In this situation a strategically winning solution for the Ukrainian radicals and their Western friends and curators, is only a serious destabilization of the situation in Russia..."


CNN: AMANPOUR Interview Goes Very Wrong

Nemtsov's friend reveals attempted 'destabilization of Russia' and links to Ukraine.





Sophieco: US Used to Bullying, Unwilling to Change Habits - John Mearsheimer, Political Scientist (and vid)

"The ceasefire in Ukraine came as a relief after months of intensive bloodshed. The agreement in Minsk came as a joint effort between Europe and Russia, but Washington is thinking about sending arms to Kiev - something that Europe warns will trigger even more mayhem in eastern Ukraine.

So what motivates Washington? Why is compromise not something the West seemingly wants? I ask these questions and more as we talk to political scientist John Mearsheimer, a professor at the University of Chicago."

'PJM: 'I don't think that the situation is winding down even if we have a ceasefire. The West is interested in upping the ante..."


'US Has Lots to Gain From Ukraine Crisis, Europe, Russia Don't' (and vid)

"The EU's foreign ministers have been discussing ways to cement the fragile ceasefire in Ukraine. The BLoc's foreign policy chief said Brussels will continue working with - not against Russia. RT is joined by Bryan Macdonald.




Extolling Ukraine's Extreme Right  -  by Roger Annis

"...It is disturbing, to say the least, to see the extreme right in Ukraine being extolled in the pages of the leading newspapers of Canada. And if anyone in the Parliament in Ottawa is opposed to the drive for war against Russia and the feting of extremists, they are not making their voices heard.

Progressive-minded Canadians need to push back against all this. Encouragingly, the torrent of critical commentary by readers of the Globe and Mail in response to the articles it published soft-pedaling Ukraine's extreme right is a strong indicator that Canadians are wanting to do just that."

Except for the 'progressive' ones following the lead of the NDP that support the fascists in Kiev and the Harper-hawks here at home.


The Guardian - Vladimir Putin describes secret meeting when Russia decided to seize Crimea

President Vladimir Putin has revealed the moment he says he gave the secret order for Russia’s annexation of Crimea and described how Russian troops were ready to fight to rescue Ukraine’s deposed, pro-Moscow president.

In a trailer shown Sunday for an upcoming documentary on state-run Rossiya-1 television called “Homeward bound”, Putin openly discusses Moscow’s controversial grabbing of Crimea a year ago.

Putin recounts an all-night meeting with security services chiefs to discuss how to extricate deposed president Viktor Yanukovych, who had fled a pro-Western street revolt in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

“We ended at about seven in the morning,” Putin says. “When we were parting, I said to my colleagues: we must start working on returning Crimea to Russia.”

Four days after that February 2014 meeting, unidentified soldiers took over the local parliament in Crimea and deputies hurriedly voted in a new government. The Ukrainian province was then formally annexed by Moscow on 18 March, triggering international condemnation.
The military operation was initially kept secret and despite the increasingly obvious actions of unmarked Russian forces on the ground, Moscow insisted that only locals were involved in the upheaval. Later, the Kremlin conceded that it had been behind the power grab.


Thanks for the gore porn propaganda at #89, NDPP. Real classy.

A guardian article on women fighting in the conflict:

Interesting Spiegel article about elements within NATO which are also trying to destabilize the situation:

And there is still fighting near Mariupol.


So what?

I posted the article after the caption had been changed to Milne's original, and no one here has tried to deny that there are far right elements in some of the militias. They exist on both sides of this conflict. If you want to complain about whitewashing that fact, you might want to talk with the Putin apologists.


From Smith's first Guardian link on the Adair women. *Don't miss the photo with caption: 'Anaconda alongside a van displaying the neo-Nazi symbol 1488. The volunteer brigade is known for its far-right links.'*

"There is no comment on the insignia on the cabin door which is the insignia of the 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS:"


Amnesty International Documents War Crimes By Pro-Kiev Militia

"...While hailed by many as a committed fighting force, the Aidar battalion has acquired locally a reputation for brutal reprisals, robbery, beatings and extortion."



Bandera-Nazism is not just a ' far-right element in some of the militias', it is a fundamental cultural core ideology which infects most of Western Ukraine and the diaspora. This is what inspires the horrible atrocities perpetrated by its adherents such as Adair against the civilian population of E Ukraine and its UCC zealots calling for weapons for more war - here in Canada.


Why I came to help the people of Donbass

US DNR Volunteer:

Spanish Volunteer:

Italian DNR volunteer

'Propaganda drives Ukrainian hatred towards Russia'



Nonsense, NDPP. That is utterly made up crap, and frankly, a racist slur.

I have challenged you a couple of times on these Nazi accusations and you have yet to come up with a shred of anything. The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany was right; there are no far right parties in the Rada, because one member (out of over 400) doesn't constitute party status.

As for here in Canada? Also nothing but slurs. Fundamental core ideology how, exactly? I'm curious about where in Canada you think these mystery Nazis are hanging out.







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