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Drunk Ukrainian Soldiers in a Tank. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Ukraine loses another armored vehicle.

Blame Russia!!


NDPP wrote:

'Racist slur'?

How about just a "slur" then?

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6079_Smith_W wrote:
The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany was right; there are no far right parties in the Rada, because one member (out of over 400) doesn't constitute party status.

Half of the Rada are members that are selected without party affiliation identified. . However, that doesn't mean they don't have such affiliations. It just means that it's not "officially" recorded. (Half are prop rep and half are the odious first-past-the-post system). It's pretty clear that, with US advice, there is a strong effort to "air brush" and obliterate the ugly political reality of the Rada, in which bloody fist fights take place on a regular basis, patriots are threatened with "lustration", ethnic minorities are compared to insects, opposition parties are simply banned (Party of Regions, Communists) etc., etc.,

I'm sure you know this. You're just playing with words over how many fascists and Nazi sympathizers are actually in the Rada.

Documentation of the far right in the Ukrainian Parliament


How about it?


NDPP wrote:

'Racist slur'? What race might that be? Can't be the Ukrainian race. There isn't one.

Really. Try making that claim about Quebecois, or any other culture that has been on the receiving end of racism.

And Ukrainian is very definitely a culture, one which has had more than its share of those slurs in our country.

But evidently you do think they are a culture, since in your words Nazism is at the core of it. Still waiting for you to back that one up.


Studies on Nazi Collaboration in Ukraine and Current Attempts to Glorify the Collaborators

You posted this same article from 2010 just a few weeks ago. I read it, and responded to it. How about you dig through it and find the evidence of Nazi collaboration you are talking about, seeing as there is none. Plenty of slurs about Ukrainian nationalism though.

And we also went through you trying to name some supposed evidence of right wing parties in the Rada. How many names did you come up with again?  More importantly, how many times are you going to continue to repeat these lies?





whatever Smith


1488?, 36th Waffen SS? Parubiy?, 38:39 minutes?, 'Kolorad'?, Odessa? Katriuk? Odynsky?

Bandera Nazi

Bandera Toronto

The Far Right in the New Ukrainian Parliament


'Racist slur'? What race might that be? Can't be the Ukrainian race. There isn't one. Despite the mythology. The Banderite race? Nazis? 1488/36th Waffen SS Grenadiers ring a bell?  Want more: How about all the devoted fans that turned out to see their exemplar patriot -  Banderite Nazi Andriy Parubiy?  Actually, Canada's Minister sounds somewhat Nazi-like himself. He's at 10:00 minutes

"Good soil You can grow patriots here in Canada"

38:39 minutes. Care to explain to the good people what he's on about, exactly? Smith. Exactly.  I  know all about Stepan Bandera and his great and wondrous deeds on behalf of that never-never land of Ukraine. And his true believers here. So you do whatever soft-shoe shuffle you need to do pretending Smith but I'll not be playing with you much further on this one since it's far too disgusting even for me.

When Nazi Hands...

"The Nazi/nationalist ideology of Stepan Bandera made its home in the hearts of Eastern European emigres worldwide, particularly in the United States and Canada..."

Lots more where that came from. For those interested just go googling...

Studies on Nazi Collaboration in Ukraine and Current Attempts to Glorify the Collaborators




No, not "whatever".

You don't have any evidence of Ukrainian culture with fascism at its core as you claim - not there, and certainly not here in Canada -  then you are just spreading racist lies.

Sorry, but a handful of elected members and no party to speak of - and the unfortunate use of Stepan Bandera as a figurehead doesn't prove your point. Nor does the fact that there is a fringe far right there, as there is in ALL countries.

Especially not given fact that the pro-Russian side builds their entire supposed moral high ground on the legacy of a far greater fascist and Nazi collaborator who butchered far more people.


This is a Declaration of War

"The Pentagon role is to send legions of NATO trainers into Ukraine to 'push Kiev's reluctant troops forward' in order 'to deter Russian aggression.' It's a long term military operation that is going to be exceedingly expensive. It's got to be sold to the American people and folks throughout Europe.

In order to make this public relations campaign successful the perpetrators have to flip the switch - turn the story ass backwards - blame the other side for doing what US-NATO are in fact doing..."


Facing Options, Under Mounting Pressure, US at Crossroads on Ukraine

"The US plan to train Ukrainian national guard troops is put 'on hold'. Relations between Russia and the US are at their lowest ebb since the Cold War...

The steps already taken and planned will no doubt put the US on the way to being dragged into another conflict, to sap the country's resources and put it into dangerous confrontation with Russia, a powerful country to reckon with.

The far-away Ukraine, is it where US vital interests are? Does the US really believe it has an axe to grind in Ukraine? Does it serve the interests of ordinary Americans? No way!

The US has already gone far enough down the slippery slope. Can it stop in time to prevent the worst?"


Developments in south-eastern Ukraine

- Kiev is 4 days behind schedule withdrawing heavy equipment

-Kiev forces shell coalmine


A Europe-US Divorce Over Ukraine

"The German government finally wakes up a little bit at last, and recognizes the obvious fact that US neocons want to drag Europe into a war."


Ukrainians Disillusioned With Maidan 'Heroes'

"In the new 'post-Yanukovuch' era, Ukraine's political scene is full of a cast of characters jockeying for positions of power and influence in a failed state. But unlikely new heroes are emerging..."


Bandera Party in Dnepropetrovsk (and vid)

always Bandera-nazism



Odessa: Right Sector Shakedown


Donbass Under Fire: The Roads of War


Donbass Under Fire: Greetings From Gorlovka

'All of us want the war to be over. But we didn't come to their territory after all. They came to ours.

The unyielding Donbass

Believe in us

Save Novorossiya'


Ukraine News March 9, 2015 (and vid)


Finnish Journalist Reportedly Beaten For Witnessing Kiev's Ceasefire Breach

"A well-known Finnish journalist and politician Antero Eerola was beaten in Ukraine after registering ceasefire violations by Kiev forces, Vantaan Sanonat reported.

During his trip to Ukraine in February, Eerola witnessed Ukraine Forces positioned at Svitlodarsk, a government controlled town, shelling Donbas self-defense troops despite the recently signed ceasefire agreement.

'There the government force fired cannon-fire on the rebel positions 12 hours after the start of the ceasefire,' Eerola said.

Maidan activists are deeply disappointed with the results of the regime change in the country, Eerola said. Eerola commented on two right-wing parties' attempt to get the Ukrainian Communist Party prohibited..."



First 20 British Saxon Armored Vehicles Delivered to Ukrainian Army

"Another 55 such vehicles expected soon."


Ukraine Plans to Quadruple its Defense Budget in 2015 Even as Economy Collapses

"Poroshenko recently acknowledged that 35% of Ukraine's industry is offline..."

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Commentator Mark Sleboda wrote:
Kiev regime in blunt violation of ‪#‎Minsk2‬ never removed their heavy weapons, delaying, refusing, shelling. Now ‪#‎NAF‬ moving theirs back to front. Expect full scale hostilities to resume in next weeks. Spring offensive looms.

The Empire of Chaos: that which they cannot control they will destroy.

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Kiev regime Violated Ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine Over 400 Times Since February 12

Armed militia in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic in eastern Ukraine has registered more than 400 artillery attacks by Kiev-led forces since February 12 in violation of Minsk peace accords, a senior DPR military commander said Tuesday.

Targetted artillery attacks, beating up foreign journalists (the Finnish guy) who expose the ceasefire violations by the junta, etc. and on and on. They've got 3.8 billion for military build up but nothing for health care or social programs, can't pay their gas bill and won't pay pensions to seniors in eastern Ukraine. Sieg Heil.



NATO Lies and Provocations  -  by Mike Whitney

"The real purpose of the Spiegel piece is to warn Washington that EU leaders will not support a policy of military confrontation with Moscow. Clearly, the Spiegel is doing Merkel's work, that is undermining the credibility of Washington's chief commander in Europe in order to discourage further escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

But while Merkel wants to humiliate Breedlove to show that Germany will not sit on its hands while Washington plunges the region into the abyss, she has also shown considerable reatraint in limiting her attacks to the General, while sparing Kerry and Obama any embarrassment.



Revealed: The Harsh Agonizing Terms of IMF Ukraine Loans: What Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko Promised

"Maidan promised convergence with EU standards of living, but the IMF is bringing agony and pain. Leaked documents, previously kept secret by the leaders of Ukraine, show that as a condition of getting a new IMF loan, the Ukrainian government agreed inter alia to the following..."


Weapons Provided by West 'Maim Children in Ukraine Conflict' (and vid)

"The weapons provided by the US and its allies to the illegitimate government in Kiev have maimed children in the Ukraine conflict, says an American activist.

'When I was in Moscow two weeks ago, I went to the hospital where the children whose bodies have been maimed and destroyed by these weapons provided by the West to that illegitimate government that she [Victoria Nuland] helped to create, I stood at the bedside of a boy, who lost both of his legs, one of his arms, his eyesight and his little brother, when one of the shells provided by the West landed in his backyard in a suburb of Donetsk,' Joe Losbaker, a leader of the United National Antiwar Coalition, said.

He added that new US accusations against Russia's involvement in UKraine's crisis are 'ridiculous' as Washington inflames violence in that region. The top US diplomat for European affairs accused Russia on Tuesday of unleashing 'unspeakable violence and pillage' in eastern Ukraine which she said is living under a 'reign of terror.' 'Even as Ukraine is building a peaceful, democratic, independent nation across 93% of its territory, Crimea and other parts of Eastern Ukraine are suffering a reign of terror.'

'Victoria Nuland doesn't really need anyone to make her seem ridiculous, she manages to do that on her own, over and over again,' Losbaker said."


Keiser Report: Ep 729, 'War is a Racket' (and vid)

"Max and Stacy Herbert discuss the war racket, the build to war and the successful campaign by Stacy to get the Guardian to change the description under a photo of a 'far right' woman named 'Anaconda' in Ukraine..."


Kiev May Be Deliberately Disrupting Weapons Withdrawal Plan - LPR

"This can be confirmed by reports that on Tuesday the checkpoint near the village of Shirokino, in Dontesk region, was shelled from Kiev controlled territory, Vladislav Deinego says.

Deinego reminded that Ukraine's parliament, the Verkhovna Rada has fewer than 4 days left to adopt a decree granting special status to Donbas. 'Should this decree not be adopted, this would directly signal that the implementation of the Minsk accords is disrupted,' he stressed.

Earlier this week, parliamentary speaker of the DPR, Andrey Purgin, criticized Kiev's plans to create civil-military administrations in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, saying they would become 'zones of military tyranny'.


DPR DM Sitrep 10/03/15/

"During the last 24 hours, the Ukrainian military has conducted 20 shelling strikes of various intensity, against our positions. The most tense situation remain those sections of the contact line to which Kiev is gathering large units of armored vehicles and personnel..."


Peter Hitchens: A Review of 'Frontline Ukraine' by Richard Sakwa

"You might have thought that a serious book on the Ukraine crisis, written by a distinguished academic in good clear English, and published by a reputable house, might have gained quite a bit of attention at a time when that country is at the centre of many people's concerns..."

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More sanctions against Russians and "pro-Russian" Ukrainians because ... freedom!

TASS wrote:
US has imposed sanctions on former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and 13 more people in connection with the situation in Ukraine, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday.


IMF Approves $17.5 B Bailout Package for Ukraine (*and podcast*)

"The International Monetary Fund (IMF) board of directors signed off on Ukraine's new $17.5 B package of financial aid Wednesday, IMF chief Christine Lagarde has announced.

In February, the IMF pledged the multibillion aid package to Ukraine over the next four years in addition to the $17 B aid package in April 2014. Without the IMF funds, Ukraine's economy would likely collapse, as the economic situation is very fragile. Despite a ceasefire, bursts of fighting continue in the country's east, as Kiev continues the costly war against anti-government forces.

In addition to IMF funds, the US has generated $2 B in Eurobonds, the EU has promised $2.2 b Euro loans, and other Western allies - Germany, Japan and Canada - have also pledged multi-billion dollar aid packages.

This brings total aid to Kiev including IMF funds to more than $40 Billion."

* Economist Michael Hudson in attached podcast explains 'the loan is really a property grab by the West.'


here's  a vid of Economist Michael Hudson's IMF commentary:

'Kleptocrats Who Run Ukraine Economy Will Grab IMF Costs and Run'


IMF's Offer Ukraine Can't Refuse?

"So what is Ukraine to do? It's not clear what the IMF expects Poroshenko to do in this situation. About the only realistic way by which that level of funding could be raised would be through a massive privatization, a sell-off of whatever property the Ukrainian state still has. This could  of course, include arable land, mineral rights, Ukraine's Black Sea shelf...

The reason the West supported Maidan was because it expected considerable profit-making opportunities once Yanukovych was gone. It would be just like the '90s but better! A bonanza of 'pennies-on-the-dollar' deals as Western investment funds picked up unprofitable Ukrainian industries.

For the IMF to give money to Ukraine right now would not merely mean acquiesence to the fact that money would never be repaid, It would mean acquiesence to the fact that Ukraine would use the money to finance another campaign on the Donbas, and then turn to the IMF for more money..."


Canada Helping Arm Kiev Regime to Fight Ukraine Civil War  -  by Roger Jordan

"...These latest revelations are entirely in keeping with Canada's role in Ukraine over the past quarter century. The first country to recognize Ukraine independence in 1991, Ottawa, working in close concert with Washington and through Ukrainian-Canadian organizations, has invested heavily in pro-western groups, helping organize the 2004 Orange Revolution and the Maidan protests that ended in Yanukovitch's overthrow.

The Harper government has also been among the most bellicose supporters of the new regime in Kiev, repeatedly calling for more sanctions and threatening military moves against Russia. The UCC, for its part, has ties to the Ukrainian nationalist movement under the leadership of Stepan Bandera that collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II.

Working through these channels, the Canadian government has forged ties with right-wing Ukrainian oligarchs and businessmen with whom it is keen to do business. Negotiators are currently ongoing on a free trade agreement between the two countries, and Ukraine is on the Canadian foreign ministry list of Ottawa's top twenty 'country's of focus.'


Nuland's Mastery of Ukraine Proaganda -  by Robert Parry

"...Years later Robert Kagan emerged as one of America's top neocons, a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century, which opened in 1998 to advocate for the US invasion of Iraq, ultimately gaining the backing of a large swath of the US national security establishment in support of that bloody endeavor.

Despite the Iraq disaster, Kagan continued to rise in influence, now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a columnist at the Washington Post, and someone whose published criticism so alarmed President Barack Obama last year that he invited Kagan to a White House lunch.

But Kagan is perhaps best known these days as the husband of Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Victoria Nuland, one of Vice President Dick Cheney's former advisors and a key architect of last year's coup in Ukraine, a 'regime change' that toppled an elected president and touched off a civil war, which has now become a proxy fight involving nuclear-armed United States and Russia..."


Clashes in Shirokino : 10/03/15/

DPR International Brigade Members

Women at War: Militiawoman  Stasya


The Saker: Ukraine Sitrep - 'Situation DIRE' -

"The main development in Ukraine is the sharp increase in the number of visible signs of the economic collapse taking place. Prices are sky-rocketing, salaries are unpaid, shortages more frequent.

The IMF has agreed to $17.5 B in loans that will clearly not be sufficient, if only because whatever money is not stolen will be used for war. The situation is now so dire that Ukraine purchases gas from Russia only for a couple of days in advance.

The situation is also sharply deteriorating along the line of contact. DNR FM Alexander Kofman declared yesterday that he expects a full scale junta attack within two weeks..."


Eduard Basurin: 'The DPR Army is registering the arrival of heavy armaments of Ukrainian Armed Forces to the line of contact...'


'The Ministry of the Economy Will Cease to Exist, But Ukraine's Economy Will Remain' - Yatsenyuk

"Minister of the Economy Ayvaran Abromavicius said in a report on the first 100 days of the new government's work, that his ministry is in the first stages of liquidation, and by the fall it will lose half of its staff. He said that the ministry is undergoing restructurization.

'Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and President Poroshenko told me that by the time my tenure as Minister expires, my ministry should no longer exist. We are moving in that direction.'


Sputnik Episode 065, Feb 13, 2015 (and vid)

"George Galloway with former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov. As the gears crash upward toward what could end up as a full-scale European war - maybe more - we discuss the future of the region as the political settlement brokered by Russia, Germany and France..."

'Don't think our countries are run by people like James Bond. They're run by people like Austin Powers.'



IMF Loan to Ukraine is 'Involuntary Servitude' - Central Bank Ex-Head

"THe $17.5 Billion loan approved by the IMF won't save Ukraine from hopeless poverty; instead, it will inflict a blow on the country's population already living on the breadline, said the ex head of the national bank of Ukraine, Sergei Arbuzov. None of the options proposed by the IMF would improve the economy, said Arbuzov..."


'Pouring Cash Into Black Hole' : $17.5 B IMF Loan For Ukraine

"It's a black hole. The more money you pour in, the less effect it will have. You can keep it stable for a year or two, but no more than that. It's ironic that the government of President Yanukovich was accused of corruption and incompentence. This government is far more corrupt than the previous government was,  and it's infinitely more incompetent." - Martin Sieff, Economic Analyst


Ukraine Planning to Attack Novorossia in mid April?


Valeriy Churkin, Rep. Russian Federation Addresses UN Security Council on Implementaiton of UNSC Res 2202, MinskII, March 6, 2015

"Objectivity has been sacrificed to propaganda.."


Economist Dr Michael Hudson on IMF Loan to Ukraine 'Kleptocrats':

Ukraine segment: 13:45 "...It's the most corrupt economy in the Northern Hemisphere - to make a long story short."


Gosh, good at war AND business too Canucklheads ! Looks like we definitely backed some real winners alright...Wave goodbye to that +400 Million bucks we loaned them. I wonder how those Canada-Ukraine 'Free-Trade' talks are going...?



Fascist Formations in Ukraine

The Guardian published an adulatory feature on “The Women Fighting on the Frontline in Ukraine”.

One of the women profiled was “Anaconda”, fighting in the Aidar Battalion bankrolled by Igor Kolomoisky:

Anaconda was given her nickname by a unit commander, in a joking reference to her stature and power. The baby-faced 19-year-old says that her mother is very worried about her and phones several times a day, sometimes even during combat. She says it is better to always answer, as her mother will not stop calling until she picks up.

“In the very beginning my mother kept saying that the war is not for girls,” Anaconda says. “But now she has to put up with my choice. My dad would have come to the front himself, but his health does not allow him to move. He is proud of me now.”

Anaconda was photographed in combat dress resolutely holding an assault rifle in front of a rather decrepit van.


The caption read:

“Anaconda says she is being treated well by the men in her battalion, but is hoping that the war will end soon.”

As reported by the gadfly site OffGuardian, several readers posted critical observations on the van’s insignia in the comments section of the piece.  One, “bananasandsocks”, wrote: “We learn from Wikipedia that the image on the door is the “semi-official” insignia of the 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS…” and also pointed out the neo-Nazi significance of the number “1488”.

“bananasandsocks” seemingly temperate comment was removed by the Guardian for violating its community standards, as were several others, apparently as examples of “persistent misrepresentation of the Guardian and our journalists”.

Fascist formations at the Guardian too?  Unsurprising.


If they are so Stalinist and Orwellian SJ, as that site charges, why did the Guardian put back Milne's original caption which did include the 1488 reference?

They need to rewrite every article to point out bits and pieces that have nothing to do with the subject - in this case women soldiers - or else they are part of some Nazi coverup?

If you are wondering why some people get accused of being conspiracy theorists, this would be one example. Milne has written plenty of articles published by the Guardian which openly accuse the Ukraine government of being Nazi. The idea that if they don't hammer that point in every single article, even unrelated ones, they are part of the plot is frankly paranoid.

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One of the awkward facts of Ukrainian politics is that Ukraine’s fascists have the ambition if not yet the demonstrated capability of opportunistically using the current regime’s need—and factions’ desires–for effective armed formations to catapult the extreme-right into power.

And it seems that the West has zero strategy for dealing with this problem. In fact, if disorder and discontent escalate in western Ukraine as a result of the US insistence on confronting Russia and the ethnic Russian opposition in the West, I expect the fascist problem will get worse before it gets better.

And it isn’t going to be solved by ignoring, downplaying, wishing away, or dismissing Ukrianian fascism as an irrelevant historical and political anachronism…or by discretely recaptioning some of its embarrassingly blatant manifestations.

It’s not just amusing or disturbing that the Guardian appears determined to graft a misleading liberal, Europe-loving image onto the fascist friendly Ukraine adventure; it’s downright dangerous.

Western Media Caught Trying to Glorify Neo-Nazi Groups in Ukraine. Again.


ikosmos]</p> <p>[quote wrote:

One of the awkward facts of Ukrainian politics is that Ukraine’s fascists have the ambition if not yet the demonstrated capability of opportunistically using the current regime’s need—and factions’ desires–for effective armed formations to catapult the extreme-right into power.

From the CP article:

"Judging by this video, the march/memorial on the first anniversary of his death [Nazi, David Lane] in 2008, organized by the Ukrainian National Socialist Party in Kviv, was well enough attended to merit a police presence of several dozen officers. Ukrainian fascists' admiration for Lane is a reflection of the pervasiveness of indigenous Ukrainian fascism..."

Meet the founder of the Ukrainian National Socialist Party: Nazi Andriy Parubiy with some of his friends and supporters in Ottawa


NATO Disputes Conservative Claim That Russians Confronted Canadian Warship -  by David Pugliese

"The Canadian government has ratcheted up its war of words over Ukraine, with the parliamentary defence secretary claiming Russian warships confronted a Canadian frigate on the Black Sea.

But NATO officials say no such thing happened."

Canada stands not for Minsk and peace, but with the neocon Nuland, Breedlove, the Kiev warparty and their lies for the cause, not to mention Harper's election campaign...So no suprise to find his Immigration Minister Chris Alexander also going at it with hammer and tongs for the Nazi Parubiy.

Canada's Immigration Minister Delivers Pro-War Speech to Right Wing Ukrainian Audience in Toronto (and vid)

"Canada's Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Alexander, was one of the featured speakers at a fundraising dinner in Toronto on February 22, 2015 organized by the extreme-right Ukrainian Canadian Congress. The minister delivered a pro-war rant that could easily serve as dialogue in a film sequel to the 1964 doomsday-nuclear-war film, 'Dr Strangelove'..."

Stephen Cohen: There is a Real Chance of War With Russia

"Will diplomacy prevail in Ukraine? The Nation's Stephen Cohen joined the John Batchelor Show on Tuesday to discuss the feasibility of the Minsk II Agreement and the increased war footing among NATO officials and policymakers in Washington. [and Ottawa]

Cohen argued that the 'rhetorical war' on Minsk II is based on 'political ideological imaginations,' because there is no 'hard intelligence to back up the claims there's been this massive Russian invasion.'

If Minsk II fails and fighting escalates, the United States and NATO face 'a real chance of war with Russia.' Cohen said."


Developments in South Eastern Ukraine

-Poroshenko notes de-escalation in east Ukraine

- NATO does not plan to interfere in east Ukraine

-Russian FM stresses necessity to stop blockade of east

- Ukrainian contact group moves to political settlement stage


US Ambassador Geoffrey R Pyatt - Skirmisher of Euromaidan

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I mean really; are you three here trying to say the majority of Ukrainins are Nazis or thier supporters? Becouse it sure looks it.



They're not all the problem. The United Snakes militarists/fascists are actually the main problem. And their cheerleaders...


DPR PM Zakarchenko Appeal to Merkel, Hollande

"I appeal to you as the guarantors of this agreement to make Ukraine fulfill its obligations..."


ikosmos wrote:

More sanctions against Russians and "pro-Russian" Ukrainians because ... freedom!

TASS wrote:
US has imposed sanctions on former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and 13 more people in connection with the situation in Ukraine, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday.

Speaking of fascists...

 Russian public figure, leader of the International Eurasian Movement Alexander Dugin was also put on the sanctions list.


Yes, and relentless Western attempts to undermine and demonize Putin only strengthen Dugin's constituency.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Nice dodge and skippity-poo move...Tongue out

It's just funny how nobody here had ever said anything about Ukraine being so full of Nazis until Russia started saying it last year.


Perhaps because Russian media is better news -  infinitely superior to the crap, mostly American, that we get. Just look how it's deformed and distorted your ability to understand world events. I've followed you here since Libya, Syria and now Ukraine. You've been cheerleading Uncle Sam's  bullshit projects from the get-go. And always sucking it up and parotting its propaganda points.

You're wrong anyway. It's not just that Russia revealed it. Few here paid much attention to Ukraine previously. But some did:

(*Sept, 2013 *),  61 MKs Sign Letter Blasting 'Nazi' Ukrainian Party

"The letter refers to the Svoboda (Freedom) party as a neo-Nazi organization, whose members 'draw their inspiration from the Nazis and openly glorify the mass murderers of the SS Ukrainian Divisions.'

'To our astonishment we find that this party is not isolated and on the contrary enjoys fruitful cooperation from Ukraine's two opposition parties,' read the letter, adding that in publicly working alongside the 'Nazi criminals' the other parties were equally guilty of their crimes.

'We cannot stand idle while facing the rising tide of neo-Nazism in the world. It is our duty to raise our voices and urge our colleagues around the world to help eradicate the threat..."


The Nazi who founded this party, Andriy Parubiy was officially welcomed in both Ottawa and Washington weeks ago. However, to be clear,  the US imperial organ-grinder is infinitely more of a force for evil in the world than his Nazi monkey will ever be.


Developments in Southeastern Ukraine Updates


Militia Commander Givi on Minsk: Ukraine non-Compliance, OSCE Inadequacies


'Pre-Revolutionary Situation' in the UAF?

"The UAF is at a breaking point....the consequences may be unpredictable..."


Mozgovoy: 'We Receive Calls From Ukraine to Help Overthrow the Kiev Regime' (and vid)


ikosmos ikosmos's picture

from the Givi interview wrote:
"Every time when we state that there's shelling, Ukraine begins to blame us of conducting this shelling.... The shelling was even confirmed by the OSCE commission who came under mortar fire ... with me at the new terminal.

Mind you, the OSCE is mostly demonstrating its utter uselessness, its blubbering love for the UAF, so much so that Givi actually said at one point, "I'd like to take one on my tanks and clean out [that OSCE scum] ..."

It's pretty clear that the junta is readying for another attack on the people of the Donbass, more ethnic cleansing, etc., which is merely a matter of time, compliments of their endless military "aid" from "freedom loving" countries like Canada ...

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RT wrote:
The Ukrainian armed coup was organized from Washington, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in an interview for a new documentary aired Sunday. The Americans tried to hide behind the Europeans, but Moscow saw through the trick, he added.

“The trick of the situation was that outwardly the [Ukrainian] opposition was supported mostly by the Europeans. But we knew for sure that the real masterminds were our American friends,”Putin said in a documentary, 'Crimea - The Way Home,' aired by Rossiya 1 news channel.

“They helped training the nationalists, their armed groups, in Western Ukraine, in Poland and to some extent in Lithuania,” he added. “They facilitated the armed coup.”

Interesting interview in which Putin notes saving the life of the overthrown Ukrainian President...

He also accused the beneficiaries of the coup of planning an assassination of then-President Viktor Yanukovich. Russia was prepared to act to ensure his escape, Putin said.

“I invited the heads of our special services, the Defense Ministry and ordered them to protect the life of the Ukrainian president. Otherwise he would have been killed,” he said, adding that at one point Russian signal intelligence, which was tracking the president’s motorcade route, realized that he was about to be ambushed.

Putin in film on Crimea: US masterminds behind Ukraine coup, helped train radicals


Ilovaysk--Debaltsevo--Mariupol? Zakharchenko's Warning to Poroshenko

"DPR head Aleksandr Zakharchenko said that in the event Ukraine resumes combat operations, it will suffer yet another cauldron, this time around Mariupol.

Zakharchenko yet again called on Kiev to withdraw remaining heavy weapons from the demarcation line and strictly abide by the letter of the Minsk Agreement."


Deployment of UN Peacekeepers Should Be Agreed To By Both Sides of Ukrainian Conflict - Lavrov

"Russia is ready to discuss the deployment of a UN peacekeeping mission to Ukraine but only on condition that it is agreed both with Kiev and the self-proclaimed republics in Donbas, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

The minister added that Moscow was ready to consider deploying peacekeepers to Ukraine if both sides in the conflict express their interest in this..."


The American Government's Biggest Lie Now is About Ukraine  -  by Eric Zuesse

"...While it's true that there is virtual unity (more than 98% among members of Congress) in Washington to supply arms to Ukraine, the US public, when polled about this matter, are more than 2 to 1 opposed to doing so..."


EU Warned About Supplying Lethal Arms to Ukraine

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexey Meshkov has warned that supplying lethal weapons by EU countries to Ukraine would threaten the security of all of Europe.

'We're warning our European Union partners that the deliveries of lethal weapons would be an irresponsible and illegitmate step with very serious consequences for the security of the entire European continent.'

Meshkov added, 'I would like to remind our EU partners that a whole system of international restrictions for such deliveries continues to be in effect.'

The remarks come just days after Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that Kiev has sealed military deals with 11 EU states which includes the delivery of lethal arms..."

Clearly no one but Russia and the DNR-LPR take Minsk at all seriously. The West blatantly violates the spirit and intent of the peace treaty while Ukraine quite openly prepares for war.



Konstantinovka Revolt: 'Ukrainian Soldiers Who Ran Over Kids Were Drunk' (and vid)

"On March 16, a Ukrainian military BMP vehicle, ran over a mother and her two children (including an infant in a stroller) standing on a sidewalk at 1430hrs local time in Konstantinovka. Eight year old Polina was killed immediately.

Reports indicated the driver of the BMP was speeding. Some reported he was drunk..."


Ukrainian Police Get 'Shoot-to-Kill Orders' Amid Unrest Over Army Hit & Run, Killing of 8 Year Old (and vid)

"...In the evening, near the dorms occupied by security forces, several hundred local residents gathered. They shouted: 'Fascists!' And threw stones, set fire to two cars of the National Guard and overturned a third. In response security forces fired shots into the air..."


Ukraine, Land of Plenty, Now Running on Empty

"Ukraine's economy shrank 7% last year and is expected to shrink another 5.5% this year, while the currency has plummeted, inflation is running at 35.5% and the country is on the brink of default."


The Price of Maidan:

Collapse of the currency, rampant banditism


What STB Journalists Really Saw at Debaltsevo

STB TV interviews with residents of Debaltsevo and Russian aid workers


Anti-Yanukovich, Anti-Poroshenko, Journalist-Activist Anatoly Sharii on Propaganda and the Ukrainian Conflict


May 2, 2014 : Atrocities of Odessa  -  a film by Ulrich Heyden and Marco Benson (and vid)

"A film examining the arson attack on Odessa's Trade Unions House at the start of the civil war in Ukraine, and the role played by ultranationalists."


Ukraine Security Services Pressures Family of Fugitive Odessa Official


Bec.De.Corbin wrote:
It's just funny how nobody here had ever said anything about Ukraine being so full of Nazis until Russia started saying it last year.

I'd say most people were blissfully ignorant of the scale of Ukraine's fascist predicates.  It's only when you shine a light on certain areas of darkness that one is more apt to see unpleasant things crawling around.  Take the United States and Canada for instance.  Fascism couldn't be more obvious because we're only too aware of what is taking place, where fascists, criminals and mass murderers, ie: capitalists, make the decisions for everyone.


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