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Minsk Peace Deal For Ukraine is Falling Apart  -  by Alexander Mercouris

'Feeling no western pressure, Kiev is unwilling to make the political concessions necessary for its implementation.'

"The basic truth about the crisis in Ukraine and why there is a war there - the one that many people, especially in the West refuse to acknowledge - is that the faction that seized power in Ukraine through the February 2014 coup is structurally incapable of negotiations or compromise with those it considers its opponents.

...The whole purpose of the February coup was so that the faction in Ukraine that holds power now could achieve the unrestricted dominance of Ukrainian society, which is its only way of making true its vision of a unitary, monolingual, monocultural Ukraine, that is forever distanced from Russia.

Given the diversity of Ukrainian society, it cannot compromise with its opponents, since were it to do so, it would jeopardise the entire project that is the reason for its existence and the justification for its hold on power. Though the Maidan regime is deeply divided and factionalised, its drive to remake Ukraine and to eliminate all opponents of its vision, is the common denominator of all its factions.

Unfortunately, the hardliners in Washington, Warsaw,[Ottawa] and London, are actually egging Ukraine on to abandon Minsk and to restart the war. The only way that a peaceful settlement of the crisis in Ukraine can be achieved is if the West puts overwhelming pressure on Ukraine to carry out its commitments under Minsk II."


Canadians, having bought into the mythology of the Maidan 'people's revolution', and having been brainwashed into malevolent Russophobia, are solidly behind the parliamentary war-parties that advance the pro-NATO agenda. The same 'progressives' that supported war on Libya and war on Syria, support more war in Ukraine.  Here in Canada, Minsk is ignored and militarization and funding of kleptocratic Kiev continues unabated..


NATO Head Says Canadians Should Prepare For 'Long War' With Russia

"NATO Secretary General tells Canada and allies to keep Russia in check.."


Is Yats Packing Too?

" He steals big time, and is generally not a good person. There is evidence of an American operation aimed at consolidating power. The President against the Prime Minister..."


Yarosh Speaks Out Against Kiev 'Occupiers'

"The system has not changed much from the way we were treated under Yanukovich. The system is a kind of internal occupation. And now this can be clearly seen..."


Antimaidan on Euromaidan

"...The fate of Euromaidan. It went extinct. The authorities got rid of you. Sent you to the war as you're too many. You think yourselves authorities and authorities don't like this. You seem not to have noticed that the authorities have't changed. Everyone who still fights for freedom is on the other side of the front line..."


Ukraine: A Creationist Museum  -  by Ivaylo Grouev

"...What is remarkable in the current 'Information War' is how context-free Western media, is becoming unrelenting in self disillusioned fable creativity.

The Western media has been reporting half-truths and barefaced lies, depicting the new regime in Kiev as 'democratic' and the 'rebels' as terrorists. The nature of this 'propaganda' resembles more of a televised evangelist preaching from San Antonio, Texas, than a reportage from respectable media.

Clearly there is an appetite for different reporting and 'naked' first-hand facts as well as critical analysis contradicting the established meta-narrative.

It is not surprising that RT is now the second most watched news channel in the US and the number one foreign network in the largest metropolis' such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC. It's global spread reaches an impressive audience of 700 million viewers.

So why the sudden success of this quite 'young' competitor? The explanation lies in the Western propaganda make-up often reaching levels suitable primarily to infantile youngsters or elderly self-disillusioned evangelicals. The reason for their demise is obvious. It is a prolonged blatant complacency to a Big Lie and a refusal to apply personal and professional integrity."


Women of Novorossiya


Nazi 'Aidar' Maidan At Play (Slava You Krazy!)


So, as of this point in historical time, Canada still strongly supports the US NATO Nazi side with hundreds of millons of Canadian tax dollars and unspecified military inputs to help further militarize the regime,  beggar the Ukrainians, further enrich oligarchs, and promote and fund a vicious civil war for the ethnic cleansing of those we should be supporting. But aren't. At all. Very much to the contrary.  The Minsk2 agreement, supposedly  a UN Security Council resolution is openly and officially ignored. Militarization moves forward in the Ukrainian frontline no less than NATO in the Baltics. None of this will appear during the upcoming national elections.

 Our participation in the most hair-raising anti-Russian geopolitical provocations since the Cuban missile crisis, with an incessant bombardment of alarming demonization propaganda has now led us to the edge of the abyss. Or so says Chomsky who terms the situation 'three minutes to midnight'...and because it's obvious people are slow to grasp this, follows with 'after twelve we're finished.' Because that is where we are at. Now.

It is worthwhile simply to note, remark and record this historical fact, as I do now. This is where this country stands.  Let this join the glorious history of 'our' 'true north strong and free'.

So now this genocidal settler-state the Dominion of Canada is no longer 'simply an embassy for [ that Zio Butcher]  Benjamin Netanyahu', but becomes also a warm political second home for murderous Banderite Nazis like Andriy Parubiy, with doors open to everybody  - Peggy Nash to Stephen Harper. Full support from all. Including from yet another generous, supportive, and influential  ultranationalist, diaspora.

It is said by some that neocon Nuland's favourite weasel 'Yats' has his Canadian status arranged here already. Just in case the people in Kiev realize they've been had too. Again.  And since the new greedy ones took over,  with the help and money of the Western 'friends' - a civil war was ignited and promoted and since then everything has become much, much worse.


Perhaps we're not too far behind.


Kiev Strangles Minsk Ceasefire Deal

"Some might describe what is happening to the Minsk agreement as a crib death, but that is an accident, and strangulation is not..."


Breaking: Kiev Junta Attacks Shirokino Near Mariupol

"The enemy went on the attack in Shirokino and a little north of Shirokino towards the village Octyabr. Whether this is a recon battle or the beginning of a more serious action is unclear. Our guys from the Slavic brigade took on the fight and are repelling the attacks.

The concentration for the attack was prepared in the surrounding area, where infantry was amassed at night - mostly Right Sector and personnel of the 'Azov' and 'Dnepr'. The representatives of the OSCE actively monitored the situation. At the moment, all NAF positions are holding."

OSCE Says Ukrainian Armed Forces Bombarded Village East of Mariupol on Friday

On Friday, the OSCE mission's head condemned escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine..."


Developments in South Eastern Ukraine

-Russia urges Ukraine to lift blockade of Donbas

-1120 crimes committed by military in east Ukraine

-Pro-Kiev subversive group detained in east Ukraine


Ukraine Signs Deal With Canada Export Agency For $160M Loan

"Ukraine has signed a deal with the Canadian Export Agency for a loan of $200 M Canadian dollars, the Ukrainian Finance Ministry's press service said on Thursday. The loan is for a period of 5 years with an annual rate of 1.4%. 'The funds for the loan will be received on March 31, 2015,' the press service said.

Earlier this week, Moody's agency downgraded Ukraine's long-term issuer and government debt rating to Ca from Caa3, with a negative outlook." 

We might just as well flush it down the shit-hole. The crooks in Kiev only steal never repay. A default is imminent. Why have we given $600+ M to these Nazis and oligarchs for war?



Ukraine's $3Bn Debt To Russia Puts Multibillion Dollar IMF Package At Risk

"Russia will not restructure Ukraine's $3bn debt - finance minister. 'We have a non-tolerance policy,' William Murray (IMF) told reporters at a news conference on Thursday, adding that Ukraine's debt to Russia should be considered state debt.

'If I'm not mistaken, the $3 billion Eurobond comes from the Russian sovereign wealth fund, so it's official debt,' he said. If Russia rejects the possibility of restructuring Ukraine could face imminent default, placing the IMF in an akward situation.

The fund has repeatedly warned that violations of the ceasefire in Ukraine's south east, along with the failure to reschedule the debt to private lenders could also pose a substantial risk to the implementation of the bailout program..."


Message to Poroshenko [And Canadian sponsors/funders/supporters]

'Thanks For Killing Us!'


Meanwhile here at home the Canucklehead stupido media doesn't report Ukraine's violation of Minsk or the attack on Shirokino or the OSCE citation of that aggression. We get the same old discredited story of Russian tanks massing on the borders and etc...But hey it worked - oligarch and president porky p just got another $200 M of your tax dollars suckers!


Ukraine Thankful For Financial Aid But Also Looking For Military Aid

"Officially, Ukrainian cabinet minister Oleksiy Pavlenko's short visit to Canada this week was to thank Ottawa for another $200 million loan to shore up its battered economy, but he also came with the message that more Western aid is needed - of the lethal kind.

'I think western countries and democratic countries do a lot. I would be happy if they could do more because we are not fighting for ourselves. We are really fighting for Europe and European values,' Pavlenko said."


Ukrainian Chief of General Staff Talks With Canada's Ambassador To Ukraine

"Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel-General Viktor Muzhenko held talks with Roman Waschuk, Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, regarding training of Ukrainian servicemen and providing them material and technical aid."


Ukraine's Right Sector Leader Wants Donbas Residents Deported

"Dimitri Yarosh, Rada MP and leader of Ukraine's Right Sector, has declared that the unruly residents of eastern Ukraine must be deported and deprived of their civil rights before a program of 'affectionate Ukrainianization' can begin.

Yarosh stated that the region is populated by Sovoks ['Soviets'] - real Sovoks. And they should be deported. We have to deal with those who do not want to live by the rules and laws of the state in a very harsh manner.

This includes deportation, the deprivation of civil rights, and so on. Without force it will not be possible to do anything with the region. If we get rid of the unruly ones, everything will be fine, quiet and peaceful.'

The extreme nationalist leader noted that he had accepted the president's invitation to come work in the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense..."


Genocide By Non-Payment of Retirement Pensions

"Ukraine wants to improve the state of its economy at the expense of a million lives of retired people in Donbas. Why Ukraine should pay pensions to the dwellers of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics..."


Developments in South-Eastern Ukraine

-OSCE finds Kiev forces' unaccounted for artillery in east Ukraine

- Elections in E Ukraine must be coordinated with DPR-LPR

- Lack of Amnesty law hinders release of militiamen - DPR


Donbass:'The War Has Not Started Yet'  -  by Pepe Escobar

"Now, at the dawn of the Chinese-driven 21st century New Silk Road - which will also traverse Russia - here we are discussing the proxy war in Ukraine between the US and Russia, whose ultimate objective is to disrupt the New Silk Road.

"...Minsk 2 will not hold; fierce fighting should resume 'in a couple of weeks'. According to their best intelligence, Kiev's army, after the recent IMF loan, was allocated no less than $3.8 billion for weapons.

'After Odessa', they say - a reference to the massacre of civilians in May last year - Ukraine as we know it 'is finished'. So what would be the best political solution for Donbass? Their priority is 'to free all Ukraine from fascism.'..."


Even America's 'Media Watchdogs' Hide US's Ukrainian Nazification and Ethnic Cleansing

"On 14 January, 2015 I reported that, after an investigation, I have found that, by far, the most censored news story of 2014 in America was Obama's coup and US supplied ethnic-cleansing in Ukraine..."


Once the capacity for violence has been demonstrated, show up bearing flowers and claims of how much they need you.


Kiev's New Plan to Avoid Collapse? Ban Russian Cartoons

"Kiev's Razumkov Center published a poll which reported that close to 70 percent of Ukrainians believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Less than 12 months since assuming office, President Petro Poroshenko's approval rating is now 33 percent, according to a second poll from Razumkov. Disturbingly, their findings suggest that only 12.6 percent of respondents fully support the oligarch.

His Prime Minister Arseniyi Yatsenyuk, fares even worse. Only 7.8 percent expressed complete satisfaction with his performance. Worryingly for the PM, who last week was described as 'the most dangerous man in Europe,' by British academic Richard Sakwa,        68 percent actively disapprove of his work in government. It's an astounding fall from grace for Yatsenyuk, famously handpicked by the US State Department's Victoria Nuland to head up a pro-Washington regime after last year's coup.

So far, so deja vu. The Orange Revolution appears to be repeating itself in fast-forward. Ordinary Ukrainians are realizing that rather than heralding a bright future, the Maidan movement has in fact destroyed the country..."


Everyday Neo Fascism in Ukraine

"...One definition of fascism is the overlap of authoritarian state power and large capital interests. It appears that here too, Ukraine is developing in the 'right' directions, driven by corrupt and criminal oligarchic clans that have and continue to privatize the state with violent groups like PS [Right Sektor]  as their political and business shock troops.

It should be noted that new Ukrainian Finance Minister and former American USAID official Nataliya Yaresko will play an important role in designing the privatization mechanism. She is believed to have received government grants from the State Department immediately after leaving USAID and used them to build her own business * as well as a cadre of businesses and business people who would be interested, perhaps in overthrowing Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich."

* This would include her long-time Canadian business partner Lenna Koszarny who replaced Jaresko as CEO of Horizon Capital. Koszarny is also Advisory Chair of the Ukrainian Canadian Council in Kiev. Here they both are, and some of the 'cadre', with American 'friends' and partners:


Here's what their (above link)  'Ukraine in Europe Initiative' has accomplished so far:


Forget Greece: Ukraine is Now Europe's Most Economically Unstable Country

"In a leading index which ranks the world's most resilient countries down to the riskiest and most vulnerable to war, natural disaster or economic crisis, Ukraine fell 31 places - the most extreme of any country - positioning it as the most unstable in Europe..."


'Viktor you bastard come back!' - Kiev grafitti



Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

NDPP wrote:

Ukraine's Right Sector Leader Wants Donbas Residents Deported

"Dimitri Yarosh, Rada MP and leader of Ukraine's Right Sector, has declared that the unruly residents of eastern Ukraine must be deported and deprived of their civil rights before a program of 'affectionate Ukrainianization' can begin.

Yarosh stated that the region is populated by Sovoks ['Soviets'] - real Sovoks. And they should be deported. We have to deal with those who do not want to live by the rules and laws of the state in a very harsh manner.

This includes deportation, the deprivation of civil rights, and so on. Without force it will not be possible to do anything with the region. If we get rid of the unruly ones, everything will be fine, quiet and peaceful.'

"Fine, quiet and peaceful". This is what the real villains always say they are working towards.



For those that may have missed it elsewhere on the site:

Canada's Political Mainstream Backs War in Ukraine, Threats Against Russia

"The blame russia narrative says that the governing coalition in Ukraine of billionaire neo conservatives and right wing extremists are brave defenders of Ukraine worthy of support, against 'Russian aggression',' end of discussion..."



The Saker: Multi-Level Russophobia (and vid)

"Russophobia is an interesting thing to observe. First, let's look at the high end of the spectrum. In an article of the Atlantic Council entitled 'Russia Plans Spring Offensive in Ukraine Warns Ex-NATO Chief Wesley Clark,' [which tells us THEY are!], the 'moderate Democrat who tried to start WWIII' declares that the Russians are preparing a spring offensive somewhere between 'Orthodox Easter, on April 12, and 'most probably' before VE Day on May 8.'

He also says about the junta Nazis that they 'are fighting what they consider the battle for Western civilization. They are fighting for us'

The Ortho-Communist Russians (the attack will happen between Orthodox Easter and 'Communist - as seen by Clark - Victory Day) are about to attack the noble defenders of 'Western Civilization' (The Ukie Nazis). And since the oligarcho-Nazi junta in Kiev 'fight for us' 'we' have to defend them.

Apparently, General Clark still hopes for WWIII to materialize.

On the low end of the spectrum, there is the media's mental prole feed for the masses. See for yourself. On all levels, we clearly are seeing a coordinated hate campaign directed at both Russia and Putin personally.

Goebbels would be proud."


Ukraine Interior Ministry 'Uncooperative and Obstructive' in Maidan Crimes Probe - EU Report

"The serious investigative deficiencies identified in this Report have undermined the authorities' ability to establish the circumstances of the Maidan-related crimes and to identify those responsible."


Ukraine's National Guard Illegally Sells Two Combat Helicopters Abroad

"Officials of the Ukrainian National Guard illegally sold two military helicopters abroad, according to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. As a result of the corrupt deal to sell the 2 Mi-24 combat helicopters, Ukraine suffered a multimillion dollar loss..."


The Miners of 'Liberated' Donbass Go on Hunger-Strike

"In the 'liberated' areas of Donbass, people are on the verge of starvation. The Ukrainian authorities have not paid wages to the miners for several months. The miners of the four mines of the state enterprise 'Selidovugo!' went on strike because of this egregious situation with wage arrears.

Depriving miners of their livelihood, the authorities also consider it acceptable to then shut off electricity to the population, insolvent through no fault of their own. A delegation of 20 miners arrived in the capital (Kiev). Among them are 10 representatives of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine...."




John Pilger: Fascism in Ukraine (podcast)

"The 21st century is witnessing a new rise of fascism that is not less dangerous than the Nazi movement in the period of World War II. That's according to John Pilger, author of the article entitled 'Why the Rise of Fascism is Again the Issue.

'There is a delusion in liberal societies that we can be one thing at home and support something that looks like fascism overseas."


US Army To Train Fascist Militias

"The US Army will begin training Ukraine National Guard battalions on April 20 at a site in Western Ukraine, near the Polish border, according to an announcement made Sunday by the country's interior minister, Arsen Avakov. 'American commandos, numbering 290, will come to Yavoriv training ground, Lviv region, on April 20,' Avakov wrote on Facebook. 'This is where the long-term military exercise of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team of the US Army and combat units of the National Guard will be held.'

The US role in training and equipping paramilitary forces that openly venerate nationalists and fascists who collaborated with the Nazi occupation forces and facilitated the Holocaust during World War II, and who sport swasktika-like insignias, expose as filthy lies US claims to be championing democracy and human rights in Ukraine.

The training program will include Washington's first direct and open provision of lethal weaponry to Ukrainian military units."


Right Sector Will Become Autonomous Territorial Defense Organization

"So now the Ukrainian neo-Nazis have a perfectly legal cover for conducting paramilitary training, something they could not have dreamed of before the Maidan..."


CODE PINK Statement: No Military Aid To Ukraine

"We at CODEPINK, a grassroots organization that supports peace and human rights, are opposed to the US sending further military aid to the Ukrainian government. As the situation in Ukraine currently stands, thousands of lives have been lost, mostly in eastern Ukraine, and hundreds of thousands of refugees are being created.

The United States needs to try to undo the damage caused when representatives of the US government, including State Dept official Victoria Nuland, helped overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine last year. This meddling has led to the US's alignment with the nationalist, neofascist Pravy Sektor party.

The Pravy Sektor contributed largely to the Kiev government's military on Ukrainian civilians, this created a humanitarian crisis. Diplomacy and multinational collaboration are necessary..."


EU Surprised About Kiev Plan to Spend Loan on Border Wall Construction

"In early April, Ukraine plans to start wall building on the border with Russia. Brussels is not delighted about the fact that Kiev will spend a substantial part of the EU aid package for this purpose.

An agreement with the European Union provides for the strengthening of Ukrainian borders, but not the construction of the wall, spokesman of the European Union Maya Kosyanchich said.

The intention to construct a wall after the 'Berlin model' was announced by the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in September, 2014. The politician said that only in this way can Ukraine establish a truly national border."


Raw Awakening: Prospects For Ukraine

"Prospects for Ukraine-EU integration are slipping away to vanish byond the horizon..."


Ukraine Saboteurs Preparing Provocations - DPR Defense Ministry Spokesman

"A document obtained by DPR's intelligence, contains data on subversive groups who, under the guise of militiamen, will stage provocations and open fire on Ukrainian positions, DPR Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin said Wednesday.

He cited a few excerpts from the documents, which in particular say that 'the key efforts during the special operations are focused on discrediting the governing bodies of the terrorist organization 'Donetsk People's Republic, and convincing the population of Donetsk that 'separatists' are unable to ensure security in the city."


Half of Kiev's New Conscripts Unfit, Mental Health Issues Top List

"Mental problems have rendered one third of Kiev's fourth wave of mobilized soldiers unfit for military service, Ukrainian politician and medic Olga Bohomolec has revealed. More than half of the new recruits don't measure up as potential defenders of their country, Kiev based Solydarnist reports. In Bohomolec's words, this level of mental illness raises serious concerns and requires scrutiny and control..."


Ukrainian Authorities Raid Dormatories To Catch Students Evading Draft

"Seventy percent of young people in some regions of Ukraine are evading military service as they are afraid of being sent to the conflict zone in the southeastern regions of the country. Representatives of enlistment offices burst into student dormitories to 'catch' those evading their military service."


Ukraine Refuses to Extradite Poroshenko Pal Saakashvili to Georgia

"On February 13, Saakashvili himself was appointed by Ukraine's [Billionaire Oligarch] President Petro Poroshenko as his adviser and head of the International Advisory Council on Reforms. The Georgian Chief Prosecutor's office complained in February, that despite its request, Ukraine had 'not cooperated' with Georgia and refused to extradite Saakashvili."




US Trained Fascists To Storm Kiev

"Units to be trained include the Azov Battalion..."


UCC President's Easter Message

"...We have commemorated the first anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity and the UCC continues to work tirelessly to support Ukraine as it bravely defends itself against Russia's invasion. Our efforts have produced results. Canada has taken a leadership role in the international community in supplying Ukraine.

Canada has provided financial and non-lethal military assistance as well as increased support for economic and democratic development  to Ukraine. Canada's Minister of National Defence, the Hon Jason Kenney, announced recently that Canada will provide Ukraine's armed forces with satellite images to assist in defending Ukraine.

Canadian volunteers in Ukraine continue to play an important role in ensuring that aid is distributed quickly and efficiently to those for whom it is intended. The UCC continues to work with all political parties as well as provincial and municipal governments to maximize support for the people of Ukraine. 

We have provided dozens of briefings, engaged Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister of Canada, the Rt Hon Stephen Harper, key Ministers and Opposition leaders to ensure that Canada's support for Ukraine is unwavering, united and impactful..."


'If They Didn't Want War, It Would Not Happen'

"But when light-armored infantry vehicles and tanks entered Kramatorsk and civilians stopped them, and after that they started to shoot at people, I understood that this was the beginning of a real war..."


Poroshenko 'Stretched' in Odessa


UFP Statement: Moving Away From War in Ukraine

"...The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved the hands of its Doomsday Clock up to 3 minutes to midnight, citing the existential threats posed by nuclear weapons and climate change. It's time to step back from the brink.

We call on all the governments involved to take steps to reduce tensions, to lessen the danger of an expanded war, and to provide space and build confidence for negotiations to resolve the Ukraine conflict and the growing confrontation between Russia and the US and its NATO allies.

These steps should include:

- No military assistance to Ukraine, whether arms, trainers, advisors or 'nonlethal' aid;

- Unconditional humanitarian assistance directed to ordinary people in all of Ukraine's regions, sustaining social benefits and public services and aiding in reconstruction and public infrastructure;

- Diplomatic initiatives to encourage Ukrainians engaged in the conflict to enter into good faith negotiations in an effort to reach a political resolution;

- No additional deployments of US forces, equipment or supplies to Europe;

- Reversal of NATO decisions to expand rapid reaction forces and supporting infrastructure in Eastern Europe and particularly in states on Russia's borders;

- Termination of US programs to deploy US ballistic missile defences in Europe;

- A moratorium on military exercises by all parties in and around Ukraine and European states bordering Russia.

- A moratorium on exercises and tests of nuclear-armed forces world-wide;

- Immediate removal of US nuclear weapons from Europe and,

- In the 70th year since the US atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and 45 years after the US, Russia and the UK committed in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to negotiate in good faith for an end of the nuclear arms race and the elimination of nuclear arsenals, immediate commencement of negotiations encompassing all nuclear-armed states for the elimination of nuclear weapons..."


At present all Canadian federal political parties are actively warmongering and supportive of the UCC ultranationalist lobby. Canada is belligerent and encouraging a drive to war. Canadian progressives are largely silent or as with Libya, actively complicit and collaborationist.  Please urge all concerned including campaiging political candidates to support a path of peace as itemized above.


 Thousands in Kiev Moo, Throw Shit At US Embassy (and vid)

A regime response is guaranteed






Developments in South-Eastern Ukraine

- Poroshenko: Normandy FMs to discuss deployment of peacekeepers in Ukraine

- Militia, Kiev forces establish dialogue in E Ukraine

- LPR citizens to get passports


Ukraine's former PM: West Enmeshed in State Coup in Kiev?

"The Americans acted cunningly.."


The Saker: Ukronazi 'Dissent Control' in Occupied Ukraine

'European values': Check out this amazing 'public service announcement' in Kharkov



Ukrainian Lawmakers Call For Resignation Of Prime Minister Yatsenyuk

"The premier would be removed from his post next week through voting after a temporary investigative anti-corruption commission is established, according to Petro Poroshenko Bloc representative Sergei Kaplin..."


On Hitler's Birthday US Will Begin Training Ukraine's Far-Right National Guard

"Perhaps the Defense Department's PR staff could have picked a better day."


US To Train Nazi Troops in Ukraine

"It has just been announced that starting April 20, US troops will start training troops of Ukraine's Azov Battalion. The Azov Battalion was founded and its members selected by Andrei Biletsky, a Ukrainian nazi. Biletsky proudly explains his ideology as follows...

'The historic mission of our Nation, a watershed in this century, is thus to lead the White peoples of the world in the final crusade for their survival..'

Biletsky founded the Azov Battalion soon after Obama's Feb 2014 coup in Kiev, which was led by Andriy Parubiy, who co-founded the Social National Party of Ukraine..."

and was warmly received and assured of continuing support by Canadian politicians of all parties during his recent trip to Ottawa.


What Are The Ingredients of a Maidan?

"The list of 'Maidans' successfully organized by the US State Department would not fit on this screen..."


Ukrainian Political Activist Margarita Montyan: 'The Oligarchs Should have Killed Yanukovich. Instead they Destroyed Ukraine'

"...The reason for this war was to steal the ATO budget [anti-terrorist operation]. Sixty-eight Billions were spent on this war to make about 15,000 corpses, enormous numbers of injured and others forsaken by the country.

So this was understood to be a scam.

And Petro Poroshenko's factory still makes candy in Russia and sells it there.

I don't think anybody takes  this seriously - this gang of marauders, dilettantes, cannibals...they can't rule the country. They destroyed everything they could.

Maidan led to a catastrophe..."


Yatsenyuk Says He Can Name Those Behind Corruption Schemes

"The government has embarked on an unprecedented struggle against corruption,' he said. 'I have received an official letter from the Prosecutor General's Office. I will refer all materials there. If they want to see me, I will go there.

Nikolay Gordienko earlier accused the Yatsenyuk government of corruption. He said inspectors had exposed losses to the state worth more than 7.58 Billion hryvinias."


Ukrainian Government Downplays Murder Accusations Against Kolomoisky

"Kolomoisky was suspected in the attempted murder of Sergei Karpenko, a lawyer who refused to contribute to the oligarch's attempt to gain control over Dneprospetsstal, a steel producer.

Kolomoisky and his associates claim all the allegations against them are part of a Russia-based smear campaign. Kolomoisky alleges that Poroshenko bowed to demands to fire him made by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kolomoisky also accused rival oligarchs of financing the campaign..."


Kiev Commits Energy Hara Kiri

"What the insane Washington-orchestrated civil war in Ukraine has not yet destroyed in Ukraine over the past year, now the conditions demanded by the US-Treasury controlled IMF will. Ukrainians deserve better than this."


Justice Minister Hopes Rada Will Adopt Law Banning Communist Ideology

Justice Minister of Ukraine, Pavlo Petrenko hopes that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will adopt a law banning communist ideology while the trial on banning the Communist Party of Ukraine continues..."


Being True to OUN-UPA Traditions

The Chairman of the Ukrainian Security Service, Valentin Nalivaichanko believes that the SBU should be reformed by using the security service of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Ukrainian Insurgent Army as an example.

'There is no need to come up with anything unnecessary. It's important to use as a foundation, the traditions and methods used by the OUN-UPA Security Service between 1930 and 1950. It operated against the aggressor under conditions of temporary territorial occupation. It had patriotic upbrining, combat counter-intelligence, and it relied on the peaceful Ukrainian population, whose unprecedented support it enjoyed."




Porosheko Keeps His Word...

"Their children will hole up in basements...'


OSCE Monitors Declare Humanitarian Catastrophe in Eastern Ukraine

"The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone in eastern Ukraine is the site of an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe, OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (OSCE SMM) Spokesman, Michael Bociurkiw  (Canada) told reporters in Kyiv on Friday.

The monitors saw devastated hospital buildings which had no medicine with which to treat their patients, many children were  in shock and had nowhere to study or play, and people had no access to social services, the officer said.

Many villages, which technically are not located within the ATO zone but bordered it were shelled. The monitors helped workers of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to reach these villages, Bociurkiw said."

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

I like that you're not just providing a link but giving a quote and the gist of what's being said.


clap clap.


Thanks also ikosmos. The hope is that Canadians may come to see that there is another side to this story they are not being told by the Banderites, billionaires and boosters. Or their presstitute media. That there is so much 'progressive' Canadian support for a blatantly obvious and illegal US regime change operation with an accompanying savage and dangerous Russophobia is alarming, to say the least.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Well, we're all lazy a little bit, especially in the Great White North, so when someone else does the work and we only have to connect the dots it makes it so much easier. Know what I'm sayin' ?

eta: our media dumbs people down and MAKES they lazy. They want to be led by the nose, they hate hard work, and utter stupidities such as "my brain hurts" and so on.


Fuck off. I don't think anyone at rabble is advocating US-sponsored regime change. Now get back to your tag-team.

I'm really sick of this crap taking over our site.


STOP THE WAR Gathering in London Highlighting the Danger To Peace From NATO's Expansionism in Ukraine: Solidarity With the Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine (and vid)

"STOP THE WAR's public meeting in central London 'NATO and the Crisis in Ukraine' was a dramatic success...not just by the side of the large and engaged audience. The organisation of the meeting was testimony to the increasing levels of understanding among those in the peace and anti-war movements of the dangers of global war that are present around the situation in Ukraine.

In addition, of huge importance, was the presence amongst spectators and the audience of an awareness of the aggressive and irresponsible activity of NATO and other imperialist institutions, like the EU, in seeking to provoke Russia by their constant push Eastward.

Alex Gordon of the RMT emphasized how the British and global media failed to highlight the forces of fascism and Nazism that NATO, the EU,[Canada] and the major imperialist powers are aligning themselves with in order that these forces might challenge Russia and her allies.

Here's a full video of the meeting."


America's New Strategy in Ukraine: Dumping the Radicals and Betting on the Traitors

"The essence of the American game is simple and logical. Since the Russophobia strategy failed and the junta began to lose the military and most importantly the ideological campaign, the conflict needs to be quickly frozen.

The next step is happening right now. Kiev must be cleansed (only media-wise of course) from the signs and ideologists of Nazism and ultra nationalism.

There may be options but there is one goal: to bring to power a 'government of national reconcilitation', which will be almost completely controlled by the West..."



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Once Upon a Time There Was Ukraine

Christian B. Malaparte blog wrote:
Over the night between 21 and 22 February 2014, Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych, who was not a good president but had not stolen Ukrainians more than Tymoshenko did, fled his Kiev residence in a rush, just hours before the thugs of the self-proclaimed Maidan Self-Defense Forces burst in wielding cudgels and baseball bats. When the media spread the news, the commentators, foreign authorities, political leaders, the scum in the square, and many many sheeple shouted Victory! It was a funeral going to an end. The oddity was the exulting attendees.

So begins an outstanding Christian B. Malaparte blog on the country formerly known as Ukraine. It is now simply known as Banderistan after the Nazi-loving Banderites and their allies who "govern" the territory.

Yanukovich, said the putsch regime, "voluntarily" walked off the job. Then, in gross violation of the constitution, a new President and Ministers were appointed to lead the new junta. The details here are quite splendid, laying out in precise terms how Ukrainian democracy was shredded: the thugs that forced Yanukovych to flee, the unconstitutional actions of the Verkhovna Rada in both removing Yanukovych from power and replacing him with Turchynov. No impeachment procedure was carried out, no charges laid against the President, no Investigatory Commission was established, no courts were involved. It was simply a putsch.

Once upon a time there was Ukraine and it was a sovereign state. It was linguistically and ethnically a divided country, but it had never been a problem, except for certain circles of fanatics who were at times annoying, and at other times ridiculous. Nobody proclaimed in a loud voice European aspirations, neither claimed the Russians being a breed of usurpers and the Russian government the source of all evil. Reform of the judicial system and serious fight of corruption were highly necessary, but not much more than in some EU countries. Unlike Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary and Greece—which after joining the EU had to close factories and plants, reduce cattle breeding or fisheries, pay fines or huge sums to comply with European regulations—Ukraine had wide decisional freedom on its industrial apparatus, welfare state and resources’ exploitation.

What’s Banderastan instead? A ringleader of the worst mold and former CIA insider stands for President. [Wikikeaks proved that Poroshenko has been a CIA mole since 2006] Main ministries are in the hands of foreign technocrats. It’s in need of several billions of dollars in financial assistance to allow a mere survival. The remaining of its public asset is being yielded up to oligarchs and corporations at a fraction of the real value. It serves as a bridgehead against a neighboring country that should be its major trading partner. This all makes of it a colony.
Obviously, worker rights are way down on the colonial rulers’ list of priorities. The harsh reality for the citizens of Banderastan is ultimately a reduction of the living standard, as a result of pay-cuts and layoffs permitted by weak trade unions, and cuts to public services.

Despite the demonstration election that followed, democracy has not returned to Banderistan. It never will. It is a colony.


While what's covered here mostly relate to events of last year, the essay is an excellent factual summary. The political economy of turning such a poor country into a colony is explained, delving into agriculture, GMO introduction to Europe through a Ukrainian back door, and so on. Very informative.

Doug Woodard

Summary killings of Ukrainian soldiers:



Ukraine's Security Service Detains Founders of Popular Rada of Bessarabia

"Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) has detained a group of activists who founded a public association calling itself the Popular Rada of Bessarabia (PRB) in the southern Odessa region.

'A total of 20 persons have been detained and they are giving evidence,' reports said. Ethnic minorities residing in the Odessa region have united in the Popular Rada of Bessarabia to defend their communities, including Bulgarians, Gagauzians, Russians, Armenians, Romani, Moldovans, and Poles took part in the founding conference.

Formation of the PRB marks the surfacing of one more potentially problem area in Ukraine. The new popular Rada has been set up to press forward to establishing ethnic/territorial autonomy within Ukraine..."


Ukraine Sitrep: 04-08-2015


Fascist Leader Yarosh Appointed Adviser to Ukrainian Army

"Dmitro Yarosh, the founder and leader of the fascist Right Sector organization has been appointed official advisor to the commander in chief of the Ukrainian army. The Ukraine Ministry of Defense announced the appointment. In addition, the paramilitaries of the Right Sector are to be integrated into the armed forces.

These announcements make clear that the fascist militias that played a central role in the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych on February 22, 2014 are increasingly setting the tone in the pro-Western regime led by oligarch Petro Poroshenko. They are needed to continue fighting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine and suppressing protests against the unpopular war and austerity policies of the regime in western Ukraine.

The integration of the Right Sector into the Poroshenko regime shatters the official propaganda about a 'democratic revolution' in Ukraine. Amid intensifying social attacks and preparations for a new military offensive in eastern Ukraine, the progress of the Right Sector, which is responsible for terrible crimes such as last year's massacre in Odessa, has effectively been given the official imprimatur of the government.

The fascist forces of Right Sector will now work directly within and be armed by, the US military in order to serve as shock troops against the Ukrainian working class and as a component of NATO's preparations for war against Russia."

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Mark Sleboda wrote:
The Nazi-collaborating, Holocaust perpetrating, not least importantly the mass murderers of East Ukrainians - the Galician UPA has now officially been declared heroic veterans of ‪#‎Ukraine‬ by the ‪#‎Maidan‬ Putsch regime Rada.

Yes - that means those responsible for the atrocity of Baba Yar are now to receive pensions and full state honors for their fine work.

But still we are told by the Western MSM - "There are no Nazis in Ukraine. Its all Russian propaganda." Seriously? Seriously?!? WTF!?!

Sleboda is one of those who are genuinely angry with the Russian government for not sticking up for the Donbass more.

Sleboda wrote:
Tell me Kremlin - are you seriously going to try to force the people of Donbass back into this fascist worshipping asylum cum charnel den after fighting and dying for their freedom and Russian culture, defiantly waving Russian flags against this madness infected Ukraine for the last year?


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Just to remind babblers that obstinately refuse to remember, or have chosen to look the other way ...

The new law calls anyone who fought for Ukraine's independence from November 1917 until August 24, 1991, as part of formal, informal, underground, military or guerilla groups, a freedom fighter. These people are entitled to social benefits under the new law.

Organizations covered by the controversial legislation include the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).

These so-called freedom fighters, in reality radical right-wing groups or revolutionary ultranationalists, have a dark past. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army is a vivid example.

Read more:

The UPA was established as the armed wing of the Ukrainian nationalists in 1942. The UPA operated mainly in western Ukraine, fighting against Soviet forces on the side of Nazi Germany. In 1943, the UPA massacred as many as 100,000 Polish civilians in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia.

These are the people that the "fun-loving" supporters of the putsch regime are also supporting. Have a good time in hell.



Ukraine's President Recognizes Ukraine's Freedom Fighters (2010)

"...this follows last week's specific recognition of Stepan Bandera, the leader of the a 'Hero of Ukraine', which was presented to his Ukrainian-Canadian grandson Stepan Bandera.

 ..The UCC calls upon the Government of Canada to make changes to Canada's War Veterans Allowance Act by expanding eligibility to include designated resistance groups such as OUN-UPA and to limit eligibility of Soviet War Veterans..."

This was 2010, better check and see if Canada pays war veterans allowances to these OUN-UPA.


The new law calls anyone who fought for Ukraine's independence from November 1917 until August 24, 1991, as part of formal, informal, underground, military or guerilla groups, a freedom fighter. These people are entitled to social benefits under the new law.

Probably includes the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police as well.  Probably be getting benefit cheques soon from the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Harper gang is throwing their way, at our expense of course as taxpayers.  I feel like the blood of the victims is upon me.

Professor Alexander Statiev of the Canadian University of Waterloo writes that Ukrainian Auxiliary Police were the major perpetrator of the Holocaust on Soviet territories based on native origins, and those police units participated in the extermination of 150,000 Jews in the area of Volhynia alone.[19] German historian Dieter Pohl in The Shoah in Ukraine writes that the auxiliary police was active during killing operations by the Germans already in the first phases of the German occupation.[20] The auxiliary police registered the Jews, conducted raids and guarded ghettos, loaded convoys to execution sites and cordoned them off. Some 300 auxiliary policemen from Kiev helped organize the massacre in Babi Yar.[20] They also took part in the massacre in Dnipropetrovsk, where the field command noted that the cooperation ran "smoothly in every way". Cases where local commandants ordered murder of Jews using police force are known.[20] In killings of Jews in Kryvy Rih the "entire Ukrainian auxiliary police" was put to use.


Slumberjack wrote:


  I feel like the blood of the victims is upon me.


I feel the same and so we should - +400 million or so buys a lot of death and destruction...And now they have Canadian satellite targeting information for the next round of savagery. Meanwhile the elites are stealing and selling everything that's not nailed down.


Kiev Junta Launches Large Scale Attack on Novorossiya (and vid)

"Donetsk under fire. The militia is on full alert and is ready for a full scale attack by the enemy..."

Doug Woodard

I killed 15 prisoners of war in Ukraine, claims Russian fighter - "I kill if I want":


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The attack by the junta is just in time for Orthodox Easter.

The brutal regime is so thoughtful, huh?


Canada To Send Military Advisors To Ukraine

"The Canadian Forces are signing onto a training mission in Ukraine. Ipolitics has learned Canadian trainers will join American troops currently serving in that role. Observers are set to deploy to the eastern European country in mid May to shadow the Americans, with the rest of the contingent to follow near the end of the month."

Canadians are very skilled at shadowing the Americans

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Ukrainian Nazi-lover D. Yarosh joins his rightful place in the heart of the brutal junta. Just in time for another attack on the population of Novorossiya. boo rah.

Patrick Armstrong wrote:
ONE PERCENT. Remember all that stuff about how the neo-nazis in Ukraine got hardly any votes in the elections, so not to worry? Here, here, here and here? Dmitro Yarosh is now an advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, and his Right Sector fighters are being taken into them. Even the normally compliant Western media has had its misgivings about Right Sector (in the past, of course): Guardian, Daily Mail, IBT, CNN. But then they fell in line and now treat the issue very circumspectly indeed, vide BBC. Putin's the Nazithese guys aren't. More Values™. Maybe they don't plan on getting power through elections.

"Maybe they don't plan on getting power through elections."

Gosh. That's never been done before. Who would have thunk it? Gosh.

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Politics, Bullshit, and Ukraine.

Or, why Hemingway's "Bullshit Detector" is still damn useful.

Recently, Harry C. Frankfurt’s little pamphlet, with its beguilingly simple title, On Bullshit (Princeton University Press, 2005) has pushed Orwell’s insights into a higher degree of conceptualization. While written in Orwellian vein and addressing the abuse and manipulation of language, Frankfurt’s analysis offers a new way of looking at the old problem.  The book open with the following, by now well-known observation: “One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit. Everyone knows it. Each of us contributes his share. But we tend to take the situation for granted. Most people are rather confident of their ability to recognize bullshit and avoid being taken in by it. So the phenomenon has not aroused much deliberate concern, nor attracted much sustained inquiry. In consequence, we have no clear understanding of what bullshit is, why there is so much of it, or what functions it serves.” 


 Audit Provisions Dropped For $400 Million in Canadian Financing For Ukraine's Military Operations

No accountability, no oversight, no problem for stoopid Canada...

'Nazi Collaborators Being Legalized' - Analyst (podcast)

"A year ago you may have had a corrupt Ukraine. You did not have a neo-nazi Ukraine."

French Businessman Talks About His Terrifying Run-In With SBU and Right Sector in Ukraine (podcast)

"French entrepreneur and long-time resident of Ukraine, Thierry Laurent-Pellet describes his run-in with SBU and Right Sector. Shocking first-hand account of the corruption and terror that has seized Ukraine."


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