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CrossTalk: Purging Kiev

"Purging Kiev, or the revolution eats its own children. On the back of an economic meltdown and defeat on the battlefied there are signs the Maidan revolutionaries are turning on each other. Walking away from the Minsk ceasefire process, the Kiev regime is looking desperate. Is more war the only answer?"


Neocons,  R2Pers, and Hypocrites   -  by Robert Parry

"... We saw this neocon-R2P 'chaos promotion' again in Ukraine where neoconservative officials and 'liberal interventionist' activists rallied to the cause of the Maidan protesters when they challenged the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych - though he insisted that he had ordered the police NOT to use deadly force

- and later studies suggested the snipers were likely working for the anti-Yanukovych side and had fired from locations controlled by the Right Sektor, extremists associated with the Maidan's neo-Nazi 'self defense' commandant Andriy Parubiy...

But the West favored a Ukraine narrative that made the Maidan coup makers the good guys and Yanukovych's supporters the bad guys.

Kristof depicted his father's old home town as an idyllic place where everyone loves the music of Taylor Swift and dreams of their place in a prosperous Europe - if only President Barack Obama would send them weapons to kill Russians."

(or go 'bear-hunting' as Kristof wrote in one column)

Consortium News


Ukraine: The Truth Becomes Increasingly Apparent [ maybe not so much in Canada...]

"Moscow's official line on Ukraine - and it should not be dismissed just because that's what it is - is that the US spent about $5 Billion backing 'regime change' in that sad, bankrupt country, resulting in a coup d'etat (or putsch) in Kiev in February 2014, in which neo-fascists played a key role.

The coup occurred because the US State Department and Pentagon hoped to replace the democratically elected administration with one that would push for Ukraine's entry into NATO, a military alliance designed from its inception in 1949 to challenge Russia. The ultimate intent was to evict the Russia Black Sea Fleet from the bases its maintained in the Crimean Peninsula for over 250 years.

Personally, I believe this interpretation is true, and that any rational person should recognize that it's true.

But with crazies running the US State Department, successfully promoting a bogus narrative about what's happening in Ukraine over the last two years - a narrative echoed slavishly by a clueless mainstream media - it's just barely conceivable that there might come a day in which US forces join the Azov Battalion in battling forces of the People's Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk.

It won't have anything to do with 'freedom'. It will be about imperial expansion, which while it might serve the 0.1% that rule this country, it is not in your interest at all."


Russia Will Not Take Back Donbass Because it is Worried About All of Ukraine

"Reports that during the Minsk 2 meetings, Poroshenko offered Putin the Donbass, were denied both by Moscow and Kiev. Nevertheless, the proposal is consistent with the logic of both the so-called government in Kiev and its US curators. Just as is Russia's refusal to entertain such an option.

'He told me flatly: take the Donbass, I answered: have you gone nuts? I don't need the Donbass - if you don't need it, announce its independence.'

Poroshenko proposed that Russia take financial responsibility for Donbas. Putin replied that it would be possible only if Donbass became part of Russia, but as long as it is part of Ukraine, all payments should be made by Ukraine.

The reaction to these revelations were immediate..."


Canada To Send Troops To Ukraine - Media

"The Canadian government intends to send troops to Ukraine in the coming months, CTV television reported on Friday. Canada will likely work closely with American allies who are already in the region.

According to CTV, the ruling Conservative Party may put this question to a national parliamentary debate soon.

The dispatch of the Canadian troops to Ukraine will be explained as 'support for Ukraine's soverignty and territorial integrity."

Canadians will hopfully live to regret this. It most certainly must be an election issue. CF OUT of Ukraine!


Slavyansk: Novorossia's First Fight

"A compilation of reports during the period of its siege


Ukraine Shells Donetsk City Hospital

"The Ukrainian shell hit directly the surgery department of Hospital No 21 located in 12a Kremlyovskaya Avenue. The data on casualties is being specified,' the DPR Defense Ministry told the Donetsk News Agency..."


Wiesenthal Center condemns Ukrainian recognition of Nazi collaborationist militia


From josh's link:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned Ukraine’s recognition of the group as well as a second bill that equated communist and Nazi crimes.

“"The passage of a ban on Nazism and Communism equates the most genocidal regime in human history with the regime which liberated Auschwitz and helped end the reign of terror of the Third Reich,” said SWC Director for Eastern European Affairs Dr. Efraim Zuroff.

“In the same spirit the decision to honor local Nazi collaborators and grant them special benefits turns Hitler's henchmen into heroes despite their active and zealous participation in the mass murder of innocent Jews. These attempts to rewrite history, which are prevalent throughout post-Communist Eastern Europe, can never erase the crimes committed by Nazi collaborators in these countries, and only proves that they clearly lack the Western values which they claim to have embraced upon their transition to democracy.”

I never thought I would cite, approvingly, a statement by the Wiesenthal Center.

In Canada, this would be enough to kill their tax-exempt status.

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The frothing Russphobia has no end except, maybe,  the thermonuclear annihilation of that country and her people. It is hatred without end.

Speaking of hatred, the Ukrainian junta has launched another military offensive.

"There must be some way to blame Russia."

Russia Insider wrote:

Both the Ukrainian Armed Forces representative and the Russian Federation representative to the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) told the SMM that the Ukrainian side (assessed to be the Right Sector volunteer battalion) earlier had made an offensive push through the line of contact towards Zhabunki (“DPR”-controlled, 14km west-north-west of Donetsk), but the SMM was not able to verify this.

The SMM observed that an intensive armed clash was underway with the use of tanks, heavy artillery, automatic grenade launchers, mortars, heavy machine-guns, and small arms and light weapons (SALW). From its arrival at 9.35 to 15:00hrs, the SMM observed and recorded 1,166 explosions, caused mainly by artillery and mortar shell strikes. The SMM assessed that weapons with a calibre larger than 100mm were used by both sides during the fighting ...

Goodbye Minsk 2.


Confirmed by Kiev: Right Sector Launches Offensive Against DPR


josh wrote:

Wiesenthal Center condemns Ukrainian recognition of Nazi collaborationist militia




How the Israel Lobby Protected Ukrainian Neo Nazis

Looks like they've covered ALL their bases. Kolomosky's money to the worst of the nazi battalions no doubt helped 'moderate' things as well..



Confirmed By Kiev: Right Sector Launches Offensive Against DPR

"Fragile ceasefire blatantly violated by Yarosh and his merry prankters.

(There must be some way to blame Russia...)


Ukrainian Junta: US 'Guarantor of International Security Within Euro-Atlantic Area'

"The strategy identifies that the main foreign policy priority is deepening the partnership with the US as the guarantor of international security within the Euro Atlantic area.

In addition, Ukraine is committed to the development of a 'privileged partnership' with the UK, Poland as well as Canada...the countries which Ukraine considers to be its 'reliable allies'.


Zakharchenko: Outcome of Donbass War Will Be Total Liberation of Ukraine

"The war unleashed by the Kiev Nazis in the Donbass will end with the collapse of the region they created and of the Bandera ideology. This was stated by the head of Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko.

'The Kiev clique which seized power in Ukraine has not yet realized that the outcome of the war will unleash the full liberation of the country, from the Bandera ideology and liberate the country from the fascist plague with the support of the Ukrainian people, which has now become a hostage of crazy politicians.'"


French Intelligence: Russian Intervention in Ukraine is a Myth

"Russian military intervention in Ukraine is a myth, General Christophe Gomart, France's Military Intelligence Head has said. He questioned NATO's claims of Russia preparing to attack Ukraine as French agents failed to spot any activities signaling this - either before or after the crisis began...

'NATO announced that the Russians were about to invade Ukraine. But according to French intelligence, there is nothing to corroborate this thesis - we determined that the Russians were deploying neither command posts nor logistical facilities, including field hospitals, needed for a military incursion,' General Gomart told a parliamentary hearing."


'Post-Scriptum' Russian News magazine show (and vid)

"Another scandal broke out in Canada..."


Normandy 4 Backs Withdrawal of Tanks/Artillery From Ukraine Ceasefire Line (and vid)

"We call on all sides to stop fighting and demonstrate their commitment to fully implementing the ceasefire and conclude the withdrawal of heavy weapons. We furthermore call for the withdrawal of mortars and heavy weapons below 100mm, as well as all types of tanks,' the ministers said in their joint statement..."


Canada To Send Advisory Troops To Ukraine

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to announce Tuesday morning that Canada will send 100 troops to Ukraine in an advisory role. According to CTV News, the Canadian troops will be in Ukraine to train local forces against Russia-backed separatists.

'The PM will announce another concrete step to support Ukraine's security against pro-Russia rebels and the Putin regime,' said PMO spokesman Stephen Lecce."

What he will not do is announce that Canada is breaking the Minsk 2 agreement which demands the 'pullout of all foreign armed formations, military equipment and also mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine...' Despite Harper's care to parse the terminology in attempts to evade Minsk, the Canadian contingent contemplated most certainly constitutes a 'foreign armed formation.'


LIVE: Canada Prepares To Join in Training Ukraine Military (and vid)

"...Tuesday morning's announcement represents the first time the Canadian Forces have joined Ukrainian forces in their struggle against Russian-backed rebels.

The US is leading the effort Canada now joins..."


Conflict Rages in Donbass  -  by Stephen Lendman

"US Special Forces and other combat troops are involved - on the pretext of training Ukrainian forces..."


And The Bill For All This Is Just Beginning...........



What are they advising them on?  How to win votes by narrow casting and pandering to particular ethnic groups?


Canada To Send Military Troops To Ukraine as Trainers

"Canada has significantly ratcheted up its military involvement in Ukraine, a move the government hopes will stabilize the region but which some experts worry could spark a confrontation with Russia..."


Renaissance (docu)


'Heroes of Ukraine'

"The historian, who is also an activist in the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, believes that the Waffen-SS veterans deserve 'no less respect' than the soldiers of the Red Army.

On Remembrance Day, 2010, Paul Grod, President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, in the name of 1.2 million Ukrainian-Canadians, paid tribute to the veterans of the Waffen SS Galizien, and remembered its fallen.

When the president of the Canadian society of veterans of the Waffen-SS Galizien passed away earlier that year, the UCC claimed 'he will be remembered as a hero of Ukraine..."


French Officials Debunk NATO Warnings of Russian Invasion of Ukraine   -  by Stephane Hugues

"US and European claims that Russia is threatening to invade Ukraine are false, based on stove-piped intelligence fed to NATO largely by Washington and contradicted by detailed evidence available to French intelligence agencies..."

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Pepe Escobar wrote:

German intel gave us all a howler by bugging a conference room in the Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich and providing a nugget of information to rabid tabloid Bild, which duly printed it.

Here we have the Queen of Nulandistan torpedoeing the Minsk 2 agreement on Ukraine, deriding it as “Merkel’s Moscow thing”.

Other functionaries of Empire keep talking about Minsk 2 in the US as “Moscow bullshit”.

And so on. Here's an important piece of evidence.

Nuland’s errand boy “Yats” has proved he’s more than active burying Minsk 2.

The Ukrainian parliament has added a clause to a legislation that in fact orders the Donbass rebels to first surrender, and ONLY THEN let Kiev hold elections leading to a supposedly federalized system.

Minsk 2 has been very clear; first there should be a dialogue between Kiev and the Donbass leaders. THEN there would be elections, leading to a broad autonomy for Donbass.

If this new Kiev legislation stands, the result will be – inevitably – more war, which has been the Nulandistan agenda from the start.

War. War. War. That is the agenda of the Empire and its dutiful poodles and its puppet regime in Kiev. And, it seems that without exception [Greens?] the Parliamentary cretins in Canada adopt the same agenda. Sieg Heil.


Yes indeed. Though Minsk 2 and its enforcement allows for a degree of stability to return and for negotiations to be conducted towards long term peace, NONE Of Canada's politicians urge its adherence. This is because the over-riding agenda is that of the US war-party which seeks to incite further conflict. Indeed, Canada openly violates Minsk by sending its military to Ukraine. This is inline with US State Department neocon Victoria Nuland's characterization of the Minsk Protocol as 'Merkel's Moscow bullshit'. Unfortunately, like Nuland, official Canada wants war...


Ukraine: Right Sector Breaks Ceasefire..

"The Nazis from the Right Sector Azov battalion attacked, broke the ceasefire and started the fighting. But readers of just AP [or CBC] will not learn that."


'Why do they keep shooting?' Violence Spikes in E Ukraine, OSCE Blames Kiev Forces (and vid/podcast)

"The latest OSCE monitors report on the Ukrainian conflict has recorded a spike in violence with monitors largely blaming Kiev. However, RT's correspondent says the shooting pales in comparison to what locals went through before the Minsk deal.

'By and large, the ceasefire is holding,' RT's Murad Gazdiev reports from the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine. 'The exchanges are a shadow of what they were before the Minsk deal took hold.'


The Saker disagrees:

Ukraine SITREP April 15, 2015

"Ladies and gentlemen, looks like the ceasefire in Ukraine is now officially over..."

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

The Saker would like to see the Novorossiyans go all the way to Kiev and string up all the junta leadership, with or without Russian help he doesn't much care (just as long as it gets done), and, while it's easy to sympathize with such a view, the Russian government is perfectly entitled to look at the long term, and other factors, and try to imagine what comes after, and therefore adopt what the Saker is calling a very legalistic, Minsk-2 fastidiousness. The Saker also criticizes the Russian regime for not doing more in Yemen. Deadlines are looming in any case, and Minsk-2 will, it seems, soon be toast no matter what backflips the Russians do to try and save it.

Just look at what the Russians did in relation to Georgia's brutal attack on South Ossetia. They tore the Georgian military a new one but made sure that it was Georgians, in their own sweet time, who decided who gets to govern and all that. Lots of Galicia and western Ukraine generally is so deeply Russophobic, after decades of "help" from US and other N"G"O's, that any real Russian involvement would create decades of political problems. They need that like a hole in the head. No, I suspect that the Russians won't get directly involved in any situation short of Israeli-style campaigns against occupied Palestine by the junta in Novorossiya, even worse than what's been done so far,  hence the gleeful enthusiasm by the US and its NATO clubhouse to create just that scenario. fighting Russia "to the last Ukrainian".

Poor bastards, they're cannon fodder and they haven't figured it out yet.


'Ukraine's Nemtsov' Assassinated in Kiev

"Oleg Kalashnikov, former MP from the Party of Regions was shot in Kiev on April 15. Note that Kalashnikov was the fourth prominent member of the POR to 'suddenly pass away' in the last two months.

I am waiting for western media and ukro-trolls to condemn this murder exactly as it did a few weeks ago when Nemtsov was killed."

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Ukrainian complaint: Russia persists in illegally feeding Donbass civilians

How dare those Rooskies feed the starving residents of the Donbass! [roll eyes]

... the Ukrainian Foreign Office has demanded that Russia not send humanitarian convoys to Donbass, calling it “humanitarian contraband.”

Yet many observers, including representatives of western media, state there have been many instances of death from hunger in the zone of conflict, a fact that especially applies in the smaller towns and villages.


US 'Crossed All Imaginable Lines' Forcing Ukraine To Do Its Bidding - Russian Defense Minister

"The US has broken all the rules by dragging Ukraine into its orbit as part of its wider plan to expand NATO and alienate Russia's neighbors, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told a security conference in Moscow.

In its efforts to draw Kiev into its orbit, the US and its closest allies have crossed all imaginable lines, and our reaction could not fail to follow,' he said, adding that the enforcement of the so-called European choice in Ukraine led to a civil war, in which over 6,000 people have already been killed.."

'Who is Mr Poroshenko?'

" Tell me, during the time of the 'band of thieves' of Yanukovych, when they robbed the country, what post did Poroshenko hold?

Militiaman 'Rys' Addresses the Ukrainian people

"People of Ukraine, look around yourselves. Look inside your saucepans at what you eat. A piece of bread, sour cabbage or  canned meat? Some cities and villages don't have even that. People have gone bust.

You don't own your natural resources. Your salary or pension doesn't cover utilities.

The army of Ukraine defends the oligarchs, not the people of Ukraine. It's time to understand this. It's time to stop this war..."


America's Weaponising of Ignorance  -  by Finian Cunningham

"The contract killing of two opposition figures in Kiev this week is stark evidence that the country under the Western-backed regime is descending into a fully-fledged state of chaos and criminality.

Western depiction of developments under the Kiev regime is a stupendous feat of denial over what is really happening in Ukraine..."



Italian Paper Breaks Silence Over Assassinations in Kiev

"Italy's second largest newspaper La Repubblica, has broken western media's silence over the latest wave of political murders in Ukraine. In an unusual for mainstream western media frank assessment of Kiev's post-Maidan regime, La Repubblica has denounced 'a ruthless sweeping away of every form of political opposition taking place in Kiev.' *

*Some suggest evidence points to a possible NATO operation and Canadian connection. See Ukraine atrocities, warcrimes thread for further info:


General Skrzypczak: 'I Retract Everything I Said About Ukraine'

"Poland's retired Land Forces commander and Deputy Defense Minister, Waldemar Skrzypczak, used to be in favor of arming and training the Ukrainian military.

That was before the Rada passed the law glorifying the UPA -- the same UPA that killed Skrzypczak's uncle, by pinning him to the door of a barn with a pitchfork.

Now that Ukraine has shown its true colors, Skrzypczak has concluded that until Ukraine rids itself of its nationalism, it will be impossible for Poland to collaborate with that country in any meaningful fashion..."



How Ukraine Commemorates the Holocaust  -  by Robert Parry

"Pundit Thomas Friedman says the new Ukraine regime 'shares our values' but-as much of the world marked the 70th anniversary of the Nazi Holocaust finally being ended by Russian and US armies

- politicians in Kiev were busy honoring Ukraine's Nazi collaborators, writes Robert Parry."


Kiev Regime : Fate of the Moderate Opposition

"Ukraine has created a database of 'separatists, militants' etc. Anyone that does not agree with the regime or its methods potentially becomes part of the database..."


Massive Detention, 50 Taken

"Why is he being taken? Why?"


People's Council of Bessarabia: We demand the release of Dmitry Zatuliveter

"We hope Dmitri's alive..."



Rostislav Ishenko on Assassinations and 'The Terror' (and vid)

"During the Maidan revolution, even before they won, they officially declared from the stage that they had made lists of 'enemies'. This is actually why I and many others like me quickly left Ukraine.

The regime's days, weeks or months are numbered. The government has pulled out all the stops and reigns now with terror. Don't be surprised if it turns out Poroshenko himself ordered the hits. This is his business style. He was known for this when he was an oligarch.

I think the events of the past couple of days are merely the beginning..."


Journalists' Killings: Western Media's Blind Spot on What's Happening in Kiev  -  by Tony Gosling

"There really is a blind spot going on in Western media towards what is happening in Kiev. And now we've got fascists reappearing in Ukraine. I think that's why the Western media doesn't want to know. It doesn't want to analyze this fact that there is a resurgence of fascism. In Ukraine we've actually got people openly supporting Nazis and death squads.

Now isn't it interesting to also see the way the EU is dealing with two countries: one is Ukraine and the other is Greece. With Greece there are all sorts of doubts about whether they are actually going to get any loans from the EU - extremely tough negotiations. And yet earlier this month we saw $1.8 B EURO given to Ukraine.

So there is no even-handedness in the way these loans are being dished out [*with Canada too - close to $600 M with standard oversight & accountability practices seemingly dispensed with.]

The most important take-home from all this is the completely distorted way in which the Western media is reporting these various horrific killings when it happens in Ukraine and it's a 'pro-Russia' murder. We've got ten of these plus a few more. It is almost not reported at all.

If it is somebody who is against Putin - it is reported. I think we've got a real distortion in the way these events are being reflected here in the West, which is dangerous isn't it?"


Ukraine A Vector For GMO Poison's Spread Through EU

"Like so many other things in Ukraine, the so-called 'Euromaidan' that was allegedly spurred for freedom and self-determination has clearly stripped Ukraine of both its freedom and its ability to determine what is best for itself.

From a military set upon its own people, to an economy looted by foreign interests, to a government directed literally by foreigners who chair it, to fields now to be sown with genetically altered poison, the ruination of Ukraine is nearly complete and a lasting testament to what the West truly means when it says 'democratization'.

What Monsanto is trying to do in Ukraine, against the obvious best interests of Ukraine itself, is yet another illustration of how the Euromaidan putsch has nothing to do with freedom, and everything to do with Washington and Wall Street..."

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Learning From the Best: US [173rd] Airborne Brigade Sent to Ukraine Has History of War Atrocities

Tom Chittum wrote:
A severed ear on a necklace and a bloody machete are depicted in the upper left hand corner of the billboard. They are not drawn to scale. Next to the ear is “Sorry ‘Bout That” which was G.I. slang used to mock the misfortunes of others. And below that is “All the Way Sir” which clearly signals that the depicted activity was sanctioned by the officers as was the erection of this billboard.

I was a rifleman in the 173rd Airborne Brigade and in the second battalion and in “Charger” Company. I was there from about the Spring of 1965 to the Spring of 1966. I don’t remember seeing this billboard and even if I had I wouldn’t have thought it noteworthy at the time. We took ears and even a few heads. It was common and it was common knowledge that we did so at all levels of our brigade. And just for the record I bet ranking officers at brigade level also took ears.

USA! USA! How many "gooks" did you kill today?!

Nowadays the 173rd has been sent to the Ukraine for the stated purpose of “training” Ukrainian troops. Gosh, I didn’t know that those Punisher battalions needed any instructions in mutilating bodies, torching homes, smashing property, popping stimulant pills and looting. Judging from the videos I’ve seen on Youtube those frisky Right Sector fellas are up to speed on all those activities.


An honest American with a sense of humour. Honour is not dead, not by a long shot, even inside the Empire of the Lidless Eye.

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Canada Represents a GUSHING Reservoir of Support for Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

Canada is the leading state sponsor of neo-Nazi armed terrorist units fighting in eastern Ukraine. Canadian support for the most right-wing elements, including neo-Nazis, in Ukraine would never have been possible had it not been for the concrete support provided by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) and its Central Intelligence Agency masters since the Cold War era to neo-fascist organizations within the Ukrainian-Canadian diaspora community. It is a community that numbers 1.2 million and which has tremendous political clout in the Canadian Parliament and various provincial legislatures.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture



Statement by Elena Bondarenko—People’s Deputy of Verkhovna Rada [Parliament] of Ukraine

I, Elena Bondarenko, a deputy of Partiya Regionov [Party of the Regions—ed.], which is in opposition to the governing party in Ukraine, would like to make a statement about the fact that the government is directly threatening with assault to the opposition politicians, depriving freedom of speech in the parliament and other places, as well as it is going for accompliceship in the crimes against the opposition leaders and their children.

Persistent threats, undercover ban of the opposition Parties appearing in the majority of Ukrainian mass media, purposeful baiting – these are everyday things in the life of the opposition in Ukraine. Everybody who calls for peace in Ukraine immediately becomes an enemy to the regime like it used to be, for instance, in 30-40’s Germany or in the USA during the McCarthyism times.

A few days ago the Ukrainian Internal Affairs Minister, Arsen Avakov, said: “When Elena Bondarenko ascends the parliamentary tribune, I want to reach for my gun.”

I emphasise the fact that those are the words of the person who has the main authority over the police in the country. Exactly a week ago the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Alexander Turchinov, banned me from the parliamentary tribune as a representative of the oppositional Party of the Regions. It was done only because of my words, that “a regime that sends its army to bomb peaceful cities is criminal.” After that, he kindly allowed the parliamentary radicals to call upon for shooting the opposition .

I remember last year when Kiev was flooded with extremists, my car was shot at. I reported this fact to the police. I take such threats towards myself very seriously. I also would like to inform everyone who is not aware yet, that the regime protects the criminals who dared to raise their hand against the son of another opposition politician—Vladimir Oleynik. Ruslan Oleynik, a district public prosecutor, was beaten up in his work place, which put his life and health under threat. Instead of investigating the attack and threats against the politician and his family, the regime fired the prosecutor. My colleagues complain weekly about their assistants being beaten up, their supporters’ offices being searched, their lives, health and possessions threatened.

Ukrainian cyberspace is almost totally censored of this information, and ordinary Ukrainian citizens have no idea of the criminal fight against the opposition and of the fact that the constitutional right for freedom of speech is suppressed in many ways. The mass media who tell the truth in spite of their fear constantly get attacked by the nationalist groups, and the hooligans who assault publishing offices are never prosecuted, even when they are identified by video and photographic proof of their involvement.

I call upon international organisations who proclaim their democratic principles to not only pay attention to these facts but also join in to fight for democratic rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens. The methods used by the Junta in their fight for power in Ukraine have nothing to do with democracy. Inactivity of the international community towards these outrageous facts looks like complicity and silent approval of all the crimes being committed in Ukraine. The free world is losing another outpost—Ukraine. All those who fight for democracy, peoples rights and freedoms, can bring many changes together. Only together we can stop the Junta and the fratricidal war in Ukraine!

Yours sincerely,
People’s deputy of Ukraine, Elena BONDARENKO


Ukraine: 'Both Sides Touched' By NATO Related Murder of the Other Side

"Why is a server for a website hunting dissidents in Ukraine - some of whom have been killed - registered within the NATO Internet namespace?"


Welcome to Google-Play's Ukrainian Kill-List App

Want to assassinate an 'enemy of Ukraine'? Internationals included..."


A great little piece (with accompanying radio interview) on how the Russian media, unfettered by the usual journalistic demands of facts or sources, have been winning the propaganda war over the Ukraine conflict.  Such that the people of Donestk now really do believe that a scourge of "Gay Nazi Jews" are about to descend and steal their land.


NDPP wrote:

Ukraine: 'Both Sides Touched' By NATO Related Murder of the Other Side

"Why is a server for a website hunting dissidents in Ukraine - some of whom have been killed - registered within the NATO Internet namespace?"

Funny, that's not what I got when I put that number into nslookup.

And if you plug that domain name into whois it is owned by an "Ophelia Dingbatter" in Black Diamond, Alberta, and a lot of it is gibberish. Curious that it contains references to the "Nazis" supposedly running things in Kyiv.

As with everything else, I think these propaganda slingers are counting on people to not check even basic sources or think too hard about any of this.

The moon is made of cheese? Of course it is, if the saker says so.



Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

Smith, I would be interested in your views on the statement by Ms. Bondarenko. Is her credibility low for some reason, or is her statement a fairly accurate reflection of the conditions in Kyiv?


Why are you asking me that, Michael? I'm not in Kiev.  Did I say anything at all about her? I was talking about something completely different.

I am sure some of what she is saying may be true, but like much of the revisionism and lies coming from her former administration I don't accept any of it without corroborating sources. 

As for her concern about human rights, she wasn't so concerned when she was on the committee dedicated to freedom of speech and information:


Bondarenko has been the topic of increased concern with regards to human rights in Ukraine. After a special session of parliament on January 29, 2014, Bondarenko agreed to an interview during which activists gathered around her showing various pictures of journalists who were either beaten or murdered by police during the protests in Kiev. After being asked whether she was saddened by the violence, Bondarenko coldly responded that journalist are in a zone of war and quickly left the room.

Though that statement by her is six months old. And I seem to remember how the people took their justified anger out on members of her party wasn't by shooting them, but by throwing them in garbage cans.



Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

6079_Smith_W wrote:

Why are you asking me that, Michael? I'm not in Kiev.  Did I say anything at all about her? I was talking about something completely different.

I asked you because you seem to be someone who knows much more than I do about Ukraine. Also, while I don't want to put words in your mouth, your point of view seems to be generally contrary to the majority of the posts in this thread. I personally feel quite inadequate to assess the situation in Ukraine, and I thank you for your answer, which has advanced my understanding somewhat.


The majority of the posts, perhaps, but bear in mind they are being made for the most part by two people, and I don't have the time or inclination to respond post for post to everything I consider nonsense, lies and propaganda.

We have more than a dozen threads dedicated to that point of view too thanks to those dedicated few. That number doesn't make it  the only valid one, just one that is a bit of a chore keeping up with.

I do have a job, a family, and other frankly more productive things to do with my time than playing whack a mole.

And no I am not an expert on what is going on over there, but one doesn't have to be to at least try to look for a bit of corroboration or some verifiable source.

Though in some cases, like this supposed NATO website, the lie is just too absurd not to say something. Really, I know our good friends here didn't bother to check, but do they expect no one would?





Reign of Terror in Ukraine  -  by Stephen Lendman

"Illegitimate Ukrainian governance is a cancer in Europe's heartland - fully supported by [Ottawa,] Washington, rogue EU partners and go-along media scoundrels ignoring Keiv's worst crimes..."


Demands Of the Trade Unions in the LPR

"Trade unions of the LPR handed more than 16,000 demands concerning the lifting of the [Ukrainian] blockade of Donbass


Lugansk Communists Invite International Comrades

International Solidarity Forum: 'Anti-Fascism, Internationalism and Solidarity', May 8, 2015, to which we invite all who care about the future of Socialist Lugansk."


Ukraine Weekly SITREP

weekly digest of information


6079_Smith_W wrote:

Though in some cases, like this supposed NATO website, the lie is just too absurd not to say something. Really, I know our good friends here didn't bother to check, but do they expect no one would?


Wave of Assassinations in Ukraine Targets Critics

"...Yesterday evening, a group calling itself the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) - the name of a Ukrainian fascist militia that collaborated with Nazi forces in carrying out ethnic genocides of Jews and Poles during World War II - claimed responsibility for the killings.

In a statement emailed to opposition legislators and political commentators, it also gave 'anti-Ukrainian' persons 72 hours to leave the country or be killed if they stayed behind. It pledged to carry out the 'complete extermination' of enemies of Ukraine and a 'merciless insurrectionary struggle against the anti-Ukrainian regime of traitors and Moscow toadies,' according to a report in Der Spiegel.

In the meantime, officials and far-right parliamentarians in Kiev have openly endorsed and celebrated the murders. While lawmaker Borys Filatov rejoiced that 'one more piece of shit has been eliminated', Irina Farion, a lawmaker of the fascist Svoboda Party, attacked Buzyna as a 'degenerate' and hoped that his 'death will somehow neutralize the dirt this [expletive] has spilled...Such ones go to history's sewers.'

Political responsibilityfor the killings rests with the imperialist powers that oversaw and backed the Kiev putsch. It is an indictment of the NATO powers and the illusions peddled by Western media and corrupt pseudo-left groups that the right-wing protests on the Maidan and the Feb 2014 putsch were part of a democratic revolution.

While these forces insisted without any proof that the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was a crime carried out by the Russian government, they are maintaining a hypocritical silence as the Kiev regime's internal opponent are gunned down in the streets."


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6079_Smith_W wrote:

Though in some cases, like this supposed NATO website, the lie is just too absurd not to say something. Really, I know our good friends here didn't bother to check, but do they expect no one would?

And did you go look at the host?

It seems like you can be a top secret NATO plot too like Ms. Dingbatter and 93,000 other domain owners if you have a few bucks. Or you can post a gibberish site that talks about not just Russian mercenaries but also Ukrainian Nazis and pretend you have a secret plot.

The domain is not registered to the person in Ukraine claimed in the article.


It says "server type" not "internet namespace" as the article claims. Nor is it "hitherto unknown", though that does make it sound really top secret. Microsoft did develop a server which was used by NATO, in the last century. Guess what? They are a business and they sell it to other people too.

And it is good news for the Russians, actually.


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The dead silence about the horrific bombing of civilians in (what was) eastern Ukraine, the reign of terror in putsch Ukraine, the ethnic cleansing of Russophone Ukrainians, and now the assassination of anyone who dare raises a peep about the brutal Kievan junta indicate complicity or tacit approval of these atrocities in Western MSM. Dead silence about war crimes.

I guess R2P only matters for the "right" sort of people. You know, like KLA terrorists ...


US Troops Start Training Ukraine Forces

"US paratroopers have started training Ukraine government forces to battle pro-Russian forces in the east. President Petro Poroshenko welcomes troops from the US 173rd Airborne Brigade for Operation Fearless Guardian. [Canada to 'shadow' US forces there]


Farewell to Oleg Kalashnikov



Farewell to Oles Buzina


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6079_Smith_W wrote:

It says "server type" not "internet namespace" as the article claims. Nor is it "hitherto unknown", though that does make it sound really top secret. Microsoft did develop a server which was used by NATO, in the last century. Guess what? They are a business and they sell it to other people too.

This is the identification of the web server, not of the server operating system. When I enter one of the sites I maintain into that same search tool, I get "nginx/1.1.19", so it is just telling what the http header says. With a little tinkering, I could make that say "Romulan Empire Web Server" or anything else I want. That 1999 page you linked to is about the Windows NT operating system, not a web server, so it is irrelevant.

A google search for "NATO HPWS" returns none of the technical articles I would expect to see about a popular web server. In fact it returns nothing but stories about this particular domain. I really don't know what to make of this, but it sure doesn't look like an actual NATO server, and if I had to guess, I would say the site is probably actually running apache or some other common server, but lying in its http headers.

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It is also interesting to look at this page. It is updated daily, and lists all the web servers it finds out there, including a list of over 50 servers which are used by less than 0.1% of all web sites. Nowhere in this list is there any mention of NATO or HPWS, so while there may be such a thing, it is almost invisible, and certainly isn't serving many pages.

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I can well understand why those who don't want to discuss the slaughter of civilians by junta Ukraine might want to focus on web servers and domain names and hosts.

It's unpleasant and embarrassing when the regime you love is butchering people like slaughter house animals.


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