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Vladimir Putin Calls Ukraine Fascist and Country's New Law Helps Make his Case

"Ukraine's parliament, the Supreme Rada, passed a draft law last month honoring organizations involved in mass ethnic cleansing during World War II..."


Ukraine's US Backers Use Cold-War Playbook

"Messrs Pillbury and Humphrey thought Ukraine had a better case to make than the Afghan rebels once had. 'It's a pro-Western government that wants weapons,' says Mr Pillsbury. 'It's more legitimate than a bunch of guerrillas.' Mr Pillsbury tried to reassure the Ukrainians. 'You are moving faster than we did in the 80s,' he told them."


Ukraine's Nazi Movement Now Contaminating Neighbors

"Viktor Gushchin, the coordinator of the Council of public organizations of Latvia, said that the ruling elite in Ukraine promote the theology of neo-Nazism and pure Nazism.

The rise of Neo-Nazism and anti-Soviet sentiment in Ukraine and Latvia is having an impact on neighboring countries, specifically Lithuania and Belarus."


'Bigger Role' For US in Minsk II Accords: Are You Sure, Ms Nuland?  - by Phil Butler

"On Saturday Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told reporters she (and the United States of America) wanted to play a more significant role in the Minsk accords upcoming.

To be honest, everyone I mention this seems to come down with the shivers. From the onset of both these efforts, Nuland and her Tonto conspirator Geoffrey Pyatt have been part of the problem in Ukraine, rather than part of the solution."


1000s of Ukrainians Protest Rising Prices of Utilities

"Thousands of Ukrainians have rallied in the capital, Kiev, to protest the soaring prince of utilities, expressing anger at Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk's economic policies. On May 1, hot and cold water princes rose by 71%, while a month earlier gas rates increased by a staggering 285 %.

A report published in January showed nearly 30% of Ukrainians were unable to pay the costs..."


Shariy: The Tatars Speak

"UKraine and the Tatars are two different things. Since the dawn of time, Crimea never belonged to Ukraine. In accordance with the Kuchik Kuinargi Treaty, Crimea would either belong to Russia or to Turkey. It was always either with Russia or Turkey. With no right of transfer to a third party.

It's a useless war, killing the young and those able to work, who could rebuild Ukraine. Young people are leaving the west and the east. The country goes bankrupt. This is Ukraine losing its power. What can I say? This commentary is about the politics of the Verkhovna Rada.

Yatsenuk's government is a sellout government. It came to power illegally and is doing everything it can to elminate its own people. And now days they want to enforce fascism there..."


'A Wonderful Concentration Camp in Kowel'

"Ukraine hasn't given up its attempts to revise history; In addition to its politicians issuing continuous denials of the Soviet role in the victory over Nazism, it has gone even further: a Ukrainian veteran and prisoner of war now admires the conditions of the Nazi concentration camp where he was interned.

This is not the first case where the Ukrainians praised the conditions of a concentration camp. The father of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko also praised the 'very good' coffee he had while interned in a concentration camp where thousands died of hunger."


Pseudo-Ceasefire: 'Poroshenko Looking for Any 'Out' to Resume Military Actions' - Sleboda

"US and Europe may be backing down a bit, and accepting the Russian political solution of the Minsk Agreements. Poroshenko is looking for any 'out' to resume military actions.."

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Despite the modest rapproachment between the US and Russia, it seems certain that the jackboot Kiev regime will resume the attacks on the "terrorists" (i.e., indiscriminate bombing of civilians) in eastern Ukraine.

Some signficant points:


A Mercouris wrote:


  • Ukraine has passed laws outlawing the use of Communist symbols (including the Soviet flag).
  • Ukraine has declared the followers of the World War II Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera “freedom fighters”.
  • Ukraine is trying to replace the St. George ribbon, the symbol throughout the former USSR of the country’s wartime victory, with the West’s red poppy.
  • Ukraine wants to stop calling the war “the Great Patriotic War”, and wants to replace the term with the more neutral sounding and more Western “Second World War”.
  • Monuments to Lenin, and other monuments relating to Ukraine’s historic connection to the USSR and to Russia, continue to be attacked and demolished.
  • There has been a string of unsolved deaths and murders of opposition figures and activists, including journalists, with Ukrainian officials and media indulging in personal attacks on some of those killed, after their deaths.
  • Laws are proposed for the indefinite detention of Russians without trial, for the seizure without compensation or due process of property belonging to Russian citizens, and for the establishment of martial law.
  • The Ukrainian government continues to rule out any concessions on Ukraine’s unitary structure or on the language issue.
  • The Ukrainian government is pressing ahead with its construction of a wall along those parts of the border with Russia it controls.
  • President Poroshenko meanwhile talks publicly of his plans to retake Donetsk airport, which continues to be shelled by his forces.

These actions are not the actions of a government interested in peace or reconciliation.  They are the actions of a government that seeks confrontation and which is preparing for war. Given its make-up and ideology, one can expect nothing else.

Excuses keep being made for this brutal regime, including by some babblers,  but the proof is in its unending and horrific violence. Eventually, this jackboot regime will have to be replaced or destroyed, else Ukraine will continue in the direction of Libyan or Iraqi or an Afghan failed state.

Better US/Russian relations but no peace in Ukraine

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The brutal regime has already killed more civilians since the last post. That didn't take long.

Will those who support this regime gloat or remain silent about this? Probably the latter. You can only say that civilians "bombed themselves" so many times; you can claim the resistance killed their own families "by accident" so many times before even your dog looks at the ceiling when they are regaled by these transparent fictions. 

Importantly, the regime has now taken steps on the road to its inevitable financial default. Perhaps that explains the foreign nationals leaving this sinking ship, when so much effort was made to change Ukrainian law allowing foreigners to become Ministers, the change of tone from US Sec of State Kerry, who now publicly warns the US puppet not to attack the Donetsk Airport, and articles in US MSM suddenly "discovering" problems with the UkrNazi regime, like the terrible corruption of Poroshenko "discovered" by none other than Radio "Free" Europe. Now that's rich.

It's all so ugly and predictable.

It Begins: Ukraine Takes First Real Steps To Default

Naturally, the default of the Ukrainian regime is all Russia's fault, although why Russia would accept the lousy deals "offered" [in regard to debts owed to Russian companies, etc.] by this regime defies common sense. Blame Russia is wearing thin and soon it will only be the most brain-dead zombies who keep humming that tune.



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