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Civilian Killed in Intense Ukraine Army Shelling of Donetsk Despite Ceasefire (and vid)

"Dust covered pensioners, survivors of Ukrainian shelling recount moment of horror, curse Ukrainian government, army. The rise in violence in eastern Ukraine comes just days after Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko vowed to 'fight to the last drop of blood' against what he called 'Russian aggressors' and called the internationally recognized Minsk peace roadmap a 'pseudo-peace deal."

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Many sober-minded observers are of the opinion that, despite the apparently inevitable financial collapse of the Ukrainian regime, more attacks on the resistance in eastern Ukraine seem certain, with more unnecessary loss of life.

Recent face-saving gestures by US representatives (e.g., John Kerry, US Sec of State) suggest that the US itself, or at least important elements in the US regime, is having a change of views or opinions. All of this is good but the neo-cons are still influential, the hawks in the US Houses (of Representatives and the Senate) may still have their say, US elections have a way of "upping the ante" in foreign policy, and the war-mongers in power in Kiev, of course, have not changed one iota.

But their bankrupcy may just finish them.


Rebels Say Ukrainian Army Sets Up Field Depots With 2,000 Tons of Ammunition

"East Ukraine rebels have observed a major build-up of Ukrainian heavy weapons and ammunition in the zone of conflict. If true this obviously violates the terms of the ceasefire and possibly portends another Kiev offensive against the east. Is Poroshenko thinking of winning back Donbass?"

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Any other recent news floating around you guys might be ignoring?Wink


US Instructors Frustrated with State of Ukraine Army

"Frustration with the Ukrainian army's capabilities."


'Only Possible Path Poroshenko Sees is 'Escalation and Threats'

"Amidst accusations that Ukraine's army was to blame for a deadly shelling attack in Donetsk late Monday night, President Poroshenko, speaking in a BBC interview, said Ukraine needs to prepare itself to repel a Russian offensive. Geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser told RT President Poroshenko wants to escalate the conflict.


Ukraine Passes Bill Allowing Moratorium on Foreign Debt Repayments

"Ukraine's parliament has passed a bill granting the government the authority to suspend foreign debt payments."


Members of 'Financial Maidan' on Hunger Strike

"It has been about a year and nothing has changed. Things are worse than ever..."


UKraine: The Game is Over

"The first act of the comedy 'Ukraine is Europe' is nearing completion."


Ukraine is Moving To Russia

"We were deceived."


One Miserably Failed State  -  by Rostislav Ishchenko

"How come, that with such blessings, Ukraine has reached the point, when a horrible end seems preferable to a horror without end?"


'Poroshenko's Political Life Hangs in the Balance'

"President Poroshenko of Ukraine is trying to walk a fine line between an extreme right, fascist position to uphold for his political survival in Ukraine, and a more conciliatory tone he has to take internationally.'


Wars and Displaced Persons Camps: Ukrainians and Haitians

"Notwithstanding the safety and comfort in which people are living, live is hard. That's because of the uncertainties. Will peace return to Donbass? When will residents be able to return home? No one knows for sure, and this is a great source of frustration and anger - at Kyiv for starting a war, and Western governments for supporting it.

Some anger is reserved for Western media too. One mother and camp resident told us, 'We don't know why our story is not being told. Only the smaller, alternative media comes to talk to us or tell our story. The larger media simply tells the Ukrainian government's side of the story.'


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Ukraine government is kookoo crazy. Verkhovna Rada calls for sanctions against Mongolia for Khan genocide in 13th century

Yeah, that's right. They're seeking reparations for the attack by Batu Khan in the 13th century.

Loonies. In government. Bombing the eastern part of their county, at Canadian taxpayer expense. Getting up on their hind legs and braying about sanctions against Mongolia as an aggressor state!


Verkhovna Rada adopted a resolution “On  genocide of Ukrainian people in 13th century, by  Mongol Empire criminal regime” and sent a formal request to the authorities of Mongolia to pay compensation for the destruction of Kiev by Batu Khan troops.

In case Mongolia denies these requirements, Verkhovna Rada urges international community to impose sanctions against Mongolia as an aggressor state, says in conclusion of the document.

Mongolians took the note calmly: “The world had never heard of any Ukrainian nation, especially in the era of Genhis Khan heirs. Millions of Ukrainians killed in 13th century is the fruit of unhealthy imagination among Ukrainian deputies.

The head of Mongolian Khural, couldn’t suppress his sarcasm when saying that Mongolia is ready to repair the damage, but only to the victims and their families. “We are looking  forward to the announcement of the full list of victims!”


Good on the Mongolians for laughing at these idiots.

The modern Ukrainian Parliament. It's so advanced that small children and camels laugh at it. And no wonder.


That's funny. The real Zandaakhüügiin Enkhbold, speaker of the Mongolian parliament, was in Poland yesterday.

No mention of this fake news story there, or anywhere else other than newsfront. And they don't provide any sources at all.

He did say this though:


Speaker Enkhbold remarked that Poland is now playing the role of Mongolia’s third neighbour. “We have watched with appreciation the leading role Poland has played in formulating the European Union’s and NATO’s eastern policy,” stressed Zandaakhüügiin Enkhbold, who is paying a visit to Poland at the invitation of the Senate Speaker Bogdan Borusewicz.

And he was just in Germany. And they are hosting an OSCE meeting this fall. You don't suppose that is why the fake news rumour mill is blowing smoke like this, eh?


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Yeah, I read it (as you should have seen, since I mentioned newsfront). That's where I found that they were attributing it to Zandaakhüügiin. There is no story there, ikosmos. No attribution, nothing. And no other source corroborating it, in the Mongolian or Ukrainian media.

It is made up.




Right-Sector, Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) Agree on Cooperation

"On May 14, Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh submitted to the Ukrainian parliament a bill on the Ukrainian volunteer corps. Earlier he said there is mutual understanding between the country's security forces and the volunteer corps on cooperation. Right Sector has reached an agreement on joint actions on 'foreign and domestic fronts' with Nikolai Kokhanivsky, commander of the volunteer battalion of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).

'I met the command of OUN - N Kokhanivsky and fellows. We agreed on cooperation on foreign and domestic fronts. So to victory! Glory to Ukraine!' he wrote on FB."



Ukraine Refuses Protection of Human Rights in Zone of Military Operations

"The Ukrainian parliament has backed a decree allowing the country to rescind its commitments outlined in the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the European Social Charter.

Thursday's second reading of the decree was passed by 249 votes in the Verkhovna Rada, 23 more than the minimum requred."


21-05-2015: Ukraine Crisis News (and vid)


Ukraine SITREP, May 21, 2015

" -Ukraine has officially deviated from its obligations to respect human rights in Donbass.

  - UAF shelled DPR approx 40X last 24hrs.

  -  Kiev uses ceasefire as cover for preparations for summer offensive

  -  DPR requests explanation and clarification from OSCE re policy/procedure

  -  Ukraine impedes Red Cross help to Donbass


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Israeli media, confused by "Russian propaganda", says Ukraine honours groups that killed Jews.

Haaretz: Ukraine to honor groups that killed Jews in World War II

Haaretz, Israeli newspaper wrote:
New Ukrainian laws that came into effect over the past two months will outlaw the display of objects and names from the country's communist past, while honoring groups that collaborated with the Nazis in the extermination of Ukrainian Jewry, Bloomberg reports.

Russian propaganda! Russian propaganda! Russian propaganda!




The silence over this brutal junta is coming to an end.


Ukraine Doubles Down, Uses Money Owed to Creditors To Fund War  -  by Alexander Mercouris

"Sensing weakening Western support, Ukraine, under the cover of a debt moratorium, diverts money it owed to creditors to fund more war. Ukraine's default will not cause the fall of the Ukrainian government. Nor will it end the war, any more than the diplomatic moves between the US and Russia will.

Ukraine's response to Kerry's meetings with Putin and Lavrov has been to increase the level of its attacks. The prospect of default and the country's deteriorating economic are also likely to push Ukraine's lenders towards more war.

Ukraine's conflict is nowhere close to ending. On the contrary, in the short term at least, all the indicators point to more war coming."


Poroshenko Thanks Canadian Prime Minister For Military Assistance to Ukraine

"...We always feel your friendly shoulder,' Poroshenko was quoted as saying. Harper, in turn, promised further support of his country. He also accepted Poroshenko's invitation to visit Ukraine."



‘Financial Maidan’ protests rock central Kyiv, May 21, 2015

Financial Maidan protest in Kyiv on May 21, 2015 (Twitter)

Financial Maidan protest in Kyiv on May 21, 2015 (Twitter)

Clashes are reported in central Kiev where crowds of protesters are rallying against the economic crisis and the soaring cost of private loans. Local media say several people have tried to break into the Ukrainian parliament.

The protesters have clashed with police and blocked the entrances to the parliament building.

The so-called “Financial Maidan” crowd is demanding that the parliament approves the law on restructuring private loans in foreign currency, which would convert people’s debts into national currency at pre-crisis levels. The protesters have set fire to car tires and attempted to break into the Parliament building. Riot police have so far been able to hold them back.

Life News, however, reports several activists did manage to get into the building, spreading banners with their demands and shouting in approval of those deputies that voted for the restructuring bill.

Earlier, the parliament failed to approve the second reading of a law that would allow borrowers to pay their loans back in hryvnas, at a rate of about 5 hryvnas to the dollar. The current exchange rate is about 20 hryvnas to the dollar, as Ukraine faces a deep financial crisis. The bill will now go through one more reading in the parliament.

Several MPs have tried to calm the crowd down. Borislav Bereza from the Right Sector ultranationalist party told the crowds “the situation [with the law] was manipulated.”

The “Financial Maidan” movement has been active for several months in Kiev, with demonstrations near the Parliament and the National Bank. Their demands include refunds for those with deposits in banks hit worst by the crisis. They also demand resignation of the country’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk and Finance Minister Natalya Yaresko.

At least 11 ‘Financial Maidan’ activists were into their fourth day of a hunger strike next to the Parliament building Thursday. One of them has been taken to hospital.

Among the slogans the protesters are shouting is the infamous “Out with the gang!” heard numerous times during the 2013-14 Maidan uprising against President Yanukovich and his government, which eventually brought the current officials to power.



CrossTalk: Poroshenko's Dilemma (and vid)

The recent high-level meetings between Russian and American officials in Sochi created a media and diplomatic buzz. It appears Washington actually does not want to talk to Moscow - and may even be willing to work together on a number of international issues again. Does that include Ukraine as well?

CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda and Xavier Moreau


EU Prepares to Abandon Ukraine  -  by Alexander Mercouris

Russian President Vladimir Putin's website is providing fascinating details of a high level government meeting that took place in the Kremlin on 20th May, 2015.

It appears from the report that the EU's commitment to Ukraine is weakening, and that the EU might be preparing to wrap up its Ukraine adventure."



Ukraine SITREP, May 22, 2015

- military events in Novorussia

- Transnistria blockaded

- Ukraine seeks $50B from Russia for Crimea

- Protests in Kiev over economy


Poroshenko Says Ukraine is at War With Russia

"....Can I be absolutely clear with you, this is not a fight with Russia-backed separatists, this is a real war with Russia,' Poroshenko said. He added that he expected renewed fighting in regions of east Ukraine held by pro-Russian separatist forces in the coming days."


Ukraine SITREP, May 25th

"Ukraine has just a couple of days left to renegotiate restructuring of a $23 B if they want to get a new credit tranche from the IMF worth $17 B."


'Promises Led to Debts': [Billionaire, Oligarch, Puppet] Poroshenko Marks First Year in Office (and vid/audio)

"With President Petro Poroshenko nearly one year in power, RT's Murad Gazdiev examines how the Ukrainian leader has done in keeping his promises. After a conflict that has lasted for 14 months, with the death toll in the thousands, the president is now vowing 'to fight to the last drop of blood.'


OSCE Reports Missing Weapons At Ukraine's Holding Areas

"The SMM revisited five heavy weapons holding areas of the UAF but found all recorded weapons in situ in only one of the locations,' the SMM said."


Donetsk Republic's Intelligence Sees Kiev Military Buildup Near Contact Line

"The Ukrainian leadership continues military preparations taking advantage of the ceasefire, DPR's defense ministry spokesman said."


Grand Theft Poroshenko  -  by Stephen Lendman

"He faces growing criticism at home and abroad. America may be losing patience with the stooge it installed."

[But not in Canada where his all-party support remains total! By the official NDP opposition perhaps even more than the CONs]


Who Trusts Poroshenko in Ukraine?

"More people in every city who completely distrust than trust him & more people distrust him except in W Ukraine."

What's not to distrust?


Poroshenko's 1 Year: Blood and Total Surrender of Political and Economic Sovereignty (audio)

Comments by Roger Annis, Rabble blogger and activist


Poroshenko's One Year (and audio)

"One year ago Pyotr Poroshenko won the presidential election. In his election campaign he vowed to put an end to hostilities in the Donbas region, stabilize the economy and tackle corruption issues. President Poroshenko failed to fulfill most of his pledges."




3 Civilians Including 11 Year Old Killed by Ukrainian Army (and vid)

"Three civilians, including a child have reportedly been killed in eastern Ukraine after a shell fired by the Ukrainian military hit a residential area. Three people including an 11-year-old girl, her father and one more civilians have died in the town of Gorlovka, the Donetsk New Agency reported.

"The shelling on Tuesday confirms Kiev has betrayed the Minsk Agreements by now removing heavy military artillery from the region. If the artillery were removed 50k as agreed, it could not have reached the town,' the rebel commander told the Rossiya 24 channel."



Thousands of Ukrainians protest Kiev regime’s draconian utility price hikes By Alex Lantier
25 May 2015

Protests are mounting against decisions by the NATO-backed regime in Kiev to drastically increase prices for energy, water, and other basic necessities. Protesters reportedly set up a mock gallows near government buildings in downtown Kiev this weekend. The protests follow a march on May 16 of an estimated 5,000 people in Kiev to protest the price hikes....from

...this is what it always takes...economic hits to the people, to rise up...this is what will transform the situation here in Canada...couldn´t help but notice the commodities economies took another hit today......


CrossTalk: Talking Ukraine (and vid)

"It is widely agreed that Ukraine is facing harsh realities with few good options for the foreseeable future. However, another tragedy is being played out and that is Western media coverage.

Does the mainstream media's narrative make any sense?

CrossTalking with Richard Sakwa, Jeffrey Tayler and Alexander Mercouris





'How Do I Live Through This?': Grief in Gorlovka, E Ukraine, After Deadly Shelling (and vid/podcast)

"Houses turned into rubble, a mother lamenting her son's death and town residents who have just lost their friends and are losing hope after a recent shelling by the Ukrainian army. This is what RT saw when visiting Gorlovka.

Over 6,000 people have been killed and more than 15,000 wounded in eastern Ukraine since the start of the Kiev military crackdown in the region in April, 2014.

Earlier this month, the Ukrainian parliament approved a law to remove the obligation to protect certain human rights in the Donestk and Lugansk regions. Kiev says 'anti-terrorist operations' in the area override their obligations in this regard."


Unanimous Support For Ukraine War by Parties in Canadian Parliament


NDPP wrote:

Earlier this month, the Ukrainian parliament approved a law to remove the obligation to protect certain human rights in the Donestk and Lugansk regions. Kiev says 'anti-terrorist operations' in the area override their obligations in this regard."

Unanimous Support For Ukraine War by Parties in Canadian Parliament

I wonder if Canadian advisors helped draft it? After all we have a lot of experience with running concentration camps; Ukrainians during the first world war, Japanese during the second and Doukbours in the fifties. Not to mention the Indian Act reserve system that was its own special kind of concentration camp. When it comes to fighting the terrorist threat it usually means that someone gets locked up in a concentration camp.


The degree of Canadian complicity in this thing is awful, Krop.  And virtually no critical response. Canadian progressives should be ashamed of themselves.


Yats to Washington: Please Buy Ukraine

"Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy 'Yats' Yatsenyuk is lobbying Washington to convince American firms to buy up Ukraine in the country's planned flea market of state controlled enterprises.

'The Prime Minister of Ukraine has urged US [and Canadian] partners to actively use the investment opportunities offered by the privatization campaign in Ukraine, particularly in the energy sector' - a statement posted on Ukraine's governmental website said on Monday..."


Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis 'One of the World's Worst' - UN Refugee Agency (and vid)

"The latest statistics from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) show that some 857,000 Ukrainians have sought asylum in neighboring countries. That is an increase of about 23,000 people in the last two weeks.

'The situation seems to be getting worse,' William Spindler, UNHCR Senior Communications Officer for Europe, West Africa, Statelessness, told RT. He says that the number of IDPs and refugees from Ukraine has surpassed 2 million people. He added that people in Donbass continue to live in 'substandard accommodation' as a result of the ongoing fighting.

'1.2 Million people have been displaced inside Ukraine and over 800,000 people have gone to neighboring countries,' Spindler said. He added that those fleeing to neighboring countries have gone 'mainly to the Russian Federation,' as well as Belarus, Poland, Germany and France.

In the latest report on the Ukraine conflict, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimates that between mid-April 2014 and 14 May, 2015, at least 6,3334 people were killed and 15,752 wounded. It also reports a danger posed to civilians by 'unexploded ordinance and landmines' that are still left in Donbass.

'The situation is very serious, very worrying. This is one of the worst crises in the world today,' said Spindler..."



Ultranationalist Lobby, Canada Shield Ukrainian Nazi War Criminal from Justice

"In 1999 Canada stripped Katriuk of his citizenship after evidence of war crimes caught public attention. The court restored his Canadian citizenship in November 2010. In 2012 Nazi hunters from the non-governmental organization Simon Wiesenthal Centre unearthed documents confirming that Katryuk was one of those who shot Khatyn civilians in 1943."


Ukrainian Nationalism = Fascism

"Matas told the Star 'a whole raft of submissions from B'nai Brith never made it to cabinet, yet 'voluminous' submissions from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress supporting the two men did."

Katriuk ranks Number Three on the list of Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals according to Simon Wiesenthal Centre


UAF POWs Abandoned by Ukraine

"We just want to go home, but it seems our government refuses to take us back."


Martial Law in Ukraine Can Be Declared Within Hours - US-Backed Billionaire President Poroshenko

"Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko says he can declare martial law in his country within hours in case there is an advance on the Ukrainian army's positions.

Apart from the forced relocation of foreigners, martial law allows the authorities to confiscate private property, take full control of any media and bar any political parties and organizations that are deemed a threat. It will also prohibit any and all rallies and mass gatherings.

Poroshenko also stressed that foreign countries would not be able to send military aid to Ukraine should there be a full-scale war. 'I have never heard that, you know, 'we would help you, but you don't really have a war,' he said. 'Quite the opposite: 'unfortunately, if there is war, international law prohibits us from giving you aid that we can give you now."


Ukraine Labor Protests  - by Michael Hudson *Must Read*

"Ukraine's collapse since the February 2014 coup has become an umbrella for grabitization. Collateral damage in this free-for-all has been labor..."

No wonder the NDP are such strong supporters!


Press Release: CIJA Offers Comment on Alleged Nazi Criminal Vladimir Katriuk

See also #30 above. While Canadian Zionism supports the new US-backed Nazis in Kiev, they can't be seen to be supporting the Ukrainian ultranationalists' continuing protection of this old war criminal.


Kiev's Repression of Anti-Fascism in Odessa  -  by Eric Draitser

"...For while in the West many so called analysts and leftists debate whether there really is fascism in Ukraine or whether it's all just 'Russian propaganda' a brutal war of political repression is taking place.

The question facing leftists internationally is no longer whether they believe there are fascists in Ukraine, or whether they are an important part of the political establishment in the country, this is now impossible to refute.

Rather the question before the international Left is whether it can overcome its deep-seated mistrust of Russia, and consequent inability to separate fact from fiction, and unwaveringly defend its comrades in Ukraine with the conviction and aplomb of its historical antecedents.

There is a whole history that is under assault, a whole people being oppressed, a leftist tradition being ground to dust under the heel of an imperialist agenda and comprador oligarch bourgeoisie. Some on the left choose to snicker derisively at this struggle, aligning themselves once again with the Empire just as they so often have in Libya, Syria and elsewhere.

And then there are those like this author, who refuse to be cowed by the baseless slur of 'Russian apologist ,and 'Putin puppet'. ['Putinist tag-team' here] Those of us who choose not to look away while our comrades in Ukraine are beaten, kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned and disappeared.

For while they speak out in the face of reprisals, in the midst of brutal repression, under threat of prison or death, the least we can do is speak out from our comfortable chairs.

Anything less is moral cowardice and utter betrayal."


Political Surrealism

"So there we have it: while officers and troops from Canada, Britain and USA are training the Ukrainian Army and its neo-Nazi National Guard on how better to kill ethnic Russian Ukrainian citiizens in Donbass and other parts of the South East regions,

and while the Guardian is very careful not to dwell on whom exactly the Yanks are training outside Lvov since saying it openly would be far too embarrassing and might excite some public criticism too, our good old Graun is still repeating the same old NATO fairy tale...


122MM Artillery Banned Under Minsk Peace Deal Fired in E Ukraine - OSCE (and vid)

The OSCE in Europe has confirmed that shrapnel consistent with 122 mm artillery banned under the Minsk packages was used in the latest shelling of a residential area in Gorlovka, eastern Ukraine.

'Our monitors were able to go to the mortuary to confirm that there were three people who died in the shelling,' MICHAEL BOCIURKIW, OSCE SPOKESPERSON said. He said in this ceasefire which 'we have labeled as quite fragile' it is civilians who have been hardest hit."


ikosmos ikosmos's picture

NDPP wrote:
UAF POWs Abandoned by Ukraine

"We just want to go home, but it seems our government refuses to take us back."

There is already a pattern of the junta picking up bodies and dumping them elsewhere so as NOT TO PAY BENEFITS TO FAMILIES. This may be a way of imposing an expense on the Novorossiyan resistance.


You've got to hand it to this regime ... they really know how to combine a brutal military with the latest neo-liberal policies ...


The Cultural Afterparty of Maidan  -  by Roger Annis

"Creative intelligentsia has always been a social stratum which effectively serves the ruling class but tries to preserve a semblance of independence.

But playing at revolution and counterculture very quickly turned into backing the most reactionary tendencies of the new [Ukrainian] authorities."


NDPP wrote:

Canadian progressives should be ashamed of themselves.


Carry on with the news feed NDPP, but could you spare us the petulant moralizing?

In the first place, most of what you post is spin and lies; second, for that reason I don't care about your whining, and third, I don't get on your case about backing a totalitarian gangster.

How about you keep on posting your crap and let others decide whether they want to buy it or not?



Ukraine SITREP, May 29, 2015

-Humanitarian crisis in Ukraine - the worst in the world

-Dead Russian soldiers in Ukraine are eaten by Putin

-Poroshenko triples wealth in office as Ukrainians suffer

-Novorossiya summary of military events


Poroshenko Begs  For NATO Intervention in Ukraine

"The Ukrainian president continues to plead for support from NATO and wants investors to sink more money into a country on the brink of default."


80% of Ukrainians Now Live Below the Poverty Line

"According to the United Nations, more than 80 percent of Ukrainians live below the poverty line.

When is the next Maidan?"




6079_Smith_W wrote:

NDPP wrote:

Canadian progressives should be ashamed of themselves.


Carry on with the news feed NDPP, but could you spare us the petulant moralizing?

In the first place, most of what you post is spin and lies; second, for that reason I don't care about your whining, and third, I don't get on your case about backing a totalitarian gangster.

How about you keep on posting your crap and let others decide whether they want to buy it or not?


A post with absolutely nothing except a personal attack in it.  Thanks for keeping up the  consistent quality of your posts.


Fugitive Georgian Ex-President Nominated As Governor of Ukraine's Odessa Region

"The Ukraine cabinet of ministers has nominated the former president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, who has been placed on an international wanted list in his own country, as the governor of Ukraine's coastal Odessa region.

Ukrainian [Billionaire, Oligarch, US-Puppet] President Petro Poroshenko was set to meet Saakashvili on Friday to approve his candidacy for the post before officially announcing the appointment, according to the presidential press secretary. Saakashvili will become Odessa's governor with '99 percent probability', the deputy head of the Ukrainian president's administration, Valery Chaly told Ukraine National News.

The official announcement of Saakashvili's appointment as the main in charge of Ukraine's strategic Odessa region is widely expected on Saturday. Saakashvili himself said on Twitter that he 'loves Odessa,' without elaborating further."

Saakashvili is a perfect addition to the Ukrainian menagerie


No, kropotkin. A post pointing out that he's not my dad, and for that matter, neither are you. Or maybe you'd prefer it if I whined at you that you should be ashamed about everything on which we disagree.

NDPP pretty much runs this thread, and does so with little interruption. The values we hold or don't hold are none of his business, especially if the best he can come up with is to call it "virtually no critical response" just because he can't see it through the toilet paper tube he uses to view the world.



Boy your sense of entitlement to shape the conversation is astounding me.  Since he didn't name you why do you think it had anything to do with you?  Seems to me to be a simple case of different definitions. Not all MP's supporting interference are progressive and I find it hard to decide who is a progressive and who isn't. He might not think of you as a progressive and didn't mean to insult you at all. After all the word progressive is as wishy washy as it gets. 

He could have said all federal MP's should be ashamed of themselves for believing they have the right to interfer in the internal affairs of another country and I would have agreed with that.


Well that's the thing, k. I assumed we were talking about Ukraine (if one can call endless links a conversation). If I wanted to hear decrees about who should be ashamed I'd go hang out in a church.

NDPP seems to have gotten back down to business; are we done? Wouldn't want to get in the way of the latest dispatch from the front


Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

kropotkin1951 wrote:
Boy your sense of entitlement to shape the conversation is astounding me.  

Hi k.  Yes, he complains about conversation being little more than links to someplace else, while ignoring the fact that in any other context, exchanges of information and the discourse it might generate are often enhanced with outside the bubble perspectives.  Instead of taking up where the multiple cues leave off, he prefers to detour around the circumstances being described to make it all about himself and his sense of feeling slighted.  He manages to accomplish that, as you point out, by declaring that NDPP has him pegged as 'progressive.'  It's like emocore taking violin lessons.


As with Libya and Syria, the point of these Ukraine links is not only to provide  alternative information  not provided by the msm pro-imperial versions, but also so that in the inevitable aftermath, when the propaganda dissipates and the truth becomes clear, revealing the harm caused and therefore the awful nature of their complicity, collaboration and lack of opposition to these horrific crimes,  these same progressives cannot  claim, as they so often do, that they didn't know.


France's Ex-President Giscard d'Estaing; Crimea Has Never Been Ukrainian

"Let's turn back to history: Russia conquered Crimea several centuries ago. Crimea has never been Ukrainian..."


Saker Interview with 'Ramzes' - a Spetsnaz GRU Officer

"...I know people personally who are actual brothers who are currently fighting on opposite sides of this war. They understand that this war is not needed by the people. They have no choice in the matter. Many people from LNR and DNR speak directly with Ukrainian military who understand that this is a political situation and actively coordinate fire positions so as not to kill one another.

But this only applies to the Ukrainian army and the DNR & LNR. The Pravy Sector and Azov Battalion as well as mercenaries are the main units causing all the damage, chaos, terror and violence..."


'Poroshenko Comments Are Cold War-Style Thinking About Russia' - Halyna Mokrushina

"There will be no long-term peace established in Ukraine until there is a change of political leadership in Kiev, which is not going to happen in the nearest future, Halyna Mokrushina, independent journalist and researcher told RT's In The Now.

'If you talk about Poroshenko, I don't think he's an independent politician and I don't think he's capable of voicing what he really thinks. Because what he has said since he was elected president is aligned with Western Cold War-style thinking about Russia and Russia wanting Ukraine.

It goes against common sense because if Russia really wanted to invade Ukraine it would be already done. As I wrote in one of my articles, Russian troops would be in Kiev in two days. And even NATO officials stated it on several occasions. So this statement by Poroshenko is very far from reality to say the least.

What Poroshenko has been saying officially since he was elected president unfortunately does not correspond to reality."

Nor his official echoers and endorsers here in Canada


As I said, post whatever information you want. But there is not just one opinion about this, so maybe we can spare the moralizing.

And k, SJ, maybe you should read the quote I was referring to before leaping to false assumptions. In fact, it was the absurd sweeping claim that all progressives in Canada should hang their heads in shame, and none of them think critically about this because they don't think exactly like our good friend does.

So by all means keep posting your stuff, but others can decide what they think of it without this badgering. Again, I don't get on your case for who you are defending here. That stuff is better left to godbotherers and busybodies.


Smith, your positions and what you support are well documented here. As are mine and your relentless attacks upon them. Progressives do not support fascism and imperialism. Those that do shouldn't and aren't.


Please Tell Me This is a Joke?!

"'Poroshenko appoints Saakashvili governor of Odessa. Uncle Sam tries to get Nobel Prize for Poroshenko.'

This is so crazy as to actually be comical. The bad news is that these lunatics can start a war..."


Actually NDPP, I pretty much limit my comments to corrections and omissions (like that weird, unsubstantiated piece about the Mongolian politician), and even that only occasionally.

How is that an attack? Have I ever told you you shouldn't support the rebels? I am just advising that you should mind your own business when it comes to others' opinions and not assume that you are on some absolute moral high ground here.

Who here supports fascism? Or imperialism? Do you have anything to substantiate that? And how is it your job to tell others what is and is not progressive?


'Kiev DiviSSion' Blows Up Roshen Store in Kiev

Roshen is the chocolate company owned by Ukrainian president, billionaire and former Yanukovich minister, Petro Poroshenko

"A Roshen store was blown up on Timoshenko Street in Kiev. Apparently from a grenade launcher. No casualties but the importance of this act lies elsewhere - the war is being felt in Kiev more and more strongly.

It's an indicator that Poroshenko (and the State as a whole) cannot protect the capital and its assets. And that's an alarm bell. For both the plankton and predators higher on the food chain.

The state is collapsing and now it's plainly evident in Kiev."


Ukrainian Scatman

"They destroyed the country."


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