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More on the attempt by the US regime to pressure the Nobel Committee into awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to P.O. Poroshenko, the current President of Ukraine installed in a US-sponsored coup d'etat [and a subsequent demonstration "election"].

U.S. Pressures Nobel Committee to Declare Ukraine’s President a Peace Prize Nominee


A leaked letter dated May 19th and sent by the Chairman of Ukraine’s parliament, Vladimir Groysman, to the chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Oslo Norway, thanks her for “the efforts you have made to have Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize,” but continues: “Still we consider your assurances of support by the two members of the Nobel Committee as insufficient,” because there are five members of the Committee, and the support of 3 of them is necessary....

It is of utmost importance for Mr. Poroshenko to have firm guarantees that he will be awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize, since it could highlight the unanimous support of Ukrainian integrity by the democratic community of the world.

Just Orwellian. Then again, the Drone President of the USA, Barak Obama, got one. And the Saudi regime is part of the important UN Human Rights organization.


I have opinions about whether people views are progressive. I come to babble because it is a place where I can tell other people about my opinions. Fortunatley it is not the moderators who try to stifle and direct the debate.  I don't think that the comment about progressives in relation to foreign affairs applies to you because I find the majority of your views on the subject to be outside of what I consider to be progressive. That is merely my opinion about your views of course. That says nothing about you as a person who for all I know is a very nice man or woman. I've met really nice liberals who thought they held progressive views but I didn't believe them either.


Can you read, kropotkin? You don't seem to have understood what I said quite clearly a couple of times now.

Or maybe you want to answer my questions. How is pointing out that a story is completely without foundation an attack? How is presenting information that has been left out an attack? Who are these fascist and imperialist supporters, because all I see is some people - here and elsewhere -  who don't entirely buy the line that those who dominate the discussion here want to sell.

And it is stifling debate to call someone out for saying all those who don't think like him should be ashamed? Never mind that you have it backwards, no one has told NDPP to stop posting, so good luck with that.



SITREP For 31st May, 2015

- Ukraine troops deploy artillery units in Donbass - DPR

- Poroshenko expects renewed fighting in the East

- Ukraine's economy a sinkhole of Depression

- US Intel - plans re liquidating Transnistria


Saakashvili Attempts a Napoleon in Odessa  -  by Bryan Macdonald

"In Ukraine he is attempting an unlikely political comeback. With the exception of Napoleon, who the ever-confidant Saakashvili possibly equates himself to, second revolutions have been rare, for European leaders.

Saakashvili turned Georgia into a basket-case, leaving a %16 unemployment rate behind him. Odessa is already an unholy mess economically. Will Saakashvili meet his Waterloo in the Ukrainian province? The smart money says 'yes.'


US Embassy Protest and Media Sabotage Revealed

"If not for USA, we would live in peace with Russia. They support war. The US decides all of this."



Russia Scolds Canada After Suspected [Ukrainian] Nazi War Criminal Dies in Quebec

"The Russian Embassy in Ottawa reprimanded the Harper government Thursday after news emerged that a longtime Canadian resident who was No. 2 on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's list of most wanted Nazi war criminals had died.

An official with the Russian Embassy said Katriuk's death makes it impossible, 'unfortunately' for him to face justice.

'Sadly, the Canadian government ignored numerous appeals by Canadian Jewish organizations and efforts by the Russian authorities to ensure that justice be served, allowing Vladimir Katriuk to retain citizenship of Canada while peacefully residing in this country,' said press secretary Kirill Kalinin.

'Employing legal or politically motivated loopholes to evade trying and extradicting Nazi war criminals is totally unacceptable."

See also #30 above.


Katryuk and the Khatyn Massacre

"...During the said period of time, Katryuk, following the instructions of German officers, deliberately, together with Vasyura, Meleshko and other soldiers of Battalion 118 and SS-Sonder battalion actively implemented the criminal fascist program of destroying the so-called lower races, turned the villagers out of their houses and gathered them in one place outside.

Then all of them, including elderly people, women and children, were taken at gunpoint to a shed on the outskirts of the village and forced inside. After that the soldiers of Battalion 118 set the shed on fire. They shot those trying to escape. They killed 149 civilians, including 75 children and minors and destroyed all the houses in the village. In over 400,000 civilians were killed..."

That Was Then,

This is Now


Lavrov: Peaceful Civilians in Donbass Die Exclusively in Ukrainian Army Attacks

"Kiev's actions are causing indignation of the people of Lugansk, Donetsk and normal people all over the world, stressed Russia's Foreign Minister.

'To our question what would they do to respond to further substaniated episodes of Kiev's non-fulfillment of its liabilities, our Western partners sayi nothing,' he noted. No one is showing 'any destruction of civilian infrastructure and the death of peaceful civilians.'


Ukrainians Distrust Government, Say State Headed in Wrong Direction

"Ukrainians barely have faith in their system, do not want the government to appoint local leaders and believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction, reports Ukrainian media site V.."


Stephen Cohen Interview on the Economic Meltdown of Ukraine (and audio)

"Unfolding before our eyes is a deepening economic, financial, political and military crisis in Kiev,' Cohen said. The region is becoming wobbly. It can't do anything except call for war."



Fascism As It Is

A film by Russian journalist Andrey Karaulov about Ukraine

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Debunking the Bellingcat fakery about Intelligence photos and a "Russian invasion".

Yeah, it's like the zillionth time for this claim, but nobody remembers anything who listens to the Western MSM "propaganda bullhorn" (John Kerry on RT) so, yeah, the dubunking is necessary.


From Odessa To Transnistria - Will Crazy Misha Start Another War?

"By now you must have heard that Saakashvili has been appointed governor of the Odessa region and, like everybody else, you must have had a giggle when you read that.

So did I.

But besides the comically ludicrous aspect to this nomination, there is a much more ominous aspect to it. What this nomination is, is not just a crude attempt at catering to the Ukronazis. It is also an attempt to place Odessa firmly into US hands.

Why might the US want to dock in Odessa? Here is why..."


Transnistria - Blockade of Tiraspol

"Special report by Anna Afanasyeva."


What Saakashvili's Appointment as Governor of Odessa Means for Transnistria

"The main explanation in my view, is the fact that [the Moldovan breakaway region of] Transnistria is situated next to Odessa,' Chalenko argues. 'The events of the past months suggest that authorities in Ukraine and Moldova, with the support and guidance of the US, naturally, are preparing something  bad for Transnistria and Novorossiya.

Chalenko notes that 'without war, Poroshenko's regime will come to an end. All the failures in the economy and society are presently being blamed on the war. It is the war, oddly enough, which preserves Ukraine from mass social upheaval.."


Ukraine Cancels Social Benefits

"Kiev has eliminated transport, healthcare, utilities and financial benefits for former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and recipients of some Soviet-era orders and titles. Compensation to families with children living in the areas contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl accident will no longer be paid either..."


Ukraine SITREP, June 1, 2015

"-Cyberberkut reveals Soros-Poroshenko correspondence

 - Czech NATO official Peter Pavel: Alliance could use nukes against Russia

 - Political indoctrination: Ukrainian high-school students sing 'We are Bandera!'



Zakharchenko: The coming Liberation of Donbass

"If there's any chance for a peaceful liberation, with no losses and no war, it will be taken. If there's no such chance, we'll liberate all of our lands by force."


OSCE: Humanitarian Crisis Unraveling in Donbas

"A humanitarian disaster is unfolding in some towns and villages of Eastern Ukraine. This was stated by representative of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, Michael Bociurkiw today at a briefing in Kiev..."


Stephen Harper to Visit Ukraine Before G7 Summit in Germany (and vid)

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper will make his third visit to restive Ukraine later this week as part of a week-long trip to Europe that will also take him to the G7 leaders' summit in Germany. It was one year ago that Harper last travelled to Ukraine, where he affirmed Canada's unwavering support for the country..."


Kiev To Enforce Complete Blockade Over 'Cancerous Tumor' of Donbass - MP

"An MP for the Petro Poroshenko Bloc has suggested to his fellow deputies that the territories under the control of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics should be subjected to a complete economic blockade, calling them a 'cancerous tumor.'

Kiev imposed an economic blockade on the region in November 2014, leading to the withdrawal of all state support for health, educational and social services."

Canadian support for this Israel-style starvation siege, with 'lawn mowing',  will be a cinch after Gaza. We support our troops training Nazis! Vote NDP! Go Right Sektor!


 Moldova Blockades: 'Transnistria Hanging By A Thread'

"Within a few months, Transnistria may collapse from the blockade and pressure. It may very well happen because Ukraine and Moldova act on USA's orders and they think Transnistria is easy prey.

The collapse of Transnistria would be a serious blow to Russian interests. The Russian government needs to take urgent and harsh measures to bring the actors in Moldova and Kiev to their senses."

see also #59:


BREAKING: Heavy Fighting Reported Around Donetsk

"...Donetsk, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Dokuchayevsk and Shirokino are under fire. Ukrainians are jamming cell phone communications. The enemy attemped a breakthrough, but we counter-attacked and advanced. Right now there is a battle being waged at Maryinka."


What blockade?

Though there would certainly be grounds to tighten up that border. In the Odessa clashes five of the dead and many of the rioters held Transnistrian passports.

Funny.  Putin didn't respond at all to Transnistria's call after the annexation of Crimea this time last year. Perhaps he is reconsidering it since his plan to carve out a land bridge didn't get the public support he wanted.

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Russia is building a real bridge to Crimea (after the fascist junta that some babblers love so much cut off the water supply, destroying crops, etc.) and has no need for a "land bridge". But keep up the meme. Look what it did for those who tried to shit on the late Jack Layton over his housing arrangements.

BREAKING: Maryinka captured, NAF advancing on Krasnogorovka and Kurakhovo (Live updates)

Oh yeah. Not that it will bring back the civilians slaughtered by the junta. But taking Maryinka may reduce the ability of the junta to bomb the Donetsk Hospital (which had to be evacuated).

Donetsk hospital, which received about 90 wounded by now is being evacuated due to shelling. The hospital has no power - said the chief doctor Igor Rutchenko to the Donetsk News Agency.



Ukrainian General staff officially confirmed a violation of Minsk agreement and returned heavy artillery to the frontline [which they unofficially kept there and used regardless - KR].


Cassad: The junta vacated other positions near Maryinka due to heavy fire. Some fighting continues on the edges of town. Ukrainian reserves are coming from Kurakhovo. UAF is using artillery near Krasnogorovka. As of 7 pm local time, official NAF losses: 14 killed, 4 civillians killed, 60 wounded civilians in Donetsk. Junta declared one killed. In fact losses could be in the dozens, both sides are asking for blood donations. Clashes are very heavy. As of 7 pm NAF keeps pushing, and the enemy is on defense.


Yursumy: UAF losses will be very heavy, because the junta will keep uselessly throwing more people in a desperate attempt to recapture lost ground.

Amazing how, despite all the endless and noisy protests about "Russian invasions", etc., not a word about the civilians slaughtered by the junta in Donetsk, etc. But of course, if the ethnic Russians are sub-humans, then it's no more significant than swatting insects.

I look forward to the day when, like their Nazi hero, the junta leadership will "do the right thing" and take their own lives in a (Berlin) bunker.


Ukraine Will Not Engage in Dialogue With the DPR-LPR

"According to Yatsenyuk, his government will never deal with the current representatives of the Donbass. He is prepared to talk to the representatives 'only when they are behind bars.'


60 Wounded Donetsk Civilians in JUST ONE HOSPITAL After Heavy Shelling by Ukrainian Army

"As a result of shelling on Wednesday, 60 Donetsk civilians were wounded, said the director of the national trauma center, Alexander Oprishenko. 'About 60 people were admitted with injuries to our hospital, and it's just OUR hospital,' - Oprishenko was quoted by Donetsk News Agency.

'There are wounded with varying degrees of severity, with no hands and no legs. Many are now in surgery.'


BREAKING: Maryinka Captured, NAF Advancing on Krasnogorovka and Kurakhavo (LIVE UPDATES)

"Apparently activation on this front is related to UAF artillery in Krasnogorvka, which relentlessly shelled Donetsk. Fighting resumed as a response to shelling..."


At Least 6 Dead, 90 Injured in Donetsk in Shelling by Kiev (and vid)

"Shelling intensified in Donbass overnight on Wednesday with Kiev and rebels trading blame for opening fire. According to the Chief Doctor at Petrovsky District Hospital, Igor Rutchanko, the Ukrainian forces continued shelling the Petrassy district hospital on Wedneday, forcing the evacuation of the patients.

'The hospital has been without electricity for over two hours. The shelling of the area goes on. It was decided to evacuate the victims,' the chief doctor told Donetsk News Agency at around 15:00 GMT

The DNR blames Kiev for 'provoking' its troops around 3:45 this morning. Kiev denies any provocations and blames the rebels..."


DPR Defense Spokesman Says E Ukraine Shelled by Kiev Troops

"DPR's Eduard Basurin noted that the order to shell DPR cities and villages has been issued by commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 'DPR cities have been shelled by the Ukrainian army, not by battalions or other unites. Only commanders of the Ukrainian armed forces can issue an order to open fire,' he added

He noted that the Ukraine army's actions had been 'planned in advance.' 'They are aimed at distrupting Minsk-2, this is an attempt to show that the situation has gone out of control,' he said."

Exactly, and just in time for G7 too


Ukraine SITREP, June 3, 2015

- War on Donbass

- Minsk Contact Group and Subgroups meetings planned for 16th, 23rd June


US State Dept Ignores OSCE Data Blames 'Majority' of Ukraine Truce Violations on Rebels (and vid)

"US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf refused to directly acknowledge Kiev's role in violating the Minsk peace agreements in eastern Ukraine, turning a blind eye on daily OSCE reports that equally implicate the government and rebel forces.

The video below shows RT's Gayane Chichakyan grilling Harf - and failing to get a straight answer on the issue despite multiple attempts."


This May Be the End of Minsk2

"Marlinka a town next to Donetsk has been partly occupied by UAF and partly by DPR since the start of Minsk2. Who attacked who is not yet clear, both sides are blaming the other for starting an offensive.

However, what is clear is that this flare-up has set in motion a chain of aggressive moves from the UAF side:

- They have closed half the border crossings with DPR

- They have cut all water and power wherever they could to both DPR-LPR

- Most importantly, they have redeployed heavy artillery and resumed the terror-shelling."



Vita Zaveruha and other 'Heroes' (and vid)

"Kiev is currently going through a 'cleansing phase', where previously useful paramilitaries are being charged with various crimes - most notably, almost the entire 'Aidar' battalion.

There is of course no need to fabricate anything, merely finally start prosecuting the atrocities which have previously gone unpunished.

We can get some popcorn and enjoy the show 'Corrupt Oligarchs vs Dumb NeoNazis, Round 1."


Ukraine's Poroshenko Warns of Threat of 'Full-Scale' Invasion from Russia

"In an address to the Ukrainian parliament, Poroshenko spoke of a 'colossal threat of the resumption of large-scale hostilities by Russian and terrorist forces' and said there are now 9,000 Russian troops in the rebel-controlled area."

No one including the OSCE monitors, nor US satellite monitoring has documented these Russian hordes.  However, with his country's economy melting down, and his own minions beginning to foment plots and complots, and with G7 and European meetings upcoming to decide on the continuation of anti-Russia sanctions, it was a given that Washington would order their Ukrainian puppet to again resume shelling civilians and blame Russia for the consequences. Harper is enroute to Kiev, and no doubt will add his own vassalage to the mix. Unfortunately there is no opposition in parliament to criticize or analyze any of this - alas,  all are with the Nazis as per their lessons from the UCC ultranationalist lobby.


Escalation in Donbass: 'G7 Prepares to Corner Russia' (podcast)

Foreign Affairs Editor of 'Chronicles' magazine, Srdja Trifkovic, joins RT


Kremlin: Timing of Kiev-Provoked Donbass Tensions Linked with Looming EU Summit (and vid/audio)

"According to Peskov, the Kiev authorities are responsible for the recent escalation of the crisis in the troubled region. 'Donbass is being shelled. Self-defense forces can't shell their own territory,' he said. Peskov said that the attempts to destabilize the situation and provoke the tensions can be clearly seen.

'These provocative actions are organized by Ukraine's military forces and we are concerned with that. Kiev has breached the Minsk deal and Moscow is waiting for the OSCE's reaction,'  the Kremlin spokesman added."



Ukrainian Military To Issue Draft Notices During LGBT Parade

"The participants in the Equality March scheduled for June 16 in Kiev may receive their draft notices. According to the GenStaff representative Vladislav Seleznyov, the parade may be attended by military commissariat officials who will personally present the activists their notices.

'As far as we are concerned, they are citizens of ukraine who should defend their country,' Seleznyov added. As a side note, the Right Sector has promised to disrupt the June 6 Equality Parade."

Perhaps someone should tell Peggy Nash, who is a big Right Sector fan, so she can choose which constituency she prefers to alienate.


Here's the actual news:

Amnesty International is calling for pressure on the government to ensure safety of the marchers.


New Protest at Kiev US Embassy Dispersed by Right Sector

"Today [Wednesday, June 3] in Ukraine: United States Embassy in Kiev guarded by Right Sector."

Nazis supported by Canada


Statue of Lenin in Sloviansk removed by Ukrainians as a "warning" to Moscow.

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Caught red-handed! Leaked Email Reveals Kiev Violated Ceasefire Many Times

For months, both sides of the Ukrainian conflict were accusing each other of violating the Minsk peace agreements. Turns out it was Kiev-led troops who were not sticking to the ceasefire plan, having their heavy artillery stationed near the border with the Donbass republics.

Ukrainian hacktivist group CyberBerkut hacked into the emails of Major-General Andriy Taran, Chief of the Joint Centre for Ceasefire Control and Coordination in Ukraine, and recovered pictures that prove multiple violations of the Minsk peace agreements by Kiev forces.

Read more:


Short Update About the (Very Dangerous) Ukrainian Situation (and vid)

"Now about the Ukraine. Please read this report: and watch this one...The next couple of weeks will be very, very dangerous."


Reformatting Ukraine is on the Agenda

"The latest horrible ceasefire violations in Donbass by the Kiev regime are likely intended to demonstrate the 'inefficiency' of the OSCE mission to its Western patrons and are evidence of Ukraine's attempts to circumvent the jurisdiction of the Minsk truce, co-brokered by Russia, German and France.

Indeed, Minsk-2 is very inconvenient for Poroshenko, because it documents for the first time the need for direct dialogue between Kiev and the Donbass. Minsk-2 undermines the power structure in Ukraine, which after Maidan has been built around nationalist and military mobilization and persecution of political opponents.

It is very clear that Poroshenko's regime is incapable of negotiating. The two Minsk agreements, - dating from Sept 5 and Feb 12 - would never have been reached had Kiev not suffered military defeats. The more Kiev drags its feet on any political resolution or recognition of special rights for the areas under the control of the republics, the worse its chances to maintain its current borders.

Ukraine will never be stable until she agrees to change. If Ukraine continues to insist on the status quo and persists in pursuing a military solution to the conflict, she will continue to lose..."


Marcus Papadopoulos Interview with RT International

"Publisher of Politics First, Marcus Papadopoulos talks with RT about the latest developments in Ukraine. 'Timing of provocations by Kiev are significant.'


Russian Lawmaker Slams Ukraine's New Law on Admission of Foreign Troops

"Minsk2 did not provide for the participation of even peacekeepers in the settlement of the Ukraine internal conflict. The law can only provoke an increase in the number of foreign mercenaries of the Kiev regime for suppressing the resistance of the militias and further conflict escalation. Ukraine's current authorities are systematically deviating from the Minsk agreements both in legislative and practical terms."


*11 Countries to Supply Lethal Weapons to Ukraine *

"Ukraine has reached agreements with 11 countries on weapons supplies, including lethal weapons. Significant progress on the issue has been made by our principle ally, the United States,' the document reads. The document also says Ukraine needs only 'defensive weapons to protect its territory from aggression."


Kiev Junta Continues Genocide of Donbass by Cutting Off Water Supply

"The Kiev regime carries out systematic genocide of the population of the Donbass. To shelling and a food blockade was added shutting off water supply to the Lugansk republic. LPR authorities are distributing free drinking water to the residents of Lugansk. 30-35 tons of drinking water is transported daily."

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One of the right wing shit bag memes that is doing the rounds is that the "Rooskies" are "inevitably" going to "attack Ukraine" and create "a land bridge" to Crimea [unspoken truth that the Kievan junta cut off the water supply and eviscerated the agricultural sector] which "must be stopped".

Problem is, they're simply building a "bridge bridge", not a "land bridge", to Crimea, so the meme falls flat.

Falls flat.

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So how is the Ukrainian regime going to pay for all that military spending, ethnic cleansing, etc.?

Why, simply privatize the national wealth of the country, that's how.

Kyiv post wrote:
There’s one way to eliminate corruption and mismanagement at state-run enterprises. Sell them to investors and watch as private owners turn around -- or close -- the mostly unprofitable and poorly managed businesses.

Agriculture Minister Oleksiy Pavlenko plans to do just that by selling 75 percent of the 571 state-owned enterprises on his balance sheet and fetch up to $450 million.

Only 20 enterprises turned a profit last year, the minister said, while the rest are money-losing. Some 200 are undergoing bankruptcy proceedings.

Kyiv Post: Pavlenko hopes for $450 million by selling state agriculture firms

Fire sale! Everything MUST Go! No reasonable offer refused!


Neo-liberalism and militarism. Two mints in one.


ikosmos wrote:

Falls flat.

Yeah, I posted this time last year about the Chinese deal for a tunnel. Evidently that one isn't happening anymore.

We'll see about the bridge.

That doesn't mean someone isn't going to make a pile of money TRYING to build it:


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Maybe NATO is just waiting for the bridge to be built so they can bomb it. You know. Like in Yugoslavia and all those bridges and infrastructure they bombed.

Because freedom.


Right Sector vs Gays: Leader Pledges to Defend Ukraine from LGBT Invasion

"Right Sector Dmytro Yarosh lashed out at the so-called 'March of Equality' of LGBT representatives slated for June 6 in Kiev, scolding the inculcation of 'sex perversions' instilled into Ukrainian society by Europe..."


West Frustrated Over Kiev's Breaches of Minsk Deals - Russian UN Envoy (and vid/audio)

"There is frustration among Western leaders with Kiev's failure to make peace efforts and implement the Minsk agreements, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin told the UNSC meeting on Ukraine on Friday.

During the meeting, Churkin said he has noticed 'frustration' with Kiev's 'flagrant violation and blunt ignorance of the Minsk agreements,' among even those Western states that are loyal to Kiev.'

He said there is need for a 'clear picture' of what is ongoing in Donbass and urged the OSCE to establish which side is 'violating not only the Minsk agreements but also violations of international humanitarian law.'

Churkin called on UNSC state-members to bring their influence to bear on Kiev and 'make all efforts to assure the situation in eastern Ukraine 'doesn't spin out of control.'


Captured Ukr Recon Operative: Ukr Army Was the First to Open Fire on Marinka


Transnistria: Another Front in the Civil War?

"The Nationalist government of Moldova set out on a course of union with Romania, but Transnistria was the territory blocking the way. The simultaneous rise to power in Kiev of the same kind of nationalist regime, gave Moldova and Romania the chance to settle the Transnistrian question once and for all, the more so since it fit very well into the plans of their master - the US."


Poroshenko Promises To Do All in his Power to Liquidate the Transnistrian Republic

"The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko promised that Ukraine will do everything possible to restore the territorial integrity of Moldova. Earlier, [May 21] Ukraine and Moldova almost simultaneously impeded access to Russian troops in the territory of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic."


Kiev Pride Parade 2015

Right Sector attacking Donbass people = GOOD

Right Sector attacking Kiev Pride = BAD

Suddenly the 'heroes of Maidan' fall out of favour with Western liberals


The parade happened. Good, because they had to cancel it last year for security fears.

And the police showed up to help prevent violence, not (as police have done in other countries) to attack the protesters when they rolled out their rainbow banner and shut down the march.

And they country's president spoke in favour of the march and recognizing LGBT rights, something not all national leaders have done.

Any word on your rumours of forced recruitment, NDPP?




Video: Radicals Assault LGBT Protesters and Police at Gay Pride Rally in Kiev

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Are the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) firing on the International Space Station (ISS)?

Panic Sets In Among the Junta Troops.

OK. So far, it's just a strong coincidence. But they're definitely messed up. Alien invaders. Vital Bodily Fluids.


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The Ukrainian parliament has adopted amendments to state law allowing “admission of the armed forces of other states on the territory of Ukraine.” The possible hosting of foreign weapons of mass destruction is also mentioned in the documents.

Ukrainian Rada: Nuke 'em if you got 'em.

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Is there a Ukrainian plan to attack Transnistria? A war on two fronts this summer?

West vs Russia. The Point of No Return.


June 4, RT-ITN: 'Trumpeting' (and vid)

"Kiev is revved up and ready to go [against] 'a full scale invasion by the Russian military' - Poroshenko "


US Senator Sends Money to Kiev Troops (audio)

"A US senator has suggested ammending the country's military budget and allocating $60M dollars to support Kiev troops."

Canada has given approx $600M in 'bloodmoney' to Ukraine.

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Of course there's no Western MSM coverage. This march of thousands is protesting the very same regime the West, including most of their stupid 'progressives' are supporting. Note to Peggy Nash, NDP. You really should stop publicly supporting the gay-bashing Right Sector...

Attacks of Radicals on Kiev Gay Parade...

"LGBT themed events in Kiev this week were supposed to demonstrate to the world that 'Ukraine is Europe', a showcase of democracy, equality and freedom, as opposed to its totalitarian Eastern neighbor. Western MSM reporters were on standby to showcase the triumph of Euro-values in Kiev.

Instead, 5 Kiev policemen are now hospitalized and participants in the parade were advised to disperse in small groups and avoid crowded areas on their way to safety. The parade lasted 30 minutes. It was halted for the sake of the safety of participants...

Dmytry Yarosh, the leader of the 'Right Sector' said: "A Gay parade is a spit upon the graves of the fallen."


Kindness With Rockets  - a short film by Artem Grishanov


Toronto Forum: Nuclear Precipice Ukraine, Russia and Patterns of US Hegemony

When: Friday, June 12th, 7 PM

Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St (Bathurst/Bloor)

"What is the background of the ethnic conflict in Ukraine? Can the Ukraine situation lead to a Russia/US confrontation involving nuclear weapons?"


Ukrainian Commander: '99% of people I know in Donbass have come to hate Ukraine by now'

"This war could be won without killing anyone at all. We'll hold the frontlines, but we ask our government: what have they accomplished over  a whole year? What about corruption?

You doubled it. Everything Yanukovich did, you're doing twice as much. All the Generals are only concerned with embezzling. So you need to ask yourself - what have you accomplished?"




Maidan 3? Protesters Set Up Tents on Kiev's Maidan Square, Urge Government to Deliver on Promises (and vid)

"Protesters have gathered on Kiev's landmark Maidan Square and set up tents, demanding President Petro Poroshenko and his cabinet report on reforms promised a year ago. About 100 protesters set up at least 5 tents at the site of last year's uprising against former President Viktor Yanukovich on Sunday.

"We have launched this campaign, set up tents and called this protest Maidan3. We demand these people perform their duties which are are obliged to perform.' A massive anti-government march took place on Saturday in the streets of Kiev. Some 3,000 people gathered for the rally with protesters calling for the current government's resignation..."


'Cucumber Riots' in Stanitsa Luhanska

"According to them, we are all separatists and terrorists here. But why do they treat their own citizens the same way too? The Ukrainian army is based in Stanitsa. And they are citizens of Ukraine. So if that's how they treat their own people, we can't expect any good from them either..."


Masked Attackers Break Up Tent Camp on Kiev's Maidan, Protest Leader 'Arrested' (and vid/audio)

"Unidentified assailants wearing balaclavas [and carrying Nazi Right Sektor banners] assaulted and destroyed a tent camp set up on Sunday by protesters on Kiev's landmark Maidan Square.

Activists at the camp had been calling on the Ukrainian President to report on progress since taking office. Police officers were reportedly stationed right next to the site and did nothing to stop the violent group.

Sunday's camp event was preceded by a massive anti-government march held on Saturday in Kiev. Around 3,000 people participated in the rally, calling for the current government's resignation..."


'Darlings of the West Beating Gays in Kiev'

"The attackers were radicals of the Right Sector [Nazis], a group at the forefront of the 2014 revolution, which in part aimed to bring about liberal reforms, including a  better life for the gay community. What does that say about where Ukrainian society is right now.

What it says is that after the Maidan of 2013, nobody in Ukraine is really enjoying a better life - except people at the very top of the organizations and structures that carried out the Maidan revolution. In actuality, the darlings of the West are beating up the gays of Kiev.

Judging by the previous record of the West, they tend to ignore these kind of things..."


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