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Sean in Ottawa

6079_Smith_W wrote:

Yes, though we wouldn't reduce Ireland's easter uprising as "poking the bear". We would see it for what it was - a popular uprising.


Actually I have studied this over the years and in fact it was not a popular uprising. It was more poking the bear than it was popular. It was an attempt to draw a line when the population was not with them becuase they felt that the opportunity would not come back. They knew there was not enough support and they would lose.

Some participant even felt that they had to move forward becuase without doing so Ireland would settle for home rule rather than independence. Popular opinion was leaning to home rule and not independence. Ireland called itself a free state for a time as well -- even after independence -- rather than a republic: saorstat eireann.

Many would have preferred home rule to independence -- in order to keep unity. At the time many Irish were fighting in World war 1 and sympathies to their efforts were greater until the British botched the rebellion which was largely designed to do what it did. Fail to more support.

The British miscalculated and their harshness towards the Easter Rising participants turned it into a popular rebellion.

There are no Irish historians that have ever claimed that the Easter rising was a popular uprising. It was an action by a small group whose sacrifice won the hearts of the nation is a more common view.


Kiev Between America and Russia: Part 2

"Trump's 'Ukraine audit' bodes Poroshenko's end."

When will we see an audit of the hundreds of millions Canada has given to the Ukraine regime?


Sean in Ottawa wrote:

Actually I have studied this over the years and in fact it was not a popular uprising.

Okay. Fair point on the Post office action.

But in the wider context the vast majority of Irish wanted the Brits out, which is why it galvanized popular opinion.  And the best example of that - and that it was not just all about race and religion - was the fact that their greatest leader prior to 1916 was an Anglo-Irish Protestant - Charles Stewart Parnell.

In fact there were more than enough Brits who wanted home rule. Like Churchill.

That was my actual meaning. Sorry for being unclear.

In fact, thinking about it more, there is even a stronger parallel considering what was non-negotiable - Ulster.


Sean in Ottawa

6079_Smith_W wrote:

Sean in Ottawa wrote:

Actually I have studied this over the years and in fact it was not a popular uprising.

Okay. Fair point on the Post office action.

But in the wider context the vast majority of Irish wanted the Brits out.  And the best example of that - and that it was not just all about race and religion - was the fact that their greatest leader prior to 1916 was an Anglo-Irish Protestant - Charles Stewart Parnell.

In fact there were more than enough Brits who wanted home rule. Like Churchill.

That was my actual meaning. Sorry for being unclear.

Absolutely agree  -- I just wrote that becuase the post said Easter Rising.

There was a short-lived revolt by Protestants in Belfast around 1901 that people do not often remember and this resulted n a strong propaganda effort to get the Protestents to become loyalists. This and the World War 1 culture of loss fed much of what came later but you are correct in that it did not start that way for the Protestants.

But clearly you are familiar with all this -- so I write this for any others who may be interested...



Cross posted with you. Again, thinking about it, there is a strong parallel between Ulster and Crimea. Both were strategic positions that could simply not be lost.



Nuland-McCain-Poroshenko's Desperate Stand Against Trump-Putin-Detente (and vid)

"Prof Filip Kovacevic discusses articles from 4 Russian newspapers, the resignation of Victoria Nuland, Trump-Putin and increased violence in Donbass."


Ukraine on Fire (doco, ENG Subs)

Oliver Stone produced documentary on the Ukraine coup


Professor Stephen Cohen Interviewed by John Batchelor (and podcast)

 "Ukraine remains the epicenter of the new cold war."


What the US Ambassador Should Know About Annexed Crimea

"Nikki Haley just needs to be aware of a few facts..."


Ruslan Kotsaba's Anti-War Voice in Ukraine

"...I believe that every person who considers himself honest has no right to keep silent while looking at our current state of affairs. The existing regime tries to implement a dictatorship in Ukraine with fancy camouflage and sharovary [traditional clothing].  At first sight it looks ridiculous, but at its core is ugly and brutal.

People are stripped of their rights and impoverished. And every person who dares to criticize the existing authorities, every person protesting against the war, is labeled an agent of Putin and an enemy of the people. Indeed, we are leading in the global corruption ranking and renowned globally as the most corrupt state.

The regime admits it is corrupt, then theatrically holds out its hands and asks for more to fight its own total corruption - a Theatre of the Absurd in the center of Europe..."

Ukraine's Soviet-Like Military Looks to Canada For Help...

"...Canadian companies are also finding plenty of opportunity, as Ukraine retools its defence industry. Pratt & Whitney Canada, Esterline/CMC Electronics, IMP Aerospace and L-3 Westcam all have joint projects..."

A Nazi Skeleton in the Family Closet

"People who have followed Freeland's career were aware that her idee fixe for decades has been that Ukraine must be ripped out of the Russian sphere of influence. The new xenophobic regime in Kiev - bristling with hotility towards ethnic Russian Ukrainians - did not embarrass Freeland. As Canada's newly appointed minister of international trade, Freeland met frequently with Ukrainian officials, more so than with many of Canada's leading trade partners..."


Keith McClary

Court Meets on Ukraine Tax Chief's $74M Embezzlement Case

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau said Nasirov signed off on grace periods for number of taxpayers ...  The 38-year old Nasirov, who has occupied his post for two years, is an ally of President Petro Poroshenko. 

Sort of like our KPMG affair, except our tax officials get away with it.


Canada Extending Military Mission In Ukraine  To 2019

"Foreign Minister says Canada should prepare for Russian attempts to destabilize its democracy. 'It's about brotherhood-in-arms and brotherhood-in-values' - Ukrainian ambassador


Yet another example of the wonderful uses of the Russophobia  - people  can be made to believe almost any awful shit. 


Ukraine: The Power of the Extremist Radicals  -  by Julia Rozenblat

"The neo-Nazi renaissance taking place in Ukraine is an unpopular topic..."

Here too.


Paul Manafort's blood money comes back to haunt him:


'Anything Ukraine Sees Negative, Points at Moscow'

"Ukrainian president [and CIA 'asset'] Petro Poroshenko has already dubbed the murder 'an act of terrorism by Russia.' Author and Russia analyst Martin McCauley gives his opinion."


Kyiv Killer Was Far-Right Ukrainian, But Western Media Repeats Ukraine Gov't Claim that 'Russia' Was Responsible

"Western media continues to omit revelations that the killer of Denis Voronenkov served in Ukrainian far-right volunteer units and was reportedly a neo-Nazi. Instead it disseminates Ukrainian Interior Ministry propaganda that he was a Russian agent."

What America's Coup [With Help From Canada] in Ukraine Did   -  by Eric Zuesse

"Here are some of the events and important historical details along the way into Ukraine's plunge into a worse condition than most African nations..."


Sundance 2015 review: The Russian Woodpecker – paranoia and prophecy from a Chernobyl soothsayer



In a documentary unlike any other at Sundance, Chad Gracia follows Ukrainian artist Fedor’s attempts to unmask a Chernobyl cover-up – and to deliver a warning as Putin heads to the brink of civil war


Top US General in Europe Urges Arming Ukraine

"I personally believe that we need to consider lethal defensive weapons for Ukraine,' General Curtis M Scaparrotti, head of the US European Command (EUCOM) told the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. The general is also the NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe."

Watch Canada's minister for Ukraine work him during the upcoming NATO summit..


'Drills With Russian-Speaking Extras Means NATO Preparing For Ukrainian Scenario'

"It is not difficult to guess that the Pentagon has organized training for a Ukrainian scenario, because the only 'crisis region' in Europe where people speak Russian is Donbas. If Russia was recruting American extras for military exercises there would be a lot of noise..."

So Who Exactly Annexed the Crimean Peninsula

"The real annexation of Crimea by Ukraine, which no one condemned, was completed in 1995."


Monitor Killed in Eastern Ukraine After Mission Car Hits Mine - OSCE Chairman

"A car belonging to the OSCE's Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine exploded after driving over a mine in the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic in the country's east. One of the monitors was killed. The OSCE car had strayed from its route, according to Sputnik news agency, citing the LPR press service

'We know that the mentioned crew deviated from the main route and moved along side roads, which is prohibited by the mandate of the OSCE SMM,' the press service reported. The car reportedly drove over a mine near the village of Prishib..."


Nazis in 2017 Kiev? Ukraine Thinks YOU Are a Moron or the Fascist

"The Ukrainians murdered 250,000 Jews, 3 million prisoners of war, and close to 500 thousand Ukrainians. The Year of the UPA celebrates this achievement with war criminal prosecutions of the people that stopped them. With the Ukrainian nationalists finally coming out of the closet, it's time to stop funding their remaking of history and their attacks on society in Donbass and Ukraine."

Ukraine Opens Criminal Probe Against 94-Year-Old Jewish WWII Hero,7340,L-4955865,00.html

"Ukrainan authorities have decided to open a criminal investigation into a 94-year-old Jewish WWII hero who is accused of killing a Nazi collaborator. This is the first time Ukrainian authorities have sought to arrest a person who worked against Nazi collaborators during and after the Second World War."


Odessa Massacre: Three Years Since Tragedy That Killed 48 - Guilty Still Not Found


Ukraine: The Masks of the Revolution

Documentary - english subs


A Victory Day Primer on 'Good Fascists' vs 'Bad Fascists'

"Ukraine is the CIA theme park (to use John Pilger's memorable phrase) where the shiny New World Order 'liberal' corporate fascism of today meets the old fascism of yesteryear..."

Canada's foreign minister and Ukraine policy is a perfect expression of this 'meeting'.


Russian Grandmother Confronts OSCE Over Killings in Donetsk

"...For three years they're shelling people like bastards and no one will stop them!"


'North Korea in Europe'

"Ukraine bans most popular social networks because they are Russian-owned..."


Ukraine: Banning Its Way To The Promised Land

"Even NATO's Atlantic Council was appalled..."

But Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said she hadn't heard...


Ukraine Escalates An Armed Conflict in Donbass (and vid)

"...To be blunt the situation in and around Gorlovka is very bad. All day and all night, every day and every night, the Ukrainian artillery fires at random but specific targets. This fire is 24/7, day in and day out..."

Canada supports Ukraine.


Putin, Ukraine and What Americans Knew   -    by Robert Parry

"A prime example of how today's mainstream media paradigm works in the US is the case of Ukraine, where Americans have been shielded from evidence that the 2014 ouster of democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych was a US-supported coup d'etat spearheaded by violent, neo-nazi extremists."


Reuters (finally) Realize There Are Nazis in Ukraine

"There never were Nazis in Ukraine. Except now there are..."


Ukrainian President Compares Trump To Reagan Ending Cold War (and vid)

"Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that President Trump reminds him of President Ronald Reagan at the close of the Cold War.

'My personal perception is that this is a great leader with great charisma. He has a great political will and is a strong friend of Ukraine."

Two billionaires/oligarchs talk shit on Ukraine...


Ukrainian Software Firm Suspected of Spreading Global Virus, Servers Seized


"Not too long ago, the Israeli Foreign Ministry and ADL's Abe Foxman defended Right Sector. 'Shukhevych Fest' is being sponsored by extremist groups Svoboda and Right Sector."


TRNN: Interview With Nicolai Petro on Ukraine, the West and Russia (and vid)

"Trump tells Russia to stop 'destabilizing' Ukraine, but what's really going on?"


Up To 1,000 Ukrainian Nationalists Clash With Police, Block Parliament (and vid)

"Around 1,000 protesters, mainly from Ukraine's nationalist movements, have blocked the parliament building in Kiev and several streets in the area..."


The 'Free' Frightened Media of Ukraine

"Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated at a press conference a while back that 'the level of freedom we have now in unprecedented. Never in the history of Ukraine [have] we had so much regard to regard to public figures.

It is possible, however, that Poroshenko is deliberately championing the anti-utopian reality of life in Ukraine."


"I really believe this is the best government that Ukraine has had in its entire history." - Chrystia Freeland


DNC-Kiev Regime Collusion Isn't In America's Best Interests

"It's extremely shortsighted to readily accept Kiev regime's anti-Russian propaganda, designed to seek a greater disintegration of US-Russia relations - with the idea of Ukraine as a valuable strategic bulwark against Russia."

Russia To Blame for 'Hot War' in Ukraine - US Special Envoy

"...A career diplomat, Volker is a former aide to Republican Senator John McCain, a Russia hawk who wants the US to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine..."


On the formation of the new parallel government of have to congratulate the leadership in these independent regions of Ukraine for their ambitious move....wondering how widespread their support may be!

But as the Ukraine fascist state disintegrates, a real? alternative decentralist movement is now in the works...A crucially important strategy to consider, as so many territories are to face the same cataclysmic situation! A very hopeful movement to watch!

And with Canada so closely aligned, economically and militarily witht he neonazis, where will that put us, if in fact this new decentralist pluriethnic state takes hold?


It is discussed in the second half.

CrossTalk: Little Russia


"It's about time: 'Pentagon Offers Plan To Arm Ukraine.'

If USA does Canada will too.  


Ukraine Signs Deal To Buy American Coal

"Ukraine is a coal rich country. US President Donald Trump has pledged to revive the American coal sector, lifting the Obama-era policy of curbing US coal production, as he seeks American 'energy dominance."


'Adding Fuel to the Fire': Russia Blasts US Plans to Supply Lethal Arms to Ukraine

"The masterminds of the plan to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, apparently proceed from the assumption that the situation in the east of the country isn't explosive enough already and that it needed to add fuel to the fire'. On Monday, the Wall St Journal reported that the Pentagon and US State Department have prepared a plan to supply Ukraine with antitank and other weaponry."



'Tell Poroshenko To Stop Killing Our Children...'


Alexey Markov: Peaceful Settlement in Donbass Not Profitable For Ukrainian Side

"A peaceful settlement of this conflict is not profitable for the Ukrainian side. They actually have no other choice. They have to intensify the war simply to hold on to power.

It must be understood that Ukraine is now building an openly Nazi state. Although it now looks like a farce, a parody of the Third Reich, they're really killing people.

The fact that the Ukrainian forces are preparing for a military solution is not a secret. The fact that we are ready for them is  also not a secret."


Documentary: 8 Months in Ukraine (Euromaidan - MH17)

Truth of Ukraine Crisis


'Significant Accomplishment': US Starts Building Major Naval Facility in Ukraine

"The US navy has kicked off the construction of a major maritime operations center in Ukraine."


Far Right in US & Ukraine - Same Problem, Different Approaches

Ukraine = Nazis we like/Charlottesville =Nazis we don't.


"Ukraine Sells N Korea ICBMs That Can Vaporize American Cities. Liberals Want Trump to Arm Ukraine with Lethal Weapons."


Ukraine To Be A NATO Member - Parubiy At Meeting With NATO PA President Turner

"The decision of the Bucharest NATO summit is to be put into practice - Ukraine will join NATO,' Parubiy said during the meeting."



'Ukraine Revolution Turning Incredibly Sour'

"The economy is in free fall, and the potential of joining NATO might spark further war in the country..."


The False Friends of the Ukrainian People

"Poroshenko's fragile status has been his own doing..."


The Lastest Push To Arm Ukraine

"Arming Kiev could hinder diplomatic efforts to end the war..."


Life Under Fire in Donbass

"I can't imagine this in my worst nightmare..."


Don't be surprised to see President, billionaire oligarch and CIA 'asset' Petro Poroshenko make a trip to Canada to pressure  Justin and his Banderite pal Chrystia  - these most pliant suckers -  for some serious arms for the Ukrainian 'frozen conflict's imminent and rapid thawing, anytime soon to sabotage Russian peace initiatives and diplomacy.


A UN Force For Ukraine: Beware the Trojan Horse

"Russia has proposed that a UN 'peacekeeping' force be placed in Ukraine to protect OSCE representatives, who are supposed to be monitoring adherence to the Minsk agreement. The objective of the NATO alliance is clear, to use the force as a device to crush the Donbass republics. History shows that UN peacekeeping missions can turn into 'regime change' missions as happened in Russia and Yugoslavia."