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Today's Ukraine: A Citizen Speaks

"Who should Ukraine base itself on..?"


'Ukrainian Police Declare Admiration For Nazi Collaborators'

"Even US government media, which has employed countless Nazi collaborators over the years, can't ignore the obvious..."


No Joke! Ukraine's Presidential Choice: An Oligarch, a Gas Princess or a Comedian

"Right now, here's the state of play: Zelensky 26.9 percent, Poroshenko 17.7 percent, and Yulia Tymoshenko 15.8 percent..."

The real clown is leading.


"My new visual reconstruction of Maidan massacre in Ukraine and bullet hole locations shows that snipers from Maidan-controlled buildings and not Berkut police and government snipers massacred Maidan protestors..."


"2019 is the year Nationalists must go on the offensive,' leader of the far-right AZOV movement, Andriy Biletsky told members of AZOV's street wing - The National Militia, on Saturday at the organization's rally in Kyiv.


"Ukraine is a Hellscape of memorials honoring Nazi collaborators who murdered Jews. The West is fine with this because today's Ukrainian fascists kill Russians."

More than 'fine' with it. We even train them, arm them and give the AZOV medals for it:


Fault Lines (and vid)

Previewing the coming elections in Ukraine


Persecuted For Defending the Persecuted in Ukraine    -     by Eva Bartlett

"In Ukraine, Andriy Domansky is fighting for his client, journalist Kirill Vyshinsky. Now Domansky himself is in Ukrainian government crosshairs. The Vyshinsky case is key in demonstrating the political persecution of journalists in Ukraine..."


Thread on Ukraine Regime's Most Recent Assults on Critical Journalism

"Total disciplined silence from western media and politicians on this..."


World Low: 9% of Ukrainians Confident in Government

" 9% of Ukrainians have confidence in the national government - 91% in Ukraine say corruption is widespread in government."

Thanks for helping to impose this coup-government Canada!


G7 Letter Takes Aim at Role of Violent Extremists in Ukrainian Society

"Such G7 is too late and comes after Western governments backed violent overthrow of Ukrainian government by oligarchic and Far Right alliance and after denials and silence concerning far right involvement in Maidan and Odessa massacres and war in Donbas."

An 'oligarchic/far-right' alliance heavily supported by Canada and especially the ultranationalist lobby represented in government by Chrystia Freeland. Meanwhile the deluded Canadian left is still lost in the illusion of 'the revolution of dignity', the 'heavenly hundred' and their own toxic Russophobia. Unfortunately, the Canadian left has never seen an imperial propaganda campaign it didn't fall over itself to cheerlead, no matter how mendaciously it claims otherwise when caught out after all turns to shit.


"Leaked exit poll results suggest Poroshenko was able to literally buy many votes and that he is now unlikely to concel 1st round of presidential elections in Ukraine but might do this in 2nd round which he is set to lose to Zelensky. Official voter turnout at presidential elections in Ukraine as of 15:00 is 45% vs 40% in 2014."

Ukraine's confidence in corrupt regime that seized power in openly West-backed Maidan Putsch and brazen bloody civil war of subjugation on own people in the East, is lowest in the world for 2nd year in a row at 9%. (see #260)


Taxes of Ukraine's Poroshenko Show His Income Jumped 10,000%...

"The annual income gains of Petro Poroshenko, who is currently fighting for a second presidential term in Ukraine, saw a hundredfold surge in 2018, the president's tax documents revealed..." [How much did Canada give your 'friend', Chrystia F?]


Ukraine Election: The West's Poroshenko Gamble Blows Up As Joker Zelensky Tops Pols

"TV comic Vladimir Zelensky has won 30 percent of the vote in the first-round of Ukraine's presidential election. He'll face the beleagured Western-backed president, Petro Poroshenko in a run-off..."


Sick of Traditional Politicians? Comic Zelensky Leads Ukraine Presidential Race in 1st Round

"Volodiymyr Zelensky is leading the polls in the first round of Ukraine's presidential election."


As Ukraine Descends To Failed-State Status, US-Backed Fascists Exploit the Chaos

"Fascists adore a failed state. Ukraine is a haven for hate groups..."


"A guy firing from his trench in Ukraine..."

Canada supports.


"Latest leaked exit poll results in Ukraine election 2019 show significant regional differences. Zelensky gets 89% in the East, 73% in the South, 72% in the Center and 56% in Western Ukraine. Poroshenko is likely to win only in Galicia in the West."

Freeland and the rest of the Galician mafia that runs Canadian foreign policy on Ukraine will be disappointed. The CIA oligarch Poroshenko is out and the Zio-oligarch Kolomoisky's clown Zelensky is in, looks like.

Sean in Ottawa

NDPP wrote:

"Latest leaked exit poll results in Ukraine election 2019 show significant regional differences. Zelensky gets 89% in the East, 73% in the South, 72% in the Center and 56% in Western Ukraine. Poroshenko is likely to win only in Galicia in the West."

Freeland and the rest of the Galician mafia that runs Canadian foreign policy on Ukraine will be disappointed. The CIA oligarch Poroshenko is out and the Zio-oligarch Kolomoisky's clown Zelensky is in, looks like.

Since we know little about his stance and this is a very understandable protest vote -- let's hope that he can actually do something different.


Comedian Zelensky Celebrates Win Over Poroshenko in Ukraine

"He will need to secure a support base in the legislature to be able to implement his policies and a failure to do so may undermine his landslide win..."


"It's hard to consider Ukraine's election as anything other than a referendum on not only Poroshenko's presidency, but the entire US-backed Maidan project."


"Ukrainian media reports that US government granted Poroshenko guarantees from prosecution in Ukraine. His ex-associate also states that Poroshenko received immunity from prosecution in order for him to transfer power to Zelensky after Ukraine elections."


The Comedian and the Oligarch

Only in Ukraine...

Never mind it's complicated..


"Hon Lloyd Axworthy, Head of CANADEM UKR 2019 - Ukraine election 2019 met international standards, remarkably so in face of external aggression. Cyber threats endure but resisted. Candidates should be more open to media access and questions."

Thanks Lloyd the cheque is in the mail..


Zelensky Win Makes Ukraine 1st Country Outside Israel With Jewish PM, President

"Imagine a pure-blooded Jew with the appearance of a Sholom Aleichem protagonist wins by a landslide in a country where the glorification of Nazi criminals is enacted into law...."


Billionaire Ukrainian Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky Under Investigation By FBI

"...Kolomoisky owns the TV channel that airs Zelensky's show, and Poroshenko has called him 'a puppet of Kolomoisky.' The oligarch, whose net worth Forbes places at $1.2 billion, lives in Tel Aviv, according to the FT. Law enforcement experts say his residency there could complicate any political extradition attempt by the US.

Jonathan Brunson, who worked at the US embassy in Kiev and was senior analyst on Ukraine to the Crisis Group, took a different view, 'I think Kolomoisky is super-dangerous,' he said. 'He is probably one of the most dangerous oligarchs because he's one of the ones who's willing to get his hands dirty.'

Brunson pointed to Kolomoisky's role in funding the ultra-far-right Azov battalion a group of Ukrainian fighters alleged to have ties to American white supremacists, per RFE/RL; The State Department has called its political wing a 'nationalist hate group' and human rights workers say it may be a haven for neo-Nazis.


But have no fear Canada's 'training' them:

ps I'm sure Canada's favourite foreign minister has got it all under control and CBC, the Globe or the Guardian will have a nice neat and tidy analysis with all the troublesome contradictions mercifully missing. And so in the words of ex NDP Right Sector aficionado Peggy Nash: 'Slava Ukraini!' You've come a long way baby! Well done Canada...

CAF in Ukraine

"Joint Task Force Ukraine wishes you all a happy Easter season!"


CrossTalk: Ukraine Comic Relief?

"Oligarch Poroshenko is out and comic Zelenskiy is in. The presidential contest wasn't even close. Saying Ukrainians voted for change is an understatement. Change is what Ukraine needs. Can this political novice deliver? What is next for Ukraine?"

 Thes elections have demonstrated an overwhelming rejection of Petro Poroshenko by Ukrainians. Will the fact that this corrupt oligarch and his neo-Nazi associates was the heavily supported/funded/armed choice of Ottawa, cheerled also by the stupidos of  the NDP and Canadian left, cause any questions? 


"A Comedian Walks Into the President's Office But Does Very Much Change?"


"A Wedding in Lviv Ukraine"


Looks like the Trump syndicate is trying to get another country involved in U.S. politics.


"Parubiy busted out his old gang colors for this new initiative, 'language is a weapon - Defend Ukraine."

Canada does


Ukraine Opens High Treason Case Against Poroshenko

"Ukraine's state investigation bureau probes crimes committed by the country's top official. 'Poroshenko's actions were aimed at deliberately provoking the Russian Federation for retaliatory and easily forseen agressive actions in a tense situation which caused losses in the inventory of the Ukrainian Navy,' the lawyer's statement posted on his Facebook says. Ukraine's state investigation bureau confirmed on Tuesday it had opened a criminal case relating precisely to the Kerch Strait incident late last year..."


"Zelensky's first statements and actions as Ukraine president suggest that he attempts to continue failed policies of the Poroshenko concerning the civil war in Donbas, the conflict with Donbas, and relations with the West. Popularity of his party is likely to plummet."


"Zelensky's struggle with the Rada continues as the parliament refuses to confirm the resignations of Foreign Affairs Minister Pavel Klimkin, SBU Chief Kasyl Hrytsak and Defense Minister Stepan Poltrack."


"Why isn't it international headline news that Ukrainian neo-national socialists - who mockingly call themselves social-nationalists and proudly lead the movement to rehabilitate Ukraine's Holocaust collaborators - boast about vandalizing a Jewish building with modified swastikas."

Galician ultranationalist/NATO proxies still powerful despite Ukrainians attempts to vote them out.


"Outgoing foreign minister of Ukraine has publicly admitted that promises by Maidan government politicians, media and self-proclaimed experts that Ukraine would become an EU member in the next 5 or 10 years are 'foolishness,' 'fairy tales' and 'myths'."


Zelenskii's Dilemma

"The recent elections to the Ukrainian Rada have yielded two most interesting results. First, almost all the nationalist parties failed to get even one representative elected to the Rada. Second, for the first time since the independence of Ukraine, the country's president will have an absolute majority in the Rada. In plain English what this means is that the war parties have suffered a crushing electoral defeat..."



Ukraine Elections - Voters Defeat Second Color Revolution (and vid)

"Zelensky will likely try to move the country back to a balanced position between the 'west' and Russia. With the large mandate he got and a secure majority in parliament he should have all the necessary means to achieve that. But the 'west' is unlikely to let him do that. The US [and Canada] wants to designate the Ukraine as a 'major non-NATO ally' and use it against Russia..."


Zelensky Gets Tough With Defence Minister Over Attempts to Sabotage 'Indefinite Ceasefire' in Eastern Ukraine (and vid)

"The Ukrianian Armed Forces have intensified artillery and mortar shelling on settlements and towns of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) ahead of the announced 'indefinite ceasefire' in the region..."


'An Act of Piracy': Moscow Slams Seizure of its Tanker, Says Ukraine Should Think of 'Ramifications'

"...Officials in Moscow have said Ukraine, which has seized a Russian tanker, has acted like a pirate and urged Kiev to think of how the act could affect the release of its own sailors..."


Ukraine Seizes Russian Tanker in Kerch Strait, Crew Promptly Released

"...This comes as both countries discuss the release of Ukrainian sailors detained in the area last year."


'Ukraine's Security Service & Military Prosecutor's Office Say They've Detained Russian Ship 'Neyma'

"Gotta wonder if this dangerous provocation was Zelensky's idea, or a plot by Ukraine's western-aligned security services to kneecap Zelensky's moves to lessen hostility with Russia, democracy be damned."


"Every day is 'Celebrate Our Nazi Heritage' Day for Ukrainian Patriots..."

SS Galizia - lots were 'resettled' here in Canada.


"Head of State Bureau of Investigations in Ukraine states that there are now 11 criminal investigations concerning ex-president Poroshenko. These investigations concern large-scale corruption and attempts to seize power by staging Kerch Strait incident."


Far-Right Extremists Have Been Using Ukraine's Civil War as a Training Ground. They're Returning Home

"It took five years to report the obvious in Ukraine and call neo-Nazis in Azov Regiment neo-Nazis and civil war in Donbas civil war."

 Canada Trains AZOV NATO-Nazis in Ukraine

Thanks for helping, Canada...and thanks for ignoring, 'progressives'.


Rabbi Helps Dedicate A Memorial To Ukrianian Group That Collaborated With the Nazis - EuroMaidan Ukraine

Yes, that's Canada's [Galician] Ambassador Washcuk with Ukraine's Chief Rabbi [From Chicago] Yaakov Dov Bleich, who is also VP of the World Jewish Congress. Hey, this is Ukraine, it's complicated and 'collaboration' has long been the name of the game.


Rabbi Helps Memorialize Ukrainian Group That Collaborated With Nazis

"...Bleich's critics have accused him of succumbing to efforts to whitewash the OUN's checkered legacy. 'I'm practically speechless,' Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said. 'It's incomprehensible how a rabbi would participate in such a ceremony. This is clearly a whitewash of the horrible crimes committed against Jews in Sambir and also reinforces the highly problematic tendency in Ukraine to hide Holocaust crimes committed by Ukraine. Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe another OUN specialist agreed. He told JTA that 'the general trend is to make the OUN and UPA a part of the Ukrainian national history which the Jews in Ukraine should accept."

Hence the participation by Canada.


Vadim Pristaiko, President Zelensky's choice for Foreign Minister of Ukraine, has now been confirmed by the Verkhovna Rada. Pristaiko has previously served as Ukraine's ambassador to Canada under Victor Yanukovich, Deputy foreign minister, and Head of Ukraine's Mission to NATO. Atlanticists will be pleased.


I read that. Smart fellow jumped on the right train when the snap election was called.  This may or may not be a anti-corruption government as it claims, time will tell. It seems that was the main promise in the election. Whether they find a  peaceful way forward even with the same Interior Minister also remains to be seen. Hopefully they can't be more belligerent than the last government.


'Historica Humanitarian Action': Prisoner Exchange Between Russia and Ukraine Completed (and vid)

"...The jubilant scenes of detainees returning home in both countries sparked hope that the severely-strained bilateral relations will start returning to normal. Zelensky said the successful swap will help 'to unblock the dialogue' with Moscow..."


Ukraine's Nazis: Who Are They, Why Are They Influential - And Why Have Media Ignored Them?

"A recent festival in Kiev proudly displayed Nazi symbols and even advertised 'White Pride' - yet received almost no attention from Western media, who still steadfastly pretend there are no Nazis in Ukraine, neo or otherwise. It was organized by the Azov Regiment, a one-time volunteer batallion that became notorious during the civil war in Ukraine's east, and is now part of the country's National Guard. ['Trained' by Canada]

'Azov Graduates From the First NATO Commanding Standards Course Received This:'


"We will not recognize the results of so-called 'elections' carried out by Russian occupation authorities. We condemn Russia's illegal actions in Crimea and reiterate our unbending support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity."

But our shake and bake separatists in Hong Kong could be quite another matter...


Eva Bartlett: 'There is Supposedly A Ceasefire'

(Sept 10) "Over past 24 hours, Ukrainian forces violated ceasefire 12 times expending 184 rounds of ammunition...122mm artillery, mortars, infantry fighting vehicle cannons, grenade launchers and small arms."

Canada arms/trains/supports.


Kiev Moots Privatbank Deal With Kolomoisky Despite $5.5 bn Scandal

"...Olegksiy Honcharuk told the FT that the president would like to reach a settlement with Mr Kolomoisky over the 2016 collapse of Ukraine's largest lender Privatbank, which Kiev nationalised amid allegations of staggering fraud...Privatbank was nationalised in 2016 to save it from collapse when regulators found a $5.5 bn black hole in its balance sheet. Ukraine launched legal proceedings against Mr Kolomoisky and his partner Gennady Bogolyubar, accusing them of running a 'Ponzi-like scheme' to launder money and abuse the bank's retail deposit base to fund their own businesses..."

'Reformers Living in Fear'

"Since Vladimir Zelensky became Ukraine's President, somebody has been targeting Valeriya Gontareva, the ex-National Bank governor who nationalised 'Privat Bank' after a $5.5 billion fraud. Privat's former owner, Olgarch Igor Kolomoisky is rumoured to be Zelensky's'patron'."

Same old, same old crooked Ukraine that Canada has already given a billion in aid and 'loans' to because hating Russia is all that really matters, there's over a million Ukie votes here,  and just like the zios this ultranationalist lobby (complete with a foreign minister that does the bidding of both)  is a powerful one.


Wow NDPP you posted a piece from the Financial Post that is behind a paywall and a twitter feed that is nothing but someones biased opinion.  Do you really trust the FP enough to pay to see its stuff?


PushBack: The Other Ukraine Scandal: US Support For Neo-Nazis Fuels Far-Right Terror At Home

"Aaron Mate speaks with Ben Norton about how a far-right US soldier arrested by the FBI for plotting domestic bomb attacks sought to join Ukraine's neo-Nazi Avov Battalion which was directly armed and advised by the American government."

And Canada, who arms/trains them...

" In June 2018 the Canadian government and military officials in Ukraine met with members of the ultranationalist Azov Battalion, which earlier that year had been banned by the US Congress from receiving American arms because of its links to Neo-Nazis. The Canadians were photographed with Azov Batallion members, images which were later shared on the battalion's social media site."

Canadian Officials Honour Nazi Collaborators in Ukraine...

'Azov Graduates from the first NATO commanding standards course received this.'


DPR Village Facing Near Daily Attacks (and vid)

Former contributor Eva Bartlett* interviews remaining civilians in DPR village near Eastern Ukraine's bombed and machine-gunned frontline:  "Don't mention Zelensky to me. He is a clown. The circus is gone but the clown remains. No, the situation hasn't improved, in fact it became worse..."

(Like Yves Engler, Roger Annis, etc Bartlett's excellent reports are no longer published here.)


BBC Newsnight: Could This Comedian Be Ukraine's Next President?

And so he is...


Israel is Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

"Ukraine's embassy in Israel attacked us at Grayzone Project after we reported factually on Israel's arming of Ukrainian neo-Nazis."


'Probably Not Trump Call But Zelensky's Peace Plan...'

"...Far right play a role, try to lead, spin."


"Head of the ultranationalist 'National Corps', part of Azov group, came near Zolotoe, village on the frontline which could soon be the location of the next troop pullback. [Ukrainian fascist leader] Biletsky promised his 'volunteer veterans' would protect the village 'if the president fails to do so."

Right wing ultranationalists and their western atlanticist sponsors push back against new president's peace initiatives.


'What Remains of Stepan Bandera's Intl Cold War Network is Behind a Chunk of Anti-Ze Protests'

"US media I've seen of the protests doesn't mention the heavy Nazi participation, the Fascists' resentment of Zelensky's Jewish background and doesn't note his popularity. Seems that too many powerful interests want this proxy war to go on indefinitely..."

Freeland's people.


'The Real Ukrainegate Scandal is That America Wants to Keep Ukraine in a Permanent State of War'

"There's a fascist-adjacent pro-war insurgency building in Ukraine against Zelensky's modest attempts at moving towards resolution of the war in Ukraine. This insurgency is inline with American foreign policy. That's why it's being whitewashed by American reporters."


'The Real Ukrainegate Scandal is That America Wants to Keep Ukraine in a Permanent State of War'

"There's a fascist-adjacent pro-war insurgency building in Ukraine against Zelensky's modest attempts at moving towards resolution of the war in Ukraine. This insurgency is inline with American foreign policy. That's why it's being whitewashed by American reporters."


"Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, speaking at a press conference in Kiev, says his predecessor Petro Poroshenko has been unable to mentally accept losing office. Now fantasies about leading another 'Maidan' & seizing power."


"Ukrainian Oligarch Viktor Pinchuk's millions keep flowing into Washington via longtime Clinton pollster Douglas Schoen. Firtash & Kolomoyski buying into one DC faction, Pinchuk buying the other. Life in oligarchy."

Oligarch Pinchuk & a longtime Canadian friend...