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Zelensky Begs Neo-Nazi Militias To Observe UNSC Minsk Peace Accords

"...Zelensky's visit to far right in Donbas shows that neo-Nazis not only have power to block Minsk Agreement toward peace, but that president [Zelensky] has no power and will to disband and arrest them and has to plead with them. It is another manifestation of actual power of far right in Ukraine."


In Case You Wonder Why Neo-Nazis Thrive in Ukraine...

"Zelensky administration to ask US Senators *not* to designate neo-Nazi Azov Regiment as a terrorist organization."

*Canadian trained:

"Canada is on the front-lines of the whole world in the fight between democracy and authoritarianism which is why it is an essential element of Canada's foreign policy to support Ukraine in that struggle." - FM Chrystia Freeland -


New Testimony Sheds Light on 'Georgian Snipers' Killings During 2014 Ukraine Coup

"Only English-language publication about testimonies of 3 Georgian ex-military to Prosecutor General office in Belarus and their letters to Ukrainian courts with offers to testify re: involvement of Maidan leaders & snipers in Maidan Massacre."

Call intercept: Telephone conversation between Estonian FM Urmas Paet and UK Foreign Sec Catherine Ashton, March 2014 @8:25


Zelenskii in Free Fall

"Well, that didn't take too long. Let me summarize what just happened in Ukraine. Everything was looking oh so promising and then suddenly..."


Igor Kolomoisky Makes A Mistake And The New York Times Does What It Always Does

"...Kolomoisky may be the biggest Ukrainian bank robber the FBI has ever pursued, or he may not be. But until a few weeks ago, when he began to threaten the US Government's strategy of 'war against Russia to the last Ukrainian', and an alliance between Kiev and Moscow to deploy tanks in shooting range of the Polish cities of Cracow and Warsaw he was a US asset. Now the newspaper in New York has arranged for Kolomoisky to place himself in the Bulls-eye as America's Public Enemy Number One."


Finian Cunningham: US Impeachment Furor Sabotages Ukraine Peace Talks

"Weeks of impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives, accusing President Trump of abusing his office with regard to Ukraine, have achieved very little except for two things. Ukraine's international image has been trashed with corruption claims and depiction of the country as having vassal-like dependecy on the US, and secondly, demonization of Russia which has been heightened as an 'aggressor' supposedly out to destroy Ukraine.

The irony is that Washington purports to be an ally of Ukraine to promote democracy, sovereignty and independence of the former Soviet republic. But the upshot of the impeachment inquiry is that Ukraine's independence and sovereignty is gravely undermined. When President Zelensky holds multilateral talks soon with Putin, the Ukrainian leader will have little room to maneuver as a result of the cacaphony back in the US.

The two leaders are due to meet on December 9 in Paris as part of a four-way summit also involving German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron. The meeting is a return to long-suspended peace talks and an attempt to revive the 2015 Minsk accords for ending conflict in eastern Ukraine. Zelensky was elected by a landslide vote in April, primarily on the ticket that he would seek a peace settlement..."

Although Zelensky and most Ukrainians desire an end to this 'frozen conflict', NATO, the US deep state, Canada and the ultranationalist diaspora lobby, wish 'fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian' to continue and to tie the hands of those trying to negotiate peace.

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NDPP wrote:

Although Zelensky and most Ukrainians desire an end to this 'frozen conflict', NATO, the US deep state, Canada and the ultranationalist diaspora lobby, wish 'fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian' to continue and to tie the hands of those trying to negotiate peace.

And you posit that this would somehow be better if Trump were not being impeached? Do you imagine that he would be the honest partner Ukraine needs to negotiate peace with Russia?


I posit manufacturing consent for intelligence agencies and deep state to effectively prevent the executive branch from exercising international diplomacy in the public interest is not a good thing. That is what is now happening. The precedent being established is an extremely dangerous one for international affairs. Despite the xenophobic anti-Russian 'Trump is Putin's robot' conspiracy mania you seem to support and subscribe to.

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To quote Gordon Sondland, who donated $1M to Trump's inaugural and was given an ambassadorial post as a reward: "He doesn't give a shit about Ukraine." You seem to live in a fantasy world where Trump is a statesman rather than a con man.


I think no such thing. I spoke of a dangerous precedent being set. More here.

Ukrainegate Impeachment Saga Worsens US-Russia Cold War

Aaron Mate interviews Prof Michael Cohen on the dangers of Ukrainegate.


Normandy Four Summit on Ukraine's Future: What's At Stake?

"Paris is set to host the first summit of the so-called Normandy Four in over three years. The rendezvous is possible thanks to a change of power in Ukraine and a very active stance by Macron. What are the stakeholders' cards...."


"In Paris ahead of Normandy Four talks, Ukrainian World Congress* rally against Russian aggression was joined by leaders of far-right Azov movement/National Corps Party described by the US State Department as a 'nationalist hate group' and as 'a threat to Ukrainian democracy' by Freedom House."

Canadian Paul Grod heads the ultranationalist World Ukrainian Congress and was previously president of the Canadian Ukrainian Congress, advising both Harper and Trudeau on foreign policy regarding Ukraine. Canadian Forces military instructors are also training Azov members in Ukraine as part of Op UNIFIER.


'Don't Cede Too Much to Putin, Ukrainians tell Zelensky'

"It's not 'Ukrainians' though. It's a few thousand hardliners on the streets of Kiev, who have zero mandate from anyone. Led by Petro Poroshenko was unseated by Zelensky in this years election. Polls show 75% of Ukrainians support Zelensky's meeting with Putin."