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Wilf Day

. . . the government is unable to operate effectively throughout the rest of Yemen. ("Parts of the country are undergoverned," said a U.S. official with an apparent gift for euphemism yesterday.)

An expression with legs, I hope.

"the Houthis, who are enduring some of the country's worst poverty, feel slighted by the Saleh administration." We can all agree that poverty is the result of undergovernment.

And it's only a small leap for journalism-kind to say that the poverty-striken anarchic provinces of Afghanistan and the Tribal Areas are suffering from undergovernment.

But let's not stop there.

As everyone knows, the Kashechewan native reserve in northern Ontario, with unsafe water, substandard housing, and repeated flooding, suffers from undergovernment.

In fact, if the Coalition hadn't stopped Harper's first attempt 13 months ago at responding to the recession, all of Canada would have been suffering from undergovernment even more than we do now.

To win the war on terrorism, poverty and violence, the world needs -- more government.  Right?


No not really but "effective" government would suffice.

Wilf Day

RANGER wrote:
"effective" government would suffice.

Ahah! Government that "does more with less?"

Sorry, but the Kashechewan band didn't suffer from ineffective administration; they suffered from having no money to repair the water system or their housing, and certainly no money to move the settlement to a safer location. 


So where does the $80,000 per resident household go?