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Finally some constructive political leadership emanating from the UK


Mr. Magoo

Khan said Britain was now facing either a bad deal or a no-deal Brexit, both of which were “incredibly risky.”

If the Brits were to choose to go with an "approval" referendum for whatever deal gets hammered out, they would still be facing either a bad deal (if it's indeed bad) or no deal.

The UK already served its notice of resignation.  There's no reason to believe that if the UK decides it's unhappy with the proposed severance package then its job is waiting for it like none of this ever happened.

And honestly, it's not the EU's problem that the UK spent the last two whole years since voting "leave" to fight internally, moan and groan, point fingers, resign, try to propose Plan B through Plan T for how to land butter side up, and act like everything since June 2016 has been a "practice round" that doesn't really count.

They've got about six months now to get down to business, and it counts.


The Debate: UK's Exit From the European Union (and vid)


"This edition of The Debate is about the ongoing deliberations about Britain's upcoming divorce from the European Union. Keith Pilbeam, professor of international economics and finance at City University, and Ian Williams, senior analyst at Foreign Policy in Focus, exchange views about consequential Brexit."


There is a serious side to this funny graphic in that having to destroy their herds left a bitter taste that has lasted for a generation.

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..that's funny. txs krop!


George Galloway's Opening Monologue,  21 Sept, 2018 (and vid)


Galloway rips into Salzburg, Theresa May and the EU. 'This country is adrift on an ocean of incompetence, entirely bereft of leadership and a General Election is inescapable."


The Skripal Affair - Another False Flag  in NATO Litany to Criminalize Russia


"If we start from a premise which understands that Britain and its NATO allies are capable of mounting false flag events in Syria with chemical weapons, then it is entirely possible that British secret services carried out a similar propaganda stunt in England with regard to former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal..."


The Neoliberal Order is Dying. Time to Wake Up  -  by Jonathan Cook


"The neoliberal order goes unquestioned - presumed against the evidence of history, to be permanent, fixed, unchallengeable...The story of Britain's Labour Party is a case in point."




"The Salisbury poisoning - Petrov and Boshirov, two men on a mini-break."


Skripal Case: Israeli Expert on the Work of Special Agents


"An Israeli expert on international terrorism, writer Alexander Bass, shared his views on the case of the Skripal poisoning in Salisbury..."


Chunky Mark, the Artist Taxi-Driver


"Conservative 'shock doctrine austerity' isn't over!! 12 BILLION in welfare cuts coming!"


Brexit according to at least some Brits is about money Some Brits feel they are paying more into the EC than they are getting out of it


More fundamentally they wish to be governed by politicians at least theoretically accountable to themselves not faceless and unaccountable Eurocrats in Brussels. 


Actually most Brits are opposed to Brexit 

Whether they will get a chance to express that in another referendum is the question and that seems unlikely at the present time


Actually, they already had a referendum to determine the question and remain lost.


Brexit Leavers Are Out in the Cold and Totally Misrepresented


"Protests against the IMF and WTO used to be extremely popular on the left, but the EU - which has an identical neoliberal agenda - is not getting misguided support. The idea that you might vote to leave because of the EU's neoliberal agenda got buried, and with it  the plight of those who suffered most from it when they took the opportunity to protest.

The EU elite, closely associated with bankers, financiers and those associated with the 2008 financial crash, are using a poisoned cocktail of 'suppression and mainly deception,' according to Takis Fotopoulos in his article 'The Systematic Efforts of the Transnational Elite to Crush the Brexit Revolution.' He notes that the left, long associated with 'societies victims, has clearly changed sides in the globalisation era."


Breaking Brexit: England's Difficulty is Ireland's Opportunity   -  by George Galloway


"The chickens of Britain's Irish problem are coming home to roost and making a 'hard Brexit' whereby the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal - a frightening possibility to London and what is left of the 'big capital'..."


The Oligarchs Behind the 'Humanitarian' Regime Change Network Now Exploiting Jo Cox's Death To Push For UK Labour Split


"Only by masking their otherwise unpopular policies in the cloak of Jo Cox's tragedy, and humanity's natural empathy for good samaritans and the downtrodden, has this small group of powerful individuals been able to launder disastrous wars and military adventurism as 'the right thing to do."

And as always in such dirty business there is an 'ugly Canadian' involved. Who is Jeffrey Skoll?


"So Is Foreign Money Allowed In Our Politics Or Not?"



The Killings of Tony Blair (doco)


"Highly recommended documentary produced and narrated by George Galloway shedding light on one of the world's notorious war criminals Tony Blair. A true eye-opener."


Meddling Playbook: UK Runs Covert Network to 'Counter Russia' - Docs


"Anonymous has published documents it claims have unearthed a massive UK-led psyop to create a 'large scale information secret service' in Europe - all under the guise of countering 'Russian propaganda."


British Government Runs Secret Anti-Russian Smear Campaign


"In 2015 the government of Britain launched a secret operation to insert anti-Russian propaganda into the western media stream. We have already seen many consequences of this and similar programs which are designed to smear anyone who does not follow the anti-Russian government lines. The 'Integrity Initiative' builds 'cluster' or contact groups of trusted journalists, military personnel, academics and lobbyists within foreign countries...'

"In Canada, the aim would be to establish clusters both in Ottawa and in key provincial capitals."


British Secret Service Infiltration, 'The Integrity Initiative'


"Let's make the MOD/FCO Orwellian titled 'Integrity Initiative' the most counter-productive effort ever in the history of covert state disinformation and propaganda campaigns.

'As the Establishment feels its grip slipping, as people wake up to the appalling economic exploitation by the few that underlies the very foundations of modern western society, expect the methods used by the security services to become even more dirtier. You can bank on continued ramping up of Russophobia to supply 'the enemy.'

Now China has been added too.


'Parliament is actually falling apart in front of our eyes.' Galloway on Brexit imbroglio etc (and vid)



Important Note on the Integrity Initiative


"Important new briefing on the Integrity Initiative from the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media. A close examination of past and present posts held by individuals associated with the Integrity Initiative indicates that specialists in military intelligence and other senior military personnel with responsibility for Strat Com operations are closely involved in the programme..."


John Pilger Special - A Look Back on 2018 and Ahead to 2019 (and vid)


"On this episode of Going Underground, legendary journalist and film-maker John Pilger discusses the events of 2018, including the world's worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen, events in Syria, Brexit, the Integrity Initiative and more."


Why Do Progressives Associate with this Ultra Establishment Source of UK Disinformation?


"Guardian: 1. Covers nonsense from billionaire attacking Corbyn but silence on UN statement on Assange. 2. Pretends US foreign policy is about 'democracy, the rule of law and liberal values."


Deal or No Deal


 Manila Chan breaks down the latest on UK Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal with ex UK MP George Galloway.


'Integrity Initiative': New Documents From Shady NGO Released


"The British Government runs an anti-Russian smear campaign through the pseudo non-governmental organization 'Integrity Initiative.' Some person operating under the 'Anonymous' label obtained internal papers of the Initiative and publishes in several batches.

Today the Anonymous account released a new batch of some 50 internal Integrity Initiative documents at the Cyber Guerrilla website. With the new release Anonymous lays out a timeline that connects the Skripal affair in Britain with the activities and personnel of the Integrity Initiative..."


The Twitter Smearing of Corbyn and Assange


"Historian and UK analyst Mark Curtis checks out the Twitter accounts of journalists whose names have been associated with the Integrity Initiative, a British 'counter-disinformation' program..."

With a Canadian 'cluster' as well.


Coincidence? Chief Nurse of British Army Was First Person to Arrive at Novichoked Skripal Scene


"...Isn't it an extremely unlikely coincidence that the first person who 'by chance' attends to the Skripals is the top nurse of the British Army? An experienced officer, highly connected, who is also known for treating highly infectious patients? Who wrote the script for this drama? This is one of the many, many 'coincidences', curiosities and lies that make the official Skripal poisoning narrative so unbelievable..."


Wiltshire Coroner Cannot Rule Novichok as Cause of Death


"Theresa May's Skripal story fails bottle test..."

A masterful demolishing of a story the Canadian parliament unanimously swallowed hook, line and sinker, voting to expel Russian diplomats as a result. Like Mueller and Russiagate, turns out to be something other than advertised...an agit-propaganda scam. Still, the media cultured Russophobia has done its work and no proof is asked for or required.


George Galloway, MOATS: Friday, January 25, 2019 (1900-2200)


BREXIT!! etc...


George Galloway, TMOATS, Feb 1, 2019 (podcast)


Jeremy Hardy RIP, Britain's 1919 invasion of Russia, 'the monster' Winston Churchill, 'Hitler's British Traitors', Brexit, Margaret Thatcher's 'provocation' statue, Marks & Sparks, Venezuela's fifth column oligarchia and MORE...

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Why disaster capitalists are praying for a no-deal Brexit

George Monbiot

Part of me wants to smash it all up. I want to see the British bubble burst: the imperial nostalgia, the groundless belief in the inherent greatness of this nation; the casual dishonesty of those who govern us; the xenophobia; the intolerance; the denial; the complacency. I want those who have caused the coming disaster to own it, so that nobody ever believes them again. No-deal Brexit? Bring it on.

Such dark thoughts do not last long. It will be the poor who get hurt, first and worst. The rich leavers demanding the hardest of possible Brexits, with their offshore accounts, homes abroad and lavish pensions, will be all right. I remember the eerie silence of the City of London. While the bosses of companies producing goods and tangible services write anxious letters to the papers, the financial sector has stayed largely shtum. Shorting sterling is just the first of its possible gains.

The Asian financial crisis of 1997-98, caused by the International Monetary Fund’s insistence that countries removed their capital controls, began with an attack by foreign speculators on Thailand’s baht. As currencies tanked and nations raised their interest rates, indebted companies went down like flies. Foreign corporations, particularly from the US, swept in and bought the most lucrative assets for a fraction of their value. Though the causes are different, it’s not hard to see something similar happening here. If it does, the City will clean up.

But this is not the end of it. A no-deal Brexit might offer the regulatory vacuum the Brextremists fantasise about. The public protections people have fought so hard for, that we obtained only through British membership of the EU – preventing water companies from pouring raw sewage into our rivers, power stations from spraying acid rain across the land, chemical companies from contaminating our food – are suddenly at risk.....


My God, how did the UK survive without the EU?  If it weren’t for the EU, there would be no national health system.  Oh.  Wait.

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..this is a different world josh. capital is much more powerful than the times you refer to. you can't just brush that aside.


As previously posted here, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the UK reverts to WTO rules. A perfectly feasible scenario. The sky will not fall, despite what the Guardian above says.

Jeremy Corbyn on the EU


"Will my hon. Friend tell us how he proposes to influence a European central bank that is composed of bankers who are approved for eight years, who are unanswerable and accountable to nobody and whose policy objective has been set down? How does he propose to influence them when there is no mechanism to allow for this to happen?

The whole basis of the Maastricht Treaty is the establishment of a European central bank which is staffed by bankers, independent of national governments and national economic policies and whose sole policy is the maintenance of price stability. That will undermine any social objective that any Labour Government in the United Kingdom or any other Government - would wish to carry out. A Euopean bureaucracy totally unaccountable to anybody.

Under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, Europe will become subservient to the whims of NATO and the aims of NATO. We are creating for ourselves here one massive great Frankenstein machine..."

The British people voted correctly the first time. Have we all forgotten Greece so soon?

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..the only way a no deal brexit would come into existence will be with the tories in power. not with a labour government. this is why monbiot says what he says.

..the most important aspect/struggle is not brexit vs no brexit but achieving a labour government with the corbyn platform. and that is the tricky part. and that will be when the greater struggle with capital will begin. better to find a way to unite most of the country than to obssess on the eu. imho.

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Have we all forgotten Greece so soon?

..eu bad is not the only lesson to be learned from greece.

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..here is a small glimpse of what is needed to take on capital. at this point in time neither labour nor the population is ready to take on capital in a no deal brexit. you can't be successful without doing the work. and there are no shortcuts. a better world is a bottom up project while brexit is top down.

In and against the state

Labour needs to develop a socialist strategy that goes beyond a single election manifesto. Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin look at the challenge of state transformation


Here is where the lessons to be learned from the Syriza experience become especially important. One of its original leading cadre, Andreas Karitzis, who remained in the party apparatus while others rushed into the state, has recently articulated this extremely well in arguing that decision-making processes at the parliamentary and governmental levels ‘are just the peak of the iceberg of state policy’. This was ignored by ‘the dozens of committees that had been formed and reproduced vague political confrontations instead of outlining specific implementation plans by sector to overcome obstacles and restructure state functions and institutions with a democratic orientation’.

Strategic planning to this end must, as Karitzis puts it, ‘not only involve the government but requires methods of social and political mobilisation at multiple levels and of a different nature than movements of social resistance and actions for attaining government power’. Perhaps the most unfortunate result of this was that grassroots participation exhausted itself ‘in protest or support demonstrations, rather than in substantive and productive engagement’.

In terms of the lessons the Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership can draw from this, it might especially have been hoped that Corbyn’s ‘Digital Democracy Manifesto’ might have pointed in that direction. Unfortunately, it betrayed ‘a rather narrow image of technology that concentrates on the internet, end-users and “networked individuals”… an image of publicness in the form of networks that nevertheless has security and privacy at its heart’, as Nina Power has noted. The result is that the report contributes very little to how ‘the new digital technologies help us to think about democratic economic planning’, as Power goes on to do for the care services sector of the economy.


Chunky Mark, the Artist Taxi Driver


"Who needs HELL when we've got the Conservative Party?!"

This WILL come here.


George Galloway's MOATS, Friday, Feb 8, 2019 (podcast)


 Italy/France, Gilets Jaunes, BREXIT, Reunified Ireland, Corbyn v Blairites, Imploding EU, Venezuela and MORE...


'Operation Integrity Initiative'


"British informational war against all..."

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Labour in bid to stop Theresa May 'running down the clock' on Brexit with meaningful vote deadline

Number 10 has yet to put a date on the second vote after Mrs May suffered an historic Commons defeat when she first asked MPs to cast their verdict on the EU agreement.

The Prime Minister has since vowed to push European leaders for changes to the controversial backstop plan to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland, with the Government on Thursday expected to put forward another "neutral motion" letting MPs cast non-binding votes on alternatives to Mrs May's deal.

But - in an interview with the Sunday Times - Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary said the party would lay its own amendment to try and force Number 10 to hold a meaningful yes-or-no vote on her agreement before the end of the month.

"We have got to put a hard stop into this running down the clock," Sir Keir said. "And that’s what we want to do this week."

The Labour frontbencher told the paper that the move was designed to stop MPs from being forced to confront an 11th-hour choice between Mrs May's deal and a no-deal Brexit - the current default option if no agreement with the EU is approved by 29 March.

"We shouldn’t be put in a position where the clock is run down and the prime minister says it’s either my deal or even worse," he said.

"That isn’t right in terms of the respect for parliament."

The move came amid signs that Mrs May will this week stop short of guaranteeing MPs a second meaningful vote before the end of the month....

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Yes of course Israel is interfering in British politics

Sarah Leah Whitson, the head of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East division, was fiercely attacked by anti-Palestinian groups and pundits this weekend.

She had shared a posting of mine on the manufactured “Labour anti-Semitism crisis” story.

My tweet included an article from last year in which I reported a clear example of Israeli interference in British politics.

The “Act.IL” organization, which is coordinated and backed by Israel’s so-called Ministry of Strategic Affairs, had used a troll army to spread false information about Jeremy Corbyn – the leader of the UK’s official opposition party.

Whitson commented, “Why is this #Israel interference in domestic UK politics acceptable? Is it only a problem when Russia does this?”


This is only one example of Israeli interference in the UK. Here are some recent examples that we have reported in detail.

In January 2017, an Israeli embassy spy, Shai Masot, was expelled from the UK after plotting to “take down” a senior Conservative minister, and other members of Parliament.

That same month it was revealed that Joan Ryan – Israel’s top MP within the UK Labour Party – fabricated an allegation of anti-Semitism at Labour’s annual conference in order to smear a party member and Palestine solidarity campaigner.

At that same conference, undercover video taken by an Al Jazeera reporter shows Masot telling Ryan, who is chair of Labour Friends of Israel, that he had secured “more than one million pounds” in Israeli government funding to bring UK lawmakers on junkets to Israel.

And last year we obtained a document proving that Ella Rose, the Jewish Labour Movement’s then director, had privately admitted to working closely with Shai Masot – that same Israeli embassy spy.

“We work with Shai, we know him very well,” she said in undercover footage.

Rose herself had only recently been working directly at the embassy, and is still involved with the JLM – one of the most prominent anti-Corbyn groups.


Britain's Gavin Williamson Places Russia & China on Notice, I'm Not Joking


"UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson is itching for conflict with Russia and China. He's not mad. Not even slightly. But he is stupid. Very..."

Sean in Ottawa

NDPP wrote:

Britain's Gavin Williamson Places Russia & China on Notice, I'm Not Joking


"UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson is itching for conflict with Russia and China. He's not mad. Not even slightly. But he is stupid. Very..."

Britain has a secret weapon. Russia and China could be incapacitated while laughing.

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Britain’s impossible futures

A woman harasses Brazilian skateboarders on a London street, demanding they stop speaking ‘Brazilian’. The confrontation, emblematic in its stupidity, goes viral on Twitter on 29 January. The chief executives of major supermarkets, plus McDonalds and KFC, warn of significant supply disruptions if there is a No Deal Brexit. The government admits on 27 January that it has contingency plans to introduce martial law to avoid ‘death in the event of food and medical shortages’. On the night of 29 January, Britain’s parliament votes for something it cannot enact: Conservatives, Ulster Unionists and a few opposed to immigration from the right of the Labour party combine to demand that the EU make changes to a deal the British government had agreed last November. EU leaders immediately emphasise that no eleventh-hour renegotiation is possible.

If a hostile power had scripted Brexit, this is how they would have written its final act. Unfortunately, the British people have scripted it for themselves (1).

How did we get to this pinnacle of unreality? Because the UK’s political class has fragmented over issues that are too fundamental to be contained by the party system, and because much of the ideological glue that held British civil society together for two generations no longer sticks....


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