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NDPP wrote:

"The vast majority of Remainer politicians are rated negatively. It might make them pause before asking the public a second time - on anything."

Why shouldn't the UK public be allowed to accept or reject Boris Johnson's deal with the EU as the UK voters never voted for Boris Johnson's deal with the EU?

NDPP wrote:

Fair enough. So let Labour stop blocking a general election on it.

A general election will not determine  whether UK voters support or oppose an unknown future deal between the UK and EU. The only way to determine if UK voters support or oppose a EU-UK deal is to have a referendum on that specific deal after it has been agreed upon.


'Deeply Damaging': Anger as Boris Johnson Plans 'Anti-BDS' Law


"His message, posted in a video on the Conservative Friends of Israel lobby group's Twitter feed has stirred concerns. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to congratulate Johnson, calling his recent win a 'crushing victory in the fight against anti-Semitism' - apparently a reference to allegations of anti-Jewish racism within the opposition Labour Party..."

Boris pays back Zios for services rendered.


George Galloway: TMOATS - 7/19/2020 (ep 57, and vid)


China, Huawei, 5G, Trump, Bojo, Biden, COVID-19, Richard Wolff and more!

"This is a country that is spinning out of control." 2:22:00 Richard Wolff on USA


Austria Confirms OPCW Report on Skripal Faking by the British - Vienna Exposes FT Lies and Cover-Up


"Austria officially confirmed this week that the British Government's allegation that NOVICHOK, a Russian chemical warfare agent, was used in England by GRU, the Russian military intelligence services, in March 2018, was a British invention. Investigations in Vienna by four Austrian government ministries, the BVT intelligence agency, and by Austrian prosecutors have revealed that secret OPCW reports on the blood testing of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, copies of which were transferred to the Austrian government, did not reveal a Russian-made nerve agent..."

And remember when the Canadian parliament unanimously supported expelling Russian consular staff without evidence but simply on UK's 'highly likely' accusations? Notice how our msm hasn't even bothered to ask obvious and fundamental questions since, like  just where are the Skripals?