unprecedented floods in northern India

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ilha formosa
unprecedented floods in northern India


ilha formosa

The 2013 floods in Uttarakhand in northern India seem to be under-reported in the western media.

The confirmed death toll has passed 1000. Thousands more are stranded, newly homeless, and/or awaiting help. Thousands more remain unaccounted for, pessimists estimate the death toll may reach 5 figures.

The tragedy this year was due to overdevelopment of the mountainous area, plus early and uncommonly intense rains, which hit during peak pilgrimage season.

Which mainstream western media has reported this story? A little water rises in southern Alberta, sure that's important because it's happening domestically, but do a thousand deaths and mounting, plus unprecedented devastation not mean anything because it was in India?

Search 'uttarakhand floods' or 'india floods 2013.'



Army Location Website on Rescue Operations


"According to the press report issued by the Central Command, the site www.suryahopes.in gives minute to minute updates on Army operations with data of people stranded at various places, list of rescued persons, helpline numbers, latest about flood victims..."


Wink @ Ilha F: 'under-reported in our media'...(surely not?)