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German Newspaper Close to Left Party Slanders Refugees


"...The refugee crisis is functioning as a political catalyst, exacerbating social and political conflicts. While many working people have demonstrated tremendous solidarity with the plight of refugees, the ruling elites are trying to exploit the situation for a reactionary agenda. They seek to exploit the plight of refugees in order to attack basic social and democratic rights, to push down the standard of lviing of all workers and implement new military interventions..."


The Refugee Crisis is a Crisis of Imperialism


"...US and Western imperialism is the root cause of the 'refugee crisis.' Everyday, men, women and children are killed by US drone strikes in Pakistan, US and Western-baked militias in Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia, Europe and North American mining and oil conglomerates in Central and Western Africa, or are starved to death in Yemen by the US-backed blockade of the country.

Until the genocidal aims of US imperialism, with the support of Canada, Australia, the European Union,  and regional allies, are defeated, the 'War on Terror' will continue to make life too unbearable for working people in Asia, Africa and the Middle East to remain in their home countries."


RT News - September 14, 2015 (12:00 msk. and vid)


"Cracks appear in the Schengen zone of free movement in Europe - as Germany introduces border controls at its frontier with Austria, amind a record number of refugees. RT speaks with the Serbian link of a successful people-trafficking chain - for whom business is booming..."


EU Approves Military Action Against People Smugglers in Mediterranean - Reports


"The European Union has approved military action against human traffickers in the Mediterranean Sea, AFP reported, citing sources. The authorities plan to seize and destroy vessels to break up networks operating out of war-torn Libya.

'As a global criminal enterprise, it is very lucrative,' Patrick Engstrom, head of the Swedish national police's national border policing section told the paper.


Sweden's Ugly Immigration Problem


"In Europe, refugees from Syria and Iraq have been cramming the ferry-trains heading from Germany to Denmark. But once in Denmark, many refused to get off. Where they really want to go is Sweden..."


End of Schengen? EU Countries Toughen Border Control (Updates)


2246: GMT Budapest will reject and turn back those refugees who arrive at the border without previously seeking asylum in Serbia, according to government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs..."


Pope Francis Warns of ISIS 'Infiltration' Danger Via Refugee Flows


"Pope Francis has blamed the 'bad and unjust' global capitalist system for the refugee and migrant crisis that Europe is facing right now - while warning that Islamic State jihadists may take advantage of the massive influx to slip into the EU undetected.

As part of their propaganda efforts, Islamist radicals posted a series of online messages showing the Vatican in flames with a black flag flying above the Holy See. But despite the threat of jihadists, the Pope stated that the Bible commands Christians to welcome migrants..."


Islamic State Jihadis 'May Be Posing as Syrian Refugees'


"Lebanese government minister claims as many as 2 percent - one in 50 - of refugees could be 'radicals' entering Europe hoping to carry out terror attacks."


Germany Closes Its Borders To Refugees


"Just two weeks after Chancellor Angela Merkel declared Germany was ready to accept refugees and was celebrated internationally for 'Germany's Willkommenskultur (welcoming culture)', the government has closed the borders for refugees..."


Hungarian Police Use Tear Gas, Water Cannons on Refugees at Border (and vid)


"Hungarian police have deployed tear gas and water cannon against asylum seekers who broke through a razor wire fence at the border crossing with Serbia. 'Police are taking lawful and proportionate measures to protect the Hungarian state border and the external frontier of the European Union,' law enforcers said in a statement.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has asked Serbia to act against asylum seekers at the Hungarian-Serbian border


Dutch Journalist Pays 750 EUR for Syrian Passport with PM Rutte's Photo


"In his article in Dutch Nieuwe Revu magazine a Syrian based reporter proves that it's easy to get a fake passport..."


CrossTalk: Migrating Crisis (and vid)


"The law of unintended consequences: Europe has finally started to address a humanitarian crisis partially of its own making. The growing wave of refugees from the war-torn Middle East. As EU members grapple with binding quotas and the cost of refugee resettlement, is anyone in Brussels - or NATO, for that matter - considering ending wars of choice?

CrossTalking with Ramzy Baroud, Sabahel Mukhtar and John Laughland"


UN 'Concerned' For Refugees as Mad-Max-Style Train Seals Hungary-Serbia Border


"An apocalyptic-looking train fitted with razor wire has been deployed to seal the last gap in Hungary's border with Serbia, amid UN agency warnings that fences and tougher border controls are not a solution to the dire refugee crisis.

'We're worried that borders soon to close again in Europe may leave refugees in legal limbo,' UNHCR said. 'We urge Europe's governments to keep their borders open..."



Documentary: Generation Standstill (and vid)


"The war in Syria forced millions to flee their homes. Many crossed the border into Lebanon. Now all they dream of is returning to their homeland."


Wonder where refugees come from? Canada's billion dollar weapons customer Saudi is working on another wave...


Dire Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Amid Saudi Airstrikes, Siege (and vid)


"The humanitarian crisis in Yemen has reached alarming levels due to relentless Saudi airstrikes and the blockade Riyadh has imposed on the country.

As UNICEF reports, 80 percent of Yemen's population currently needs some form of humanitarian assistance while a staggering 20 Million people do not have access to clean and safe water."

The world's richest country makes war upon the world's poorest - while the world watches...


The Yemen Tragedy and the Ongoing Crisis of the Left 


"After months of horrific scenes of migrant deaths in the Mediterranean where literally thousands of human beings were dying at sea, European public opinion was finally mobilized to respond to this movement of people.

However, the anguished expressions of concern from the general public and government leaders in Europe was a far cry from the response that met this first wave of migrants that was largely African.

In response to that migration, European authorities openly talked of launching military attacks on the boats in Libya to stop the 'flood' of those 'illegal' immigrant to Europe, even after experts cautioned them that military attacks would result in even more deaths at sea.

What changed?

The racial composition of the majority of the migrants, shifting away from Sub-Saharan Africans to refugees from the various conflict zones of Iraq and Syria, captured in the image of the globally disseminated image of Aylan Kurdi, the Kurdish child from the devastated city of Kabani.

But even more importantly, European and US propaganda could exploit this flow of humanity from Syria politically..."


Israel's Unabashed Role in the Syrian Crisis 


"...In fact, while countries like Lebanon had accepted 1.72 million refugees (one in every five people in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee), Turkey 1.93 million, Jordan 629,000, Iraq 249,000. and Egypt 132,000, Israel made no offer to accept a single refugee.

Israel, whose economy is the strongest in the region, has been the most tightfisted in terms of offering shelter to Syrian refugees.

This is a double sin considering that even Syria's Palestinian refugees, who were expelled from their own homes in Palestine, were also left homeless. Not surprisingly, there was no international uproar against a financially able Israel for blatantly shutting its door in the face of desperate refugees, while bankrupt Greece was rightly chastised.

Thousands of ordinary European citizens, as would any human being with an ounce of empathy, are volunteering to help refugees in both Eastern and Western Europe. The same cannot be said of Israel, which has ignited most of the Middle East conflicts in recent decades.

Instead, the debate in Israel continues to center on 'demographic threats.' Strangely, few in the media have picked up on that or found such a position, particularly egregious at the time of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis..."

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America and Israel created about half of the world's refugees with their bellicose foreign policy and basic bullying. They should foot at least half the bill for the trillion dollar cost of resettling these innocent victims. They will soon be knocking on Canada's door so Harper should demand the US set up a fund now. Canada cannot bear the burden of their refugee mess.


End of Schengen? EU Countries Toughen Border Control (UPDATES)

"With 'temporary' border controls and law enforcement forces sent to European frontiers to secure toughter checks, EU officials have agreed to relocate a further 120,000 asylum seekers around the bloc. It is still unclear how those relocated will be shared out.

Hungary has begun building a fence on the border with Croatia to curb the influx of asylum seekers. It has deployed hundreds of soldiers and police to step up security. The fence will be 41 kilometers long, spanning a critical stretch of land on the border.

Slovenia has stopped rail passenger traffic at the border crossing with Croatia..."


Refugees To EU Made Homeless By NATO Interventions


"Asylum seekers heading to the EU have been made homeless by Western interventions and now they are being used by the US as a sort of battering ram to weaken Europe, so they are really chess pieces caught in a bad place. But so are the countries through which they are going.

I think what we are seeing is just the beginning. Because what's happening on a global scale is the establishment of the 'green zone' and 'the red zone'..."


Gaddafi's Grim Prophecy Comes True


"...Libya may become the Somalia of North Africa, of the Mediterranean. You will see pirates in Sicily, in Crete, in Lampedusa. You will see millions of illegal immigrants. The terror will be next door."

And Canada conveniently forgets, that NATO's general, RCAF, Lieut. General Charles Bouchard, made this happen, and the entire parliament voted in favour.



What Has Changed Since Aylan Kurdi's Death?


"Most Syrians just want the war in their country to stop. Two days after his children and wife drowned on his way back to his hometown of Kobane Syria, the father of Aylan Kurdi said simply, 'All I want is peace in Syria.'


Foreign Policy Diary: Migration War (and vid)


"The crisis gains momentum.."


"Human Smuggling'? Hungary Stops Train With 1,000 Asylum Seekers Escorted by 40 Croatian Police (and vid)


"An unannounced train carrying over 1,000 asylum seekers accompanied by around 40 Croatian police officers has been intercepted by Hungarian authorities, who accused Zagreb of breaking international laws and intentionally participating in 'human smuggling'. Hungary's foreign minister earlier in the day accused Croatia of encouraging migrants to break the law."


Iraq's National Theatre Company Denied Visas


"Iraq's National Theatre Company members were denied Canadian visas over fears they'd attempt to seek refugee status.."

Barbarian backwater of philistines and know-nothings


Fortruss Europe: Tear Gas on the Hungarian Border  -  by Binoy Kampmark


"Like water, the refugee flow is finding a way to detect any imaginable breach across the borders of Europe. One is Romania. Another has opened up via Croatia.

Ugliness is everywhere. Laws are in fitful retreat.

'He who makes a beast of himself,' explained Dr Samuel Johnson, 'gets rid of the pain of being a man.'

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German Government Adopts Drastic Measures to Deter Refugees


"The German government wants to drive away refugees by leaving them to starve and refusing them all medical support. A draft law to this effect has been in discussion between the various ministries since Monday and will be debated in Parliament in October. As well as seeking to repel refugees fleeing war in the Middle East and Africa, the tightening of Germany's asylum laws is also meant to stop the influx of refugees in the poorer Baltic countries and Eastern Europe..."


Refugee Crisis Splits European Countries


"Hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers have become the main source of disagreement inside the European Union..."


106,000 Children Applied For Asylum in Europe: UNICEF


"We came here thinking we would go to school, have somewhere safe to sleep, find a job - but it's not like that. Some of us work for a pittance in the markets, some sell drugs, others well themselves. Once they've done it two or three times, they don't care anymore.

If I'd known this I never would have come here..."


Race For Europe: Thousands of Migrants & Refugees Arrive Over Weekend, Cause Far-Right Rise


"The humanitarian crisis in Europe is showing no sign of easing. Far right on the rise..."


1 in 3 'Syrian' Refugees Have Fake IDs, German Authorities Admit


"Official data suggests 87% of Syrian refugees get asylum in Germany. So the business of forged Syrian passports and IDs being sold for less than $1,000 apiece is flourishing."

Doug Woodard

Some tips for the long-distance traveller - the refugee experience:




We Must Take Some Blame For Refugee Crisis  -  by Scott Taylor


"It never fails to amaze me how easily we forget to examine the root causes of a crisis and thereby deny any sense of responsibility. [an old and well practiced contrick of Canadian 'progressives']

How is Canada not at least partially responsible to these Syrian victims? John Baird, Canada's then foreign minister [2011] was one of the most bellicose western leaders demanding that Syrian President Bashar al Assad 'must go.' Baird met with Syrian rebel-leaders-in-exile and broke off all diplomatic ties with the Assad government.

Believing their own propaganda that Assad was a despised dictator, Western liberals thought the Syrian revolution (Arab Spring) would be quickly carried out by the democracy-loving rebels. Only after a few months of scrutiny did it become apparent that Assad's foes were in fact Islamic extremists in the form of al Qaeda and ISIS.

For Canada to have fanned the flames of a regime change...means we must take responsibility for the blazing wreck that it blew up into.

For the record, Canada participated in the bombing campaign of Serbia, contributed to the interventions in Somalia and Afghanistan, led the NATO charge in Libya and is now bombing targets [civilian infrastructure] inside Iraq and Syria. but somehow the migrant crisis is not our problem?"


'Strategic Depopulation' of Syria Likely Cause of EU Refugee Crisis - Assange


"The flooding of Europe by countless waves of refugees may be the result of the 'strategic depopulation' of Syria carried out by opponents of the country's government, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has suggested.

'It's predominently the middle class that is fleeing Syria on account of having language skills, money, some connections. Engineers, managers and civil servants are precisely the classes needed to keep the government functioning,' he said.

Syrian people are encouraged to leave their country by Germany saying they'll accept many, many refugees, and by Turkey taking nearly three million refugees, thus systematically weakening the Syrian government,' Assange said."


Grand Mufti of Syria: 800,000 Refugees Returned After Start of Russia Air Strikes



Strategic Engineered Migration as Weapon of War



105 Year Old Woman Walks Twenty Days For Better Life in Europe


"After 20 exhausting days of travel on foot, a 105-year old woman from Afghanistnan managed to reach Croatia. Despite the difficulties of the long trip she remains optimistic and hopes for a better life for herself and her family.

'My legs hurt, but I'm fine,' Bibihal Uzbeki, wrapped in a green scarf and a brown blanket, told AP in Opatovac, Croatia's main refugee camp. The woman said that her 17-member family spent 20 days trying to reach Europe. Her 67-year-old son and 19-year old grandson carries her on their backs..."

This is the consequence of the West's war-making which their bovine, imperialist populations allow to continue.


'No Infrastructure For So Many People'


"German village of 102 getting ready to house...750 refugees."


Europe Admits Refugee Crisis Package is 'Partial' Threatens EU Credibility


"The EU has admitted it has only 'partially' dealt with the refugee crisis engulfing member states and conceded its is facing an issue of 'credibility' over the relocation of asylum seekers."


Refugee Camps Multiply in France as Calais Migrants Flee Fearing ISIS Moves In



Obama's Vow to Take in 10,000 Syrian Refugees Under Fire After Paris Attack


"President Obama's plan to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees is under fire after Friday's terrorist attack in Paris, with one GOP presidential candidate saying the US should halt its plans as long as it's not able to assure Americans it can weed out potential terrorists....See also Two men linked to Paris attacks registered as refugees in Greece."


Merkel's Dilemma As Germany Frets Over Refugees


"...Even those who supported her decision to welcome the migrants last month are starting to worry that Germany cannot cope. 'We still support the chancellor, but this migration crisis is taking us to the brink,' a German parliamentarian with close links to Mrs Merkell told the Sunday Telegraph. 'If this goes on for another four weeks, I fear the system will collapse.

'We don't know who's coming, who they are, we're not registering them properly, it's chaos. We can't do this. Where are the people going to stay? Are we going to confiscate private households? What are we going to do?'

The tiny village of Sumte, with just 100 inhabitants, hit the headlines last week when the authorities announced plans to house 1,000 refugees there. With the harsh German winter approaching fast, some 42,000 refugees are still being housed in tents because government shelters have run out of space..."


The deliberate regional destabilization and ongoing attempts at 'regime change' in Syria by Western and GCC powers, including the invasion and occupation by their Frankenstein monster ISIS, must be stopped and peace returned. War must end.  Far better for the refugees to remain in their countries and the region. The GCC states and Israel should be forced to accept refugees and/or contribute to their maintenance.



Comparisons between a cartoon published by The Daily Mail and an anti-Semitic Viennese cartoon published before the Second World War have been drawn by social media users.

The Daily Mail cartoon, published in today’s newspaper, shows a group of people walking over the European border, among their feet small rodents heading in the same direction.


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Desperate Journey: Video Shows Risks Refugee Families Take to Reach Europe Safely

So far this year, more than 800,000 asylum seekers and refugees have arrived in Europe by sea. Human Rights Watch has just produced a short video capturing the harrowing journey to Europe. "Desperate Journey: Europe’s Refugee Crisis" is narrated by HRW’s Judith Sunderland.



US Votes To Restrict Iraqi and Syrian Refugees Entry


"The US House of Representatiaves has passed a bill that tightens restrictions on the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees amid security concerns. Dozens of Democrats joined Republicans as the House passed the measure 289-137, in a rebuke to the White House. President Barack Obama has said he will veto the legislation."


'EU Can't Take Any More Refugees' - French PM


"The French prime minister caused quite a stir on Tuesday after calling for the cessation of Europe's migrant influx. 'We cannot take any more refugees in Europe. That's impossible,' Manuel Valls told a crowd of journalists..."


Dutch Welcome: Pig Heads Left At Migrant Camp Entrance in Netherlands (and vid)


"Pig heads have been left in the entrance to a migrant camp in the Netherlands in an effort by some to give the Muslim refugees a hellish welcome to one of Europe's most tolerant nations..."


There's bound to be a point where EU countries, or any country really, simply can't take in anymore refugees.  Helping is important but if we want to try and solve the issue and stop it from happening we will need to address the issues causing these mass migrations.


Documentary: Dead End: The Calais Crisis


5,000 exhausted refugees desperate to reach the UK


Violent Attacks on Refugees Increase in Germany


"...In only four of the 222 attacks on refugee lodgings were the perpetrators punished for their crimes."



When Craig visited Dadaab, Kenya, four years ago and met Ali, he witnessed hundreds of families lined along the road to the world's largest refugee camp. Most weren't fleeing violence, they were fleeing the weather.

As climate change advances, disasters like the drought that ravaged East Africa in 2011 are becoming more frequent and severe. A newly-released report from the World Bank says that 100 million more people could be thrown into poverty in the next 15 years as a direct consequence of increasingly erratic climate patterns.

I love all the feel-good stories of the Syrian refugees that are arriving and are so grateful for the opportunity to be here. We are accepting people with serious medical disabilies too. But it is a distraction from true scope of the problem. Climate refugees are getting less attention but they are argumably in worse shape. At least the Syrians don't appear to be starving.



Sobering article on the refugee situation:  Why Canada's refugee plan falls well short of a real solution


'Many European Countries Unable to Positively Identify Arriving Refugees'


"European policies have created new challenges and EU governments are not able to cope with them..."


One Million People Fled To Europe in 2015


"The wars stoked up by America and European imperialism in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq have contributed to what could possibly be the largest refugee crisis in human history.

Having made 'human rights' the watchword for bombing and plundering helpless countries, the Western powers stand exposed by the refugee crisis as completely indifferent to these same 'human rights' when it comes to their own borders. Instead of providing aid and assistance to the thousands of people drowning on their shores, they are using the refugee crisis as a pretense to further escalate the drive to war and attack on human rights at home.

The one million refugees who managed to enter Europe are among the five million people who have been newly displaced this year, according to figures released by the UN last week. This was on top of the 59.5 million who were displaced by the end of 2014. The number of people displaced worldwide could hit over 70 million in 2015 once the figures are updated."


Refugee Influx 'Organized Invasion' of Young Men Who 'Should Fight ISIS' - Czech President


"The wave of refugees from the Middle East flowing into Europe is organized and mostly consists of young men, who should go back and take up arms against Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL), said Czech President Milos Zeman. 'I am profoundly convinced we are facing an organized invasion and not a spontaneous movement of refugees,' the president said..."


Matthew Fisher; Time For A Reality Check on Canada's Concern Towards Refugees


"...But the orgy of congratulatory backslapping that has gripped the country for several months now is way over the top. A little perspective is urgently required.'



"You shouldn't discriminate," a demoralized Bihamba pleads. "If your life is in danger you need help. Don't ignore the Congolese -- they're all running for their lives."...

"Let's not be too narrow and expand beyond Syrians. Some groups have been waiting even longer and are even more desperate."

There are more than 13 million refugees worldwide; 25 per cent of those are in Africa. Among them are Bihamba's sisters. Three orphaned teenagers.

Every month he sends them US$150. The amount ensures they get at least one meal a day and pays the rent on their small apartment. From halfway around the world, Bihamba provides shelter, but not safety. For that he needs help, for doors to open.

I want Canadians to feel great about what we are doing for refugees but at the same time there is a larger conversation to be had about how many refugees we should be taking and how they should be supported.


Worse Than 'Jungle'? Refugees Suffer in New French Camp, Locals Fear For Safety (and vid)


"The camp is in Grande-Synthe, near Dunkirk, and has been dubbed 'The Little Brother' of the 'Jungle' camp in Calais. It is said to be hosting 3,000 people, and numbers are increasing every day..."


'Male Dominated Migrant Wave Threatens Europe's Gender Equality'


"As European nations continue to accept thousands of refugees, officials are considering that most young adults entering are males, a fact that could have a huge impact on gender equality..."

The Middle Eastern wars which originate from Western imperialist geostrategic designs must end so that people aren't forced to flee.


Rhetoric Shift: Germany Imposes Stricter Rules on Refugees After Cologne Sex Assaults


"Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to discuss the string of mass sexual assaults on New Year's Eve in cities across Germany, when she speaks in parliament later on Wednesday. The attacks are suspected of being carried out by migrants."


German Police Told to 'Hush-Up' Refugee Disturbances


Interview with Prof Christian Pfeiffer, a former Minister of Justice of the German State of Lower Saxony

Germany and the EU is being seriously destabilized by refugee inflows directly resulting from imperialist wars and adventures. This will only grow until western citizenry mobilizes to organize and stop their governments' participation.


Swedish Police 'Migrant Sex Attacks Coverup' Exposed


"Sweden is dealing with a looming scandal, with police accused of covering up mass sexual harassments."


EU Refugee Chief Regrets Failure in Dealing With Influx


"The European Union's top migration official has expressed regret that the bloc is failing to deal with the flow of refugees from war-stricken countries.

'The situation is getting worse,' Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos told EU  in Brussels on Thursday, criticizing EU member states for adopting more restrictive measures on refugees.

'If Schengen collapses, this will be the beginning of the end of the European project,' Avramopoulos warned..."


Crowds Wave Nazi Flag at Anti-Refugee Protest in Bulgaria (vid)


Fascism bubbles up across Europe


Banning Refugees: Recent Sexual Assault Allegations Give Rise to Anti-Migrant Sentiments


Anti-refugee sentiment rising in Europe


'Can't Take More': Bavaria Sends Bus Load of Refugees to Merkel's Office


The head of a Bavarian district has sent a bus with refugees aboard on a 550 km trip to Angela Merkel's office.


Anti-Migrant Moat in Calais: Operator Floods Area


Eurotunnel has intentionally flooded the area in northern France to keep refugees out of the Channel Tunnel