Is the US and its NATO "allies" planning to attack Russia and start World War III?

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See I knew doing an inventory wasn't an entirely useless exercise. For instance, this article has been posted already.

NDPP wrote:

Is the EU Backing Nuclear War on Russia?

"Insanity grips the western world."


Yesterday, as a matter of fact. And it has its own thread, strangely enough, entitled "Insanity Grips Western World"

Mr. Magoo

Well, what's he supposed to do if we didn't have the expected epiphany the first time?

Sign the pledge, and save us a third time.


Exactly. It's not just an automatic repeating news service. It has its own built-in nagware.

How many times is it now we have been treated to that letter by the former minister of whatever it was written back last September? Five?


Mr. Magoo wrote:

Well, what's he supposed to do if we didn't have the expected epiphany the first time?

Sign the pledge, and save us a third time.

"Magoo is a wealthy short-statured retiree who gets into a series of comical situations as a result of his near-sightedness compounded by his stubborn refusal to admit the problem...The Magoo character was originally conceived as a mean-spirited McCarthy-like reactionary whose mumbling would include as much outrageous, misanthropic ranting as the animators could get away with.'



"He works in the Ministry of Truth, rewriting the past so as to ensure that in the eyes of the people of Oceania, the Party is infallible."

all becomes clear...Cool



Clear? Maybe it is clear that making fun of people's handles is a poor substitute for actually responding to a comment about repetition and having so many threads you can't keep it straight anymore and remember a thread that was posted yesterday.

Mr. Magoo

Clear? Maybe it is clear that making fun of people's handles is a poor substitute for actually responding to a comment about repetition and having so many threads you can't keep it straight anymore and remember a thread that was posted yesterday.

I think we should just sign the pledge, Smith.  [i]Shit's gettin' REAL.[/i]


6079_Smith_W wrote:
See I knew doing an inventory wasn't an entirely useless exercise.

You doubted yourself at first, and originally thought that it was an entirely useless exercise?  

Upon re-assessment, you concluded that what you had done wasn't an entirely useless exercise after all, because there was some redeemable part to emphasize or hype?

And somehow that justifies in your own mind the whole idle project?


I didn't express doubt, nor did I say I thought it was useless. 


As for idle, timewasting ventures, I don't think I can hold a candle to these masters of the art.

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Rocket scientist. Maybe you could help to show me where the Russian troops are marching up and down the US border? Because I can't seen to find any evidence of comparable activity.

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Prof Emeritus Stephen Cohen: "The Russians want a zone of security, not a sphere of influence. "

Stephen Cohen wrote:
"We take what's a cliché, but a meaningful one: what if Russian or Chinese military bases showed up in Mexico and/or Canada? We would object very, very adamantly, maybe go to war over it. We threatened to do so when the Soviet Union put missiles in Cuba. So it seems to me a benign, healthy, modern day position that no great power wishes to have foreign military bases on its borders. Everybody says that's true in the West, except when it comes to Russia."

This NATO jackboot refusal to recognize basic security concerns by Russia is a recipie for war.

Read more:


Ex-East German Generals, Admirals Accuse US of Pushing Europe Closer to War

"The US strategy has a traceable goal - to remove Russia as a rival and weaken the European Union. To attain this goal, NATO in effect creates conditions for surrounding Russia with armed forces by moving military bases closer to Russian borders. Ukraine has been assigned the role of the main base for aggression and a strategic bridghead,' the retired officers say in their appeal.

In an atmosphere 'heated by war rhetoric and a sanctions mania, Germany should take up a peace promoting role,' the ex generals and admirals say. 'Its geopolitical position in Europe, its historical experience, and the interests of its population make this necessary.'

'However, this is not what the statements of Germany's Chancellor are about. They contain demands that Germany take greater global military responsibility, while Germany's political elite and leading mass media disseminates war-hysteria and Russophobia, branding Russia as an aggressor and thereby creating the image of an enemy,' the appeal says.

The alleged militarization of Eastern Europe 'does not mean playing with fire - it means playing with war,' it says. 'Foreseeing the destructive potential of modern war and aware of our own civil responsibliity, we state categorically and directly that a crime against humanity is beginning at this moment."

GOT THAT? This is precisely what is planned. Why is there so little such 'civil responsibility' in this country? Or have we all decided to go the dirty way of complicity with our politicians including the NDP and support this NATO Nazi plan as well?


Nordic Countries Sign Defence Cooperation Agreement Aimed at Russia

"The five Nordic countries, NATO members Norway, Denmark and Iceland and non-NATO members Sweden and Finland, announced a new defence cooperation agreement last week aimed explicitly at confronting Russia.

The claim that the move is a response to Russian aggression is thoroughly dishonest. The reality is that, with the full backing of US imperialism, the Nordic countries are committing themselves to transforming the region into yet another area of political conflict with Moscow."


'More Air Policing, More Drills': NATO to Boost Presence on Russia's Doorstep

"NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says the alliance is going to increase its activity at its eastern borders, with more air and sea patrols, amid non-stop exercises.

Stoltenberg said it was being done to 'adapt the Alliance to new threats.' Currently NATO is planning to double its rapid response force in Europe."

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NATO: "We are the children! We ... bomb the world. We bomb you ... and you ... and YOU!"

We bomb the world.

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CrossTalk: Dissolve NATO? (and vid)

"NATO has an identity problem of sorts. To have meaning, cohesion, purpose and reason to be funded, this alliance needs enemies. On the back of the western-backed regime change in Ukraine, today Russia gives the alliance a reason to exist. Is this wise?"

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Russia seems to be prepararing for an inevitable NATO attack. Meanwhile, the Western MSM plays with their fiddle.

More Signs of Russia Preparing for War?

When I saw this video, I thought, ‘this is exact kind of “mobilizational music,” which a country preparing to go to war, produces.’  There is nothing wrong with patriotism, as long as it does not degenerate into nationalism, but this mantric repetition of “Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia!” makes me feel very uncomfortable, because it is either designed to elicit “mobilizational feelings” or, even worse, to cater to the already ‘mobilized’ state of the population.

I am not saying that Russia is about to attack anybody.  But what I am saying is that there are numerous signs that Russia is acting like a country preparing for war.  Also, I am not criticizing Russia, because she is preparing to go to war, I am only saddened (and frightened) by the fact that Russia feels that she has to do so.

Finally, I find it both scary and discouraging that the general public in the West is kept blissfully unaware of the fact that, as of right now, the west and Russia are on a collision course.  How could anybody oppose something he/she is unaware of?


Next Stage of NATO's Strategic Adaptation: Massive Troop Buildup in Eastern Europe

"Polish defense minister forecasts NATO reboot. US Secretary Carter welcomed Poland's decision to purchase the Patriot Missile Defense System."


US Moves Will Increase Risk of Nuclear War with Russia (and vid)

"A political commentator, Joaquin Flores, says the Pentagon's decision to send nuclear bombers to Sweden will increase the risk of a nuclear war between the US and Russia. 'This is a move of desperation on the part of the US,' Flores said. 'A nuclear war has no real target in the sense that a nuclear war would probably be the end for everything,' he said."


'We're at 3 minutes to midnight. After twelve, we're finished.' - Noam Chomsky


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RT wrote:
Russian attack jets were sent to warn off the American warship USS Ross from near the country's territorial waters in the Black Sea, RIA reported, citing a military source.

“The crew of the ship acted provocatively and aggressively, which concerned the operators of monitoring stations and ships of the Black Sea Fleet,” the source in the Russian armed forces in Crimea told RIA.

Su-24 attack jets were scrambled in response. They "demonstrated to the American crew readiness to harshly prevent a violation of the frontier and to defend the interests of the country," the source said. The destroyer then turned around and left for neutral waters.

The Empire probing for weaknesses...


Russia Scrambles Jets Against US Destroyer in Black Sea

"The significance of statements that the Russian military is prepared to forcibly suppress violations of Russian territorial waters by US warships is both unmistakeable and terrifying.

Since last year's NATO-backed putsch in Kiev, escalating NATO military deployments and exercises along Russia's borders, in Eastern Europe and over neighboring waters are placing the world on the edge of a shooting war between nuclear-armed powers. It is ever clearer, that the threat of nuclear war with Russia is an integral part of NATO's strategy in Europe.

The military tensions in Eastern Europe are an indictment of the bankruptcy of the international social order. When he said in February that war with Russia was possible, Carl Bildt declared that the situation was so explosive because of the 'uncertainty about global power relations.'"

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Czechs Condemn NATO General's Comments About a "Humane" Nuclear Attack on Russia

Czech NATO General Petr Pavel recently made remarks about a "humane" nuclear attack in the eventuality of a "Russian invasion" of the Baltic states and/or Ukraine.

Pavel, who assumed the position of chairman of the NATO Military Committee on Monday, commented last week at a security conference in Prague that "if Russia wanted to, it could occupy the Baltic states and Kiev in two days," noting that in such a situation, NATO could be forced to respond with a "limited" nuclear attack using tactical nuclear weapons.

NATO. Your friendly, neighborhood military alliance. In charge of the world.



America Pivots to Brzezinski's Delusion of Eurasian Conquest

"We are, and I don't want to sound alarmist but I am alarmed, closer to the actual possibility of war with Russia than we have ever been since the Cuban missile crisis. That's how bad it's been. " (Stephen Cohen)

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Nothing to see here. Move along.


NATO prepares to attack those slippery Rooskies!

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Pepe Escobar uncovers the deep NATO philosophy: "If we don't like you, we bomb you."


First Time Since Cold War, US Military Equipment on Russia's Doorstep

"James G Stavridis, a retired admiral of the former supreme allied command of NATO, called the move, which depends on approval of a Pentagon proposal by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter 'a very meaningful shift in policy.'

Last Sunday, President Barack Obama urged the leaders of the G-7 summit in Munich to stand up to 'Russian aggression."


WWIII 'Very Possible Due to US Policies Against Russia: Analyst

"Washington's plan to deploy heavy weapons for up to 5,000 soldiers in eastern European countries will definitely escalate tensions with Russia and may even spark the flames of another world war, says US political analyst, Stephen Lendman."


STRATFOR Warns S-300 In Ukraine's Odessa May Cause All Out War

"Kiev's decision to deploy S-300 air defense systems in the Odessa Region puts Russian aircraft flying in and out of Transnistria in danger of getting shot down. This in turn increases the chances of a military confrontation between Russia and the West - US global intelligence company STRATFOR reported."


'Most Aggressive Since Cold War': Russia May Beef-Up Border if US Arms Stationed in E Europe (and vid)

"Russia has no binding obligations limiting its armed forces in its western regions, which means if the US deploys heavy weapons in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, there will be an equivalent response from Moscow, Russia's top general said.

'If America's heavy arms, be it tanks, artillery systems or other heavy military hardware are deployed to Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, it will be the Pentagon and NATO's most aggressive step since the end of the Cold War a quarter century ago,' General Yury Yabokov, a senior Defense Ministry official was quoted as saying.

'In fact [authorities] both in Washington and in European capitals are aware that the 'Russian threat' is nothing more than a myth,' the Ministry said. 'It is convenient to use propaganda to cover up US responsibility for the anti-capitalist coup in Ukraine and for the actions of those in Kiev, who are not ready to stop the fratricidal war in Donbass.

There are growing risks that the US military strategy on NATO's 'eastern flank' may 'lose touch with reality and the political interests of European people,' the ministry said."


The Anglo-American Insanity  -  by Finian Cunningham

"In a sane world, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond should be forced to quit his post in disgrace as the country's top diplomat, following reckless remarks that Britain may henceforth site American nuclear weapons to counter the threat from Russia.

So here we have an alarming escalation of international tensions and militarism by both Washington and London - and all on the back of unproven prejudicial words from the close Anglo-American allies, who are clearly working in tandem.

Hammond's overt reversal to Cold War mentality comes as Washington is also reportedly considering the deployment of 'first strike' nuclear missiles in various European countries.

The slanderous attitude toward Russia is doubly contemptible because not only is it calumnious, the deception also serves as a political and moral cover that allows the Anglo-American rulers to take outrageous steps toward jeopardising international peace with the unprecedented deployment of nuclear weapons."


'It's 3 minutes to midnight. After twelve we're finished.' Chomsky


US Air Force May Deploy F-22 War Planes Near Russia's Border

"The US is planning to send warplanes to Europe in order to stop Russia's 'aggression' in the region, says US Air Force Secretary Deborah James.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin made an announcement following the Pentagon's decision to deploy more military equipment in Europe. Putin announced that his country would add intercontinental ballistic missiles to its nuclear arsenal this year.

'If someone threatens our territories, it means we will have to aim our armed forces accordingly at the territories from which the threat is coming,' he added."


US Pursues 'Strategy of Chaos' in Europe and Asia (and audio)

"...We now recognize, respectively, that the Cold War was about more than communism as we were told. US geo-strategists now acknowledge that Russia is the most valuable territory on this small planet, because it is the laand bridge between the richest continent, that is Europe, and the continent of the future, Asia. Therefore the US wants to dominate if not control Moscow."


NATO Implementing Biggest Defense Reinforcement Since Cold War

"We are responding and we are doing so by implementing the biggest reinforcement of our collective defenses since the end of the Cold War and the Spearhead is a key element of this reinforcement."

This would explain the present dynamic activity of the Canadian peace-movement...


'It's 3 minutes to midnight. After 12 we're finished.' - Chomsky


Moscow Will Respond to NATO - 'Accordingly' - Putin (and vid/audio)

"If NATO threatens Russia's territories, Moscow will respond to the threat accordingly, says President Vladimir Putin. He also criticized the EU and US leaders for failing to exercise 'enough pressure on Kiev authorities' in the implementation of the ceasefire agreement. There is 'no alternative' to the Minsk deal and 'as hard as it may be we should follow the path,' he said..."


US, Russia Edging Toward Nuclear Catastrophe (and audio)

"The United States and its NATO allies are edging toward a high-risk military standoff with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, a situation that may lead to the worst catastrophe in history, an anti-war activist in Chicago says.

'The threat posed by the post-Cold War revival and the expansion of NATO cannot be overestimated,' said Rick Rozoff, a member of STOP NATO International.

'It has the potential quite literally to lead our planet and its people towards the worst catastrophe in history, which would be a nuclear war..."


NATO General Uses False Claims to Justify Buildup Near Russia's Border

"NATO is using the false claim of Russia's 'invasion' of Crimea in order to justify its own military activities near Russia's border, Eric Zuesse underscores..."


ISIS Declares Governorate in Russia's North Caucasus Region

"ISIS indeed announced the creation of a new governorate, called Wilayat Qawqaz (Caucasus) in the region on June 23, 2015, after several senior militants in the area pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Statements from ISIS over the coming weeks recommending specific targets or operations will likely clarify how ISIS intends to fold Wilayat Qawqaz into its global expansion strategy..."


NATO Buildup in Poland Portends Catastrophic Consequences - Vice Admiral

"...Commenting on the continuing buildup of NATO forces on Russia's borders, including a decision to beef up the rapid response force, and the anouncement that the US would deploy heavy equipment in six Eastern European states including Poland, Admiral Marek Toczek told Sputnik that the dangerous escalation could have catastrophic consequences.

'I consider this to be another step in the escalation of tensions in the situation which has developed around the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Toczec stated. 'Either this is saber-rattling or a harbinger of an extreme catastrophe of a kind humanity has never known...We are dealing here with a manifestation of a kind of schizophrenia."

US 'Playing with Fire' By Extremely Provocative Moves Not Russia: Paul Craig Roberts (and vid)

"The growing conflict between the US and Russia over the Ukraine conflict is the result of Washington struggling to maintain its hegemony and making 'extremely provocative moves' in Eastern Europe, according to an American political and economic scholar.

'It's a serious situation in which the US is driving Europe into a conflict with Russia..."

I really hope people start waking up to how serious this thing has become. At present unfortunately, there is little indication of this..





The Pentagon Goes Nuclear on Russia - by Pepe Escobar

"In only 15 years Russia has jumped 2 generations ahead of the US on missiles and may be on the verge of a 1st strike nuclear capacity, and the US is freaking out."


US, NATO Powers Intensify Preparations for Nuclear War

"...In the writings of the CSIS and other discussions within the state apparatus, there is a degree of insanity. The strategists of American imperialism are coldly calculating the best tactics for waging and winning nuclear war. Yet this insanity flows from the logic of American imperialism and the drive by the financial artistocracy to control - ever more directly through the use of military force - the entire world."


NATO Military Buildup Close to Russia 'Has No Parallel in Cold War History'

"And so the events of this week have extinguished any glimmer of hope that may have been sparked by John Kerry's diplomatic parley with the Russians in Sochi this past week."


Kremlin Spokesman Slams Anti-Russian Provision of Fresh US Military Doctrine

"Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov says the formulas used in the new US military doctrine were proof of the intent to maintain confrontation for a long time, adding that Russia would take consequences in its own, similar document. The comments were delivered to reporters after the Pentagon revealed on Tuesday the latest draft of the US Military Strategy that described Russia as a revisionist state prone to use of force and not respecting the interests of its neighbors.

'Of course it is unlikely that such steps will contribute to the attempts to guide our relations toward normalization which is so much needed for the common fight against the challenges to which our nations cannot find answers by themselves, the Kremlin official added..."


Russia is 'Biggest Threat' to American National Security - USAF Chief (and vid)


'Artificially Hostile Atmosphere': Moscow Blasts US Claims of Russian Threat

"FM Sergey Lavrov has voiced concern over new statements by US Air Force Secretary Deborah James, who called Russia 'the biggest threat to US security,' and added that this claim had nothing to do with Moscow's actions. He emphasized that the Russian side was very concerned by this situation and noted that 'they are creating an artificial atmosphere of hostility."

*It is not possible to awaken those that pretend to be deep in sleep...


Russia, Ukraine and US Hegemony

"The Ukraine Russsia conflict is particularly ominous because tensions with the United States could escalate into a nuclear war. For this reason, it is necessary to understand NATO's roloe, patterns of US domination and the nuclear arms race. The demonization of Russia and Putin leaves out the role of the US and NATO.

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Pentagon Concludes America Is Not Safe Unless It Conquers The World. US Plans War against Russia

The document announces a shift in focus from terrorists to “state actors” that “are challenging international norms.” It is important to understand what these words mean. Governments that challenge international norms are sovereign countries that pursue policies independently of Washington’s policies. [u]These “revisionist states” are threats,[/u] not because they plan to attack the US, which the Pentagon admits neither Russia nor China intend, but [u]because they are independent.[/u]

Not much more evidence need be presented. Let's quote the author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich ...

William L. Shirer wrote:
In our new age of terrifying, lethal gadgets, which supplanted so swiftly the old one, the first great aggressive war, if it should come, will be launched by suicidal little madmen pressing an electronic button. Such a war will not last long and none will ever follow it. There will be no conquerors and no conquests, but only the charred bones of the dead on and uninhabited planet.


The United States of America has an official policy which is, for all intents and purposes, the continuation of the policy of the Third Reich.

 Don't take my word, or the word of experts, read it for yourself.

2015 US National Military Strategy

ooh rah.

Mr. Magoo

This thread reminds me of those doomsday cults that keep revising the date for doomsday.

"OK, well, evidently the earth wasn't scoured by fire today like we said, but it's definitely going to be any day now.  Don't make solid plans for next Thursday is all we're saying.  Click the button below to subscribe to receive e-mail updates of just how close the end of the world is!!"

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Magoo, don't make me "Dr Strangelove " you...


I'm so glad batshit crazy senior US military types from Breedlove to James who suddenly erupt with these bloodcurdling threats of war, and Russophobic hallucinations, frequently immediately denied by alarmed European officials, against Russia, do not disturb your slumbers. A wise man once said that those who are pretending to be asleep are the hardest  to awaken. It would certainly  seem to be the case here.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

You can't sleep over this shit?

Marijuana and beer helps... I suggest you try it. If that don't work I suggest you stay off the internet.


NDPP wrote:
batshit crazy US military types, who suddenly erupt with these bloodcurdling threats of war, and Russophobic hallucinations, do not disturb slumbers/hardest  to awaken, etc...

Tut tut.  You know how talk like this hurts BEC's feelings.


more pot and beer should do the trick..


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Slumberjack wrote:

NDPP wrote:
batshit crazy US military types, who suddenly erupt with these bloodcurdling threats of war, and Russophobic hallucinations, do not disturb slumbers/hardest  to awaken, etc...

Tut tut.  You know how talk like this hurts BEC's feelings.


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here's more batshit crazy Yanquis, this time Ass. Sec. of State Victoria Nuland:

Warmonger Victoria Nuland: We are considering a military option against Russia if Minsk2 fails.

This sort of endless and brain dead sabre-rattling is really a form of nuclear chicken. The US Empire typically threatens a country, endlessly, for the purposes of domestic propaganda, preparing the population for war, villifying the rival leaders, in preparation for more disgusting and predictable war crimes, involving the deaths of ten or hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children and the displacement of millions. Not that they give a shit about the numbers; in Iraq, for example, there was no attempt to carry out a body count of dead Iraqis. Because freedom. But when they threaten a nuclear power, like Russia, quite capable of incinerating citadels of imperialism in the Yanqui homeland, then you really have to wonder if they are mentally ill.

The US jackboot regime is actively encouraging the worst elements in Ukraine to imagine they have the full, nuclear-armed backing of the Empire. to continue the war on the civilian population in Donbass, both to terrorize Russia and to enrich US corporations on the zombie sell off of what's left of Ukraine's assets. Ukrainians and Russians are prohibited from this fire sale.



"Often the smell of white man precedes him."

from Dead Man, starring Johnny Depp and Gary Farmer.