U.S., Canada, and Ukraine reject anti-Nazi resolution at UN General Assembly

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A_J wrote:
Alexander Mercouris: Barrister struck off over claim that senior law lord had him kidnapped


I guess that means the beloved bloodthirsty junta in Kiev is no longer so beloved?

Ukraine’s New American Finance Minister Lost $100 Mil of US Taxpayer Funds, Tagged with Financial Improprieties

Kiev's ruling clique is so hopelessly corrupt themselves, and so entirely discredited on the corruption angle, that they came up with the novel idea of bringing in foreigners to staff their "anti-corruption" government....

""In the only job I ever had in the private sector I lost $100 mil of US taxpayer money, while paying myself very well to do so. This makes me uniquely qualified to run the finances of one of the most corrupt governments the world has ever seen..."

Or are financial improprieties only of concern when critics of the junta have them?


re:Meet and Greet Natalie Jaresko,


Why isn't anyone reporting the fact that American NATALIE JARESKO's CANADIAN PIRATE - PAL* and CO-FOUNDER of HORIZON CAPITAL - LENNA KOSZARNY, is also  CHAIR OF THE ADVISORY COUNCIL OF THE UKRAINIAN CANADIAN CONGRESS - a right wing national lobby closely connected to STEPHEN HARPER's Ukraine agenda?

There's no Conflict of Interest because THAT IS THE INTEREST!

*Here they both are at the ATLANTIC COUNCIL an integrated propaganda arm of NATO/CIA


Please ask your media friends why such a critical Canadian connection goes unreported?

The answer of course is that they're mostly thick as bricks, highly subservient to power, and believe it's best to do only what you're told...




NDPP, does that last post have anything to do with the topic of this thread, or are all 10 or so of these Russia/Ukraine threads interchangable now? If so I guess it is okay for me to post perishke recipes too.

As for that John Helmer article. Not sure what his beef is, considering he is an Australian, who also worked for the U.S. government, and has advised other governments, including that of Greece. And his publication? Based in NYC. Maybe he's jealous he wasn't tapped for the job.


And how do you back up your claim that the UCC is a "right wing national lobby"? They are Ukrainian, therefore they must be? In fact, they are the umbrella group of all Ukrainian Canadian organizations in Canada.




dp -omit


You are right - this is thread-drift and should more properly be in the Ukraine thread. But so self-evidently is Canada's Ukrainian AIPAC, UCC. One indication of this 'rightness' is their presence and position on the Atlantic Council link posted here, not to mention their oft stated positions in media and viewable on their site.

That their Chair, Lenna Koszarny, should simultaneously be managing Horizon Capital a State Department scam is, as stated, obviously no conflict since that IS the interest.

And incidentally, since her sidekick at Horizon is now toiling and moiling away for Ukraine's US owners, Lenna can now add CEO to her impressive list of accomplishments:

Horizon Capital Names Chief Executive


December 05, 2014

Dow Jones and Company Inc.

Horizon Capital said founding partner Lenna Koszarny was appointed chief executive officer of the Ukraine-based firm. The move follows the resignation of Natalie A Jaresko, who became minister of Finance in the cabinet of Ukraine, according to a news release."

More on Horizon Capital


check out 'The President' too...



What Jaresko, Koszarny, Hunter Biden, Burisma and their ilk are up to, and what they, you, UCC and 'the West' is cheerleading for, is here:

The West Still Hopes To Get Everything For Nothing  - Mikhail Delyagin, Institute of Globalization Studies


'Realpolitik is always based on economics, so an assessment of the ongoing events in and around Ukraine by economic experts is especially interesting.

'The Nazis will only get enough money to wage the war, because if they are given a little more, then it will not be possible to take Ukraine's resources free of charge.

One of the West's goals in organizing the Nazi coup was to take control of the chernozem [soil], the energy system, the ports, the coal, the gas and everything else. To ensure free or almost free privatization, it is essential to ensure that Ukraine has no money..."


Again Smith, apologies for the thread-drift, this will do it for now. You really should reconsider cheering on these awful imperialists, hustlers and carpetbaggers in Ukraine. I'll pass on your offer of free recipes for Ukrainian buns though as I'm trying to watch not only Ukraine, but my waistline as well...


But how long has she been there? 20 years? Clearly this western investment was good enough for Viktor Yanukovich when he was in power, so I am not sure how the "Nazi" charge applies. The west has been responsible for over hald of Ukraine's foreign investment for some years now.

Not surprised that it is being made, though. It seems to be the default.



6079_Smith_W wrote:
But I can certainly sympathize with their frustration, and we do have a CRTC regulation about not broadcasting false or misleading news.

ha ha ha!



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The Ukrainian junta has no problem with pro-Nazi propaganda, same as their Canadian and US counterparts.

But they want to ban communist ideas. (translation = open season on the left)

Ukraine moves to "Ban Communism"

Then again, they have already established a Ministry of "Information" , Big Brother style ....

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Israeli Zionist travels to Ukraine ... and is disgusted by the frothing neo-Nazis and anti-Semitism.

Ukraine Glorifies Holocaust Criminals

On its face the article below is a travel log of one person who visited Lviv – his father’s original hometown.
Beneath it is the outraged, desperate cry for truth and justice of one Jew who can not stand the whitewashing of the holocaust or the glorification of its perpetrators on display in Ukraine, and most of all the support for people who do so by the West and even his own state – Israel.


ikosmos wrote:

The Ukrainian junta has no problem with pro-Nazi propaganda, same as their Canadian and US counterparts.

But they want to ban communist ideas. (translation = open season on the left)

Ukraine moves to "Ban Communism"

Then again, they have already established a Ministry of "Information" , Big Brother style ....

From the article you linked to (but apparently never read):

Ukraine’s parliament tabled a bill banning “communist”, “Nazi” and “anti-Ukrainian” ideology on Wednesday


perhaps this is off thread....listened (i confess!) to CBC Current show yesterday, interviewing one of the Canadian Syrians that was detained and tortured in Syria, under the eye of RCMP officials...he seemd to think that it was the RCMP not CIA personnel that coordinated the torture program against Canadians.......Are there any coorpobrating evidence, that in fact RCMP at some level are trained and sponsoring torture aka CIA?

And therefore liable to prosecution?


Yeah. Off-thread.

Try Syria, or better still, USA.



Is the Canadian state more fascist like than imagined?

Do the RCMP have a parallel Canadian program as alleged by Abdullah Almalaki to detain and torture?

Sorry for the offthread...had to get this out!

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Well certainly the Liberal and/or Conservative jackboot regimes played an important role in the torture of Maher Arar and others. This is established fact. But other than showing Canadian involvement in multiple atrocities, it doesn't really relate to the rejection by the Harper regime of the anti-Nazi resolution at the UN.

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No surprise that a Canadian leader of the Communist Party denounces the shameful vote of the Harper regime but some of the information bears repeating...


D Rankin wrote:
The vote continues international imperialism's policy of appeasing fascism in Ukraine, which bans holidays celebrating the defeat of fascism, allows the lawless destruction of memorials to Soviet soldiers who died fighting the Nazis, and celebrates the founding of Ukrainian fascist groups who murdered Jews, communists and anti‑fascists.

 European countries comprised 41 of the 55 abstaining countries. Lithuania explained the EU's decision to abstain, saying fascism has nothing to do with racism, an outright deception. In fact, Lithuania has an active neo‑Nazi movement, much like Ukraine. Too afraid of pubic opinion to show their fascist stripes, these countries are allied with the U.S. and Canada in their ideological support for fascism.

 The vote is a major step of North American imperialism publicly to embrace fascism as an acceptable ideology in its foreign policy ambitions. The vote tramples on the very reason for drafting the UN Charter itself, the defeat of fascism.

One thing for sure. In terms of political parties that actually criticize the pro-Nazi machinations of the Ottawa regime, the Commies seem to be pretty well on their own. Too bad for them there aren't more WW2 vets still alive ...

ETA: Don't think that this will affect you? Think again.

"the First World War ended in the banning of democratic, progressive and socialist groups and parties, all of whom were opposed to Canada's participation [in war] ... "


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What's Going On Up North? Canada and the Nazi Thing

Jim Miles wrote:
So what is Canada up to?  Probably no good.   Not denying fascism – in contradiction of its usual unqualified support of Israel;  protesting against the recognition of the negative effects of globalization, in particular because of the “indigenous” components and its ramifications domestically and for Israel;  attempting another poke in the eye for Putin (Russia voted “yes” for the document) while trying to be the tough guy on the block for the Ukrainian neo-Nazis.