US: European Travel Warning Based on 'Growing Information': Timing, Target Remain 'Unclear'

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US: European Travel Warning Based on 'Growing Information': Timing, Target Remain 'Unclear'

US: European Travel Warning Based on 'Growing Information'; Timing, Target Remain 'Unclear'

"US officials say that yesterday's State Department Travel Warning, regarding the entire continent of Europe, was based on 'a growing body of information on terrorist plotting gathered over time.

Yesterday officials insisted that they were not intending to discourage Americans from actually traveling to Europe, but simply warning that there was a growing possibility of a terror attack somewhere inside Europe at some point in time."

Foreign Affairs Canada: Security Situation in Europe

"A number of European countries have taken additional security measures including an increased police and security presence at tourist sites and on public transportation systems.

Canadians should be aware of their surroundings at all times, monitor local news reports, follow the advice of local authorities and take appropriate steps to ensure their personal safety.."

Eight Germans Reported Killed in US Drone Strike

"Eight German citizens were reported killed today in a US drone strike against the North Waziristan Tribal Agency, in an attack officials link to a plot which led the US State Department yesterday to warn against travel in Europe..

The eight were killed when a US drone fired a pair of missiles against a mosque in the town of Mir Ali..Pakistan has downplayed the plot entirely, but it is being used as a justification for massive escalation of the drone strikes against Pakistan.."

And its US election season so a good time for false flags too..


Is AP Deliberately Fear-Mongering Europe Terror Threat to Sell Body Scanners?

"...and finally, probably the most telling article quotes from former DHS (Department of Homeland Security) chief Michael [Zionist] 'buy my naked body scanners,' Chertoff.."

Chertoff was a guest speaker of  Friends of Simon Wiesenthal (FOCS) along with John Bolton and John Howard for their gala fundraiser and a bomb bomb Iran speech not that long ago. George Bush came into town the same weekend. Fascist hustlers do well here apparently.