U.S. expanding the Afghan war into Pakistan - part 2

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[url=http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jun/30/pakistan-orders-us-out-drone... orders US out of drone base[/url] - The Guardian

Pakistan has stopped US drone flights from a remote airbase in the western province of Balochistan and ordered US personnel to vacate it, the defence minister has said.

"We have told them to leave the Shamsi airbase," Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar said on Wednesday night, adding that US personnel had already started to shift equipment from the base....

Shamsi is located in a remote valley 350 miles south-west of Waziristan, where most of the CIA-directed Predator and Reaper drone strikes against al-Qaida and Taliban targets take place.

The closure of the base is a blow to [b]a covert programme that has killed up to 2,500 people since its inception seven years ago[/b] and forms a cornerstone of President Barack Obama's strategy to flush al-Qaida from its Pakistani havens.

The US insists it will press ahead with the strikes.



Next Stop is Pakistan  -  by Wayne Madsen


"It looks as if Syria will have to wait now that - as Wayne Madsen points out - Washington's priority is seizing Pakistan's nuclear booty before, as the story goes, it falls into 'radical islamist' hands. The only obstacle remaining was to create an environment acceptable to world public opinion that would justify a multinational intervention in Pakistan.

Over the past year and a half, Washington has been attempting to do just that through a crescendo of uninterrupted provocations..."


[url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-15901363]NATO-ISAF attack kills 26 Pakistani soldiers[/url]


A senior Pakistani military officer told Reuters news agency that efforts were under way to transport the bodies of the dead soldiers to Mohmand's main town of Ghalanai.

"The latest attack by Nato forces on our post will have serious repercussions as they without any reasons attacked on our post and killed soldiers asleep," he said, requesting anonymity because he was not authorised to talk to the media.


Is there going to be another war while nobody's looking?

[url=http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/11/26/us-pakistan-nato-idUSTRE7AP03S... stops NATO supplies after deadly raid[/url]


Pakistan Seals Border in Response to NATO Attack (and vid)


"The Pakistani government cannot tolerate such actions against its army...what the US and its NATO allies have done is an extremely dangerous incursion.."


Frontier Post, Pakistan,  Editorial: The NATO Aggression


",,,This was a naked aggression, plain and simple, deliberate and planned. Let all and sundry note it is we alone not the UN or anybody else, who are to defend our territorial sovereignty and sanctity. For this we have to put on a strong face and show a strong hand.

Let the historians say, when it came to the crunch, the Pakistanis fought, fought hard, fought bravely, and went down fighting, not like cowards with the tail between the legs."


When Will Pakistan's Spring Arrive?  by Eric Walberg


"...the seemingly bizarre friendly fire on its lapdog ally, as happened last week, is from Washington's point of view merely a blip in the old-fashioned regional radar it inherited from Britain. Unless of course, Pakistan has its 25 January moment."


Russia Could Deliver Death Blow to NATO in AF-Pak Theater


"Russia has threatened to cut off NATO supply routes to Afghanistan if the alliance doesn't compromise on its missile defence plans..."


From NDPP's link:

Maria Sultan Sassi wrote:
Maria Sultan, defence analyst, while talking to this correspondent said that if the Russians also cut the supply line of NATO then it will turn out to be a cold death for NATO troops. "They will literally be strangled in Afghanistan with 90,000 troops, and as they admit that they have reserves for three months, which actually means they have reserves for two months, then NATO will have to airlift the troops and during the airlift only 15 to 20 percent can get out alive out of the 90,000 troops", Maria said.

Interesting. It sounds like US elites, and their eltist friends in Pakistan since the cold war era want us to believe that there is a riff developing between the two rabidly anti-communist and ideologically-driven states. This might be for appearance sake only.

U.S.-NATO Still Funding (and arming) The Taliban Pakistani Defence Analyst

I think the truth is that Pakistani elites and US-NATO country elites are still like "that" with one another. And I think it's highly likely that the Haqanni and Hekmatyar networks and American CIA, Brits and perhaps even a few of our own are still trafficking in drugs and running guns, and profiting from the chaos and deeply engrained corruption on all sides in general. It's a private war with US and Canadian and British taxpayers funding the corruption and the kick-back and graft. The phony-baloney war on terror rages on.


Gen Hamid Gull: US Attak on Pakistan Will Turn Region into Inferno (and vid)


"Last month's attack by a NATO aircraft on Pakistan that killed 24 soldiers has infuriated Islamabad. RT spoke to Hamid Gull, the country's former head of intelligence, about consequences the incident may have for US-Pakistani relations..."


Killers of Security Men Are Foreign Agents


"...It is well known to all that during the last ten years, the United States has established a virtual parallel state within Pakistan through a network of NGOs, contractors and Raymond Davises who spoil things whenever they want to...The magnitude of the problem requires of the entire population including members of the TTP to keep a strict vigil against nefarious designs of foreign agents who are training, arming and funding anti-Pakistan elements in their bid to destabilise the country..."


Pakistan On Brink of Military Coup?(and vid)


"As the rift between Pakistan's powerful military and civilian government grows wider, there is increasing speculation about the possibility of a military coup.."


London Rally for Aafia Siddiqui - US Abuses Human Rights (and vid) http://mswithacause.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/london-joins-global-call-paki...

"On Sunday, 31st March 2012, human rights campaigners rallied outside the US embassy in London, marking the 9th anniversary of Aafia Siddiqui's abduction, rendition and false imprisonment. A video featuring her case, discussions of her legal battle, Pakistan's role, her children & the issue of repatriation and speeches from the rally can be viewed below.."


US Attempt to Trigger Color Revolution in Pakistan  - by Tony Cartalucci


"Carving up Pakistan by fomenting separatist movements along Pakistan's Western border has been on the US geopolitical drawing board for years. The US had frequently answered the reassertion of Pakistani national sovereignty with random drone attacks on civilian populations, but seems now to be shifting into gear for a full-blown destabilization of Pakistan's Baluchistan province.

Violence has notably increased in tandem with calls from Western politicians to support the 'Free Baluchistan' movement and the establishment of an independent 'Baluchistan' carved out of sovereign Pakistani territory. Just like the US used fighters in the 1980s in Afghanistan to fight a proxy war against the Soviets, the US is now planning to use Baluch terrorists to wage war against both Pakistan and Iran."


In The Shadow Of The Extreme Center  -  by Bharat Bhusha


An interview with Tariq Ali

"...I think that mainstream politics not just in Britain but in most advanced countries is essentially about different ways of running the capitalist system and different ways of making money from it for themselves as individuals or for their parties as institutions.."


RCMP Secretly Ended Probe Into Canadian Held by Taliban (and vid)


"Why was this case not taken seriously by anyone?'


Protest Against Anti-Islam Film Turns Violent in Pakistan (and vid)



Pakistan: Center of the Grand Chessboard (and vid)


"The ascendancy of China as a primal force militarily and financially has the Anglo American imperialists charging into Pakistan, the center of the grand chessboard, the position of central control, the lifeline of the opposing in the next world war."


130 People, Mostly Students Killed By Taliban in Pakistan Army School Seizure (and vid)


"...The Taliban said it staged the attack in retaliation for the Pakistani Army's ongoing operations in the North Waziristan tribal area. It said it had targeted the school 'because the government  is targeting our families and females,' in this military operation. 'We want them to feel the pain'..."