US foreign policy course adjustments...

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US foreign policy course adjustments...

I found the following article from US-based War Times to be a very useful look at US foreign policy under Obama. It looks at the nuances of difference within the Administration on the issues of missile defence, Honduras, Afghanistan and Palestine. It also highlights the importance of turning up the pressure on Obama. 


The ship of empire is adjusting its course. There is some welcome news. But on crucial battlefronts from Afghanistan to Honduras, whether there is substantive or only cosmetic change still hangs in the balance.

This month the Obama administration made its biggest policy change yet in previous imperial strategy. The White House announced that it was scrapping George Bush's planned missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic and instead deploying a much scaled-down version in southern Europe or Turkey. Bush's system had been promoted as defending Europe against Iran, but it was an open secret that Russia was the real target. The decision to abandon this descendent of Ronald Reagan's Star Wars fantasy is a blow against the still-numerous carry-overs from Washington's Cold War military posture. It opens a door to progress in nuclear disarmament...'