U.S. government spends millions to smear whistle blowers of govt. crimes & corruption like Bruce Gorcyca

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U.S. government spends millions to smear whistle blowers of govt. crimes & corruption like Bruce Gorcyca

Trying to find proof of this was like finding a 30 year-old virgin in Brooklyn but here we go: https://theintercept.com/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/ - from the same guy who brought us Edward Snowden.

So it is no surprise that the former American federal agent (Gorcyca) who sought sanctuary in Canada with his Canadian wife and kids to tell us about $1 Billion of drug smuggling and money laundering and $43 million of fraud covered up by Stephen Harper is now being called a "wanted pedophile in Canada" (patently false) Here are five links that talk about the fake extradition Canada went along with to avoid the arrests of three senior RCMP and corrupt FBI agent Terry Nelson and Edward Chism who served a whopping 8 months in prison for an $87 million fraud ($43 against Canadians). Since his company was doing the laundering for pols, they made a deal to keep him quiet. Part of that deal was to leave North America and live abroad after he served his 8 months in a luxury prison with no bars at Eglin Air Force base.






Neither the Americans nor Canadians would let this guy take a polygraph test after senior RCMP agents and DEA agent said he provided them "accurate and true information" yet they had no comment when asked about the $3 million bribe accepted by Harper according the the DEA agent.

So instead of investigating and proseuting the crimes, Canada forces Gorcyca to "voluntary depart" Canada (or be deported) abd as soon as he arrives in Asia, the Americans put him on a no-fly list so he cannot come back and testify in before Parliament nor in a Canadian court. How convenient eh?


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RE:  Gorcyca being falsely smeared by DOJ dirty trickks boys.   The FBI agent used to taint the whistle-blower was identified as one of 18 federal officials responsible for arranging torture of innocent citizens.  See the following; https://www.rt.com/news/anti-magnitsky-list-russia-799/

To be clear, those anonymous person(s) spreading "the wanted pedophile in Canada" claim published a case number that does not exist in any legal jurisdiction in Canada nor America, to wit... it was fabricated. 

Those who take the time to investigate this case at the courthouse will see with their own two eyes that what Glen Greenwald claimed in 2014 about U.S. federal agents being used to smear whistle blowers and dissidents was leaked by Gorcyca in 2012 and 2013 along with the illegal use of technology to "spoof" the email and even duplicaate the voice of any target of their choosing. Read up here:  https://afewthoughtsfrombruce.wordpress.com/2015/06/06/10-things-edward-snowden-didnt-tell-you-about-big-brother-our-beloved-uncle-sam-and-his-cousins-nsa-dhs/

With this technology, any citizens or suspects can be easily framed for any crime - real or fabricated.  It also caught my attention that the same FBI agent that Russia charges with fraud and human rights corruption (Greg Coleman) is the same one assigned to smear whistle-blower Gorcyca (Read the court files of Gorcyca). It is the same agent who illegally put Gorcyca on a no-fly list so he  could not return to his family in Canada nor meet with members of Parliament interested to know more about the $3 million bribe paid to Harper and how Canadian invetsors were cheated out of $43 million by the U.S. Justice Minister.



Here are all the people  Russia officially claims are responsible for torturing prisoners, including U.S. citizens:

US officials involved in violations of the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens abroad

5) Jed Saul Rakoff, Senior US District Judge for the Southern District of New York
6) Preetinder S. Bharara, US Attorney for the Southern District of New York
7) Michael J. Garcia, former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York
8) Brendan R. McGuire, Assistant US Attorney
9) Anjan S. Sahni, Assistant US Attorney
10) Christian R. Everdell, Assistant US Attorney
11) Jenna Minicucci Dabbs, Assistant US Attorney
12) Christopher L. Lavigne, Assistant US Attorney
13) Michael Max Rosensaft, Assistant US Attorney
14) Louis J. Milione, Special Agent, US Drug Enforcement Administration
15) Sam Gaye, Senior Special Agent, US Drug Enforcement Administration
16) Robert F. Zachariasiewicz, Special Agent, US Drug Enforcement Administration
17) Derek S. Odney, Special Agent, US Drug Enforcement Administration
18) Gregory A. Coleman, Special Agent, US Federal Bureau of Investigation

Gorcyca details the torture he was subjected to in solitary confinement when he refused to sign a false confession


More related info online: https://afewthoughtsfrombruce.wordpress.com/tag/ed-meese/




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I am reluctant to wade into this discussion, but I read the article (from Feb, 2014) by Greenwald, because I have a lot of respect for his intelligence and truthfulness and I was curious to see if he had actually written about Gorcyca. For babblers who don't bother to read it, it certainly does show that the "5 Eyes" do dirty tricks, on and off the internet. It does not mention any of the persons or events involved in the other links provided in the OP.

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Can you confine the Gorcyca stuff to one thread rather than creating multiple threads? Even if it's not a scam, it's coming across as spam. 

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Glen Greenwald is not needed to understand this case if people are willing to read all the links and see the links beween American Financial Group, the Bush family and a crooked FBI agent named Terry Nelson.  Daniel Hopsicker, Ted Gunderson (a 20 year FBI agent veteran) Capt. Rodney Stich, former CIA pilot Chip Tatum and a host of other credible people have reported different parts of this story over the last 15 years. I think this guys book just put it all together and he had to be silenced or discredited by any means possible.  First they threaten him with phony charges and then steal his book manucripts. The guy had a pregnant wife to protect at the time as well and according to Nico at WorldLawDirect.com and what I found at Osgoode Hall {23 supportmg affidavits from 19 witnesses} the feds did nothing to help their own informant, and allowed their other informant {Al Chalem} to be murdered even while he was wearing a wire for them! See: http://norealmystery.wordpress.com

And yes it is no secret that the feds spend serious buck to smear people that dig out their skeletons from the closet and expose a billion dollar crime. Do you really think Snowden would be alive if he was not in Russia right now.  Assange is another dead man walking if he ever leaves that Ecuadorean embassy in London.  Remember this... Bradley Manning got a 35 year prison sentence for leaking a video of a war crime, but the names of the helicopter pilot and gunner who committed that war crime were never even revealed and they did not even get a dishonorable discharge, much less prosecuted!

Closer to home, the asshole who ripped off 139 Toronto investors {Edward Chism, the president of American Financial Group} worked for the U.S. Justice Department for more than 20 years and is a personal friend of the Bush family and married to the former personal secretary, translator, and personal banker of General Noriega (Teresita Tapia).  Even though he was convicted of the $87 million fraud, he only served a 8 month prison sentence at a prison that has no bars, nor even a fence, but is on a military base where the "prisoners" can play tennis, golf, and basketball all day or watch cable TV.  While two dozen Canadians had to file bankruptcy because of American Financial Group, Mr. Chism was not required to return the $87 million and he got to keep his $60K annual government pension too! BUT, the strange thiing is that after being released from prison, Chism had to leave America!  WHY?  Because SOMEBODY did not want him in a legal jurisdiction where he could be subpoenaed as a witness!  Then to add insult to injury, the bastard writes a book about how he tricked Interpol and gets to keep the proceeds from the book sales too.  Some great American justice eh?  Google "Edward Myles Chism" and have fun with what you find. Best of all the CFO of the company, spent 6 hours in jail and walked out after getting booked. He was David H. Siegel who worked 3 years as a CIA economic analyst for China. Now do suppose all this is jusy coincidence?  See: http://americanfinancialgroupfraud.wordpress.com 

And if you have any doubt that Gorcyca is being professionally smeared, see http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.ca and the sworn statement of the Private Investogator Ed Reiken {Canadian} which is an exhibit in the Supreme Court Files and in the Law Society complaint at http://gilmourlawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com. And don't forget what the Senior DEA agent said at worldlawdirect.com... Gorcyca agreed to cooperate and testify against Wall Street banksters that were laundering the money for the insider pols and Nelson's drug proceeds.  It really is an organized crime story here. Haroer's role I believe to be minimal since he only got involved in the cover-up, but his pal Mike Huxtable {Canadian} might say differently.  My dad always told me that shit will always float to the top eventually and I think we are beginning to smell it now.  Btw... those bullet holes in Gorcyca's kitchen window in Mississauga are not imaginary and did you read the letter that the Ottawa Citizen reporter sent Gorcyca?  Look for his email in the Law Society complaint too. Remember what Gorcyca wrote to Harper in 2006 - and who he refers to in this letter and what he offers to do. All the guy wanted was to stay with his Canadian wife and kids in Canadia. In the court files, I found three times when he offered to take a polygraph and to show a video tape that nobody wanted to see.




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Sure, no problem. I just thought people would want to see the relationship between the different players and victims. There are really 4 different crimes involving an overlap of people.  An 839 page book that took more than 10 years to write probably has a lot of details to explain.  Here is an index.. (based on what I read so far)

Terry Nelson - The Oliver North of Canada drug smuggling (Now retired FBI with $20 million of known real estate in Canada and America)

Stephen J. Finta - His sidekick partner and Florida lawyer for 22 year (murdered 2 years ago with induced heart-attack)

Erling Ingvaldsen - Insider witness tried to exit the group and he survived a poisoning attempt in Panama.

Pierre Jeanette - RCMP counterpart to Nelson in Montreal

Ross Fischetti - Ottawa financier of many of their deals

Curt Emmer - One of three pilots used by the gang

Edward Myles Chism - President of American Financial Group and pals with Noriega and Bush family - U.S. DoJ executive for 20+ years

David Siegel - CFO for American Financial Group and former CIA economic analyst for China for 3 years

Mike Huxtable - Canadian and former CSIS employee and pals of Stephen Harper.

Bruce Gorcyca - Former U.S. Treasury Agent who first blew whistle on Nelson in 1991

Chip Tatum - Former CIA pilot whp confirmed Neslon smuggling operation in 2003 and meeting Nelson at the Bush famly residene in Florida

Ted Gunderson - Former FBI supervisor for 20 years who exposed Nelson's Canada smuggling ventures in 2004

Stephen Harper - Was paid $3 million to play deaf, dumb, and blind and may have been blackmailed by NSA as well

Rob Nicholson - Along with Harper authorized a fake extradition to remove a witness from Canada hoping he would be killed in US custody

Alain Chalem - An FBI Wall Street insider who knew more than he was supposed to about Enron - found shot in the head 5X.

John Pierre Gonyou - Shady Canadian used for risky deals by pols who wanted Enron shares in 1999 - Murdered with heroin injection

There are 20 more people Nico says are named in the seized book manuscripts, but the main ones are listed above and by the DEA guys who visited Gorcyca in China.

I forgot to to give this link in the above post: http://2006bruce.blogspot.ca 


P.S. There is also a bizarre side story to this scandal in which it is discovered that RCMP Patrick Kelly really may not have killed his wife just as he insisted even after serving a 20 year prison sentence. If  you guys recall, the Crown's chief witness Dawn Taber recanted her testimony, and Patrick was never allowed to take a polygraph exam, nor get a new trial.  From what I gathered in reading all the Gorcyca stuff, Patrick was tuned into all the biggest corruption and was a potental hostile witness to bring down some top brass back in the day.  Considering that Patrick could have gotten early parole (3 years early) if only he confessed and admitted remorse (and he did not). I cannot overlook this gem


It has been confirmed that a former RCMP colleague was having an affair with Kelly's wife at the time, and that lover was involved in a wrongful shooting of a young unarmed man and was pressured to resign. That same guy himself was arrested on August 14th 2001 for assaulting his 10 year old son, and then suddenly this same guy is representing both Gorcyca and Ingvaldsen in Canada as a lawyer (a matter of court record).  Strange but possibly true. There could be a lot more corruption being hidden here than just a $3 million bribe to Harper and a $43 million fraud, and bunch of smuggling.  Think about it, measures were taken by the same lawyer to make it impossible for either Ingvaldsen or Gorcyca to return to Canada. There is an email exhibit from Ingvaldsen in the Law Society complaint of Gorcyca that is too freaky. Check it out. 

Last but not least, I realize some of these crimes go back 20 years and others are now a decade old, but since at least five murders are connected with this case, I think maybe there might not be a statue of limitations issue here.  Al Chalem was murdered in 1999, John Pierre Gonyou in 2001, Scotty Gallin in 2002, Cliff Baxter in 19??, the investigative reporter Gary Webb  who supposedly shot himself twice in the head while investgating the Nelson ring, and I can't recall the name of the biker that was going to testify against Jeanette and Nelson. I think he was a Hell's Angel or Satan Choice member. I saw his sworn declaration in one of the court files, I just can't recall right now. He was murdered as well.






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