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Ahmadinejad Delivers Final UNGA Speech (and vid)


Transcript and video

"Current world order based on injustice..."


Canadian Delegation Walks Out of Ahmadinejad's UN Speech  -  by Campbell Clark

"The Canadian delegation at the UN walked out on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he took the podium to address the general assembly...Liberal MP Irwin Cotler, a human-rights lawyer and vocal critic of Iran has started a campaign to have Mr Ahmadinejad barred  from the UN general assembly.."


West Will Twist Ahmadinejad's Remarks at UN: Analyst (and vid)

"Iran's President has sharply criticized the current world order...Stephen Lendman interviewed."


BAR: Talking Peace and Justice With Ahmadinejad   - by Glen Ford

"Consumers of US corporate media have become acclimated to the inevitability of a military assault against Iran.."


Horrifying Graphic Video of Iranian Leader Savagely Abusing Jews!! (and vid)


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Look's like we got through this week, when is the next projected invasion of Iran?


Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Look's like we got through this week, when is the next projected invasion of Iran?

I didn't know Netanyahu posted on this board.  Seems to me you should be asking him.  He might even have a cutesy diagram to explain it.


MSNBC: Israel Is Trying to Push US into War with Iran (and vid)

And Canada is with Israel...


Killing of Journalist Maya Naser in Damascus Possibly Tied to the Investigation into Turkey War Crimes

"During the last days leading up to the assassination of Maya Naser on the wounding of the Al-Alan and PRESS TV station chief in Damascus, Hussein Mortada, Maya was investigating a case which had the potential to lead to the impeachment of the Erdogan-led government of Turkey and indictments for serious war crimes and human rights violations.

Earlier this month the Workers' Party Turkey filed criminal charges for the Turkish government's support of the Free Syrian Army and related terrorist groups. Only days before his assassination, Maya Naser entered into an ad hoc investigative alliance into the alleged war crimes and human rights violations of the Turkish govenrment with leading members of the Workers' Party Turkey..."


Israeli Prime Minister Lays Out Path to War with Iran

"The resort to war is more and more likely."


Netanyahu on the Nuclear Threat (and vid)!


Lobbyist Says Israel Should Create A 'False Flag' to Start A War With Iran

"...Now is the time that a small provocation could lead to a full-blown war. And Patrick Clawson, Director of Research at Washington Institute of Near East Policy (WINEP), has suggested that someone could fabricate that small provocation..."



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kropotkin1951 wrote:

Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Look's like we got through this week, when is the next projected invasion of Iran?

I didn't know Netanyahu posted on this board.  Seems to me you should be asking him.  He might even have a cutesy diagram to explain it.

I hope its better than the cartoon grade bomb one he had at the UN. I had no idea nuclear bombs had a little fizziling fuze at the top of it.Laughing

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One more before the weekend...

Iranian news agency duped by Onion story on Obama poll


Iran's leading news agency published a mock poll that claimed rural whites in the U.S. favored Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over president Barack Obama.

The mock poll was originally published on a popular U.S.  media site, The Onion.

The FARS news agencywhich touts itself as Iran's leading independent news agency while others note its ties to governmentpublished much of the made-up poll that first appeared in the U.S. parody website.

The Onion site quoted a fictitious Gallup Poll that noted "77 percent of rural Caucasian voters...would much  rather go  to a baseball game or have a beer with Ahmadinejad...than spend time with Obama."

FARS  led its story with that statement and even quoted someone from the Onion piece, West Virginia resident Swiderski, saying of Ahmadinejad, "I like him better."

You have to admit that's pretty funny... have a great weekend.




Like all good satire the really funny stuff is close to the truth.  The Ahmadinejad part is ridiculous but tickets to a MLB game or hang with Obama would hardly be a difficult choice for any tea party supporter. 


The Onion site quoted a fictitious Gallup Poll that noted "77 percent of rural Caucasian voters...would much  rather go  to a baseball game or have a beer with Ahmadinejad...than spend time with Obama."


Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

You have to admit that's pretty funny... have a great weekend.


But [url= got Ban Ki-moon[/url]:


This week, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined the ranks of those pranked by a Quebec radio station, his office confirmed Thursday.

Montreal comedy duo Marc-Antoine Audette and Sebastien Trudel called Ban on Wednesday afternoon and pretended to be Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


Known as Les Justiciers Masqués (the Masked Avengers), the two are notorious for prank calls to celebrities and heads of state. The duo said in a news release that the world's top diplomat was rushed out of an important meeting to speak to them. Quebec City radio station CKOI played excerpts of the prank Thursday, and was planning on broadcasting the entire call Friday.

During the call, Ban appears to become suspicious when fake Harper complains he was too busy combing his hair with Krazy Glue to attend this week's ministerial meeting of the U.N. General Assembly — a clear dig at the Canadian prime minister's immaculate hairdo.

"Excuse me, am I speaking with Prime Minister Harper right now?" Ban is quoted as saying

Fake Harper begins the call in French by explaining why he sent his "lap dog," Foreign Minister John Baird to New York in his place.


Looks like any friend of Bibi's get's put through to a busy Ban right away... A Ban calling Stephen version could have been interesting as well.  Love to see more of this kind of thing with serious people going for some real political paydirt instead of a 'prank'. Just imagine the possibilities in this case. The mind boggles...


I love it. Crazy glue triggered him but not calling Baird a lapdog.I guess in those circles pissing on the help is de rigueur.



Fake Harper begins the call in French by explaining why he sent his "lap dog," Foreign Minister John Baird to New York in his place.



RT: Crosstalk: October Surprise (and vid)

"After years of threats, will Israel attack Iran? And is Iran really a danger to Israel? What role does the US play in all this? Is Netanyahu terrified of Obama? And how will the US-Israeli relationship evolve? Cross-talking with Miko Peled and Gideon Levy."


Israel Has Long Crossed Nuclear Red Line: Iran's Vahidi

"Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says Israel has long crossed the red line with regard to its nuclear program by possessing dozens of nuclear weapons. 'An occupier and aggressive regime like the Zionist regime which possesses nuclear weapons and threatens to launch military attacks is more dangerous [than] Iran which has no nuclear weapons and stresses the necessity of nuclear disarmament.

If America and the other Western authorities truly seek to avert threats against the region and the world, they must mount pressure on the dangerous regime of Israel through cutting ties with the regime and imposing sanctions on it until all its weapons of mass destruction are destroyed,' Vahidi added..."


Switzerland Rejects Western Sanctions Against Iran

"Swiss President Eveline Widner-Schlumpf has censured the unilateral Western sanctions imposed against Iran, saying the bans are 'unacceptable'. The Swiss president added that Bern would continue economic relations with Tehran within the framework of UN decisions.."


Bec.De.Corbin wrote:
You have to admit that's pretty funny... 

It is, whenever mouthpieces for the state swallow and regurgitate information whole.  North American media outlets have quite a past and present of being fooled by turning state press releases into headline news, especially in the area of foreign policy.  As I understand it now with the embassy debacle having occurred in Benghazi, they're practiced enough at contortionism these days, they've hardly skipped a beat in re-defining the liberation movement from just yesterday it seems, into today's murdering Jihadists.  Well, it's either they've been fooled, or they're a conscious part of the overall industry seeking to turn everyone else into fools.  The point is, there's more than enough fools to go around.  That's what the various states and information bureaus are counting on.  It's curious that when people bring forward the mainstream's flavour of the day, in this case the Fars Agency story, it's almost as if they've stumbled upon some previously buried nugget of truth that needs to be rushed back and presented to the Fars News Agency support group, either as a light-hearted gotcha moment, or out of an earnest desire to say 'look, these people are liars and fools, why take them seriously?'  Which leads directly to the next intrusive thought, that both of us are wasting our time...with mine being in the response.


Iceland Warns Israel Against Military Attack on Iran

"Iceland's Foreign Minister Ossir Skarphyinsson has warned Israel against carrying out a military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. 'Don't bomb Iran. Don't start another war in the Middle East,' Skarphyinsson said in an address to the 67th session of the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

Unlike Iran, Israel is a non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and continues to defy international calls to join the treaty."


Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran  -  by Vijay Prashad

"...If Israel was serious about the principle of a nuclear free Middle East, it would immediately sign onto the most important proposal made in this UN General Assembly session thus far: when Egypt's president Mohammed Morsi called for the creation of a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in the region by the end of 2012.

The problem is that Morsi's proposal will be blocked by two powers: the US and Israel. A Nuclear Weapons Free Zone would mean that the US would not be able to bring its nuclear weapons to its bases in the Middle East and nor can it use depleted uranium in the weapons that its ships carry into the Gulf.

'The only solution is to get rid of nuclear weapons,' Morsi said, 'and all weapons of mass destruction.' Morsi's sensible suggestion is buried beneath the shoddy coverage in the US media that concentrates on Ahmadinejad's antics and on Bibi's baseless threats..."


An Interview With Norman Finkelstein

Q: What does Israel have to gain from an attack on Iran?


"There are so many dimensions to that. Israel obviously wants to be the big bully on the block and so wants to knock out anyone who is challenging its regional hegemony. Just like the US wants to be the big bully in the middle east and so there is a confluence of interest between the US and Israel in keeping Iran in place.

At this point there is a disagreement about whether to use force. Well you never know with the Israelis. If there was an Oscar for best theatrical performance by a country, Israel would win every year. It's a country based on theater. It's a lunatic state - completely insane. There is no other country in the world where all they talk about is war. That's all they talk about. It's just who should we attack today. Should we incinerate Lebanon? Should we attack Syria? Should we attack Iran? Mentally, it's a completely off the map country..."


Military Attack on Iran Will Have Dire Consequences: Brazil

"Brazilian President Dilma Roussef has once again voiced opposition to any military attack on Iran's nuclear energy facilities. 'Any such initiative would represent a violation of the UN Charter, with serious consequences for the Middle East,' she added..."


Iranian Economy on Verge of Collapse Says Israel

"Sanctions creating great economic difficulties, says finance minister in a further indication that military action may be on hold. According to an anonymous Israeli official quoted in Haaretz, Israel had stepped up efforts to persuade the EU to impose a fresh round of sanction. Avigdor Liberman suggested that Iran could face an Egyptian-style people's revolution..."

modern day siege warfare conducted by the world on behalf of Zionist Israel


First Nations Leader Forges Ahead With Trip to Iran  -  by Laura Stone

"Despite economic sanctions, a plummeting currency and suspended diplomatic ties with Canada, consultant and former First Nations Chief Terrance Nelson vows to continue his trip to Iran next week to 'touch base' with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's regime about resource and land development for aboriginals. He intends to arrive in Iran on October 11 and stay for about a week, claiming to have set up five days of official meetings.

'The point of going to Iran is basically touching base with them and making sure they understand that we the indigenous people are in the same boat, we are under economic sanctions. Have been for over a 100 years,' said Nelson.

When asked about Nelson's trip, a spokesman for foreign affairs minister John Baird repeated the official line, saying the Iranian regime ' is now attempting to exploit Canadian aboriginal leaders and feign concern in yet another PR stunt to distract from its own abhorrent record..."

like this 'PR stunt to distract from its own abhorrent record' perhaps...?


NATO Ready to 'Intervene' in Syria  -  by Rick Rozoff and John Robles

"Rick Rozoff, manager of the STOP NATO website comments on NATO's emergency meeting surrounding the situation on the Turkish/Syrian border and its role in the region. He claims that 'NATO countries and their allies in the Persian Gulf aren't going to back down no matter what Syria does...


Turkey-Syrian Showdown! Pressure Building For More Middle East War  -  by Stephen Lendman

"Tensions are stoked. Syria and Iran are longstanding targets. Washington wants independent governments in both countries replaced by subservient, pro-Western ones it controls.."


The West Strikes Fear in Iran's Currency Market...  -  by Amir Tahiri

"...I would like to share my view from what I see and hear and also as a trained business analyst. In Shiraz as in other cities, people are in a state of stress regarding the national currency.."


Romney: I Will Not Hesitate to Impose New Sanctions On Iran

"Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will say in his Monday speech that additional sanctions would be imposed against Iran over the country's nuclear program if he is elected, CBS has reported.."


Iran Jewish Community (and vid)

"...Iran, a country with a population of 70 million, enjoys various ethnicities, religions and people. In the first episode, Pedram Khodadadi will tell you about Iranian Jews and their life..."


Q&A: Terrance Nelson and Nazanin Afshin Jam Debate His Trip to Iran

"One of the things we want to be able to do is try and humanize the Iranian people. We know what demonization is all about because we've been demonized in our own land.."




Israeli Cyber Attacks Targeted Offshore Oil, Gas Platforms - Iran IT Head

"Iran's offshore oil and gas platforms were the targets of the cyber attacks aimed at crippling the country. All threats were repelled and Israel was behind them according to the head of the IT at the Iranian Offshore Oil Company, Mohammed Reza Golshani. Golshani told Reuters that the attack happened over the past couple of weeks, was routed through China, and affected only the communications systems of the network..."


October Surprise: US and Israel Prepare to Strike Iran

"The US and Israel are already involved in discussions over how they could soon conduct a joint surgical strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, a source close to the talks tells Foreign Policy magazine..."


Foreign Policy: The Entebbe Option - How the U.S. military thinks Israel might strike Iran

One thing is clear: the U.S. military, according to my sources, currently has no interest in a preventive strike. "The idea that we'll attack with Israel is remote, so you can take that off your list of options," former Centcom commander Joe Hoar told me. Nor will the United States join an Israeli attack once it starts, the senior U.S. planner said. "We know there are senior Iranians egging for a fight with us, particularly in their Navy," a retired Centcom officer added. "And we'll give them one if they want one, but we're not going to go piling in simply because the Israelis want us to."

That puts the military shoulder to shoulder with the president. Obama and the military may have clashed on other issues, like the Afghan surge, but when it comes to Iran, they are speaking with one voice: They don't want Iran to get a nuclear weapon, they don't want Israel to start a war over it, and they don't believe an Israeli attack should automatically trigger U.S. intervention. But, if they are to avoid becoming part of Israel's plans, they first need to know what those plans are.


Christ, who's running the show down there, executive branch or  the military regime? It sounds like a repeat of Truman versus Dr Strangelove, and Truman's out of the loop again! fcs


Terrance Nelson: Purpose of Our Trip to Iran

"...Remember that Canada sends 2.5 million barrels of oil a day to the United States and has done so for years. They have done so illegally because the indigenous people of Lubicon Lake Nation have never granted the immigrants permission to take their oil or other resources. Canada has not paid the indigenous people for the oil.

Even when oil was $147 a barrel in 2008, Canada didn't offer the indigenous people even a dime per barrel in payment. Americans have paid for the oil, they paid the Canadians but Canada has not paid, they just steal.."


Canadian Government Turns Blind Eye To Aboriginal Rights (and vid)

"A Canadian Aboriginal rights actiivist tells Press TV that the Canadian central government has grossly violated the rights of the aboriginal minorities in that country. Terry Nelson praised the Iranian government for its condemnation of Canada's treatment of aboriginal people, saying that only the Iranian Embassy in Canada had responded to complaints..."


Argo's Asinine Auteur and His American Audience  -  by Nima Shirazi

"This weekend moviegoers will be treated to a full dose of Western diplomats running scared from Middle Eastern mobs, unwitting victims of seemingly irrational rage. Even though Argo's audience will obviously be rooting for the daring rescue to succeed, it's still essential to understand what all those Iranians might have been so upset about. Are we hostages to Hollywood history?"


Former First Nation Chief Warned Not to Visit Iran (and vid)

"A Canadian aboriginal leader says Western media's undeserved 'dehumanisation and demonization' of Iranians, has so affected people's attitude towards Iran that they were cautioned against entering the country..."

Terry Nelson tells Iran and the world about Canada's shame.


As Tehran Offers Concessions, the West Turns the Sanction Screws

"Western governments are looking for new ways to put pressure on Iran, despite the Islamic Republic's latest statement that it's ready to show flexibility and resume negotiations on halting high-grade uranium enrichment if its conditions are met. Professor Seyed Mohammad Morandi, of the University of Tehran, says that the pressure and sanctions from Western powers are hurting ordinary Iranians first of all - and that's the US, [CANADA'S] and EU objective..."


Banning Press TV, An Act of War Against Ideas  -  by Danny Schechter

"Banning Press TV is an act of war against ideas, a misplaced step that will not resolve any conflicts, will not promote peace or lead to more respect for Western ideas of 'free speech and press'..."

Press TV Facebook Petition


Nelson Trashing Canada in Iran  -  by Alexandra Paul

"....A spokesman for Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan said Monday Nelson is being duped. 'We're disappointed that Mr Nelson has allowed himself to be used as a pawn by the Iranian regime in yet another PC stunt to distract from their own record..."

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Iran claims 'dozens' of its drones reached Israel


A senior Iranian military official claimed Tuesday that Iranian-made surveillance drones have made dozens of apparently undetected flights into Israeli airspace from Lebanon in recent years to probe air defenses and collect reconnaissance data. An Israeli official rejected the account.

The Iranian official declined to give further details on the purported missions or the capabilities of the drones, including whether they were similar to the unmanned aircraft launched last week by Lebanon's Hezbollah and downed by Israeli warplanes. It also was impossible to independently verify the claims from the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media.

Sure they did...and I'm sure some of them even managed to fly around a bit... B-/


Ex-Chief Calls Reserves 'Concentration Camps' on Iran TV (and vid)

"A former Manitoba First Nations leader has raised the ire of Canadian officials with his appearance on Iranian television comparing aboriginal reserves to concentration camps. Terry Nelson, former chief of Manitoba's Roseau River Anishinabe made the comments during an interview on Sunday with Iranian Press TV in Tehran.

'The reserves were originally more or less concentration camps,' Nelson said in the interview..."


First Nations Chiefs Blast Terry Nelson's Holocaust Comparison (and vid)

"...Jeffrey Smith of the Calgary Jewish Federation said Nelson's comments linking Canada's human rights record to Iran's are an insult to all Canadians..."

and a handy helping hand from a zio mouthpiece on behalf of another genocidal settler-state, as well as the usual 'friendlies'..


Did John Bolton Just Admit All These Wars Are for Oil?


Iran To Back OPEC Summit Appearance by First Nations Leaders: Nelson

"The Iranian government is willing to back First Nations leaders if they want to address member nations of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries at its next summit, says former Roseau River chief Terry Nelson..."


'Freedom of Speech, Battleground' (and vid)

"European satellite provider Eutelsat SA has stopped the broadcast of several Iranian satellite channels on the order of the European Commission. Press TV has conducted an interview with Danny Schechter, editor of from New York, to further discuss the issue..."



Netanyahu is the crazy one. he has offered no proof of Iran building nukes. He also said Iraq qas building nukes too.


The lame stream media needs to put this story to rest or at least mention that Netanyahu has been saying since 1991 yes 1991 that Iran is months away from getting a nuke...


Canada's Toxic Spill of Anti-Native Racism   -   by Eric Walberg

"...We were warned not to go to Iran, and western media have consistently tried to dehumanize and demonize the Iranian people. The people of Iran are nothing like the lies told in Western media,' said Nelson on Iran's Press TV. Evan as he spoke the EU was blacking out Press TV.

News that should warm the heart of any supporter of native rights and critics of Stephen Harper - that native activists will finally get a voice at OPEC (however weak) - has been greeted by the silence of the liberal lambs. Where are the voices of reason? Where is the opposition in Canada's so-called democracy?"

perhaps there isn't any...


Carnage or Sanctions? Six Million Iranian Lives at Stake  -  by Ismail Salami

"The US-led [Canada-supported] sanctions against the Islamic Republic which directly and painfullly target the population have created an inconceivable situation for those whose very lives depend on the medicines adversely affected by these barbaric sanctions..'"


Iran Sanctions:

"On January 31, 2012, Canada imposed further sanctions against Iran under the 'Special Economic Measures Act' in order to maintain unity with the measures recently announced by the Foreign Ministers of the European Union member states. The measures announced today in a statement made by Minister Baird further expand Canada's targeted sanctions against the Iranian regime..."

how about it Canucklheads, are you prepared again, as in the sanctions against Iraq and the murder of its children, to largely sit silently by? Do you agree with Madelaine Albright that 'we think it's worth it? Is being 'an ardent supporter of Israel in all situations and instances' so important that you will allow your government to commit war crimes on innocent civilians in your name?


Iran Deputy Foreign Minister Censures Silence Over Sudan Attack

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein-Amir-Abdollahian has criticized certain countries for their silence over a recent Israeli airstrike on Sudan. Sudan called on the UN Security Council to condemn the Israeli regime..."

as should be clear by now, Israel acts with complete impunity and can trash international law at will...


US Sought Use of British Bases for War Against Iran

"...US access to military bases on Cyprus, Ascension Island and Diego Garcia would significantly boost the Pentagon's ability to wage round-the-clock air strikes against Iran.."


France, Israel Continue to Lead Push for Sanctions on Iran (and vid)

"Israeli premier Banjamin Netanyahu made his first visit to France under Francois Hollande, but his arrival was not warmly received by more than a thousand demonstrators..."


Video: Madeleine Albright Today on Killing Children

Madeleine Albright questioned by David Swanson on October 31, 2012 in the Charlottesville, Va. Obama Campaign Office. Says she is sorry for having said that killing half a million Iraqi children was worth it, but not for having participated in it, only for having answered the sort of question conveniently almost never asked anymore.

But asked about the current sanctions on Iran, Albright said that was not the same at all."



US Warns Israel Off Pre-Emptive Strike on Iran

"Arab spring has left US-friendly rulers in region nervous about possible impact of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear programme. Israel's defense minister Ehud Barak, said this week in London that it was the Iranian decision this year to convert a third of the country's stock of 20% enriched uranium into fuel that had bought another 'eight to ten months'..."

additionally, the elimination of Iran's Syrian ally, is not going exactly as planned..


Fighting Dollarization: Iran vs the Empire  -  by Eric Walberg

"The West's attempts to destroy the Iranian economy through heightened sanctions - including most imports, oil exports and use of banks for trade operations - is having its effect. Iran has been trying to trade oil in non-US dollar currencies since 2008, when it opened its Oil Bourse. Iraq did this in 2009 and the US reaction was invasion - dollarization at gunpoint.

The point of the sanctions today is a last ditch attempt by the US to force Iran to comply with the US world order, as epitomized by continued acceptance of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency..."


Nelson: 'If the Iranian trip wasn't right chief, tell me what's your plan' (and vid)

Terry Nelson on his recent trip to Iran


UK 'Considers' Deploying Eurofighter Typhoon Jets in Persian Gulf Region (and vid)

"...The news comes as top Israeli politicians are touring European countries. Defence Minister Ehud Barak is in Britain where he met military top brass in addition to politicians. He is said to be aware and supportive of the plan to deploy British warplanes in the region."


Iran Foreign Ministry Slams Canada Freeze of Tehran Assets

"Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has lashed out at the Ottawa government for freezing the Iranian government's assets in Canada, saying the move is a flagrant violation of international law..."

With respect to Canadian banditti and any aspect of the USRAELI anti-Iran agenda, clearly there is no international law


The Dogs of War are Barking

"...Obama has essentially loaded the gun and cocked it. The problem is Romney's guys want to shoot."


Israeli PM Netanyahu 'Ready' to Order Strike on Iran

"The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he is ready to strike Iran if international sanctions do not stop its nuclear programme. 'I am of course ready to press the button if necessary,' he said..."

and Canada's pols are for the war party


Ordinary Citizens: The Silent Victims of Anti-Iranian Sactions   -  by Kourish Ziabari

"While the US and EU are vehemently competing with each other in the seemingly endless race of sanction in Iran, the ordinary citizens are experiencing teh most breathtaking, agonizing impacts of the crippling embargoe."


When Will The Killing War in Iran Begin? It Already Has

"Economic sanctions are, at their core, a war against public health."

Are you for starving Iranians Canucklhead? Your government is - and they're doing it. Going to do anything about it? Thought so...


The Unfolding Human Catastrophe in Iran (podcast)

"Muhammad Sahimi discusses 'The Unfolding Human Catastrophe in Iran'. The Obama administration's lies about 'smart,' 'targeted' sanctions that hurt the Iranian government, not the people, when the US's real goal is regime change, not curtailling Iran's nuclear enrichment programs; what General Martin Dempsey really meant when he said, 'I don't want to be complicit' if Israel attacks Iran; and the difference between real reform movements and Western sponsored separatists..."


Iranian Baby Milk Shortage Blamed on Sanctions

"If you are in Iran and your child needs powdered milk because of an allergy, then you are in serious trouble. As sanctions take their toll on imports, a serious shortage of the product in the Iranian market is putting the lives of many babies at risk..."

Canada is particpating. The Opposition shares the view: 'We think it's worth it'. Remember...


IAEA Reaffirms Peaceful Nature of Iran Nuclear Program: Soltanieh

"Iran's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says the latest report by the UN nuclear watchdog reiterates the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear energy program. 'Once more, the IAEA report released on Friday, indicates the peaceful nature of all nuclear activities of Iran, including uranium enrichment and sends a significant message to the international community...."

so will the west remove the sanctions and stop killing Iranian civilians and cancer patients? No, because Iran's nculear program is only a pretext for regime change.