US-NATO-Israel-Middle East War: Timeline

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US-NATO-Israel-Middle East War: Timeline

Timeline: US-NATO-ISRAEL-Middle East War

"There is increasing worldwide disgust with Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians (70% of Germans see Israeli policy as a 'war of extermination' and 50% equate its treatment of Palestinians with Nazi treatment of Jews), which has given impetus to a growing BDS (boycott-disinvest-sanctions) movement, and even official Western pressure to end the blockade on Gaza. Yet because of powerful Israeli lobbies in all Western countries, Western governments have yet to show any real commitment to forcing Israel to negotiate seriously with the Palestinians, and there is little hope that the region will throw off its heavy legacy of conflict and tragedy in the next ten years..."


Still Trying to Monopolize the Arabian Peninsula

"When President Obama personally issued the order for the US air strike against Yemeni rebels, which killed numerous civilians including women and children, it was not the first time a foreign power has tried to politically and militarily subdue and dominate the Arabian peninsula.."

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Israeli cowards murder men in cold blood


Tahani said her husband told soldiers he would get out of the house, so they started shooting through the door and the windows. “He fell between my hands bleeding. I started crying 'they killed him, they killed him.' Then soldiers broke the door and got in. He was already dead, but they continued to riddle his body with bullets to make sure he was killed."


Disturbing Questions in Thwarted US Plane Bombing:

a highly convenient pretext for further intervention by US

The Lap Bomber Mystery


US, Yemen Gear Up for Flight 253 Retaliatory Strike

Flashback: Yemen Seizes Israeli-linked 'Islamic' Cell

"Yemeni President Ali Abdulah Saleh has said the security forces have arrested a group of alleged Islamist militants linked to Israeli intelligence.."


US Military Aid to Israel Averages $3B a Year for 25 Years



MI5 Knew of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's UK Extremism Links

The Underwear Bomber: Crushing Freedom With Phony Arab Terrorism

"...and so we are led back to the knicker bomber who, we are told, was trained by Muslim terrorists in Yemen. In response to this bogus threat (and indeed before it even appeared) the US military and its Saudi Arabian allies, like the British military before them, have been bombing, rocketing and strafing, not al-Qaeda in Yemen, but ordinary Yemeni civilians and tribesmen who dared raise their voices, fists and guns against imperial and domestic injustice.."



Rabbis to US Ambassador: Time to 'Go Biblical' with Arabs

"Rabbis want Palestinians ethnically cleansed from West Bank and Gaza..?"


Gaza And the Path to Accountabiity

"The US, UK and Canadian governments are all embroiled in attempts to immunize themselves from accountability under international law for their own actions in the War on Terror.

Protecting Israel from international law acquired an added urgency, not only in the interests of the Zionist regime, but also in the interests of the US and its two staunchest allies in the War on Terror, Britain and Canada, to remain beyond the reach of international law.

In other words, if Israeli politicians can successfully be taken to court under international law for committing war crimes, the precedent would greatly embolden attempts to do likewise with American, British and Canadian politicians in relation to their actions in Afghanistan and Iraq.."


Almost Irreversible

"The last end of year report from the internal Israeli security service, the Shabak, proclaimed 2009 as the most quiet security-wise since 2000.

The report said that the year witnessed a 'dramatic' decline in the number of attacks against Israelis. The irony is that against these positive developments, the reports from Settlement Watch and Peace Now indicate that the last year also witnessed the most agressive Israeli settlement policy...

In addition, 2009 produced the most right wing Israeli government coalition that we have yet witnessed.."


Israeli F-16s attack Northern, Western, Southern and Middle Gaza NOW


Looming War in Gaza

"Nest week or the week after, Barack Obama may well see intelligence reports of tank batallions moving south and west along Israeli highways..the countdown to the Second Gaza War has begin in ernest..."

US to Store $800 Million in Emergency Gear in Israel

"The US Army will double the value of emergency military equipment it stockpiles on Israeli soil, and Israel will be allowed to use the US ordinance in the event of a military emergency, according to a report in Monday's issue of the US weekly Defense News.."


Israel: Global NATO's 29th Member

"According to the NATO Charter, an attack on a member state is considered as an aggression against all members of the alliance and any conflict of Israel with its neighbours could become a source of a large scale regional conflict that could turn into a global war...

The UK, Israel and NATO are preparing for momentous events in the Middle East. They will not be peaceful ones..."




Vid: Criminal State -  A Closer Look at Israel's Role in Terrorism


For Israel, A Reckoning by John Pilger

"The face of the climate change conference in Copenhagen affirmed a world war waged by the rich against most of humanity. It also illuminated a resistance growing perhaps as never before: an internationalism linking justice for the planet earth with universal human rights, and criminal justice for those who invade and dispossess with impunity..


Israel to Station German Nuclear Submarine in Persian Gulf:

"Ahead of an Israeli-German cabinet meeting in Berlin, media reports indicate that Israel intends to station one its German made Dolphin submarines in waters of the Persian Gulf.."


The NGOization of Palestine

" a rigorous analysis and interrogation of the non-profit model of organizing the political costs associated with such forms of incorporating as well as a loss of accountability associated with a duty towards large donors rather than the constituencies that organizers purport to care about. Moreover the essays study how large foundations control social justice movements through the power of the purse..

The essays are collected and published under the title, 'The Revolution will not be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex'"


Gaza Faces Catastrophic Gas Shortage:

"An impending shortage of cooking gas in the Gaza Strip is likely to cause a humanitarian disaster unless Israel allows more into the coastal enclave. With winter temperatures in Gaza dropping, Palestinians are getting only a third of gas increasingly required..It will effect hospitals, bakeries, and homes, especially elderly people. It will be a huge problem and people could die.."


Israeli Military Rule and Incarceration Procedures

"...military orders are designed to control the population, ranging from what road a Palestinian can use to whether he can dig a well for water. I am stunned at the list of mind boggling security offences..."


When Words Are Imprisoned, Thoughts Silenced and Flags Shot Down, Resistance and Solidarity Flourish!

'and because the Zionist entity tried in vain to prevent us from writing, reading, singing, expressing and celebrating, our national and cultural identity, it is essential that we boycott this entity in every form possible, particularly in this regard - to boycott its academic and cultural institutions and its academic and cultural activities and festivals..'


Tawil: Israeli Compensation to UN Helps Israel Hide Its Crimes:

UN accepts Gaza payoff/hush money from Zionist entity


'If Israel does not resume fuel supplying, the company will not be able to supply the Strip with electricity by Sunday morning..'


Flight 253 Cover-Up: 'No Smoking Gun' Claims Undercut by New Disclosures

"Nearly one month after passengers foiled an attempted suicide bomb attack aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 as it approached Detroit on Christmas Day, new information reveals that the White House and US security agencies had specific intelligence on accused terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, far earlier than previously acknowledged.."


Secret CIA-MOSSAD Meeting Preparation for New War?

"A secret meeting between the Director of the CIA, Leon Panetta and Israeli officials, has reportedly centered on Iran's nuclear program...The trip which was originally scheduled to take place in May, follows a recent wave of developments in the Middle East that strongly imply preparations for a possible new military conflict in the region.."


Students Arrested in LA for Heckling Israeli Envoy:

"Michael Oren, propagating murder is not an expression of free speech', the first of 10 students yelled before being led away by University police..'


A Stink Bomb

"Now Netanyahu has decided to teach Abbas a lesson. For 3 days, day after day and program after program, Channel 10 (Israel's 2nd biggest TV station has broadcast shocking disclosures 'about financial and sexual scandals at the top of the Palestinian Authority.."


NATOs Role in The Military Encirclement of Iran

"The Chain is being tightened around Iran from every direction and NATO is forging several of the key links.."


The Case For an Israeli Strike Against Iran:

Russia 'On Board' But Not In Line

"A US-Russia deal over Iran cannot be ruled out.."

US Senators Seek Regime Change in Iran:


US after 'strongest sanctions' on Iran

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton says the US is seeking the 'strongest' possible UN Security Council sanctions on Iran

US Missile System Ready Against Iran

"In short, the US is planning to do with Iran what was done with Iraq...Iran has not responded to the Pentagon's move yet. Undoubtedly the response will be quite tough. Most likely this will then be the pretext that the US [or Israel] needs to carry out a pre-emptive attack.."

US Gave Up War Plans Because of Iran's Might:

"The Iranian general noted that the US invasion of Iran was planned to take place after the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.."



Real Reasons for Sanctions Against Iran

"The absence of any legal argument in this statement reflects the fact that there is no legal argument against Iran's nuclear energy program and that even developments of weapons would be legal.."

Israel Mulling a Spring or Summer War: Ahmadinejad

"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that Iran's arch-foe Israel was mulling starting a war 'next spring or summer'


Iran May Be Next Target of Military Adventurism:

"So to support Israel's desire to send the strongest possible message to Tehran to stop supporting Palestinian resistance movements, it became necessary to create a monster, one scary enough to galvanize a war-weary American [Canadian] (and European) public. Iran's nuclear program was an absolutel gift. Is Iran next...?"


Impending Explosion: US Intensifies Threats to Russia and Iran:

"Washington and NATO allies launched two of the three major wars in the world in March - against Yugoslavia in 1999 and against Iraq in 2003. The war drums are being pounded anew and the world may be headed for a catastrophe far worse than those in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq...

The United States, separately and through the military bloc it controls, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is accelerating military deployments and provocations throughout Eurasia and the Middle East.."


Mossad's Murderous Reach: The Larger Political Issues

"Israel's policy of overseas assassinations raises profound issues that threaten the basis of the modern state: sovereignty, rule of law and natural and personal security...

In both proclamation and actual practice, Israeli law, decrees and actions abroad supersede the laws and enforcement agencies of any other nation.."


21st Century Strategy: Militarized Europe, Globalized NATO

"The United Nations and international law will take a back seat to global NATO. Not only does the Western military bloc's plans to undermine, supersede and ultimately scrap the entire post- WWII international and diplomatic and security order 'not fully comply with the UN Charter' - it is a direct attack on it...

NATO is the Pentagon's nuclear Trojan Horse in Europe.."


Systematic Torture Occurring in Egypt

"Torture in Egypt has reached an intolerable level and is systematically being used on all levels of Egyptian society including women, children, elderly men and youth regardless of their social status, said a report by the London based Arab organization for Human Rights (AOHR)


Israel, Yemen, the Gold Watch and Everyone

"the fingerprints of Irael's meddling are all over the place in Yemen.."


Preparations For a Hit Against Iran: Stopping Israel's Next War

"a new war in the region is inevitable.."



CSIS: Israel Could Use Tactical Nukes on Iran

"some believe that nuclear weapons are the only weapons that can destroy targets deep underground or in tunnels.."


An Iranian nuclear scientist who has been missing since June has defected to the US, according to a US media report.

ABC News said Shahram Amiri had been resettled in the US and was helping the CIA in its efforts to block Iran's nuclear programme.

Mr Amiri disappeared in Saudi Arabia while on a Muslim pilgrimage.


America's Imperial Designs: Prompt Global Strike (PGS)

"The Prompt Global Strike concept envisages a concentrated strike using several thousand conventional weapons in 2-4 hours that would completely destroy the critical infrastructure of the target country and thus force it to capitulate...

The PGS concept is meant to sustain the US monopoly in the military sphere and to widen the gap between it and the rest of the world...

In essence the new US nuclear doctrine is an element of the novel US security strategy that would be more accurately described as the strategy of total impunity."

International Experts: Israel Owns 300 Nuclear Warheads

"According to a British newspaper that specializes in defense affairs, Israel is the sixth largest nuclear superpower today..."



France's hypcrisy mirrors that of the West, of NATO.


"French president: will not give up nuclear weapons


WASHINGTON - France will not give up nuclear weapons because doing so would "jeopardize" its security, President Nicolas Sarkozy has said as global leaders gathered for a summit on nuclear security.

"I cannot jeopardize the security and safety of my country," Sarkozy told CBS News here on Monday hours before US President Barack Obama opened the landmark summit of 47 nations in Washington."

Yes, and Ahmadinejad should not strive for the security and safety of his country and just leave it at the mercy of the West and their spoiled brat!


Kazakhstan: US, NATO seek Military Outpost Between Russia and China

"If developments proceed in the manner they are headed, the Afghan war will secure for the Pentagon and NATO a bulwark in the heart of Eurasia and a permanent military presence in a country bordering almost 5,000 miles of Russian and Chinese territory.."


Rumblings of New War in the Middle East

"Recent days have seen a spate of developments that point to the danger of a new military conflagration in the Middle East..."


NATO: Global Military Bloc Finalizes 21st Century Strategic Doctrine

"NATO's 21st century military doctrine - expeditionary, global and aggressive - will leave few parts of the planet unaffected.."


Obama To Fund Israel's Missile System

"US President Barack Obama wants Congress to pay Israel more than $200 Million to fund a new missile system, the White House spokesman says. Obama has asked Congress to approve the aid so that Israel could deploy a controversial missile system called the 'Iron Dome..' As the president has repeatedly said, our commitment to Israel's security is unshakeable and our defense relationship is stronger than ever.."


Threatening World Order: US and Israel Quietly Announce Plan to Reconstitute Their Nuclear Stockpiles

"The world looks like it's about to become a more dangerous place. A recent report from Israel's newspaper Haaretz finds that the United States is moving forward with plans to strengthen Israel's nuclear weapons stockpile...The US -Israeli propaganda campaign is succeeding in obscuring Israel and the US's own open contempt for nuclear disarmament.."

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Vast Intelligence Build-Up is to Oil Pentagon War Machine

"The army is at war but the country is not. We have managed to create and field an armed force that can engage in very, very lethal warfare without the society in whose name it fights breaking a sweat. The result is a moral hazard for the political leadership to resort to force in the knowledge that civil society will not be deeply disturbed.."


Israel Has Crept into the EU Without Anyone Noticing, by Robert Fisk

"Israel has developed such strong political and economic ties to the EU over the past decade that it has become a member state of the uion in all but name.."


Abbas: Jewish NATO Soldiers Could Defend Future Palestinian State

"Mahmoud Abbas is not opposed to including Jewish soldiers in an international NATO force to be deployed along the borders of a future Palestinian state under a potential permanent peace agreement, the Palestinian president's political advisor said Saturday.."



US Congress Allocates Record Amount for Joint US-Israeli Military Effort

"A committee of the US Congress designated $217.2 million of US tax money to a joint military venture between the US and Israel - this in addition to the annual $3 billion in direct aid and $3 billion in indirect aid provided by the US to the Israeli government. The Defense Appropriations Subcommittee of the US House of Representatives approved the measure earlier this week which provides support for a joint US-Israeli missile defense system known as 'The Arrow', and 'David's Sling'.."


Iraq: NATO Assists in Building New Middle East Proxy Army - by Rick Rozoff

"In recent months NATO has not been idle in the nation bordering Iran and Syria.."

Central Asia: US Military Buildup on Chinese, Iran and Russian Borders - by Rick Rozoff

"NATO, the world's only and history's first international military bloc, now counts among its members and global partners at least 70 nations on five continents and has troops from seven Asia-Pacific nations serving under its command in Afghanistan.

It has expanded from the northern Atlantic ocean region over the equator to the Antipodes and the reach of its operations extends from the Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic, from Africa's Gulf of Guinea to the Gulf of Mexico, the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Aden.."