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These creeps are simply attempting to buy the US presidency




Adelson and his wife do not see it that way. "Our motivation for helping Newt is simple and should not be mistaken for anything other than the fact that we hold our friendship with him very dear and are doing what we can as private citizens to support his candidacy," they said in a joint statement issued to the Observer.

The Adelsons believe their contributions to Gingrich differ only in scale, not kind, from those of any other citizen. "Our means of support might be more than others are able to offer but, like most Americans, words such as friendship and loyalty still mean something to us," they added.

Insiders at Adelson's company, Las Vegas Sands Corp (LVSC), say the billionaire does not understand why some groups – such as labour unions – do not get the same media scrutiny when their campaign contributions are likely to be in total much larger. "The attention he is getting is a little puzzling to him," one company source said. That raises an interesting thought. Labour unions give money to political campaigns in order to further their interests and that of their working members. So, in turn, what does Adelson want for his money? "Elections are not a 'bro-mance'. You expect something in return. Everyone knows that," said Feldman.





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