Vaccine autism link fraudulent

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Vaccine autism link fraudulent

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OP article wrote:
The U.S. Center for Disease Control says nearly 40 per cent of U.S. parents have some mistrust of childhood vaccines.

Not bad. The vote for McCain was 45.7%. So science isn't doing badly in that abyss down south.



From the link below, you can find a whole series about this scandal in the British Medical Journal.  From "Piltdown Medicine: the Missing Link Between MMR and Autism," science journalist Brian Deer discusses the genesis of this fraud:

Brian Deer wrote:
Some elements behind the scam were already known, as a result of  my continuing investigation.  Two years before the paper, Wakefield had been retained by a high street solicitor, hoping to raise a “class action” lawsuit over MMR.  The doctor was contracted to be paid at the extraordinary rate of £150 an hour, grossing him £435,643, plus expenses.  This was six times his reported annual salary as a non-clinical researcher at the Royal Free medical school, London.

I also revealed – years after the paper’s publication – that the children’s parents were seeking compensation.  They were mostly clients and contacts of the solicitor, based in Norfolk, and had come to the Royal Free precisely to blame MMR, wanting Wakefield to help their children and their claims.  This was not, as the profession and the public had thought, merely a snapshot from a large hospital’s case load.  The “finding” of complaints about the vaccine was pre-ordained.

The children in the study were far from a random sample: one was even flown in from Cali.


Yeah, but [url= Handley[/url] personally spoke to about 1,000 parents who told him their children regressed after being vaccinated. And I saw this on CNN, so there must be something to it, right? Where there's smoke there's fire.



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"Your puny facts are no match for our deeply held superstitions!!!"


I was on a medical chat site earlier today that was discussing this, and the credibility it lent to people like Jenny McCarthy, when this was discovered:

Jenny McCarthy Wikipedia entry wrote:
Jennifer Ann "Jenny" McCarthy (born November 1, 1972)[1][2] is an American adult modelcomedianactressauthor and activistwhose ardent anti-vaccine quackery may have doomed an unknown number of children to painful deaths by otherwise controllable diseases.

(It's already been changed.)

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Pity.  It needs to be said.  Loudly and often.