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Thank you for that, epaulo. I have great respect for Medea Benjamin and Code Pink. It reconfirms that my gag reflex on what is happening in Bolivia and Venezuela is justified.


This is Juan Guaido's Great Triumph

"This is Juan Guaido's great triumph. This is the great demonstration he was able to call for Dec 6th. The countries [eg Canada] that supported USA, and accepted Guaido's self-proclamation as president, should now be digging underground, such is the shame."


What Happened At Venezuela's National Assembly on January 5, 2020

"Washington's puppet Guaido refused to enter Venezuela's National Assembly, fearing an internal opposition battle. He was not excluded but put on a stunt outside. The result. Luis Parra, another opposition MP, was elected President of the National Assembly"


What Didn't Happen At Venezuela's National Assembly on January 5, 2020

Michael Levitt, MP (for Israel) on 'Thuggery by Maduro regime..."


Continued here.


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