Vote for Hilary Clinton or else! says Joe Biden, VP of the United States

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Vote for Hilary Clinton or else! says Joe Biden, VP of the United States

President Obama Threatens President Putin with Nuclear War

It’ll be at a time of our choosing,” says U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, on NBC’’s “Meet the Press,” to be aired on Sunday, October 16th.

Interviewer Chuck Todd had asked him, “Why would he [Obama] send a message out to Putin?” Biden pursed his lips, paused, and said, with a grim look on his face, “We sent him the message.” Of course that didn’t answer Todd’s question, which was “Why?” Biden and Todd both remained silent for another tense moment. Then, Biden picked up again: “We have the capacity to do it, and, uh,” and Todd interrupted him there with “He’ll know it?” Biden replied: “He’ll know it, and it’ll be at a time of our choosing, and under circumstances that have the greatest impact. Uh, the capacity to do, to fundamentally alter the election, is not what people think; and, uh, I tell you what: to the extent that they do [‘do’ presumably meaning: fundamentally alter the election], we will be proportionate in what we do. And, uh,” Todd again interrupted his interviewee, and said, “So, a message is going to be sent. Will the public know?” Biden replied, “Hope not.”

"Standing behind what Biden is saying there, is the belief that Putin does have in his possession some option that might “fundamentally alter the election.” This is clearly a threat that’s meant to deter Putin from doing something that Putin hasn’t yet done. Obama is telling Putin that either the winner will be the person he wants to be his successor, or else — or else what?

In other words: what Biden is saying, is that, if Trump wins this election, then there is going to be some sudden, unannounced, U.S. government response against Putin, and that only after it is over, will the U.S. government explain to the public why it did what it did."

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Kind of like what you are telling us here all the time, right ikosmos?


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Biden is a loose cannon. But Zeusse is right to point out that he's "on assignment" for the POTUS. 

The man next in line for the Presidency is making threats against a foreign government on national TV in the US. The threats can also be understood as threats against Americans as well, or even primarily.

What a monstrous regime to make such threats as a means to political success. And it shows just how much hope President Obama can inspire. Will Obama disavow these incendiary remarks?

What does it mean if he doesn't? It means that, like the stream of vomit at the UN from Samantha Power, or the Pentagon's bombing of Syria troops, killing 62 and wounding 100, these actions meet with his approval.

Doug Henwood: "Fun times!"


ikosmos wrote:

What a monstrous regime to make such threats as a means to political success.

Kind of like a leader who feels he has remind other countries that he has a large nuclear arsenal, you mean?

Or an ambassador who threatens to aim nuclear missiles at a country (.. oh, like maybe Denmark?)  if they join a weapons shield?

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lol. Try harder. The weapons shield, as plutonium experts such as yourself know full well, is part of a first-strike arrangement led by the USA. So any country that joins such a "shield" becomes part of the plans to carry out a first strike.

Incidently, Denmark, along with the hegemon, the UK and Australia were part of the "accidental" bombing mission that killed 62 Syrian soldiers, wounded 100, and helped the terrorists gain some ground in Syria. Well done, Denmark.

Again, I ask you. Do you really want to be a cheerleader for such a monstrous regime?


Yeah, I noticed they missed the hospitals. Quite the blunder.

But you were talking about national leaders making threats, no?



'Obama Cyber-Saber-Rattling Against Russia Possible Play to Boost Clinton Camp'

"US officials have reportedly told NBC News that the CIA is preparing for a possible cyber-attack against Russia. The move, apparently, would be intended as retaliation for Russia's alleged interference in the US presidential election.

'It's almost as if US intelligence officials are daring themselves to do something that may turn out to be quite destructive for everybody,' said Jim Jatras, former GOP Senate foreign policy adviser, told RT.

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Edward Snowden just ripped the VP a new one. Check it out.

Edward Snowden wrote:
I get the feeling nobody told @VP Joe Biden what "covert operation" means.

I suppose for the faux left, Snowden isn't "cool" anymore.

I can't imagine why.


I liked Biden better when he was boosting the idea of a rapid train between Montréal and Boston through northern New England. (Not that I like the Democrats; I just like railway travel).

And of course refuse to support ANY "monstruous régime", though I'd prefer more precise descriptors referring to militarism, aggression and imperialism. Several major powers have very dirty hands in Syria. And please don't forget Saudi Arabia...

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The Russian President has weighed in, noting that he hopes the end of the silly season [of the US Presidential and other elections] - my term not his - will bring an improvement in relations.

Putin on Biden cyberthreat: First time US admits such thing on highest level

Commenting on US Vice President Joe Biden’s statement on the possibility of cyberattacks against Russia, Vladimir Putin said it’s the first time that Washington has admitted involvement in such actions.

Putin noted that US threats of hack attacks do not correspond to the norms of international relations.

"The only novelty is that for the first time, on the highest level, the United States has admitted involvement in these activities, and to some extent threatened [us] – which of course does not meet the standards of international communication,” the Russian leader said....

One can expect just about anything from our American friends. After all, what did he (Biden) say that we didn’t already know? Didn’t we know that US authorities are spying and eavesdropping on everyone?”

These activities are “well known to everyone, it’s no secret,” Putin added.

In portraying Russia as an enemy, the United States wants to divert attention from its own domestic problems. “There are many problems [in the US], and in these circumstances, many choose to resort to the tried and tested system of diverting voters’ attention from their own problems. That’s what we are currently witnessing, I think.”

One can distract attention from domestic problems by creating an enemy, in order “to unite the nation in the fight against this enemy.”

Portraying Iran and the Iranian nuclear threat as an enemy didn’t work. [Portraying] Russia [as an enemy] seems more interesting. In my opinion, this particular card is now being actively played,” Putin said.

Too bad that based on the current [US] internal political problems, Russia-US relations are being sacrificed. This actually destroys international relations in general,” Putin noted.

Russia does not want confrontation with the US, but it is up to our partners to decide, he said.

We do not know what will happen after the US elections, but welcome everyone who wants to work with us,” he said.

Here's something interesting that seems to confirm Putin's claim.

"“Analyze all previous election campaigns [in the US] – it all repeats over and over again, like I’ve said. And then we have people whispering to us, ‘Oh, wait, wait, it’ll be over soon, things will go back to normal,’” Putin said."

Interestingly, Putin did not single out Syria. “You think our relations with the United States changed because of Syria? No, not because of Syria, but because of attempts of one side to impose its decisions on the whole world.”

OK, maybe not monstrous. But certainly Emperor-like, the hegemon can't seem to help itself.

That's a recipie for disaster. You know. Like it was in the period leading up to 1914.


Thanks for this follow up! Right now I'm sort of off the preparations......but what is crucial here is to follow up on Canadian politician responses.......


Are American Threats Against Russia A Sign of WEAKNESS Instead of Strength?

"The impotent wailings of a paper tiger in the process of losing its hegemony."


Now they are quoting Mao?


And on the other quote, Roosevelt said it when he was governor of New York and used a compromise solution to end corrupt awarding of government contracts.

The stick was pointed at powerful political interests.