In the wake of the shootings in Arizona - should there be limits to freedom of speech?

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Fox News and the poisoning of American political debate


laine lowe wrote:

Gun laws (or lack of any reasonable restrictions) and inadequate health care are the culprits for this tragedy.

How does inadequate health care have anything to do with it?


laine lowe wrote:

I also find it annoying that when inciting violence against brown, potentially Muslim US citizens, as has been the case for at least a decade, doesn't ever merit any public conversation about spewing hatred and needing to limit free speech. What we lack are courageous journalists/columnists who are willing to decry the violent rhetoric and point out why it's dangerous to society as a whole.

What do you think the journalists and columnists do- just say this is dangerous to Democrats?? The whole discourse is framed in how this is a dnager to us all.

And the critics who point to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party do indeed constantly include and point out how racism is a not even submerged theme in the rants. The same people do also condemn the hysteria directed at Muslims- even Obama does that much.

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