War protesters: no passport for you

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War protesters: no passport for you

What's this about you ask.


Well, if you don't agreee with the UK bombing the shit out of poor defenseless citizens in other countries, don't bother applying to live in the UK.

I suppose this is one way of assuring newcomers will be supporting the government's war machine efforts.


New migrants to Britain face 'points test for citizenship'


  • Woolas puts forward passport plans
  • 'Active disregard for UK values' to be penalised


The Home Office refused to specify what might be covered by the phrase "active disregard". Woolas said migrants would be expected to show their commitment to Britain. He declined to discuss refusing passports to those who protest at army homecoming parades, a policy idea attributed to Home Office sources over the weekend.

The new system will apply to the 159,000 legal migrants a year who apply for UK citizenship and will come into effect in 2011. It currently takes between three and five years of lawful residence to qualify for a British passport.

There will be a new category of "probation citizen" and the process will take between 12 months and 10 years, depending on points earned by the applicant.

Points will be allocated for English language ability, earnings potential, qualifications, shortage skills, volunteering, special artistic or scientific merit, and residence in parts of the UK experiencing population decline, such as Scotland. Although the Home Office gave some indicative examples of the points structure, it refrained from saying what the qualifying threshold might be. The government said it wanted to consult on the economic need for new citizens before announcing a figure.

Probationary citizens are to be given temporary residence for five years. They can accelerate or delay the process of becoming full citizens depending upon the pace of their integration into British life. The Home Office paper says a central pillar of this approach will be active citizenship. Those who take part in voluntary work such as becoming a school governor, or "contributing to the democratic life of the nation" through trade union activities, or by actively campaigning and canvassing for a political party, could get their citizenship within 12 months rather than the expected average of three years.

Voluntary organisations have protested that such voluntary work could be seen as compulsory in these circumstances. Concerns have also been voiced about the possible abuse of offering a passport in return for political canvassing.

This carrot and stick approach to earned citizenship will not cover the majority of new migrants who apply for a British passport each year. In 2008 more than 50% of those granted citizenship were either spouses or children of a British citizen. They will not be covered by the new system but are to face a tougher English language test before they can get a visa to travel to the UK. They will also face a two-stage test of their knowledge of Britain. The initial "life in the UK" test will remain but a more challenging test on British politics and history is to be introduced later in the process. Migrants who have refugee status will automatically qualify as probation citizens.

Local authorities are to have a greater role in integrating migrants, including verifying the points accumulated by each applicant. They will also offer orientation days on British values and customs on top of the existing citizenship ceremonies.






They should just simplify it with a couple of easy on the spot questions for aspiring Britons: WHAT is your favorite colour? and, WHAT is your quest?  And maybe if they dont have shit all over 'em, then that could be another plus in the points total. Obstroculous bastards that they are.

Skinny Dipper

The British point system:

  • Protesting Britain's participation in either the Iraq or Afghanistan wars: 0 points;
  • Knowing the characters of Coronation Street: 1 point per character to a maximum of 10 points;
  • Support expanding the Schengen Agreement to include the UK; 2 points;
  • Knowing songs from Monty Python: 1 point per song to a maximum of 10 points;
  • Dissin' the Queen; 20 points;
  • Dissin' the late Freddie Mercury from Queen; -3 points;
  • Speaking English: 25 points;
  • Speaking Cockney; 30 points;
  • Smoking a fag: 5 points;
  • Beating up a fag: -2 points unless you are a soccer/football hooligan, then it's 10 points.
  • Complaining about the French: 15 points;
  • Complaining about Eurocrats: 25 points;
  • Complaining about all those bloody Poles who are taking jobs away from hardworking hooligans: 45 points.
  • Wearing funny looking British clothing: -4 points;
  • Wearing non-British clothing: -2 points.  If the clothing is funny looking, no further points are deducted.
  • Complaining about the Olympics in London in 2012: -18 points;
  • Complaining about American tourists: 50 points;
  • Knowledge of the four provinces of the UK: England, Scotland, Wales, and New Zealand; 2 points per province plus an extra point for New Zealand;
  • Supporting separtist movements in Scotland and Wales: -15 points each;
  • Supporting the separatist movement in England: 15 points.

Good luck with obtaining British citizenship.  Enjoy the fish and chips.


I think it hilarious when my cousin from Yorkshire speaks French with his accent. Corrie fan here. Missing Emmerdale and fish n' chips in a newspaper smothered in malt vinegar with an orange ice lolly. An' mushy peas, too. Oh aye. United fan. Hooligans? ta but no ta