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CrossTalk: Bullhorns Unleashed


"Western media reaction to Vladimir Putin's military strategy for Syria has been decidedly mixed. Also, what fate awaits the Kurds."


Syrian Government Forces Retake Key City of Palmyra From ISIS


"Syrian government forces have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra from Islamic State. The army now aims to use the desert city as a 'launchpad' to expand operations against the terror group..."


All Quiet on Western Front After Syrian Forces Recapture Palmyra  -  by Danielle Ryan


"The recapture of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra was the single biggest defeat for ISIS since it declared its Caliphate, but the West does not seem interested. Why?

The recapture of Palmyra was not just a mortal blow to ISIS, it was also a mortal blow to the West's entire rotten narrative on Syria."


Russia to Send Robots and Engineers To Syria to Help Demine Palmyra


"The most interesting thing about the Western reaction to the retaking of Palmyra is that there hasn't been one."


'Nobody Is In Control': CIA, Pentagon-Backed Groups Fight Each Other in Syria


"The Pentagon fights the CIA...in Syria. Different militias backed by the two US departments have apparently started fighting each other. RT is joined by former CIA officer Ray McGovern..."

Canada supports


 Local Residents Compare Palmyra Victory With Nazi Defeat in Stalingrad


"The final victory over Daesh in Palmyra on March 27 has been the most significant victory of the Syrian people in the last five years..."


Canada's role, as in Libya or Ukraine,  was once again, a deeply depraved and dishonourable one, supported and encouraged by so-called 'progressives' who are in reality the dupes of imperialists and criminal collaborators at home and abroad


If US-Led Coalition Really Fought Terrorism, Palmyra Wouldn't Have Fallen - Assad Advisor to RT


"The US-led coalition that launched its air campaign against Syria a year ahead of Russia's intervention, 'didn't lift a finger' to prevent Islamic State terrorists from capturing Palmyra, said Syrian President Bashar Assad's political adviser Bouthaina Shaaban.

Shaaban told RT that  the western coalition that started its operations in Syria in September 2014, only 'pretended to fight terrorism,' but in fact 'did nothing' to prevent terrorists from gaining ground..."




David Swanson - Telesur:  The US Wants the Islamic State Group To Win in Syria [Canada too, that's why it's in their coalition!]


"The US State Department does not want the government of Syria to defeat or weaken the Islamic State group, at least not if doing so means any sort of gain for the Syrian government. The US government has been arming al-Qaida in Syria. I doubt many people in the United States, of whatever political persuasion, could explain why..."


CrossTalk: Scapegoating Russia


"A disturbing trend: When governments and their pliant mainstream media often blame Russia for many of the world's woes..."


Interview With President Bashar al Assad


"Terrorism in Syria, Iraq, directly supported from Turkey, Saudi Arabia..."

Canada supports

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FYI - there is a pretty good breakdown in Russian English-language media of the 4 stages of the Syrian campaign (so far).

What Next For the Russian Steamroller?

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Some quotes from that piece on the Russian Steamroller in Syria. A good breakdown for non-military people.

Whereas the Syrian army previously made up for its manpower shortages by heavy over-reliance on slow-moving tracked armoured vehicles in an excessively tank heavy mix which typically lacked proper infantry and engineering support, today it uses its infantry much more effectively and aggressively, placing many of them in lighter and more fast moving wheeled vehicles, that are better adapted to many of the battles it has to fight.

The heavy concentrations of armour - now beefed up with around two dozen TOW resistant T90 tanks and an unknown number of TOS1 rocket systems supplied by Russia - are by contrast now being used properly where they are needed, in the tough positional warfare against the more heavily armed US and Turkish supported jihadi rebels in the north, around Aleppo and Idlib.

A feature of the new offensives has been the heavy role played in them by the Syrian army’s special forces units - units with picturesque names like the “Tiger Forces” and the “Desert Falcons”.

These units existed before the Russian intervention.  However it is only since the Russian intervention that they have been given their head and are being used properly.

The change in Syrian tactics is visible in the battle to liberate Palmyra.

OK, so what was different?

Whereas the previous Syrian strategy was to encircle rebel controlled towns with heavy armour and artillery so as to starve and shell them into submission - a disastrous strategy in moral and political terms and one which rarely succeeded on its own terms, instead bogging the Syrian army down in attritional warfare which its limited manpower resources meant it could ill-afford - Palmyra was quickly stormed in hand-to-hand fighting by small groups of elite well-trained infantry. 

The task of intercepting Islamic State supplies and reinforcements being rushed to Palmyra was left - as it should be - to the Russian airforce, which tracked and bombed Islamic State convoys trying to reach Palmyra along the main roads - apparently inflicting in the process heavy losses on the Islamic State. 

Heavy tanks and armour seem to have been barely used, with the force that liberated Palmyra numbering no more than 5,000 men.

The success of such tactics depends heavily on good intelligence and effective command-and-control, with good coordination of the movements of the ground troops and of the airforce.

It is here that the presence of Russian and Iranian advisers - drawn mostly from Russia’s Spetsnaz forces and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards - has almost certainly made the vital difference, as has the Russians’ ability to observe the battlefield with aerial drones and other technical means, enabling them to keep the advancing Syrian troops continuously informed of what their enemy is doing.


So, the four stages are outlined as follows.

Stage 1

"This stage lasted from the start of the campaign in October until mid November.

This was a period of consolidation, with the US plan to set up a no-fly zone thwarted and with the territories remaining under the control of the Syrian government including especially Damascus and Latakia province finally secured.

During this period most of the Russian bombing raids were concentrated in the west of the country provoking criticism in the West that Russia was not bombing the Islamic State.

It is in fact standard practice for the Russians to secure their base area before launching an offensive, and during this stage that is what they were doing.  That is why most of their bombing raids during this period where concentrated in western Syria rather than against the Islamic State further east."

Stage 2

"This stage lasted from mid November to mid January.

This was the period of the first Syrian army offensives and was a period of major escalation, with the Russians throwing heavy bombers (14 TU22M3s and 6 TU95s and 5 TU160s) into the campaign.

This led to massive round the clock bombing, allowing the Syrian military finally to regain full control of Syria’s two central cities of Homs and Hama - the focus of the original anti-government protests of 2011 - and to regain control of much of the countryside around Damascus.

It was also during this stage that the first steps towards lifting the siege of Aleppo were taken with the lifting in November of the siege of the Kuweires air base near Aleppo.

The key point about the Russian bombing during this period is not the sheer number of bombs that were dropped.

It is that the Russians because of their far superior flight and guidance systems were able bomb continuously round the clock, day and night, in all weathers, giving the rebels no respite whilst flying from altitudes where the rebels’ anti aircraft systems couldn’t reach them.

Experience in previous conflicts shows that it is this sort of continuous bombing which - together with its accuracy - paralyses movement, interrupts supplies and causes exhaustion to set in and morale to collapse.

It was this heavy bombing that set the scene for Syrian army’s advances over the following weeks.

Though it was the strategic TU95s and TU160s with their cruise missiles that attracted most of the attention, the heavy lifting was probably actually done by the TU22M3s with their free fall bombs."

Stage 3

"This stage lasted from mid January to the beginning of March.

It witnessed the major Syrian army offensive that led to the lifting of the siege of Aleppo and the effective encirclement of most of the rebel forces there.

It ended with the truce which has brought peace to most of western Syria - permitting the withdrawal of the greater part of the Russian aerial strike force based in Latakia.

At the end of this stage the Syrian government’s hold on the populous coastal regions in the west of the country was finally and fully secured.  It became clear that the Syrian government could not be defeated militarily, making possible the negotiations which are finally underway between the Syrian government and its opponents in Geneva.

Stage 4

This is the stage which is underway now, with the truce releasing the remaining Russian aerial assets still left in Syria and the elite forces of the Syrian army to take the battle to the Islamic State in eastern Syria. 

This stage will probably end within the next week or so with the lifting of the siege of Deir ez-Zor and with the Syrian army reaching the Iraqi border."


There you have it.


British Collusion With Sectarian Violence in Syria


"Is it really such a far-fetched idea that the British state, openly supporting a sectarian war against the Ba'athist government in Syria, might also be facilitating the flow of British fighters to join this war?"



Islamist Terrorists Use Chlorine in Attack on Syria's Aleppo


"A doctor from a Red Crescent hospital in Aleppo said that victims of a chemical attack carried out in Syria's Aleppo show all the signs of chlorine poisoning..."

Sorry Syrians, Canucklheads only complain when the allegations are against Assad or Putin...


US Delivers 3,000 Tons of Weapons And Ammo To Al Qaeda & Co in Syria


"The US via its CIA is still delivering thousands of tons of additional weapons to al Qaeda and others in Syria."


Syria - As Rebels Break Ceasefire Army Gathers For New Campaign


"The ceasefire in Syria held for some five weeks but is now about to end. The sponsors of the opposition, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US delivered new arms and munitions to the 'moderate' opposition. It is obvious now that the 'moderate' rebels have broken the ceasefire and are openly in full cooperation with al Qaeda..."

Canada supports


Peace Deal Draft Defining Golan as Syrian Triggers Fury in Jerusalem


"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly fuming over indications that plans for a negotiated settlement for Syria, being worked on with the support of the US, Russia and other major world powers, could specify that the entire Golan Heights, including the western two-thirds of the strategic ridge captured by Israel in 1967 is Syrian land..."

Any suggestion that the Israeli thieves return lands stolen from Syria and recognized as such by the UN, can be counted on to  cause acute anxiety and consternation in Tel Aviv. Especially given the large oil deposits recently discovered there.



Syria 'Plan B'


"A covert 'Plan B' for Syria is being pushed to the US president. Arming 'moderate' Syrian rebels is again on the table..."


'Stop the War on Syria!': Mufti Hassoun


"Stop the war on Syria, the refugees will stop within one day. Within one month they will return. Those most responsible are SAUDI ARABIA, ISRAEL AND THE USA.'

Canada supports


Syrians Reject Israel's Vow to Control Golan 'Forever'


"PM Netanyahu holds cabinet meeting in occupied territory to send message that Israel 'will never' withdraw. The Al Marsad Arab Human Rights Centre has accused the Israeli government of 'a calculated effort to establish facts on the ground' in order to solidify their illegal annexation of the Golan in the midst of a brutal and protracted conflict in Syria..."




Israel Cooperates With ISIS, Al Qaeda Terrorists - Syria Chief Negotiator


"Syria's chief negotiator has accused Israel of cooperating with Islamic State and Al Qaeda militants in the Golan Heights, a region captured from Syria in 1967. The comments were made during talks to discuss the future of war-torn Syria."


Ankara's Crackdown on Kurds Spills Across Border on Syrian Civilians (and vid)


"While Ankara claims its ongoing military crackdown only targets terrorists, civilians often fall victim to the offensive across the border in Syria where people suffer from cross border shelling daily..."

Canada supports both


Live From Damascus: The Syrian Election Results


"Syria's ruling Ba'ath Party and its allies have won the majority of the votes in the recent parliamentary elections in the country, official results show..."


5,000 Militants Enter Aleppo, Idlib From Turkey


"Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader al Halqi told Sputnik that the ceasefire agreement reached between Russia and the United States is being violated by certain parties. 'In the end we see that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, as well as Western countries such as Great Britain, [Canada] and France have no real desire to move the process of the political settlement in Syria forward.."

Merkel Calls For Refugee 'Safe Zone' in Syria


Stay tuned for the next stage of the war: the clarion call to the liberal humanitarian interventionists via the Guardian and other western msm mouthpieces to rouse the faithful to the cause of winning imperialism's goals in Syria, via the refugee crisis they themselves have created...


Details of US Arms Shipments To Syrian Rebels Revealed


"Documents released by the US government's Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website have provided an indication of the types and numbers of East European weapons and ammunition the US is providing to Syria rebel groups as part of a programme that continues despite the widely respected ceasefire in the country..."


'Horrified': Seymour Hersh Reacts to Obama's Plan To Send 250 More Special Ops Troops To Syria (and vid)


Canadians should be similarly 'horrified' at Trudeau's decision to send Canadian Special Ops troops to the ME..


Aleppo is Burning and Western Media is Silent - by Eva Bartlett



A wave of airstrikes and shelling killed more than 60 people in less than 24 hours in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, monitors and activists said Thursday. The contested city is now one of the main battlegrounds of Syria's devastating civil war, with a cease-fire that has collapsed and peace talks in Geneva stalled.  At least 27 people died as a hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders and the International Committee for the Red Cross and nearby buildings were hit overnight in the rebel-held part of Aleppo. 




re: #522-#533

"Yesterday, rebel hell-cannons struck a school and in West Aleppo, what do HRW, Ken Roth and Amnesty have to say?"


And About Those 'White Helmets' aka Al Qaeda's PR unit



US Can't Control Saudi, Qatari - Backed Jihadists - Fmr Pentagon Analyst



US Authorizes Intensified Air Strikes Against Civilians in Iraq and Syria


Basement Dweller

Rebels shell Aleppo mosque as people were leaving after prayers, killing 15.



CrossTalk: State Dept Follies


'Boots on the ground in Syria'? Etc...


Western Media Break Their Silence on Aleppo With Flagrant Lies, Omissions, Obfuscations  -  by Eva Bartlett


"But as Western/corporate media continue to ignore the terrorists' bombardment of Aleppo, and as Syrians there continue to endure the worsening situation, independent media must ensure that the reality is told and the lies refuted..."


Gulf Countries Played A Role in the Syrian Uprising  -  by VP Haran


"India's former ambassador to Syria on how the country changed since 2009..."


Why the Arabs Don't Want Us in Syria  -  by Robert Kennedy Jr


"The CIA began its active meddling in Syria in 1949 - barely a year after the agency's creation..."



The Unspoken Truth is that America is Supplying Al Qaeda. Heavy Propaganda Rages in the Battle For Aleppo - the Terrorists Are Portrayed as 'Freedom Fighters'   -  by Prof Tim Anderson


* ps: Despite the repeated reprehensible and sleazy attacks upon the website GR and its founder , the internationally known and respected activist, writer and researcher Dr Michel Chossudovsky by some so-called Canadian 'progressives' on Rabble Babble,  Global Research and Michel Chossudovsky's amazing site continues to inform and activate people across the world. This is well known, recognized and appreciated by all of us that visit the GR site.  And we are many. Thank you Michel et al for all your magnificant work. You will understand even better than I the reasons behind these escalating attacks upon it now. And why from this quarter.



Civilian Deaths in Syria Surge as US-Russian Brokered Ceasefire Unravels


"American support for the ceasefire was, all along, a tactical maneuver, aimed at buying time for US forces to prepare a renewed push. The most recent escalations were hailed this week by both US Democratic Party presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders..."


Damascus: Arrival of 150 US Soldiers in Syria: 'Dangerous Invasion'



Kerry To Negotiate New Ceasefire in Syria - But With His Own Side


"...But al-Qaeda is by now an integrated part of those Saudi/Qatar/US paid proxy forces and well accepted by those groups. It gets its weapons and ammunition from the very proxy groups the US now wants to separate from it.

Even if the Saudis and Jordanians assert their influence over these groups it is unlikely that the fighters on the ground will follow their directives.

No US propaganda campaign can wave away al Qaeda's presence in Syria nor the UNSC resolutions the US itself agreed to. Either Kerry manages to pressure Saudi Arabia and Jordan to move their proxies away from al Qaeda or there will be again an all out Russian campaign to eradicate them.

It is unlikely that any of these proxies would survive such a campaign."


The Observer Calls on the Benign Empire to Fix Syria


"The Guardian editorial concerning the resurgence of violence in Syria is what you'd expect given the paper's propaganda laden coverage of the war to date..."




3 Killed, 17 Injured in Rebel Rocket Attack on Aleppo Hospital (and vid)


"At least 3 people have been killed and 17 injured in a rocket attack on a hospital in the Syrian city of Aleppo, Syria's SANA news agency said, adding that women and children were reportedly among the casualties..."



Cessation of Hostilities in Aleppo To Be Announced in Coming Hours - Lavrov (and vid)


"A cessation of hostilities in the Syrian city of Aleppo will be announced in the coming hours, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday after talks with UN Syrian envoy Staffan de Mistura. Lavrov added that the US and Russian militaries are currently holding talks on the Aleppo ceasefire."


Aleppo Doctor Attacks Western Media For Bias, Censorship and Lies


"Yesterday Silvia Cattori recorded this report from Dr Antaki on the recent amplification of propaganda surrounding event in Aleppo.

'All of us here in Aleppo are disgusted by their lack of impartiality and objectivity..."

yeah, here too.


US Risks Nuclear War With Russia Over Syria: American Writer Daniel Patrick Welch (and vid)


"The really ugly thing [is] that they just think they have the right to do this - the God-given right to march into other people's countries and overthrow their government. If they can't have what they want, then they destroy your country..."


The 'Free Syrian Army' Media Efforts Are a British Government Operation


"Lies get repeated even after they have been debunked again and again [especially by propagandized 'progressives']. The relentlessness of the propaganda onslaught is effective in suppressing any larger opposition to it."


Refugee Camp Bombed Near Aleppo: Multiple Casualties Reported, Blame Game Begins


"While there is no conclusive information on the particulars of the attack, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond immediately rushed to blame the bombing on the Syrian government..."


Syria: Challenging the MSF Narratives and Bias in Aleppo


Open letter to MSF/Doctors Without Borders


Syria: Is Aleppo the 'Smoking Gun' that Will Precipitate a US Proxy War Against Russia and Iran?


"US-NATO is not prepared to let go in Syria..."


The Pretexts For War (documentary)


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Turkey provides arms to terrorists in Syria: Yes, but it's a State Secret.

Turkish court sentences two journalists to over 5yrs for 'leaking state secrets'


This reminds me of the Soviet era joke about Brezhnev.

A man get arrested for running through Red Square shouting "Brezhnev is an idiot! Brezhnev is an idiot!" Eventually, he is charged, convicted and sentenced. He gets 5 years plus a day.

"What's the day for?" an inquiring journalist asks.

"Oh, that," says a stone-faced official, "is for insulting the Head of State. The five years is for revealing a state secret."




Evidence Hints Al Nusra Front Behind Aleppo Refugee Camp Attack, No Signs of Airstrike - Russia MOD (and vid)


"There is 'no conclusive evidence' which can confirm that the damage inflicted on the refugee camp is the result of an airstrike,' believes former UK army officer and security analyst Charles Shoebridge..."


Syria: An Airstrike That Wasn't...


"There is reason to believe that this story, like others, is a diversion from the ongoing massive attacks by A/Q and 'moderate' rebels against positions of the Syrian government south-west of Aleppo city."


CrossTalk on Syria: Aleppo Burning


"Saying one thing and doing another. American boots on the ground continues to increase. And still again the US State Department echoes its favorite slogan - 'Assad must go.'



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..these demos took place last weekend

Protests in Solidarity with Aleppo Spread Worldwide

On the strength of one Facebook post, Syrian activists have inspired global demonstrations to highlight the plight of civilians under attack from government shelling and air strikes in Aleppo since mid-April.

Demonstrations in support of civilians being heavy shelled by the government in the rebel-held neighborhoods of Aleppo spread to 54 cities across the globe over the weekend.

Nearly 200 civilians have been killed by Russian-backed government shelling in the opposition-held half of the divided city since April 19, including hospital personnel, rescue workers and children....


Conflict in Syria Possible Prelude to WWIII: Analyst (and vid)


"Press TV has conducted an interview with investigative journalist Tony Gosling, and Richard Millett, a journalist and political commentator, to discuss the significance of the 'regime of calm', declared in the Syrian city of Aleppo...."


In Pictures: Staff of Recently-Bombed Aleppo Hospital Stand in Solidarity With SAA


"The medical staff of al Dabbit hospital, which was bombed by Islamic militants last Tuesday, rallied outside the partly-destroyed facility to voice solidarity with the Syrian Arab Army. The crew called on western corporate media to stop distorting the truth about the real situation in the war-razed city..."


Aleppo Reverend's Plea To the World To Stop Terrorist Attacks, Support Syria's Army (and vid)


"The people of Aleppo are being killed now, by the gangs and weapons of the West. These weapons are used by [Canada's allies] Saudi Arabia, and by Qatar and by Turkey to kill the people..."


Syria: #Aleppo Is Burning Campaign Created By US and NATO To Facilitate A 'No Bomb Zone'


"A very quick look at who has rapidly generated the #AleppoIsBurning campaign that has made red the new black on Facebook and Twitter brings us rapidly to the Purpose Manhattan PR company and their Syria cohorts..."


More on the Dirty Lies Of A Dirty War


"What you weren't told about the Aleppo hospital bombings."


America's Outrageous Ultimatum: Syria as the Libya of the Levant  -  by Tony Cartalucci


"The United States fully expects Damascus to concede to a 'political transition' engineered by Washington, leaving the nation in the hands of verified terrorists linked directly to the political and militant forces currently laying waste to Libya and other nations that put them into power..."

Canada supports

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The Syrian Manipulation: Play Human Misery to Score Political Points  -  by Catherine Shakdam


"What Washington is pursuing in the Middle East is an asymetrical war of neo-colonialism with this dynamic. Terror has served both on a convenient alibi on a political rationale."


Stop Shooting! Turkish Border Guards Continue To Shoot, Beat and Kill Syrian Refugees - HRW


"Turkish border guards continue to shoot and abuse Syrian refugees who are coming into the country."

Canada supports


[Western-Backed] Islamists Storm Village in Syria, 19 Reported Killed, Dozens Missing


'Moderate Rebels'


Leaked Wiretaps of ISIS Agents Show Ankara Routinely Ignores Terrorist Cross-Border Activity (and vid)


"Thousands of ISIS associates have been routinely crossing into Syria aided by contacts in Turkey, phone calls tapped by Ankara security forces and handed to the media by opposition MP Erem Erdem reveal..."

The destruction of Syria is a Western project of which NATO Turkey, along with other members of the US-led so-called 'Anti-ISIS' campaign, including Canada, are part.  That many western 'progressives' close their eyes and pretend not to notice their states' complicity, is regrettable but not surprising. Wilfull indifference and/or complicity is what they do best. Except when fictitious allegations are made against Russia or the Syrian government,  do they suddenly remember their comprador function to attack those resisting the project.


RT Discovers Blood-Chilling Mass Grave of ISIS Victims (and vid)



ISIS Covers Fighters Hefty Bills in Turkish Hospitals, Leaked Phone Taps Reveal



CrossTalk: Bullhorns Raging


"The Syrian quagmire: What are Washington's goals and who exactly are the moderates?

And when will Canadian progressives, let alone their braindead 'representatives' question why Canada is in a US-led 'anti-terrorist' coalition, with the biggest sponsors of this very terrorism?


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Crosstalk: Syrian Quagmire etc.

A small, initial part of the show is dedicated to Syria. For me, mostly review. However, Mark Sleboda pointed out that the US, UK, France (and Ukraine) vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution by the Russian Federation following a massacre and kidnappings of women and children by "moderates" in an Alawite village in Syria.

US, UK, France, Ukraine. Veto over sanctioning the terrorists in the UN Security Council. Despicable.


Dion Invited To Join International Talks on Syrian Conflict


"The headline could equally well have read: Little America given token seat after desperate begging for legitimacy. The Americans like an easy vote for their preferred solution." - Comments

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Yeah, if the UK is the poodle, then Canada is the chihuahua of the Empire.

There is a new website managed by Alexander Mercouris (a regular contributor to RT's flagship program, Crosstalk) called TheDuran and there is a good piece summarizing Syria's Two Front War.It's well worth reading.


To understand the war in Syria it is important to understand that the Syrian people are having to fight a war on two fronts.

One is the front that gets the media attention.  This is the fighting that goes on in Syria itself.  It is being fought by Gulf Arab paid mercenaries who with the support of the US and its allies pour into Syria through the open borders of neighbouring countries – first and foremost Turkey – to kill innocent people and destroy peaceful life.

The other front is the one being waged against the Syrian people by the Western media.  This is a war of propaganda where the weapons are mass deception, lies and distortion of the truth.

It is a profoundly immoral and reckless war, as devastating in its way as the armed conflict itself.

It is essential to understand that the one front – that of the armed conflict – could not be waged against the Syrian people without the other.  It is the propaganda war that makes the actual war possible.

Syria's Two Front War

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NDPP wrote:
Dion Invited To Join International Talks on Syrian Conflict



The Globe piece has two very prominent lies. One - and the article states this criminal aim as a simple fact - that the main "obstacle" to coming to agreement in the political talks is the "obstinate" unwillingness of Assad to step down as President, with a drive-by swipe at the Russians for supporting such stubbornness, and Two - that the Canadian Special Forces "trainers"  in Syria and Iraq (notice the vagueness about which country they are in - extra points for slimy!) have any business being in a country they have not been invited to by the legitimate, recently re-elected, UN-recognized authorities.

Canadian soldiers in Syria are essentially invaders of a foreign country and therefore criminals who should be rounded up and ...

Both of these appalling lies are seamlessly woven into the shit that passes for journalism these days. What a fucking disgrace. And this is the front page of a leading "paper of record" in Canada.

If I was a Syrian I would be disgusted and outraged by Canada.


CrossTalk: Syria Lessons


"Has the conflict entered a new stage for Syria and the region? CrossTalking with Mohammed Marandi, Richard Weitz and Kevork Ahmassian..."