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Week 4: Russia's Intervention in Syria - Assessing the Vienna Declaration


"I would argue that, at least so far, Russia has achieved many important goals in her intervention in Syria. Most importantly, the Russian intervention in Syria forced the USA to agree to a conference in which all the regional actors including Iran, would be involved. At the end of its proceedings the conference adopted a joint statement which I have fully reposted here.

I believe this statement represents a major diplomatic defeat for the USA..."

Mr. Magoo

I would argue that, at least so far, Russia has achieved many important goals in her intervention in Syria.

Russia is A WOMAN?

Most importantly, the Russian intervention in Syria forced the USA to agree to a conference in which all the regional actors including Iran, would be involved.

Ah.  So Russia's intervention in Syria was a GOOD thing.

But if "the Russian intervention in Syria forced the USA to agree to a conference" then wouldn't it be just as true -- and just as self-serving -- to say that the U.S. intervention in Syria "force the Russians to intervene in Syria"?

For all the good reasons, of course.  But still.


Mr. Magoo wrote:


I would argue that, at least so far, Russia has achieved many important goals in her intervention in Syria.

Russia is A WOMAN?

Of course it is the Motherland unlike Germany which is the Fatherland. In between is the Hinterland.

Mr. Magoo

Well, I've never heard of "the Hinter" as a third gender.

But what if we all just dropped all this "The Fatherland" and "Gaia, Mother Earth" crap?  If it's progressive to refer to your "server" rather than your waitress, and to refer to your doctor as "my doctor" rather than "he" then why do countries, or planets (or ships, or hurricanes) need to sport sex organs?

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Mr. Magoo wrote:
But what if we all just dropped all this "The Fatherland" and "Gaia, Mother Earth" crap?  If it's progressive to refer to your "server" rather than your waitress, and to refer to your doctor as "my doctor" rather than "he" then why do countries, or planets (or ships, or hurricanes) need to sport sex organs?

Vive la France!

Because some non-English languages are like that. Go figure.

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"captured ISIL leaders have acknowledged receiving logistical backup and intelligence support from the US."

Nothing to see here. Move along. Besides, I'm sure the Western MSM will be, like, ALL OVER THIS STORY!

hoo rah.

USA! USA! Which new terrorist did you sponsor today?!


Captured ISIS Leaders in Iraq Confess to Receiving Military and Intelligence Support from the United States

Iraqi military commander: 'We saw US coalition jets transporting terrorists'

Who's the biggest terrorist in the land?



M O U S Eeeeeeeeee!

"Mickey Mouse!"


¨Russia is A WOMAN?¨

Russia is actually a Federation, ¨federatzya¨which is a feminine noun...actually a rather fascinating legal federation, which conatins constitutionally charged autonomous republics, autonomous indigenous districts, evgen an autonomous Jewsih Territory...how effective this is in practice is a good topic of conversation!

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As a sidebar, many Russians actually view their language as the glue that holds it all together. It's a different view of "national" unity from that of a country like Canada which has two clearly distinct "founding" nations, dozens of First Nations, and a multi-cultural mixture of immigrants as well. Yes, probably worth a thread of its own.

In other Syria news, John Kerry and the whole "stall in Vienna to help the US-sponsored terrorists" is taking a beating diplomatically.

Kerry’s Debacle in Vienna (Mike Whitney)

I mean a thumping. A curb-stomping. A richly deserved beating.  A bully's comeuppance. Too bad, Uncle Sam, more whuppings are in store for you.

Can someone explain to me why President Obama decided to announce that he’s going to deploy U.S. Special Forces to Syria on the same day that Secretary of State John Kerry was scheduled to meet with Russian and Iranian diplomats to discuss how to end the four and a half year-long war?

Asked and answered:

"… the dispatch of American troops …was meant to bolster diplomatic efforts by Secretary of State John Kerry, who on Friday reached an agreement in Vienna with countries with opposing stakes to explore “a nationwide cease-fire” …(Obama Sends Special Operations Forces to Help Fight ISIS in Syria, New York Times)

See? It wasn’t coincidence at all. It was intentional. It was designed to “bolster diplomatic efforts by Secretary of State John Kerry.” In other words, it was a threat, pure and simple."


why is Kerry so eager to convene meetings now when he’s had every opportunity to call off the dogs for the last four years?

What changed is Vladimir Putin. Putin got sick and tired of the US ripping these Middle East countries to shreds and decided to put an end to it. So he formed a coalition (The 4+1: Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah) and started bombing the hell out of the jihadis.


"As for the ceasefire: Well, Lavrov shot down that idea too. Here’s what he said: “If a ceasefire is declared, no terrorist organizations should be subjected to it.” In other words, the Russian-led coalition is going to keep killing these jokers until every last one of them is dead.

This statement hasn’t appeared in any western media, probably because it clarifies who is really setting the agenda. Russia is setting the agenda. It also suggests that there is no wiggle room in Moscow’s approach, and there isn’t. The terrorists, moderate or radical, are going to be hunted down and exterminated. End of story."

more from Lavrov:

“Russia remains firm on its position that fighting terrorism should be conducted in accordance with the solid basis of international law, whether we are talking about military interventions from air or ground operations, these need to be conducted in agreement with the government or with the UN Security Council.”

In other words, if a country, like the US, decides to conduct military operations in Syria illegally, (which it is) then they do so at their own risk. Russia is going to continue to aggressively implement its battle plan whether US Special Forces put themselves in harms way or not.

Russia: "Come get some."

This is what US foreign policy is leading to.  The feverish neo-cons want another Afghanistan. They're indifferent to the lives lost, countries destroyed. It's all about the hegemony of the Empire, the unipolar fantasies, and if terrorism grows because of their policies, well then, what do they care?



The War in Syria, the Kurdish Question and Saakashvili's Campaign For a New Maidan in Georgia (and podcast)


"Eric Draitser, Mark Sleboda and Don DeBar discuss the latest developments in the war on Syria, also in depth on the issue of Kurdish participation in the war..."


Israel Attacked Hezbollah Targets in Syria, Censor Prohibited Israeli Reporting  -  by Richard Silverstein




'No Moderate Rebels in Syria, US Just Trying to Save Face'


"The US has reiterated its support for the so-called moderate opposition in Syria."

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Outstanding article on Syria and Russia's role there by A. Mercouris is a must read.

How Russia is Saving Syria.

One commentator noted the significant conclusion of the piece.

M Sleboda wrote:

"Firstly, it is clear that the purpose of the deployment is not to defeat the jihadi insurgency in Syria or to destroy the Islamic State through air power.

The strike force in Latakia - which the Russians insist they have no plan to increase - is obviously inadequate for such a task.

That the Russians have ruled out expanding their strike force suggests that they do not think that it is possible to defeat the jihadi rebellion in Syria by air power alone.

This is consistent with Russian military philosophy. The Russians have never bought into the US idea of “victory through air power”. Russia’s operational military doctrine is based on the principle of “combined arms” in which every arm of the military service is used together in a complimentary way to achieve victory.

 The pattern of Russian activity in Syria in fact bears out what we said previously about the purpose of the deployment: it was done to prevent the US from declaring a “no-fly zone” over Syria.

If the size of the strike force is obviously inadequate to win the Syrian civil war and destroy the Islamic State, it has proved fully adequate for the purpose of preventing the US from declaring a “no-fly zone”.

We know the US planned to set up a “no-fly zone”. The US has admitted as much.

We know the US was in active discussion with its allies to set up such a “no-fly zone” over the course of the summer.

Deployment of the Russian strike force to Syria has forced the US to abandon the idea."

A Mercouris wrote:
In contemporary parlance “no-fly zone” - whatever its original meaning - is now simply shorthand for “US bombing campaign”.

Had the US declared a “no fly zone” it would have rapidly evolved into an all-out bombing campaign against the Syrian government and military.

That is what happened in Yugoslavia and Iraq in the 1990s and in Libya in 2011, and the same would have happened in Syria.

If this analysis is correct, then the war hawks/neo-cons will be foaming at the mouth at not being able to play war again. And the decision of the new Trudeau regime in Ottawa to refuse to participate in a bombing campaign just seems prudent. The Russians have outplayed the Western war mongers ... again.



US Deploys F-15s To Syria Targeting Russian Jets


"The US will send a squadron of F-15C fighter jets to Turkey's Incirlik airbase, the US Defense Department announced on Friday. The nature of the US war planes, which are specifically designed for dogfighting with other highly advanced fighter jets, indicates that the deployment carries a significance far beyond what its small scale would suggest.

'The only reason F-15s are going to Syria is to shoot down Russian jets,' The Washington Times titled its report Friday..."


The Saker: Week 5 of the Russian Intervention in Syria


"...What is certain is that the Russians are steadily increasing their capabilities in Syria and that their presence is rapidly growing from a small and vulnerable force to a much more balanced and capable one."



I suggest these statements are overlooking the far greater role being played out in the successive defeats of the so called islamist forces, by the Syrian Army, the National Defence Forces and the various militias in Alliance.

Never forget the critical role of a highly motivated people defending their rights to live in peace and harmony on their land!


No question the people and army of Syria have conducted the greatest resistance and and suffered the greatest losses against this vicious Western onslaught. Also to clarify, the Russian force although effective in concert with Syria and allies, is quite small...

Russia's Intervention in Syria - A Reality-Based Evaluation


"It has been over one month since the Russians launched their military operations in Syria and the time for hyperbole and flagwaving has clearly passed. I will never repeat this enough: the Russian military force is a small one..."


Frontline Report: Inside Mountain Warfare in Syria


cutting off rebel supply lines


'It's Not A Religious War, It's A War Against Fascism' - Briton Who Fought Islamic State


"What we've got here is not a religious war; it is actually a war against fascism. We've got an organization in the Middle East that wants to roll back the clock: it wants to rub out all diversity in the Middle East. This is not a Syrian civil war anymore - this is an international war wehre everyone has a stake in the destruction of IS and has a stake in the future of Syria..."



Frmr German Intel Official - Syrian War is Not A Civilian One It Is Managed From the Outside


"This is not a civil war. This is a war that is managed from abroad. A clear 'red-line' is being drawn against the 'Big Hegemon': 'up to here, no farther!' Due to this, small European hegemons which elbowed their way ahead together with the big one, are in a difficult situation. For me it's a positive development of the situation. One I've waited to see for a long time."


23 Killed, 65 Injured By Shelling in Latakia City, Syria - Reports (and vid)


"RT's Lizzie Phelan reports from Syria that the attack took place in a very densely-populated part of Latakia. 'All of those killed and injured are civilians,' she said. 'Initial reports suggest that the attack was carried out by the A/Q branch, Al Nusra Front,' RT said..."


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Week 5 - The Russians are digging in.

What is certain is that the Russians are steadily increasing their capabilities in Syria and that their presence is rapidly growing from a small and vulnerable force to a much more balanced and capable one.

The Syrians, in the meanwhile, might be achieving their first real successes in their counter offensive. While the Syrian government forces have been slowly pushing back Daesh on many fronts, this progress had, until now, failed to yield an operational breakthrough. This might be happening right now with the much awaited reopening of the highway to Aleppo.

The main problem for the Russians remains the fact that the Syrian military has not been able to capitalize on the Russian intervention. This is due to a combination of factors including the fact that the Syrian military is over-streched and unable to concentrate enough forces in one location to achieve a significant breakthrough and the fact that Daesh fighters are well dug-in and are, by all accounts, resisting with determination and skill. Still, the Russian air campaign is degrading the Daesh capabilities and it is possible that, eventually, this will result in a sudden collapse of the Daesh lines in a critical part of the front. For example, the Syrian army is, reportedly, only a few miles from liberating the Kuweyres military airbase and even though its progress is very slow it is likely that the Syrians will eventually break the Daesh siege of this crucial objective. Likewise, in Djobar neighborhood of Damascus is gradually being clearly in, again, a slow moving but successful operation.

All in all, I am very cautiously optimistic and I keep hoping for an operational victory for the Syrians. If it does not happen, the Iranians and Hezbollah will have to move much larger forces in.



Saakashvili's 'Maidan' in Georgia, Syria War Strategy and the Geopolitics of Egypt and the Region (and podcast)


Eric Draitser, Don DeBar and Mark Sleboda discuss these and other world affairs.


Kurds Launch Offensive in Iraq, Turks Consider Ground Operation in Syria


"US-led anti-IS coalition airstrikes in support of the Kurdish offensive operation in Iraq have killed 60 - to 70 Islamists, the US military reports. The Kurdish Regional Security Council announced on Thursday that some 7,500 fighters of the Kurdish Peshmerga armed militia are attacking Sinjar from three fronts.

Liberating Sinjar is viewed as a matter of great humanitarian and symbolic importance. Also the city is situated astride a strategic highway linking the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and Raqqa, the Syrian city Islamic State proclaimed its capital.

The Sinjar offensive is ging conducted with air support from the US-led anti-IS coalition. A simultaneous intervention from seven Turkish regions will see troops advancing up to 46 kilometres inside Syrian territory to create a safe zone for up to 5 million displaced people, thus solving the refugee crisis Turkey and the EU are suffering at the moment.

Ankara is currently preparing an analysis of the current situation in Syria and is going to address the great powers at the G20 Summit in Antalya over the weekend."


The Pentagon's Empire of Whining   -   by Pepe Escobar


"Dr Strangelove, sorry NATO supremo Gen Philip Breedlove, had already blurted out on the record he has no clue what Putin is up to in Syria. Ash, his boss doubled down:

Putin 'hasn't thought through very thoroughly, his objectives,' in Syria, and his approach is 'way off track.'

Certainly, because one month of Russian airstrikes did way more to debilitate ISIS/ISIL/DAESH than over a year of the 'track' followed by The Coalition of the Dodgy Opportunists* (CDO) led by the US and featuring Salafi-jihadi/'moderate rebel' enablers such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia..."

*CDO Canada also still a member in good-standing and still bombing Syrian infrastructure too despite Trudeau's promise to end this monstrous role in US imperial ventures.


US Attacks on Syrian Oil Fields On The Rise: White House


"The United States claims that Washington and its allies have expanded the extent of their airstrikes on Syrian oil fields only to disrupt DAESH (ISIL) terrorists' money flow. US officials say that American military commanders have decided to increase the aerial attacks to inflict the kind of damage which takes longer to fix or requires specially ordered parts, the NYT reported Thursday."



Washington Fueling Syrian War with 'High Octane Gasoline'


"The US will provide over $700 million in military support for Syrian opposition groups. By supporting rivals of Bashar al Assad's, Washington is taking its usual course..."


US Demands There Be No Democracy in Syria


"...So the US Government demands that Assad simply be removed from office and not allowed on the ballot, if an election for President is held at all..."


  ......... The French Campaign Begins: Hollande Launches "Massive Bombardment" Of ISIS Capital  Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/15/2015 16:05 -0500

Moments ago, reports began to surface on social media that the ISIS "capital" of Raqqa was under siege from the sky. ....

I beg to differ re the conclusions of this and so many...that the Paris attacks necessarily will lead to greater NATO efforts to remove Assad...which may be of course what the perpetrators, whoever they may be, hope for...

Is there not a possibility that France may in fact be moving into alliance with Russia, on this as on the economic and financial fronts?

That this horror may backfire on its perpetrators?


Week Six of the Russian Intervention in Syria: A First Major Success For the Syrian Armed Forces


"The Syrians have now seized the initiative from Daesh and are on the offensive. This is very, very good news. There is no over-stating the heroism of the Syrians who fought and refused to surrender..."


SouthFront International Military Review (and vid)


Syriraq SITREP, Nov 16, 2015


Long Range Bombers To Fly Anti-ISIS Missions From Russia, Putin Orders Navy To Work With France (and vid)


"Russia has deployed its fleet of strategic bombers to double the volume of airstrikes on Islamist targets in Syria, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced. Vladimir Putin has also ordered a cruiser to coordinate operations with the French naval forces in the Mediterranean.

'We are conducting a mass airstrike campaign against Islamic State targets in Syria. We have now doubled the number of sorties, which is allowing us to conduct operations throughout the length and breadth of the country, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said.

The Kremlin, said that the parameters for a joint naval mission had been agreed upon by Putin and French President Francois Hollande following a personal phone call. They are to meet in Moscow on November 26."


Hezbollah v ISIS in Syria: 2 Soldiers Discuss on Frontline




All For One: 28 EU States Agree On First-Ever Military Support To France


"France has invoked an EU treaty collective-defense article, requesting military help from its European partners in response to the terror attacks in Paris. EU officials say the mutual defense article is being used for the first time.

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels on Tuesday, French Defence Minister Jean Yves Le Drian said all 28 EU member states unanimously accepted France's formal call for 'aid and assistance' under the EU treaty and he expected all to help quickly in various regions.

France has launched a massive air campaign against IS.


Putin, Russia and the West: After Paris & Sinai G20 is Bad News For ISIS Terrorists


Patient, consistent Russian diplomacy has trumped short-term Western hypocrisy. Reduced to desperation, NATO leaders finally attempted a rapprochment with Moscow at the G20.

After the Sinai attack, the Western media's anti-Russia narrative exploded. Most readers are not stupid. While Russia was mourning its dead, ISIS struck in Paris. In the aftermath, French President Francois Hollande spoke of uniting Russua and the West to destroy ISIS at last.

Ironically, this is exactly what Putin proposed in September at Sochi's Valdai meeting. A union 'similar to the anti-Hitler coalition' to annihilate the terrorists. At the G20 all had changed.

Unsurprisingly, Putin wasn't happy to simply accept pats on the head from his 'partners.' He revealed Russian evidence that ISIS terrorists appear to be financed from 40 countries, including some G20 member states..."





Tuesday, Nov 17: Tarpley Morning Briefing:


"At G20 in Turkey, Obama correctly repeats: No US ground forces needed to fight ISIS; No safe haven for terrorists, No No-Fly zone. Clear rebuff to Erdogan..."


CrossTalk: Talking Syria (MUST SEE)


"After a series of horrific terrorist attacks, a truly global coalition to fight and destroy ISIS is in the making. At the same time Washington continues to ignore those really doing the fighting, particularly Russia. Are arrogance and false pride the real barriers to peace in Syria?

CrossTalking with Pepe Escobar, Richard Murphy and Mark Bruzansky


'US Seeks Regime Change in Syria with War Escalation' (and podcast)


"The United States wants regime change in Syria and therefore seeks an escalation of the conflict in the Arab country, rather than a de-escalation, says political commentator Eric Draitser."


Who Is Derailing Syrian Reconciliation?


"As Russia's warplanes are destroying anti-government forces in Syria, a number of influential international and regional players are desperate to get their foot in the door to prevent the utter and complete defeat of ISIS and other radical Islamist groups in Syria. Among these players one can easily find the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar..."


Assad Interview: Phoenix TV Channel, China


"...Regarding the definition of this crisis, no it's not a civil war. Civil war has internal factors, not states supporting terrorists to come to Syria while they announce publically that their aim is to change the state or, like they call it, the regime. So no, it's not civil war. It's war."


US Lawmakers Tell Obama To Fight ISIS Instead of Assad


"US lawmakers are calling on Obama to focus on fighting Islamic State in Syria, rather than trying to oust the Assad regime."

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State-run media in the USA uses Russian videos to claim US "attack" on ISIS oil facilities. (see ~ 2:22 in video. You can clearly see the Cyrillic lettering on the side of the video.)

Because freedom? Yeah, sure.

PBS uses Russian video to credit US regime for attack on ISIS installations.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

ikosmos wrote:

State-run media in the USA uses Russian videos to claim US "attack" on ISIS oil facilities. (see ~ 2:22 in video. You can clearly see the Cyrillic lettering on the side of the video.)

Because freedom? Yeah, sure.

PBS uses Russian video to credit US regime for attack on ISIS installations.

Thats pretty funny. PBS has shown video of modern tanks in Guld War 1 as they talk about WW2 so I wouldn't get too bent out of shape. It's all eye candy to them for the story.


US, Turkey Joint Operation Designed 'To Save ISIS' Not Destroy It.


"With Russia annihilating terrorist vermin all across Syria from the air and the SAA personally mopping up the remainders in village after village, it appears the West has shifted from utter panic to an attempt to launch a Hail Mary and save its jihadist pets as well as the plan to overthrow the secular government of Bashar al Assad.

This Hail Mary appears to be coming in the form of an attempt to secure the 'Safe Zone' area discussed and agreed upon by the Turks and the United States in the past under the guise of fighting ISIS and protecting 'moderate rebels' and civilians. In reality, however, the 'safe zone' is nothing but a trafficking corridor for ISIS and other related terrorist organizations supported by NATO, financed by the GCC and funneled through Turkey into Syria.

It is for this reason that the US and Turks have agreed to 'shut off Turkey's border with Syria as part of a joint military operation.' Of course, the dimentions of the land in the crosshairs of this 'joint military operation' between Turkey and the US are immensely important. This corridor is about the exact dimensions of the ISIS supply lines coming in from Turkey to Syria, and if either the Syrian military or the Kurds were able to capture this small section of land on the border, ISIS supply lines would be entirely cut..."

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

There was also an article in the Russian media about Ukrainian missiles, suitable for ISIS fighters to fire upon the "dastardly" Russian AF, somehow making their way into ISIS hands by way of Qatar and other Gulf States.

It seems Ukrainian fascists and Sunni Takfiri fundamentalists have lots in common. Because freedom.


Breaking International Law in Syria  -  by Sharmine Narwani


"Obscured in the fine print of countless resolutions and media headlines is this: the West has no legal basis for military intervention. Their strikes are illegal.."


Democratic Bombs: Cameron Pleads Case [Again] For Bombing Syria  -  by Richard Sudan


"According to Cameron, there is an existential threat named Daesh

(which has conveniently been allowed to proliferate unchallenged by all the states in a position to eliminate it and starve it of support including Israel and Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with Israel actually treating some of Daesh's fighters in its hospitals before releasing them)

running rampant in Syria, and while there is no need to talk to those states allowing the flow of fighters, weapons and mercenaries crossing back and forth into Syria, the answer (yet again) is apparently, to go and drop more bombs on Syria. Democratic and humanitarian bombs obviously, because they will be coming from the West.

The whole thing is a mess..."


check out the latest Thierry Meyssan update in voltairenet.org on the next war in Syria for an independent Kurdistan...

kind of puts things in context, re the Canadian military plan caught attempting to smuggle Russian arms to the YPG?

So must we assume Canada is deeply engaged in this French/Israeli strategy?
Was anyone in Canada sanctioned for this blooper?

What is Iraq's response to their attrapment? I wonder....


Russia Deploys Cutting Edge S-400 Air Defense System to Syrian Base After Su-24 Shoot Down (and vid)


"Moscow has deployed its newest S-400 air defense system missile system in Syria as part of a security boost following the downing of a Russian jet. The S-400 is the most advanced anti-aircraft defense system in Russia and is unparalleled in the world..."


re: #243 Yes, Thierry Meyssan's scenario is a very possible one; And indeed, Canada is particularly focused on Kurdistan, as well as being Israel's waterboy. An important article:

France and Israel Launch A New War in Iraq and Syria  -  by Thierry Meyssan


"The objective...is to create a colonial state straddling the border between Iraq and Syria, to be managed by the Kurds.."


Going Underground Special: John Pilger on Paris, ISIS and Media (and vid)


One of the great anti-imperialist media minds interviewed on current events.



Lavrov and Syrian FM Walid Moallem Hold Joint Press Conference in Moscow (and vid)


"Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and Syrian foreign minister Walid al Moallem hold a joint press conference following their meeting on November 27...(Video starts at 48:00)


Russian, Syrian FMs Holding Joint Press Conference


"Sergie Lavrov said it is unacceptable to decide commitment to the anti-terror fight, then play 'double games' at the same time. Both Moscow and Damascus believe that only Syrians must decide their future without outside interference.'


No US Airstrikes In Syria Since Russia Deployed S-400 System


"Both the American and Turkish airforces halted their strikes on Syrian territory around the time Russia deployed S-400 air defense complexes at the Khmeimin airbase from which it stages its own incursions against Islamic State.

A spokesperson of the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve (OJTF-OIR) ['Coalition of the Dodgy Opportunists' - Pepe Escobar] told Sputnik on Friday that the absence of anti-IS coalition airstrikes 'has nothing to do with the S-400 deployment in Syria.'

According to open sources, the S-400 is capable of shooting down any existing aircraft, helicopter or missile traveling at speeds up to 4.8 kms per second. The S-400 engages targets at distances as far as 400 kms and heights up to 27 kms. This is enough to cover at least 75% of Syrian territory, along with the airspaces of Lebanon, Cyprus, half of Israel and a vast part of Turkey. The S-400 radar has a range of 600 km. and is capable of discriminating even objects moving on the ground such as cars and military vehicles."


Urgent: US-Turkey Edging Up to Syrian Border


"...What the Wall St Journal and the policy think-tanks it is repeating attempt to lay out is a narrative that claims in order to stop terrorists from passing through Turkish territory into Syria, for some reason NATO needs to occupy Syria itself.

To ensure that NATO's plans are fully derailed along the Turkish-Syrian border, Russian-backed Syrian troops must ensure a substantial deterrence exists specifically to face this threat..."


Obama Signs NDAA, Approving $800 Million Aid To 'Moderate' Syrians, Kiev


"President Barack Obama has signed the Pentagon funding bill giving $800 Million in aid to both 'moderate rebels' in Syria and the Kiev regime..."

Financing of terrorism continues.


Syrian Kurds To Target Turkish Jets Breaching Rojava Airspace


"The Syrian Kurdish forces YPG said several Turkish warplanes have breached the airspace of Syria's Kurdish region Rojava this week."