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Thanks again MegB for your usual wisdom in addressing this nonsense.

Hopefully we won't have to be subjected to too much more of it.  

ikosmos wrote:

MegB wrote:
Babble does NOT exist as a tool for your propaganda. Stop posting this unsubstantiated crap and stop applauding the bombing of civilians.

Moderators getting involved in the debate usually means a failure of the moderators. You sure you want to do this? How can you moderate and be involved in the debate at the same time?

If you do, then I'd like to see what I've claimed here that is unsubstantiated.

The SAA is winning against the "jihadists". That is the key point, and I'm very happy about it. Others have already compared the pending victory in Aleppo to the victory of the Red Army in Stalingrad against the Nazis. As a turning point. Which, if successful, it is.

There are always civ casualties in war. Especially in circumstances in which one of the sides used human shields, as does the jihadis. The overwhelming majority of Syrians have fled to the part of Aleppo that is protected by the SAA. If the gov is in the wrong, and harming civilians, then why is the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION SEEKING THEIR PROTECTION?

I'm not buying the White Helmet/jihadi news agency. Nor the Ceeb that re-gurgitates the gov position. This is supposed to be a critical discussion board.

If these sorts of posts are unacceptable, then please explain who I can and cannot criticize. Then I won't make the same "mistake" again.




The Hillary Clinton Presidency Has Already Begun As Lame Ducks Promote Her War  -  by Diana Johnstone


"An infantilized public  will believe that when the United States goes to war, it is all about protecting little children from their bad, mean dictators whose only aspiration is to 'bomb their own people.'

It will never occur to an infantilzed public that the war to destroy Syria has been planned for years - even though someone like General Wesley Clark revealed this years ago.

Or that it is carried out to eliminate Israel's enemies, keep Arabs busy killing each other, and incidentally help Saudi Arabia spread its Wahhabist fanaticism.

No, that will never occur to them."


Obama Warned To Defuse Tensions With Russia


"A group of ex-US intelligence officials is warning President Obama to defuse growing tensions with Russia over Syria by reining in the demonization of President Putin and asserting White House civilian control over the Pentagon."

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RT wrote:

  • 00:23 GMT US blocks UNSC statement on Russian Embassy shelling in Damascus

    The US has effectively blocked the UN Security Council statement condemning the shelling of Russia’s embassy in Syria on Tuesday after the American delegation “tried to bring outside elements into a standard text,” Russia’s UN mission said. The US was “clumsily” assisted by the UK and Ukraine, the mission added. It slammed the move calling it “flagrant disrespect of the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations.” Russia’s embassy building in Damascus was shelled with mortars by terrorist groups, including Jabhat Al-Nusra militants. While no one was injured in the attack, the building was damaged.


Is the US in favour of attacking/bombing Embassies of countries that disagree with its foreign policy?

Sure looks like it to me.

And, of course, everyone remembers the "accidental" US bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia which killed Chinese nationals, right?


US Seeks to Enforce Global Dominance by Unleashing War on Countries Who Oppose It - Assad


"What is happening in Syria is an attempt to save what is left of the American and Western hegemony in the world. There is no point in analyzing US politics on the basis of common sense, as it is guided by factional interests,' Assad said..."


Syrian Forces Make Gains in Aleppo, Washington Intends to Escalate


"The strategic and symbolic significance of the liberation of Aleppo is apparent, and now the immediate focus of the US and Gulf powers that support the armed groups is to hinder the advance of Syrian forces and their allies as they consolidate control over Castello road (the last remaining rebel supply route) and surround areas of eastern Aleppo held by insurgents.

The torrent of war-crime accusations and scathing denunciations of Moscow and Damascus in recent days is not authentically motivated by human rights, but rather is a means of using adverse global opinion to pressure Russia into easing the Syrian army's offensive, which may otherwise soon defeat the remaining rebel forces in Aleppo.

It is crucial to acknowledge that when similar rights violations are committed by Israel in its suppression of Palestinians, by Saudi Arabia in its illegal war in Yemen, or by US-backed forces fighting in Syria, the moral indignation of the international community is dramatically subdued.

The difference is that Syria is enforcing its legal right to territorial sovereignty against insurgents armed by hostile states, a predicament that any state would meet with lethal force. The furious vilification of the Syrian and Russian militaries is extremely political and a telling indication that Western and Gulf Powers see themselves on the losing side of the conflict..."


The Media Are Misleading the Public on Syria


"Coverage of the Syrian war, will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American press. Reporting about carnage in the ancient city of Aleppo is the latest reason why..."


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The Assad interview is noteworthy for his penetrating and critical remarks about US foreign policy since the end of the Soviet era.

Bashar al Assad wrote:
...(the) United States builds its position on hegemony over other states and it has been the case since they took advantage of the USSR collapse and established unilateral control over this world up to this day,” the president said, adding that the real motive behind US military interventions into foreign countries is to coerce them to submit to American authority, as in the case with Syria. 

“Today, the United States are waging wars with the only goal to cement its project of total control by launching attack on everyone, who opposes its dominance,” Assad said, noting that Washington “rejects” and “refuses to acknowledge” the nascent balance of powers in the world affairs and the rise of other states.

Absolutely spot on.

Syria, says the MSM, has no legitimate right [unlike Israel which can do no wrong when it comes to "defending" itself] to defend itself from the Western-sponsored terrorists.

Capitulate. Die. That is the American message to Syria. And, while the horrific loss of life still continues, the American desire to drown that country in more blood is crashing on the rocks of resistance.

Could rogue elements of the US military, confident of support from the MSM and the Military-Industrial Complex, carry out horrific provocations in Syria even now? Yes, they could. But the Americans much prefer their proxies to risk their lives, rather than American lives.


of course all this is just fear mongering...right...nothing to worry about re Russia/US-NATO nuclear confrontation, right!


 Russia has deployed state-of-the-art air defense system S-300V4 Antey-2500 in Syria (NATO reporting name SA-23 Gladiator), Fox News reported citing three sources in the US administration. According to the sources of the agency, Moscow continues increasing its military presence in Syria to support President Bashar al-Assad.


The US administration finds its difficult to explain the motive behind Moscow’s latest move in Syria. US officials say that the S-300V4 system is potentially capable of intercepting any kind of US cruise missiles in the event of an attack in Syria.


CrossTalk on Russia-US Relations: Dangerous Escalation


"The dangerous escalation of tensions separating Russia and the West witnesses a decline of diplomatic engagement, particularly concerning Syria. The spiral downwards continues with no end in sight. What can we expect next?

'The elephant in the room is Israel.'


Is Fighting Al Qaeda in Aleppo Good or Bad? - US Unable To Decide


"There is currently a barrage of propaganda in the 'western' media in support of 'rebels' in east Aleppo. It is all about 'hospitals' and 'children' but the aim is to stop a Syrian assault on the 'rebel' held quarters of the city.

US officials are again talking about 'intervention' meaning open war, to prevent the Syrian army and its allies from storming the 'rebel' held eastern parts..."

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NDPP wrote:

CrossTalk on Russia-US Relations: Dangerous Escalation


"The dangerous escalation of tensions separating Russia and the West witnesses a decline of diplomatic engagement, particularly concerning Syria. The spiral downwards continues with no end in sight. What can we expect next?

'The elephant in the room is Israel.'

Ray McGovern made that remark about the elephant in the room. RT seems to treat Israel with soft, gentle, kid leather gloves for the most part, so it's good to see some realistic analysis from one of Lavelle's guests.

The McGovern analysis is excellent and worth the price of admission.

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CONFIRMED: Russia warns U.S., ‘attack Syria and we will shoot down your aircraft’

"The Russian military has now made explicit the warning news of the deployment two days ago of advanced S-300VM Antey-2500 surface to air missiles to Syria had previously made implicit.

Russia not only opposes any US plan to launch covert air strikes or cruise missile strikes against the Syrian military.  Its air defence troops in Syria stand ready to intervene in the event of such strikes if they believe the lives of Russian military personnel in Syria are at risk."

The statement by Igor Konashenkov, the Russian Ministry of Defence spokesman, could not be clearer:

“Most officers of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties currently work ‘on the ground,’ delivering humanitarian aid and conducting negotiations with heads of settlements and armed groups in most Syrian provinces. 

That is why any missile or air strikes on the territory under control of the Syrian government, will create an obvious threat for Russian military.

And finally, I draw attention of ‘hotheads’ that after a strike on Syrian troops in Deir ez-Sor by planes of the coalition on September 17, we have taken all necessary measures to rule out any such ‘mistakes’ against Russian military and military facilities in Syria (NB: this clearly refers to the deployment of the S-300VM Antey-2500 systems to Syria – AM).

The crews on duty will hardly have the time to calculate the missile’s flight path or try to find out their nationality. As for the laymen’s illusions about the existence of ‘invisible planes’ they may confront a disappointing reality.”

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More from Maj. General Konashenkov:

As for Kirby’s threats about possible Russian aircraft losses and the sending of Russian servicemen back to Russia in body bags, I would say that we know exactly where and how many “unofficial specialists” operate in Syria and in the Aleppo province and we know that they are involved in the operational planning and that they supervise the operations of the militants. Of course, one can continue to insist that they are unsuccessfully involved in trying to separate the al-Nusra terrorists from the “opposition” forces. But if somebody tries to implement these threats, it is by no means certain that these militants will have to time to get the hell out of there.”

In other words, we know where your "advisors" are, so if you want to play war, and kill more Syrians, then get some body bags ready for your own troops. 

See more at The Saker's "Russian Options Against a US Attack on Syria"

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The White Helmets: a heartfelt humanitarian NGO or an elaborate and cynical Western PR stunt promoting illegal regime change in Syria? Does wearing white helmets mean they are the good guys supporting a just cause?


CrossTalking with Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, and Patrick Henningsen. Bartlett is a hero for a lot of us. It's nice to see her on the show.


1. A fake NGO. An N"G"O. Main funders are the UK foreign office and USAID. We are talking about $100 million dollars going into an organization with 3,000 operatives. USAID has a long and ugly history of acting as a transmission belt for the "deep state", i.e., the CIA, and efforts at regime change and so on.

2. They operate, freely, on the territory occupied by the terrorists. Everyone else is in danger, they, have no problems with the terrorists. Their buddies. The White Helmets are interchangeable with them. Idlib, East Aleppo, outskirts of Damascus, and, of course, Gaziantemp in Turkey. The White Helmets DO NOT operate in areas that the terrorists are attacking, i.e., where Syrians are dying and being injured. 

3. The White Helmets are used to "sell" the war, regime change, against the legitimate government of Syria.  They are used to propogate the myth that the Syrian government is killing its own people, and, therefore, the Libyanization of Syria is on their agenda.

4. The White Helmets are calling for air strikes and a no-fly zone. This is the Western formula for regime change. The very idea of an NGO making such an argument is despicable.  

5. The stealth eradication of the Syrian state, in shadow state-building, in replacing and usurping legitimate Syrian civil organizations with fronts constructed by the barbarous UK and US regimes. In this process of usurpation, they killed legit civil leaders and stole their equipment.   This is an organization trained in Turkey, not Syria, and funded by hostile foreign powers. Residents of Aleppo, e.g., who are not media junkies, have never heard of this organization. The UK government is funding and setting up other, similar shadow state organizations, helping to destroy legitimate civil orgs in Syria, and replacing the latter with political zombies.

6. White Helmets now fabricates war videos, for use by the Western MSM, and, the latter cannot be bothered to verify or confirm any of this. This is used to create "synthetic outrage" in Western viewers which is, of course,  considered sacrosanct and unquestionable.

7. A new hybrid paradigm of warfare. It takes journalism completely out of the picture. Editors kow tow to the authorities, brainlessly re-gurgitating and showcasing the production of these abettors of terrorism.

8. Alt media, on the left, getting sucked into this media onslaught as well. E.G. lying about the number of doctors in Syria, lying about actual attacks on legitimate hospitals, and so on. Images of hospitals destroyed in 2013 used in a claim on a "recent" attack in Aleppo (Fox News) . We see Western media (CH 4 UK) actually showing suicide bombers and normalizing such conduct. The entire news stream is linked to al Qaieda. We see Syria, literally, through the eyes of the terrorists. 

9. "Something MUST be done", i.e., the WH are used to pump and pump and pump and pump to escalate the war against Syria.

10. Meanwhile, public execution of prisoners of war, brave soldiers of the SAA defending their country,  by the terrorists receives no condemnation from this fake NGO. The West vomits on every single UN convention that exists when it comes to Syria. In one gruesome case, the White Helmets came in as a "mop up operation" after another public execution, by the terrorists, of a civilian in Aleppo. Bravo, brave NGO!

11. A Nobel Peace Prize for this organization would mean the end of that prize.

Blecchhh! What a disgrace. The White Helmets are supporting and facilitating terrorist activity.


Russia Ready to Support UN Envoy's Proposal To Allow Al Nusra To Exit Aleppo With Arms - Lavrov


"Russia is ready to urge the Syrian government to let Al Nusra Front militants exit Aleppo with their weapons, as proposed by the UN envoy to Syria, FM Sergey Lavrov says..."


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Smart move by the Russians.

Sure, it would be more than just to wipe out the terrorists. But saving Syrian lives trumps pretty well everything (except the sovereignty and independence of the country). 

With the terrorists using, e.g., the civilians still in east Aleppo as human shields, allowing the former to flee, arms in hand, ensures that only the most fanatical, brainwashed "jihadists" will want to stay and fight when they are facing inevitable defeat at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army and its Allies.

So, yeah. Let the bastards flee. This shows the humane-ness of the Russian approach. And that's important in the current climate of merciless information warfare by the sponsors of these killers, who want to depict the Russians as baby-eating monsters every chance they get.

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On Assad and Syria: a reply to a reader


Diane Johnstone wrote:

A reader sent me the following short comment on my article about destroying Syria:

“Not a word about Assad’s crimes or Russia bombing civilians?”

Here is my reply to such objections:

Dear …

If you are in need of words about Assad’s crimes or Russia bombing civilians, just look around you.  They are everywhere.

First of all, I am not concerned with displaying my disapproval of crimes or of bombing civilians, something that should be taken for granted.  I am concerned with avoiding World War III – or even endless war in Syria.

As David Swanson insists, war is a crime.  Once you are into a war, and especially a civil war with massive outside intervention, there are bound to be more and more crimes.  But by the way, how are you so sure about Assad’s crimes or Russia bombing civilians ?  Surely you must realize that our media regard them as the enemy and readily believe every version of events that portrays them as villains.  An example of obvious exaggeration is official U.S. insistence that Russia deliberately bombs hospitals, etc., where if we do it, it is of course an accident.

I am suspicious of all reports of crimes, knowing how much this war is a propaganda war and how easy it is to misrepresent events in other countries.  But measuring how many crimes are committed by whom does not get to the root of the problem.  The root of the problem, as I say in my article, is a longstanding ambition by the United States and its allies to replace the Syrian Arab nationalist state with an obedient pro-Western clique, friendly to Israel.  Since that seems out of reach at the present, the strategy is simply to keep the war going as long as possible, deepening the chaos, until nobody much is left except the exiles in London being groomed by Western powers to win rigged elections.

By dragging out the war, more and more children will die, as well as adults, whose lives are also worth something.  But it is interesting that humanitarian propaganda focuses only on children, as if realizing that most Westerners are totally indifferent to the massive deaths of Arabs – unless they are toddlers.  Or kittens.

Best wishes,...

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Diane Johnstone wrote:

But it is interesting that humanitarian propaganda focuses only on children, as if realizing that most Westerners are totally indifferent to the massive deaths of Arabs – unless they are toddlers.  Or kittens.

Sadly, I must agree with this very troubling statement.


Not that that statement is true, but you honestly see a problem with that?

I suppose mentioning deliberate bombing of hospitals is also unfair because it makes them look bad.


Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

Well, the deaths of adults in Paris, London and New York seems to create much greater angst among the western press than the deaths of similar people in Iraq or Syria.


 ...perhaps our best approach is just denial...but we are well into a nuclear reign of terror....which incident will light the fuse?


US Planned Sneak Attack on Russian Airbase in Syria

By GPD on October 7, 2016 (Veterans Today independent posts)

Cruise Missile Attack Scrapped When Pentagon Gossip Went Public

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the decision to deploy S-300 anti-air missile system in Syria came after receiving leaked data on US intentions to bomb Syrian airbases.

“The S-300 appeared there [in Syria] after experts close to the American establishment had started leaking information…that the US could hit Syrian airfields with cruise missiles,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in an interview with Russia’s Dozhd TV chennel.

Is Russia prepared to take out US ships attacking Russian forces in Syria?

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that a battery of S-300 air defense systems had been delivered to Syria to protect the naval base at Tartus, as well as Russia warships deployed off the Syrian coast. Earlier, Zakharova critized US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statements on launching an investigation into “war crimes of the Russian Federation.”

Definition of Insanity: US & Europe Preparing Sanctions Against Russia for Fighting Terrorism in Syria

“This is propaganda,” Zakharova said in an interview with TV channel Rain. “For this terminology has very serious legal consequences, and I think that Kerry tried all of these terms from the perspective of the discharge situation. “If it comes to war crimes, US officials must begin with Iraq. And then go to Libya, be sure to go to Yemen — find out what’s there. I want to say to juggle these words is very dangerous, because behind the American representatives really are war crimes.” Zakharova added that “the American side simply could not fulfill the ceasefire agreement” in Syria. “They themselves have told us that they have no levers of pressure on the opposition.”


Newspaper Slammed For Unverified Claim of Russian-Syrian Shelling


"We demand the world stop this!' -  parents of Syrian siblings killed in rebel shelling talk to RT."


Syrians Are Dying For Hillary Clinton


"Everything is being done for the victory of Hillary Clinton in the presdential election."


UNSC Vetoes Rival Resolutions on Syria Sponsored by Russia and France


"The UN Security Council has vetoed two rival resolutions proposed by Russia and France on the escalating situation in Syria and the war-torn city of Aleppo in particular. Churkin urged all sides to restart the Syria peace process, which he said had been 'jeopardized' by the radical groups."


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iyraste1313 wrote:

 ...perhaps our best approach is just denial...but we are well into a nuclear reign of terror....which incident will light the fuse?


US Planned Sneak Attack on Russian Airbase in Syria

By GPD on October 7, 2016 (Veterans Today independent posts)

Cruise Missile Attack Scrapped When Pentagon Gossip Went Public


LOL... more gobbity guck from the gobbity guck factory. Yawn!

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Here's some publicizing from the Russian FM of Yanqui propaganda. The Russians are now openly mocking the barbarous US regime, laughing in their faces. I love it.

I wish Sergei Lavrov would complain about the smell of sulphur at the UN. Noisily. And honour the memory of Hugo Chavez in doing so.

So don’t touch Al-Nusra, because it is not humane in relation to the normal guys [‘moderate opposition’], and we will fight Al-Nusra later,” Lavrov said, as if mimicking Washington officials.

“And this ‘later’ never comes.

Lavrov takes the piss out of the US regime. The Emperor has no clothes.


A Desperate Obama Administration Resorts to Lying and Maybe More


"The grave incident Kerry claimed did not happen. Kerry made it up. This is grave. This is nearly as grave as Colin Powell's false claims of WMD in Iraq..."


West's 'Moderate Rebels' Hard At Work in Syria



Mr. Magoo

I wish Sergei Lavrov would complain about the smell of sulphur at the UN. Noisily. And honour the memory of Hugo Chavez in doing so.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Rt staffer challenges State Department to prove that Russia bombed a hospital in Syria. 

The pathetic answer.

What a lying sack of animal droppings.


'Last Hospital in Aleppo': Collage


"Propaganda goal is to foment an attack on Damascus."

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In the Presidential Debate last night, Republican nominee Donald Trump shredded the Clinton neo-con narrative about Syria.

The Duran, quoting Donald Trump wrote:

She [Hillary Clinton] wants to fight for rebels, there is only one problem, you don’t even know who the rebels are, so what’s the purpose.”

Moderator then freaks out trying to cut Trump off before he says what we can all see coming…

“And one thing I have to say, I don’t like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS, Russia is killing ISIS, and Iran is killing ISIS.”

And those three have now lined up because of our weak foreign policy.

The war party must be apoplectic with rage about Trump by now. Frothing. Foaming. Rabid.

And they are. How dare Trump expose their lies about Syria? 

Trump blows up the lie about "moderate rebels" in Syria.

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RT is doing great work in Syria.

Peter Lavelle's Crosstalk devotes the whole show to the crisis in Syria. His guests are: Mark Sleboda, Alex Christoforou, and Mohammad Marandi. Marandi is worth watching alone. The guy is so measured, brilliant really, and it's really a treat to hear him speak. 10/10. Sure there is some repetition, but think about the audience. Plenty of people never get an opportunity to hear dissenting views on the barbarous Western narrative.


RT's latest is their photographic work in Aleppo.

supplemental: This includes details of sniper fire on civilians trying to flee by the "rebels" in eastern Aleppo.

The photos show the flags of ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) flying in eastern Aleppo. That's who is controlling that part of the city for the nonce. You know. Sniper fire on people trying to get water in government-controlled Aleppo. Human shields, Israeli-style, used to protect these "rebels". With lots of weapons from their sponsors in Washington, London, Paris, probably Ottawa, Tel Aviv, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.. And so on.

Ever notice how the MSM doesn't identify who the "rebels" actually are?

So far:

No reply from Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

No reply from the International Commitee for the Red Cross.

No reply from Human Rights Watch.

I guess if you live in free Aleppo, [or fleeing eastern Aleppo trying to get there] - oops, I mean "controlled by the repressive regime of Bashar al Assad" - then your health is of no concern to these "human rights" organizations.


Meanwhile, France is the latest country to threaten Damascus and Moscow with an ICC War Crimes probe.

Who's the barbarians, again?


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Destroying Syria: a Joint Criminal Enterprise

by Diana Johnstone

“This is a playoff situation in which you need both teams to lose, but at least you don’t want one to win — we’ll settle for a tie,” said Alon Pinkas, a former Israeli consul general in New York told the New York Times in June 2013. “Let them both bleed, hemorrhage to death: that’s the strategic thinking here.”

That's the Israeli view.


Avaaz is currently circulating a petition which has gathered over a million signatures and is aiming at a million and a half. It is likely to get them, with words like this:

“100 children have been killed in Aleppo since last Friday.

“Enough is enough!”

Avaaz goes on to declare: “There is no easy way to end this war, but there’s only one way to prevent this terror from the skies — people everywhere demanding a no-fly zone to protect civilians.”

No-fly zone? Doesn’t that sound familiar? That was the ploy that served to destroy Libya’s air defenses and opened the country to regime change in 2011. It was promoted zealously by Hillary Clinton, who is also on record as favoring the same gambit in Syria.

And when the West says “no-fly”, it means that some can fly and others cannot. With the no-fly zone in Libya, France, Britain and the United States flew all they wanted, killing countless civilians, destroying infrastructure and allowing Islamic rebels to help themselves to part of the country.

The Avaaz petition. "Think of the children".  [see upthread for more]

Excellent piece.

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ikosmos wrote:
Meanwhile, France is the latest country to threaten Damascus and Moscow with an ICC War Crimes probe.

France is continuing to pursue this spurious approach to "peace" in Syria. In response, the Russian President has given France a big "F*** you" and postponed his visit.

Putin was expected to arrive in Paris next week, but the visit has now been postponed, the Kremlin confirmed.

“There were some events scheduled, including the opening of a Russian cultural and religious center, [and] exhibitions. Unfortunately, those events were struck off the program, so the president decided to cancel his visit to France for now,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

The Kremlin official would not comment on why France chose to change the program of Putin’s visit, saying that “this question should be addressed to the French side.”

Nicely done, Hollande - the latest US poodle in Europe. Just to review, Moscow vetoed a French resulution at the UNSC and the French (or some NATO regime - not sure) did the same with a Russian resolution.

Moscow said that the [French] resolution would protect terrorist group Al-Nusra Front, which controls a greater portion of eastern Aleppo, under a pretext of humanitarian relief. An alternative proposal by Russia, which would seek a deal with the group to grant them safe passage out of the city and spare its civilian population, was rejected by other members of the UNSC.

Putin is absolutely slapping the faces of these regimes, one Yanqui poodle after the other. And good on him for pulling the curtain back, and showing that the wizard is only a mean old man, with no real power.

It's nice to see the world changing.

Rage, rage imperialism, against the dying of the light.

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The OffGuardian shreds another "Parliamentary cretin".

Labour MP Ann Clwyd epitomised the dumb stupidity of so many of our “representatives” today, when, during the House of Commons Aleppo debate she not only referenced but actually lifted sentences from one of the dreadful Natalie Nougayrede’s recent Guardian columns, likening the Syrian/Russian offensive in Aleppo to the Russia offensive in Grozny,

Ann, virtually quoting NatNug, said the West must intervene in Aleppo because “we all know what hapened in Grozny,” But her performance only shows she personally has no idea what is happening in Aleppo and even less idea what happened in Grozny. She just scans Guardian subheads for catchphrases she think will go down well.

Is she bought and paid for or just an idiot, or both? Is she and those on both sides of the house just mouthing this warmongering nonsense, confident other powers will ensure the intervention they are pleading for will never happen?

Or are they so bone-deep stupid they really do not understand they are actively promoting their own deaths and the deaths of their families, friends and everyone else on planet earth?

Are they too mentally flaccid, too far out of their intellectual depth to understand that all the pay-offs, bribes, free cars, free lunches, and all expenses-paid holidays, and even all the great promos they get in the press will NOT save them or be worth a damn when the bombs start falling?

Ann - if you get your no-fly zone in Aleppo, and - inevitably- the US shoots down a Russian jet, which leads to a local exchange of tactical nukes, which leads to a regional war, which leads to an exchange of ICBMs and the end of the human race, you’ll disappear in a heat flash just like the rest of us, only you’ll have the fun of knowing it was partly your own fault.


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The Battle of Aleppo - Who Lies Lies Longest   by John Helmer


"...What happened at the Battle of Aleppo is that Russian and Syrian forces, fighting for the Syrian government in Damascus, defeated the forces of the US and NATO alliance, fighting with the mercenaries they hired to overthrow the government in Damascus.

This is the most decisive defeat of US strategy and arms since 1973, when Vietnamese forces won the second battle of Saigon.

US government propaganda - whether published in the US or through English, Canadian, Turkish or Dutch paid proxies - is attempting to explain their defeat on the field of battle in Syria by alleging war crimes on the part of the winning forces against women and children.

The propaganda ignores the war crimes of those who started the war in Syria and occupation of Aleppo in the first place...

In case, dear reader, you feel too tender and too sore towards these events, wait then for 500 or a thousand years. In the meantime, the significance of the Battle of Aleppo cannot be missed.

There is a winner and there's a loser. Luck and info-war have had nothing to do with it."


US Wants Russia Prosecuted For Civilian Deaths, Shields Itself From Similar Action


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From the fake news department ...

Aljazeera: Syria's civil war: Russian air raids kill 55 in Aleppo

I have no doubt that civilians are being killed in this war. But who's making the claims? Where's the evidence?

At least 55 people have been killed over the past 24 hours in the Syrian province of Aleppo as Russian air raids resumed over the countryside, sources told Al Jazeera.

And that's it. "sources".

The deaths from raids in Aleppo's Bustan al-Qasr and Fardous neighbourhoods, as well as Ar-Rasheeqa city, were the results of the heaviest Russian bombardment in days on the city's rebel-held sector, people in the city said. Dozens were also wounded.

"people in the city" ? Do they mean "people" like the terrorists holed up in east Aleppo? Their family members?

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based group that monitors the war through a network of informants in the country, reported a lull in fighting on Wednesday.

This is the group that works out of the basement of some place like Crawley, England. You know. That one guy "really close" to events on the ground in Syria.

This is supposed to be "evidence" ? But here comes the most astonishing lie of them all:

International group including Saudi Arabia and Qatar calls on UN Security Council to help stop the bloodshed.

That's the subtitle of the heading of the story. No, I'm not kidding.

Does Aljazeera expect anyone to believe that the main funders of the terrorists want to "stop the bloodshed" ?

What they want is a ceasefire. So the Qatari and Saudi jihadist pals can reload.


Putin: We Know Who Destroyed Aid Convoy in Aleppo, Syria


"It was one of the terrorist groups. And we know that, [so] the Americans know it too, but prefer to take a different position, to falsely accuse Russia. This is not helping,' Putin said. Russia denied the accusations and said a US drone was monitoring the convoy, so Washington should know the truth about the attack."


Russia, US To Discuss Possible Steps For Syria Crisis in Lausanne on Saturday - Moscow


"Besides Lavrov and Kerry, the chief diplomats from Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran will also take part in the talks..."

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More on the claims surrounding the attack on the aid convoy. The Russian MoD has basically said, "Prove it, Boris!" to UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. 

I don't think there will be a reply. He's too busy thinking up news ways to spy on the public, making ever new, but unimaginative, Russophobic accusations, and worrying about his vital bodily fluids. Crank.

Russian MoD invites UK to prove ‘Russophobic’ accusation that Moscow hit aid convoy in Aleppo

Meanwhile, the humanitarian situation in embattled Aleppo continues to deteriorate. Aid organizations warn that civilians in the Islamist-held eastern part of the city are in desperate need of healthcare, food and sanitation. In government-controlled western Aleppo, people are vulnerable to the militants’ shelling and sniper fire.

All the Western crocodile tears notwithstanding, it's pretty clear that their proxies are the ones prolonging the suffering of the Syrian people.

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This is the most decisive defeat of US strategy and arms since 1973, when Vietnamese forces won the second battle of Saigon.

Long Live Ho Chi Minh City!

It's still quite possible for the US regime, or an ally or proxy, to carry out some disgusting atrocity. And blame Damascus, Russia, or whoever is handy. So they're not out of the woods yet. There will be plenty more of raging against the dying of the [imperialist] light.

And, of course, the US and its French chihuahua have pursued the utterly predictable approach of fabricating wartime atrocities by precisely those forces that are liberating Syria from the Western-sponsored terrorists. Too bad their beloved "White Helmets" didn't get the Nobel Prize, huh? lol. That would have been the end of that prize; imagine awarding terrorist enablers a peace prize.

I see that the Russian Senators have voted to back a permanent deployment of the AF to Syria.

So there will be no waiting in the weeds until the "coast is clear" for US "heroes" to bring "freedom", McDonald's hamburgers, and all the other blessings of neo-liberalism [and a Sunni caliphate]  to Syria.


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5 Children killed by "rebels" in Aleppo.

Dead silence in Western MSM.


A government-controlled area in the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo has been hit by rebel mortar shells. At least seven children came under fire, five of them were killed. An RT crew has been reporting from the local hospital.

A school and adjacent bus stop were hit by mortar shells in the government-controlled Al-Suleymaniya neighborhood of Aleppo, RT’s Murad Gazdiev reported from the Al Razi hospital, where the victims have been brought. 

WARNING: images deliberately blurred due to graphic violence by the western-sponsored and funded jihadists.

NATO tax dollars hard at work. Killing children.



US Playing Syria Terrorism Card As Part of Perpetual Struggle For Global Dominance - Assad (and vid)


"The conflict in Syria is part of Washington's prime goal to impose global hegemony, President Bashar Assad told a Russian newspaper. Terrorists in Syria, he said, are being used by the US and its Gulf allies to assert control over the region, primarily to weaken Iran.

The whole issue is about keeping the hegemony of the Americans around the world, not allowing anyone to be a partner in the political or international arena, whether Russia or even their allies in the West, Assad said."


US & Saudi Sending ISIS Terrorists From Mosul to Syria


According to media, the US and Saudi Arabia have agreed to provide Islamic State terrorists and members of their families with a safe exit from Mosulprior to its assault by the International Coalition forces. Evacuated terrorists will be sent to Syria."


Canada Leads New Push on Syria Crisis At UN


"Canada is spearheading[/carrying] a new diplomatic effort to try to end the brutal civil war. According to one diplomat, a proposal under discussion is a resolution to suspend Syria's voting rights at the UN or even outright expulsion from the international organization."

What a good doggie JT's little vassalage is. 'Progressive' too...This is right up there with our support for the destruction of Libya or the Nazi putsch in Ukraine.


NDPP wrote:

Canada Leads New Push on Syria Crisis At UN


"Canada is spearheading[/carrying] a new diplomatic effort to try to end the brutal civil war. According to one diplomat, a proposal under discussion is a resolution to suspend Syria's voting rights at the UN or even outright expulsion from the international organization."

A few things omitted...

The Canadian Mission to the United Nations has submitted a rare request asking the president of the General Assembly for a meeting of all 193 member states to "explore concerted action to apply pressure on the parties of the violence [in Syria]," now in its sixth year.

The letter, co-sponsored by 68 other member states, calls the Security Council's failure to end the war "troubling."


Since the start of the war, Russia has vetoed five Security Council resolutions on Syria, including one that called for the situation to be referred to the International Criminal Court. China backed Russia on the first four vetoes, but notably abstained during the vote on Saturday.


According to one diplomat, a proposal under discussion is a resolution to suspend Syria's voting rights at the UN or even outright expulsion from the international organization.


"This is one of many ideas under discussion for GA action, due to general frustration at the failure of the

[Security Council] because of Russian vetoes," said the diplomat, who didn't want to be named.


Articles 5 and 6 of the UN charter do allow the General Assembly to suspend a member state's "rights and privileges" and expel it if it ''has persistently violated'' charter principles, but in both instances, those actions must first be recommended by the Security Council.

As one diplomatic source said, that would bring the veto back into play, making both scenarios highly unlikely and unrealistic.



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The CBC story completely omits the Russian resolution that was vetoed by the barbarous NATO regimes in the SC. Basically, the French-sponsored motion called for the establishment of a no-fly zone [no fly by Syria defending itself, and for the Russian AF but NOT for the NATO regimes, intent on regime change] in preparation for regime change, Libya style.

Rage, rage, against the dying of the imperialist light. Canada, ever the foreign policy chihuahua of the US regime.

As the terrorists are finally driven from east Aleppo, the noise from the imperialist USA, and its minion states, will get louder, shriller and more obscene. But once the western proxies are defeated, attention will turn to another target of the brutal NATO regimes.

Because freedom. Or something.

added: RT has provided video footage of actual child casualties of the terrorist attacks on western Aleppo. The latest dastardly, western-funded atrocity was an attack on a school bus stop, right at 8 am when the children are going to school, killing 4, wounding a dozen.

Way to go, western regimes and their child-killing, beheading "rebels".


Al Qaeda Fighters in East-Aleppo (Defined) Down To Three!


"The terrorists in east Aleppo are encircled and besieged. Most of the fighters in are associated with Al Qaeda. They are several thousand strong..."


'They Use My Relations As Human Shields': Civilians Trapped in Rebel-Held Districts of Aleppo


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So-called "rebels" using civilians as human shields in east Aleppo.

Militants controlling eastern Aleppo have now completely barred residents from leaving the area and crossing to government-controlled districts under threat of shelling, using them as a human shield against the army. An RT crew witnessed the hostage crisis.

East Aleppo is on total lockdown. Nobody is allowed in or out – not the sick, not women, not children,” RT’s Murad Gazdiev reports from the checkpoint in the Bustan al-Qasr district, the one that the Red Crescent tried to use to deliver aid to East Aleppo only recently, but were refused. All seven checkpoints between eastern and western Aleppo have now been sealed by rebels, mined and barricaded to prevent anyone from crossing over.

... Fighting in Aleppo escalated after the September 12 ceasefire collapsed with the Syrian Army having managed to encircle militants in its eastern districts. But this has pushed the rebels to barricade themselves within them – along with residents, as the Syrian Army will not be able to attack the districts with full might when there is a risk so many civilian lives could be lost.

You won't read that last item in the lickspittle Western MSM.

Syrians, like Russians, LOVE to kill children and do so with ENTHUSIASM they say.


RT Films Aftermath of Deadly Shelling of Residential Areas in Aleppo (and vid)


"According to the reporter, the attackers used so-called 'gas bottle bombs' while pelting the residential areas. This is literally a gas bottle filled with explosives, nails and screws."


"Turkish-backed FSA fighters claim to have captured the fabled ISIS city of Dabiq, this 'apocalypse starting' city, in 24 hours."





bears repeating...

An Urgently Necessary Briefing on Syria


"Is it not obvious? Public opinion is being prepared for another regime-change war."


Kerry's Anger as Assad Poised To Win: The US Still Serves Israel and Saudi Arabia


"Now this same support of Israel and Saudi Arabia has brought us into a confrontation with Russia in a country where we have no interests."


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U.S. pleads with Russia for ‘mercy’, gives up on Aleppo and admits Syrians will win

... All he [Johnson] could come up with to save the Jihadi fighters in Aleppo was plead with the Russians for mercy

“And it is up to them (NB: the Russians – AM) to seize this moment to recognise the opportunity and, in my view, to show greatness and to show leadership…..it’s really up to them now to listen and to show mercy – show mercy to those people in that city, get a ceasefire going, get the negotiations going in Geneva, and let’s bring this slaughter to an end.”

When a Western foreign minister – even one as preposterous as Boris Johnson – is reduced to pleading with the Russians for mercy, then it is obvious that the game is over and the ‘Great Battle of Aleppo’ has been lost.

Kerry in fact all but admitted as much.

If this is true, then watch this story fall off the map in the Western MSM.

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Syrian TV: They are leaving!

(in Arabic)

Locals celebrate “rebels” leaving Qudsaya and Syria’s army regaining control.


IAC - US Hands Off Syria: An Urgent Message For Peace On the Eve Of A Wider War


"Please click here to add your name in support of the Hands Off Syria Coalition. We raise our voices against the violence of war and the enormous pressure of war propaganda, lies and hidden agendas that are used to justify this war and every past US war..."

*Please copy and circulate!*

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The meeting in Geneva will continue into tomorrow. Good luck getting the mostly fictitious "moderates" to separate from the "immoderates".

The UN HRC, under the leadership of US poodle the United Kingdom, decided to hold a session in which

"The special UNHRC session on Aleppo is yet another anti-Russian and anti-Syrian publicity stunt. It is obviously counterproductive and its target provokes indignation. Because it is about protecting terrorists entrenched in eastern Aleppo, who are committing countless crimes against civilian population, and accusing those who are fighting against these hardened criminals of all sins," Alexey Borodavkin said.


Read more: https://sputniknews.com/politics/201610181046472568-syria-aleppo-expers-discussion/


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