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Russian DefMin Briefings on Syria Situation

http://eng.mil.ru/en/news_page/country/[email protected]

"...Meanwhile, residents of Eastern Ghouta that had suffered violations from terrorists for many years badly need humanitarian assistance. Russia urges the world community to join [with] Russia and provide Syrians with necessary humanitarian aid.

The experts emphasize that residents of Raqqa are deprived of humanitarian aid because of the lack of representative offices of international profile organizations in the region and the inability of local authorities to remedy the situation. An extremely severe and epidemiological situation is in Raqqa. Until now, thousands of corpses are decomposing under the ruins of the city. The city is 70% wiped off the face of the earth as a result of the bombing by the USAF. These are assessments made by representatives of international organizations..."

Russian Gen Staff Media Briefing on Missile Attack

http://eng.mil.ru/en/news_page/country/[email protected]

"The US alongside its allies conducted a missile strike by air and naval carriers targeting military and civilian facilities of the Syrian Arab Republic on April 14 in the period from 3:42 am till 5:10 am (MSK). The Russian air defense systems at the Khmeimim and Tartus air base timely located and controlled all naval and air launches made by the USA and UK. Announced French aircraft have not been registered by the Russian air defence systems.

Russia considers the strike to be a response to the success of the SAA in fighting international terrorism and liberating its territory, rather than a response to the alleged chemical attack. Besides, the attack took place on a day when the OPCW special mission was to start working on investigating an incident in the city of Douma where a chemical attack allegedly occurred. It's to be stressed that there are no facilities producing chemical weapons in Syria, and this has been documented by the OPCW. The American aggression proves that the USA is not interested in the objectivity of the ongoing investigation..."


Trump is losing his base over Syrian attacks. Infowars' Alex Jones is just an example (and vid)


Consciousness is sometimes painful... (profanity warning)


F.U.K.U.S Strikes Syria - Who Won?


"What will be the consequences of this strike?"


April 2018: The Bombing of Syria


"Russia says the goal of the bombing of Syria was to prevent chemical watchdog's fact-finding mission in Douma."

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They did a short attack on Friday night so the financial markets could digest the news over the weekend before the opening on Sunday night in Japan, with the hope of reducing war jitters.

I am expecting a sharp selloff nonetheless. The futures indicate a three-digit gap down in the Dow on Monday morning EST.

The gold price should also run up a bit, so the gold market manipulators can make a profit on a dump later. ​Oil often runs with gold, but not always. So far as I know the bombs did not affect oil supply, so the bombing is not a rational reason for a price movement in terms of basic economic forces. Indeed, if people are hoarding and nervous and staying at home, oil consumption will decline, generally causing prices to fall. 

Trump had a nice rally going for quite a while. Now he has decided to fuck it all up. Wars (trade and otherwise) are not good for most business out there. People hoard. Some may be worried the Russians may drop a heater on them.


Russia's Ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko


April 13: Presser on Syria/Skripal (prior to the bombing)

My personal favourite bit @37:40 . This is how media now operates. Beware and be aware...


April 14: Russian FM Lavrov on Syria Strikes and Skripal Case


Russian FM Sergei Lavrov called US-led airstrikes in Syria 'absolutely unacceptable. Also - Skripal poisoning was not 'novichoks' but 'Bz' a chemical compound used not by Russia but  by NATO countries such as UK...


Columbia International Affairs Prof & UN Advisor Jeffrey Sachs on US in Syria (and vid)


"This is a US mistake that started seven years ago. They sent in the CIA to overthrow Assad. And so we have made a proxy war in Syria, it's killed a million people, displaced 10 million and I'll say predictably so."

WikiLeaks Reveals How the US Aggressively Pursued Regime Change in Syria, Igniting a Bloodbath


"Knowing that the US never really abandoned a regime-change policy in Syria informs our understanding of US military intervention in Syria today."


'This Picture is Faked'


"Don't miss this extremely important revelation from a cardiologist. 'This Picture is faked.'


Syriana (2)


"The following contains images of atrocity. You are seriously advised to think twice before scrolling down - and before supporting what you wrongly think of as 'your side'."


bekayne wrote:

WWWTT wrote:

From the sounds of Trump now, he's seen enough and probably is signaling all the western war pigs to give it up.

You never learn, do you?

Please clarify your comment.

Obviously nobody here knows exactly what's really going on. We are engaging in speculation. Throwing random thoughts around. None of us live in Syria or in a bordering country.


Here's a link I found interesting. An etire thread can probably be started just from this link in itself. For now I think it fits here in this thread and gives some insight into the players



WWWTT wrote:

bekayne wrote:

WWWTT wrote:

From the sounds of Trump now, he's seen enough and probably is signaling all the western war pigs to give it up.

You never learn, do you?

Please clarify your comment.

The idea that Trump was ever an orange dove of peace. And that he does these things only because he is "forced" to.




Al Masdar
Russian military releases full report for US-led missile attack on Syria, what air defense systems were used and their effectiveness

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:25 A.M.) – The Russian military has released a full report on the US-led missile attack against Syria during the morning hours of April 14, part of which details what Syrian air defense systems were used and the effectiveness of such weapons.

According to the report, one hundred and three (103) US, British and French cruise missiles fired at Syria were engaged by a range of Syrian air defense systems including Pantsir-S1, Buk-M2, Kub, Strela-10, Osa, S-125 and S-200 that, in turn, replied with 112 surface-to-air missiles (SAM).

In order, the effectiveness of these air defense systems were recorded as follows:

Pantsir-S1: 25 missiles fired, 23 hits scored.
Buk-M2: 29 missiles fired, 24 hits scored.
Kub: 21 missiles fired, 11 hits scored.
Strela-10: 5 missiles fired, 3 hits scored.
Osa: 11 missiles fired, 5 hits scored.
S-125: 13 missiles fired, 5 hits scored.
S-200: 8 missiles fired, 0 hits scored.

The complete ineffectiveness of the S-200 to successfully engage any of the attacking cruise missiles has been put down to the SAM system’s biased design towards intercepting high-altitude aircraft, not low-flying missiles.

The statistics likely fail to account for Western cruise missiles that were downed or driven off target due to ‘soft-kill’ electronic warfare systems – something which Russian sources will never confirm the use of.

In any case, going by official numbers, the interception rate of Syrian air defenses during the US-led missile attack stands at about 70 percent.


Too bad the chemical inspectors were denied access once again, eh! 


bekayne wrote:

WWWTT wrote:

bekayne wrote:

WWWTT wrote:

From the sounds of Trump now, he's seen enough and probably is signaling all the western war pigs to give it up.

You never learn, do you?

Please clarify your comment.

The idea that Trump was ever an orange dove of peace. And that he does these things only because he is "forced" to.


Trump is a business man. Not all businesses profit from war. Many if not most do bad. 


Bear and Sitting Duck...

The Revolution Which the US Raid on Syria Launched - No More US Air Superiority Means Everyone is On Their Own (Pass the S-400 Please)    


"US President Donald Trump didn't mean to start a revolution. President Vladimir Putin tried persuading him not to. But on April 14 the revolution was launched by American warplanes, surface ships and a submarine. The outcome is that the US can no longer count on air superiority anywhere in the world where Russian air defences operate, backed by Russian command and control systems. 

Without air superiority, the US has no force multiple on the ground of the magnitude required for the Pentagon to attack; that is, the ratio of American men and firepower the Pentagon calculates for making sure their enemies on their ground can be defeated. 

This is revolutionary. 

So long, shock and awe..."


Trudeau Joins Macron in Celebrating Air Strikes on Syria


"Trudeau used his French trip to reiterate Ottawa's support for the US-led aggression in Syria. Although Canadian forces did not participate in last week's air strikes, the Canadian elite is deeply complicit in the carnage wrought in Syria..."


CrossTalk on Syria...


"So what exactly are Washington's goals in Syria?"


Syrian War Report - April, 20, 2018


Operations in Southern Damascus, Eastern Qalamour


Syria Sitrep: Cleanup Around Damascus - WMD Rumors, Prepare for New US Attack


"...With each elimination of a 'rebel' pocket, the Syrian army is gaining strength. Ten thousand soldiers who were needed to hold the Takfiri-held areas around Damascus surrounded and under control are now free to attack elsewhere. Some of the militants who did not evacuate also joined the government forces.

The evacuation of many militants to the north-west might later turn out to be problematic. They will eventually come under Turkish control and could be used in another Turkish attempt to take Aleppo. But for now, they are infighting..."


"The Syrian Army tracing the arrival of French troops to West Hasakeh. Now we can say it loud: French Occupation Forces in Syria."


The Jimmy Dore Show


"Carla Ortiz: Shocking video from Syria..."


"In their own words...A thread on the exceptional values and standards of the 'rules-based international order."



Meet Syria's Real Mass Murderers


"It's helpful for these mass murderers and their apologists that there are Mehdi Hasans around to lay the blame for Syria's mountain of corpses on the victims of rapacious US foreign policy, rather than on its executors, where it belongs..."


Syria-Iraq: US Cuddles ISIS, Others Plan Final Fight


"The attack [by Iraq in Syria] against ISIS was initiated by an anti-US alliance as a warning against further US shenanigans with ISIS. It is obvious that the US wants to keep ISIS alive and well to again use it, if need be, against the Syrian and Iraqi governments.

Then Secretary of State Kerry as well as President Obama admitted that they used ISIS to put pressure on Syrian President Assad and then PM of Iraq, Maliki. While the US cuddles with ISIS in Syria to again use it for its own purpose, the 4+1 plan for a larger common operation to finally destroy the Takfiri menace.


In the Competition Over Syria's Reconstruction, China is the Likely Winner


"...As things stand, reconstruction will get little aid from the countries of the 'Friends of Syria' coalition - notably the US, Canada and Britain - which have frozen $9.6 billion in pledged funding until a political transition 'away from Assad' is on track. In the US, the proposed 'No Assistance for Assad Act' would effectively prohibit financial assistance for reconstruction in areas under the control of the Syrian government. This leaves the field open for non-Western investors..."


Thousands of Syrians Buried in the Rubble Six Months After US [Led] Destruction of Raqqa


"Six months after what the Pentagon proclaimed as its 'liberation' of the Syrian city of Raqqa from ISIS militants, reports are emerging about the devastation caused by the relentless US siege of airstrikes and artillery bombardments against the city. Between 70 and 80 percent of the city was reduced to rubble. There are 16,000 reports of human remains throughout the city that are yet to be responded to..."

Why the silence of Canada...


"Canada's contributions to Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve, a multinational coalition dedicated to militarily defeating Daesh in Iraq and Syria include..."

'But Russia!! But Assad...!!'


'Jihadist Mercenaries From 100 Different Nations Came Wave After Wave To Syria' - Aleppo MP


"The showdown between militants and the government of Syria is on the table on RT's Going Underground today. Afshin Rattansi asks the MP for Aleppo, Feres Shehabi, whether British missile strikes on his country were based on lies."


Canadian Rabble contributor Eva Bartlett interviews her Palestinian taxi-driver in Damascus



Military Targets in Hama & Aleppo, Syria Hit By Missiles - State TV (and vid)


"State media says military bases were hit by rockets launched by an unspecified enemy. More details to follow." 


French Troops in Hasakeh, Syria


"Latest reports on incoming French troops to Hasakeh, Syria."


US-Led Coalition Undermining Syria Territorial Integrity, Prolonging Crisis: Damascus


"The Damascus government says the so-called US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group is devoid of any international legitimacy as it is committing massacres against ordinary Syrians, undermining the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria and prolonging the foreign sponsored crisis.

'The only objective of this alliance is to undermine the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic and to prolong the current crisis in Syria in flagrant violation of Security Council resolutions, which stress the need for the preservation of a united Syria.' The Syrian foreign ministry then urged the Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities regarding establishment of international peace and security, and to promptly stop the war crimes and crimes against humanity that are being committed by the US-led coalition against the Syrian people."

 I have pointed out on several occasions, and will here again, that  Canada is a member of the heretofor referred to 'US-led coalition'. See #523  The crimes cited are committed in your name. History will show there was shamefully little response. 


US 'Freezes Funding' For White Helmets as Group's Douma Chem Attack Claim Falls Apart


"As the reports of the controversial militant-linked White Helmets continues to crumble, even the US State Department seems to be having second thoughts about supporting the group, reportedly placing a freeze on its funding..."

Will Canada's FM Chrystia Freeland still give these A/Q terrorists the $12 million she promised? Will Canadian 'progressives' and the NDP still pretend not to notice?


It is 1938 Again...  -  by Neil Clark


"...A major global conflict could easily break out unless the war lobby in the west is absolutely convinced that the Kremlin would respond with force to a further escalation of the conflict in Syria and a direct assault on Iran. Urgently needed is a formal mutual defence pact between Syria, Iran and Russia. If China could be persuaded to join, then all the better."


Syriana Analysis: The Geopolitics of the Syrian War (May 3, 2018)


"Kevork Almassian making sense of recent developments."

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NDPP wrote:

It is 1938 Again...  -  by Neil Clark


"...A major global conflict could easily break out unless the war lobby in the west is absolutely convinced that the Kremlin would respond with force to a further escalation of the conflict in Syria and a direct assault on Iran. Urgently needed is a formal mutual defence pact between Syria, Iran and Russia. If China could be persuaded to join, then all the better."

I agree with Mr. Clark that such a treaty would probably be a stabilizing factor in a very unstable situation.


Syrian media report Israeli missile attack near Damascus

 May 8, 2018 @ 23:28

Syrian media reported Tuesday that explosions were heard south of Damascus caused by Israeli planes dropping missiles on Iranian targets. The official Syrian news agency said that Syrian air defense systems had destroyed two Israeli missiles.


Yes, and they're doing it while Netanyahu is visiting Moscow, too.  And speaking of odious and  disgusting politicians...

"The White Helmets are al Qaeda. Pictured under we see Canada's NDP international affairs critic Helene Laverdiere, posing with White Helmets staff inside the Canadian Parliament...."

Syrian Civilization Confronts Western Barbarism


Only in Canada's NDP can a rightwing neocon imperialist call themselves a 'leftist'.


Breaking: Syria is retaliating against Israeli strikes! Syria is launching MRLS at the Israeli occupied Golan Heights...



Israel Launches Massive Missile Strikes in Syria


"Israel-Syria cross-border strikes reported in occupied Golan Heights. The Golan Heights in southwestern Syria  have been occupied by Israel since the Six-Day war of 1967 and are internationally recognized as Syrian territory."


Yes, and they're doing it while Netanyahu is visiting Moscow, too.

Appears obvious that, if not a green light, Putin did not give Netanyahu a red light.


Breaking: Syria is retaliating against Israeli strikes! Syria is launching MRLS at the Israeli occupied Golan Heights...

I noticed in Debka...that IDF generals were visiting the Golan occupied Territory....there must be some considerable cause of concern for them..their Iron Dome missile defence system again has shown itself to be near worthless, while the Syrian missile defence system were far more effective....is this a game changer in the middle east?


Assad Interview: 'Why Talk To Trump If He Doesn't Control the US?'


"Assad ended the interview by vowing to reunify Syria and restore its sovereignty, adding that the US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are ultimately responsible for the seven-year war and must be held accountable for supplying 'terrorists' fighting in Syria..."


"Israel bombed Syria 100 times and Germany said nothing. Syria (not Iran) responds and suddenly it's a 'provocation' European nations never tire of their hypocrisy."



Syria Sets New Rules For Israeli Strikes


"Israel now claims that it eliminated the 'Iranian threat' in Syria. The claim of success is a signal that it does not want to go any farther. That Syria, after much suffering, now retaliated for the Israeli strikes draws a new line in the sand. If Israel wants a wider war it will get one."


I’d like to see more evidence of the success of the Israel strikes and the success of the Syrian counter strikes. 

At this point I put a large scale Syrian/Iranian counter strike at 50/50 odds. 

Perhaps the lack of credible news may indicate something?



Yes, and they're doing it while Netanyahu is visiting Moscow, too.

Appears obvious that, if not a green light, Putin did not give Netanyahu a red light.


you think?

As one veteran Russian diplomat said earlier this year, “Putin knows that the one player in the region who can seriously jeopardize Russia’s achievement in Syria of saving the Assad regime, is Israel.” In repeated public and private messages, the Netanyahu government has made it clear to Putin that it has no intention of endangering Assad’s rule, as long as Israel’s strategic priority of preventing a long-term Iranian military presence in Syria, is upheld.



Perhaps you guys need to revise your big conspiracy theory then in light of recent events. Perhaps Putin doesn't control Trump after all. Perhaps Bibi is the mastermind controlling both of them...?


NDPP wrote:

 Perhaps Bibi is the mastermind controlling both of them...?

Well, as Russian disinformation campaigns go, that is the oldest, and sadly the most durable.

It ain't conspiracy. Just an illustration that neither of them are too particular who they deal with so long as there is something in it for them. As the article points out, sooner or later they both have decisions to make.



What You Need To Know About The Israel-Syrian Confrontation


Syrian analyist Kevork Almassian interviewed


Assad Interview with Kathimerini




WWWTT wrote:

I’d like to see more evidence of the success of the Israel strikes and the success of the Syrian counter strikes. 

At this point I put a large scale Syrian/Iranian counter strike at 50/50 odds. 

Perhaps the lack of credible news may indicate something?

They used to say that truth is the first casualty of war.  But nowadays it’s dead before the war even starts.


"Greetings from Gaza to Syria. Syria and Palestine are of one heart in confronting the enemy. Yesterday in Gaza, the PFLP held a press conference in full solidarity with Syria which stressed that it is not possible to separate what is happening in Palestine from events in Syria, and expressed its full support for those in the region that resist Zionist-American aggression."


As do I!


Last night on Shanghai TV news there was extensive coverage of the war in Syria and now the Israel attacks. The show ended off with a Syrian music video where these girls are singing in a war torn city. I searched everywhere online for this music video and can not find it so I suspect it’s been removed and or banned in the west for its content (and some posters here thought the Chinese censorship was bad and we live in freedom lol!)

Overall, news coverage of the war in Syria, Israel strikes on Syria and Iran is getting huge coverage in China along with escalating conflict between Israel/Iran. 

I think I figured out a good working theory for all of this. 

The Chinese one belt one road initiative in Africa, the second largest continent in the world. The only geographical connection is through the Middle East. 

The problem is Israel. Their regimes are too pro US   If they do not cooperate with the Chinese initiative and allow a physical link to Africa open up, then I suspect a regime change could be an option for China?

I suspect that Israel and have already voiced their opposition to China and China is now slowly ramping up anti Israelsentiment. 

On the African side there is Egypt. An the American backed attempts manipulation were total failures at slowing China. If anything, it had the opposite effect 




Sorry if my last comment has holes and is not complete. 

From the research I’ve done, Saudi Arabia and Egypt seem cooperative and warming up to the one belt one road initiative. But I can’t find anything similar from Israel?

To me it’s obvious that the Israel cavalier attitude towards Palestine Iran Lebanon and Syria is destabilizing the region and pissing off China. 

I still believe and even more so now that Israel is getting set up for an ass kicking in Syria. 


Israeli Weapons Among Arms Handed Over To Syrian Army By Militants in Southern Damascus



"Former UK Ambassador to Syria says Syrian Army could easily defeat IS in northern/southern Syria but for the US/UK presence there, which is all about ensuring Assad doesn't win the war."



I still believe and even more so now that Israel is getting set up for an ass kicking in Syria. .....


Below is a dispatch authored and submitted by Elijah Magnier, Middle East based chief international war correspondent for Al Rai Media, who is currently on the ground in the region and has interviewed multiple officials involved in the conflict.

Israel hits Syrian and Iranian objectives and weapons warehouses again (evacuated weeks before) for the fourth time in a month. 28 Israeli jets participated in the biggest attack since 1974. Tel Aviv informed the Russian leadership of its intentions without succeeding in stopping the Syrian leadership from responding. Actually, what is new is the location where Damascus decided to hit back: the occupied Golan Heights (20 rockets were fired at Israeli military positions).

Syria, in coordination with its Iranian allies (without taking into consideration Russian wishes) took a very audacious decision to fire back against Israeli targets in the Golan. This indicates that Damascus and its allies are ready to widen the battle, in response to continual Israeli provocations.

But what is the reason why new Rules of Engagement (ROE) were imposed in Syria recently?

For decades there was a non-declared ROE between Hezbollah and Israel, where both sides were aware of the consequences. Usually, Israel prepares a bank of target objectives with Hezbollah offices, military objectives and warehouses and also specific commanders with key positions within the organization. Israel hits these targets, updated in every war. However, the Israelis react immediately against Hezbollah commanders, who have the task of supporting, instructing and financing Palestinians in Palestine, and above all the Palestinians of 1948 living in Israel. This has happened on many occasions where Hezbollah commanders related to the Palestinian dossier were assassinated in Lebanon.

Last month, Israel discovered that Iran was sending advanced low observable drones dropping electronic and special warfare equipment to Palestinians. The Israeli radars didn’t see these drones going backward and forward with their traditional radars, but were finally able to identify one drone using thermal detection and acoustic deterrence, to down it on its last journey.

In response to this, Israel targeted the Syrian military airport T-4 used by Iran as a base for these drones. But Israel was not satisfied and wanted to take further revenge, hitting several Iranian and Syrian targets during the following weeks.

Tel Aviv believed it could get away with repetitively hitting Iranian objectives without triggering a military response. Perhaps Israel really believed that Iran was afraid of becoming engaged in a war with Israel, with the US ready to take part in any war against the Islamic Republic from its military bases spread around Syria, in close vicinity to the Iranian forces deployed in Syria. Obviously, Iran has a different view from the Israelis, the Americans and even the Russians, who like to avoid any contact at all cost.


Twitter Ads info and privacyRegardless of how many Israeli jets took part in the latest attack against Iranian and Syrian objectives and how many missiles were launched or intercepted, a serious development has occurred: the Syrian high command broke all pre-existing rules and found no obstacle to bombing Israel in the occupied Golan HeightsAgain, the type of missiles or rockets fired by Syria against Israeli military objectives it is not important or whether these fell into an open space or hit their targets. What is important is the fact that a new ROE is now in place in Syria, similar to the one established by Hezbollah over Kiryat Shmona near the Lebanese border, when militants fired anti-aircraft cannons every time Israel violated Lebanese airspace in the 2000.Basically Israel wanted to hit objectives in Syria but claims not to be looking for confrontation. Israel would have liked to continue provoking Syria and Iran in the Levant, but claims to be unwilling to head towards war or a battle. Israel would like to continue hitting any target it chooses in Syria without suffering retaliation.

But with its latest attack, Israel’s “unintended consequences” or provocation has forced the Syrian government to consider the occupied Golan Heights as the next battlefield. If Israel continues and hits beyond the border area, Syria will think of sending its missiles or rockets way beyond the Golan Heights to reach Israeli territory.

Twitter Ads info and privacy

Actually, Hezbollah’s secretary general Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said a few years back: “Leave Lebanon outside the conflict. Come to Syria where we can settle our differences.” Syria, logically, has become the battlefield for all countries and parties to settle their differences, the platform where the silent war between Israel and Iran and its allies is finding its voice.

In Damascus, sources close to the leadership believe Israel will continue attacking targets. However, Israel knows now where Syria’s response will be. This is what Israel has triggered but didn’t expect. Now it has become a rule.

The Israeli Iron Dome is inefficient and unable to protect Israel from rockets and missiles launched simultaneously. Now the battle has moved into Syrian territory occupied by Israel to the reluctance of Tel Aviv, and Russia. Iran and Syria are not taking into consideration Russia’s concern to keep the level of tension low if Israel is not controlling itself. Syria recognizes the importance of Russia and its efficient role in stopping the war in Syria and all the military and political support Moscow is offering.

However, Damascus and Tehran have other considerations, especially the goal of containing Israel. They have trained over 16 local Syrian groups ready to liberate the Golan Heights or to clash with any possible Israeli advance into Syrian territory.

Israel triggered what it has always feared and has managed to get a new battlefield, the Golan heights. It is true that Israel limited itself to bombing weapons warehouses never hit before. It has bombed bases where Iranian advisors are based along with Syrian officers (Russia cleared most positions to avoid the embarrassment of being hit by Israel). It is also true that Israel didn’t regularly bomb Iranian military and transport aircraft carrying weapons to Syria, or the main Iranian center of control and command at Damascus airport. This means that not all parties are pushing for a wider escalation, so far.

Can the situation get out of control? Of course it can, the question is when?!?


Israel Baits the Hook. Will Syria Bite?


"Israel has repeatedly struck Syria with missiles and rockets - the most recent exchange taking place after Israel claims 'Iranian rockets' struc positions the Israeli military is illegally occupying in Syria's Golan Heights.

The US and its allies seek to provoke Syria and its allies into a war now while the US believes it still holds military primacy. Avoiding this until a time when US military primacy no longer exists is the true key to finally and completely winning the Syrian war.

The most perfect of all 'retaliations' will be the winning the Syrian war- confounding and defeating the US, NATO, the Persian Gulf states, and Israel finally and completely - not launching symbolic missile attacks the US eagerly seeks to use to provoke a wider war they may be able to win while the current global balance of power still favors them."


Let's Talk About The Golan Heights


"...UN Resolution 497 stated that 'The Israeli decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights is null and void and without legal effect.'

The Golan has oil - billions of barrels of it says the Economist. By maintaining a US military presence in Syria and partitioning the country into spheres of influence similar to China in the 19th century, it would facilitate Israeli annexation of the Golan and allow US/Israeli energy companies to exploit the oil reserves..."

Is There Really More Oil in the Golan Heights Than in Saudi Arabia? Who's Genie Energy?


Genie Energy Launches Drilling Services Company in Israel


"...Atid has executed a binding MOU to purchase a drilling rig and associated drilling equipment. The rig has successfully drilled five exploratory oil and gas wells in the Golan Heights over the past two years. Atid anticipates partnering with international drilling services experts, including Rainmaker Ltd, a partnership of North American oil and gas drilling services based in Western Canada..."



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