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no rhyme or reason.....or continuance of the imperialist agenda.....what is patently clear is that the imperialist agenda cheered on by the socalled left plus the MSM have won out......why, perhaps only the history books will give us a clear explanation........but the process seems unstoppable........and we are headed for calamitous consequences....our only hope is that the innocents in the west will finally wake up and look for the voices of sanity....but only after the disasters set in with spades....


Meanwhile, back in the real world



Turning Reality on its Head - US & UK Accuse Russia of 'Warcrimes' in Syria  -  by Finian Cunningham


"Russia's position is rock solid and  based on objective, geopolitical and legal analysis. The six-year war in Syria is a criminal western regime-change operation from start to finish, utilizing terrorist proxies to overthrow a sovereign government. 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has rightly called for an impartial investigation into the chemical weapons incident last week..."

Senator Lindsey Graham Hints Boots on the Ground Coming in Syria. War on Iran is Next (and vid)


"Senator Lindsey Graham admits we need to remove Syria to destroy Iran:

'Assad is a threat to the region and eventually to us because he's backed by Iran. He's a puppet of the Iranians. Iran is run by religious fanatics. Iran has missiles on the side of which they write 'death to Israel'...

'ISIL is Germany, Assad is Japan.'

So how do you like the 'US-led Coalition' so far Canada? Ready  to fight for Lindsey, Al Qaeda and Israel?


Is Trump Rescuing Al Qaeda's 'Heartland' in Syria?  -  by Max Blumenthal


"...But there has been one issue major media outlets have refused to touch, and that is the nature of the rebels who would gain from any US military offensive. Who holds power in Idlib, why are they there and what do they want...?"

US Is Destabilizing Syria on Purpose - Journalist


"Lawmakers have responded with mixed reactions to President Donald Trump's decision to launch a military strike against a Syrian airbase on Thursday..."



"a system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations"

This lens that I use to analyze the world through.  Nations have no friends but have interests. 

I found something refreshing on CNN this morning a little bit of truth.  One of the presenters talked about the idea of realpolitik, did use the word but explained how real world works.  The idea is that Russia has interests in the middle east and has had them for 60 years.  And US has interests in the middle east for the last 60 years.  The problem is that these interests clash.  The guest used the idea no matter the pressure with somesort moral message that assad is beast will zero impact becasue interest are number one and moral arguments talk a back seat to all. 


It was the deep state taking back control. Oh yeah, and the imperialist agenda.




Wag the Dog - How A/Q Played Donald Trump and the American Media  -  by Scott Ritter


Scott Ritter is a former weapons inspector in Iraq


Idlib 'Chemical Attack' Was False Flag To Set Assad Up, More May Come - Putin


"Russia has information of a potential incident similar to the alleged chemical attack in Idlib province, possibly targeting a Damascus suburb, President Vladimir Putin said. The goal is to discredit the government of Syrian President Assad, he added."



Just more fake news


Rania Khalek, Ben Norton


"How kinky are the Salafists?"


The Fire of the Syrian War is Spreading Following US Tomahawks Deployment


"Sacrificing the people of the Third World in order for a liberal democracy to survive is unfortunately part of a widespread and general policy and practice adopted for centuries...Keeping the Middle East busy with wars and containing terrorism within the 'walls' of the Middle East is apparently considered the best way for liberal democratic societies to survive. 

This is called politics."


Syria war: G7 fails to agree sanctions on Russia after 'chemical attack'






It seems everyone is out of step except Russia, eh! 

Doesn't look good.



Sarin traces found in Syria chemical attack victims' blood, Turkey says

Tests on victims find traces of substance sarin degrades into while Russia claims they come from leaked chemicals stored in nearby rebel warehouse



Public support for Donald Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes against the Syrian regime is low compared to support for previous foreign actions -- latest Gallup poll.

50 percent of Americans approve of airstrikes against the Assad regime, 41 percent disapprove, 10 percent have no opinion.    This is historically low compared to other military interventions, such as in Afghanistan in 2001, which had 90 percent approval rating compared to just 5 percent disapproval. George. W. Bush’s decision in 2003 to go to war with Iraq also had 76 percent approval at its inception, and 20 percent disapproval.

The only military action in recent years with less public support was Barack Obama’s intervention in Libya, which had 47 percent approval and 37 percent disapproval.

US Media support for Trump airstrikes:


The disparity between the media and the public is instructive.   Foreign policy needs to be brought under democratic control, here and in the US.



White House Accuses Russia of Trying to ‘Cover Up’ Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack



Why the Russians Aren’t Likely to Break With Assad

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has arrived in Moscow with a near-impossible mission.



Mattis said today there is no question Assad gassed his own people. 


Now why would Italy and France and Germany deny the USA support forRussian sanctions....unless

of course the Russians provided them with the proof of the false flag operation

and more to come   heads are going to roll in DC  ..........In Canada Trudeau must be forced to resign over his full support of the USA international violation

This is reality not the war propaganda BBC version


What I found interesting was how assured Mattis was about question of spirialing out of control in regards to russia.  He basically no chance of that happening.  While I say that russians position in syria is not all that strong.  The forces amassed by the russian in the syria area cannot match what forces US has available in the area.  There is no land link between Russia proper and syria.  The Kurds, ISIS, US block the movement to iran so link.  All stuff that russia have is deleivered through air and sea to syria.  In war the air corridor would be closed the sea lanes interdicted US naval power. 

         That said the russian would not keep things bottled up in syria.  They would at minimum over run urkaine and probaly invaded the baltic countries to create a corridor to kalingrad.

I just wonder had hard Trump is going push Putin.  Every strike the americans luanch destroys Putin political base.  I have no idea where that point is and I hope we do not find out. 


Alleged Sarin Gas Attack By President Assad is Fake News


"...It's obvious enough that if Assad didn't use WMD when he was losing the war, it would make no sense for him to use it now when a victory is within reach."


Death From US Bombings Triple in Syria, Iraq


"Three times as many innocent people were killed by US bombs on March 17 as the death toll of the massively publicized alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack on the town of Khan Sheiknoun, the pretext for the US missile strikes on a Syrian airbase ordered by President Trump.

The total civilian death toll from US bombing during March is 20 TIMES AS GREAT."

ps (not to mention Canadian special forces now 'painting targets' for coalition bombing in Mosul)


RT News - April 11, 2017 [1700 MSK]


Lawrence Wilkerson: "We all need to pay very close attention...I see us moving ever further into the Syrian morass."


Professor Stephen Cohen - The Last Voice of Reason in a World Gone Mad (and vid)


"Things are really that bad..."


Does anyone know if demonstrations are being called this weekend, anywhere within the Canadian state? By the way, that should probably go in the other thread. 

And one need not support Assad to oppose US or any other imperialist intervention in Syria... It was a rather odd formulation. 



I noticed the call to rally for yesterday in Vancouver......no mainstream type organizations involved.....suggested evidence that antiwar movement in Canada is dead.......

perhaps I may be wrong here......but undoubtedly the rally received zero coverage by MSM

as long as we permit the existence of the lying CBC type MSM.... building movement will be difficult


We built powerful movements against the first Gulf War and even more against the war on Iraq, and didn't depend on mainstream media to do so. Internet access is far more widespread now than it was even 15 years ago. 

The antiwar movement isn't dead, but it is in disarray. A serious discussion of why (without blaming activists) would be very important. 


White House 'Intelligence Assessment' Is No-Such-Thing But Shows Support For Al-Qaeda


"The Trump White House published three and a half pages of accusations against the governments of Syria and Russia. These are simple white pages with no header or footer, no date, no classification or declassification marks, no issuing agency and no signatures. It is indiscernible who has written them.

US media call this a Declassified US Report on Chemical Weapons Attack. It is no such thing. It starts with 'The United States is confident that the Syrian government conducted a chemical weapon attack..'

The US is 'confident', it does not 'know', it does not have 'proof' - it is just 'confident.'


'Nodding Like Bobble Heads': Putin Slams NATO's Support For US Violation of Intl Law in Syria


"The missile strike on Syria was a clear breach of international law, while Washington's claim that Damascus carried out the chemical attack that the US used as its casus belli, is yet to be proven by any hard evidence, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

'What was the reaction of the NATO allies? All of them are nodding like bobble heads,' Putin said in an interview with Mir 24 TV channel. 'Where is evidence that Syrian troops used chemical weapons? No evidence. And what about the violation of international law? It is an obvious fact,' he added."


lagatta4 wrote:

We built powerful movements against the first Gulf War and even more against the war on Iraq, and didn't depend on mainstream media to do so. Internet access is far more widespread now than it was even 15 years ago. 

The antiwar movement isn't dead, but it is in disarray. A serious discussion of why (without blaming activists) would be very important. 

I think the demonstrations against the Iraq War were profoundly global in nature and showed clearly the will of the people. I am sure on the day that I marched with my sons and other family you were marching where ever you were. Hell that march had all the major unions and NDP riding associations that not only participated as such but also promoted the march at the local level. However it had zero impact. The march to war did not get halted and I think that sapped much of the energy and life force out of the movement. 


The Liberals might have made a different decision had it not been for the level of protest. I wouldn't assume it had no effect at all.


Dereliction of Duty, Redux


But the Russians have vetoed a UN resolution to conduct an investigation.

Why is that?

Russia Vetoes United Nations Probe of the Syria Gas Attack



Lavrov, Tillerson Press Conference After Talks in Moscow



CrossTalk: War-A-Lago


"Why the reversal and what will be the political costs?"


Trump Joins Democrats in the War Party  -  by Margaret Kimberley


"...And what of the resistance? The pink pussyhat wearers and their ilk? They too approve of an American hegemon waiting to kill at the first sign of a propaganda lie. They aren't resisting anything at all. Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau have backed Trump too. 

If we didn't know before we now know who the imperialists are in this country and around the world..."


Trump Brags About Eating The 'Most Beautiful' Chocolate Cake During Missile Strike Decision


"Then forgets which country he just bombed..."


The march to war did not get halted.......don t blame the activists.......

marches per se are surely ineffective especially given the fact that the mainstream parties and media are totally now unsupportive.....but the activists not to blame? Or at least their leadership?

I must mention my attempts to pursue a creative power strategy at the Canadian Social forum totally anulled by the establishment anti war? groups.....and most recently the closing down early of the antiwar coalition I work with to attend a seminar with Amy Goodman? promoting the evil deeds of the Syrian Government?

Activists and their media are not to blame?

The anti Iraq war movement had strong support amongst the mainstream including sympathy within the CBC before it too was completely compromised......

Any antiwar and imperialist movement to be reborn must recognize that we are a tiny minority up against an overwhelmingly powerful mainstream and leftish media....and so our tactics must be different.....


Assad: Idlib Attack 100% Fabricated - Syria Destroyed All Chemical Weapons


"Definitely, 100 percent for us it's fabrication...Our impression is that the West, mainly the US, is hand-in-glove with the terrorists. They fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack..."

US-Led Coalition Airstrike Mistakenly Killed 18 SDF Ally Fighters in Syria on April 11 - Pentagon



Got an email from the Niki Ashton campaign condemning the US attack on Syria.  Mashed that Donate button.  :D


I'd like to believe you but then again why is Russia refusing to allow an investigation? What is Russia hiding?

This appears to be similiar to that Malaysian plane shot down in the Ukraine, eh!


NorthReport:   The article you posted at 227 gives the reasons:

"Russia wants an international investigation of the chemical attack, Lavrov told reporters in Moscow, but the resolution offered by the U.S. and its allies was aimed “more at legitimizing the arguments against Damascus.”

... Russia objected to a paragraph that would have required Syria to provide investigators with flight plans and information about air operations on the day the attack was launched, as well as the names of helicopter squadron commander and immediate access to airbases where it may have been launched."




Russia is becoming more and more isolated on this particular issue. Either you want a thorough investigation or you don't. Doesn't look good.


An oldie but a goodie.


Russia hysteria advocate and war monger has a melt down when christians come testify in about facts on the ground.

Here a more modern take.


Put this nun on the major networks and let talk about what happenes in syria.


Let's live in the present.

Without responding with gobbledygook like we just heard from Mobo why did Russia use their Security Council veto yesterday to prevent an investigation into the chemical weapons being used in Syria which is eerily similar to the Malaysian plane shot down in Ukraine? 



NR you dismiss that the fact rebels kill and torture christians becasue their regilion.  How very disappointing of you.


This does not look good for the Russians as what you are saying is nobody has any grounds to defend Russia's UN's SC veto which prevents an investigation just like what the Russians did in the Malaysian air tragedy in the Ukraine. 




Russia Vetoes West's 'Misconceived' Syria Resolution at UN Security Council


"The main objection to the resolution is that it apportioned blame prior to an objective outside investigation of the incident. Accepting the resolution would also 'legitimize' the April 7 air strike carried out by the US. In the event of non-compliance with the terms, Syria could be exposed to military action mandated by the UNSC under Chapter VII of the UN Charter..."

White House Claims on Syria Chemical Attack 'Obviously False' - Prof Theodore Postal of MIT  [ *MUST WATCH *]


"The report 'contains absolutely no evidence' to prove this, says Theordore Postol. 'There should be an international investigation..."

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Russia Vetoes U.N. Resolution on Syria as Questions Linger over Deadly Chemical Attack


JONATHAN STEELE: Well, I think the people who’ve benefited from this terrible gas incident in Khan Sheikhoun last week were certainly not Assad, certainly not the Russian government. The people who’ve benefited are, as you suggested in the question, the people who were defending themselves against the allegation that Trump is somehow a puppet of Moscow. It was the military-industrial complex in Washington, what we would now—it’s Eisenhower’s phrase, but what we would now call the deep state, you know, the kind of alliance between the top military brass in Washington, the arms manufacturers and the intelligence agencies, who were really worried that Trump was somehow getting out of control and opening up good relations with Russia, and they wanted to get him back on the traditional track of confrontation with Russia.

And, of course, a third group that’s really benefited are the armed opposition to Assad, because they’ve suddenly got a new lease of life, when it looked as though they were on the verge of losing their last sliver of territory around Idlib in northwest Syria. They’ve been given the option, the—perhaps the option of being defended militarily by NATO with airstrikes. They’ve had one airstrike, and they’re obviously hoping for more. And they’re certainly not going to compromise in the Geneva talks. So everybody who’s benefited is on the non-Syrian, non-Russian side.


NERMEEN SHAIKH: But there are those who argue, Jonathan Steele, that the Assad regime has benefited, simply by warning the rebels not to continue their fight against the regime.

JONATHAN STEELE: Well, but not by the use of chemical weapons. I mean, that’s why it seems so unlikely that the Syrians would have used chemical weapons. Of course, they’re still using conventional bombing, and they’re using their ground forces to try and push them out of Idlib. But the gas attack was the last thing they wanted. But it’s important to point out, too, that although the Russians vetoed the resolution in the U.N. Security Council last night calling for Syria to cooperate, the element of cooperation which the West wanted, the U.S., Britain and France, was that they should show their flight logbooks of all their aircraft. That’s a huge violation or intrusion of sovereignty, which the Syrians couldn’t accept.

But as Lavrov pointed out in his remarks with Tillerson when they were having their joint press conference, the Syrian government has written to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, offering an inquiry, offering access to the airfield that was hit by the American cruise missiles, but also calling, quite legitimately, for the rebels to give access to the site where the sarin gas was used, to see whether indeed it was caused by an airstrike or caused by somebody on the ground who was doing a dirty trick to try and discredit the Syrian government.

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..this is txs to magoo who raised this in another thread. the lyrics are appropriate to this conversation.

Gil Scott-Heron - Work For Peace


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Russia-Baiting Pushed Trump to Attack Syria—and Increases the Risk of Nuclear Annihilation

The anti-Russia bandwagon has gained so much momentum that a national frenzy is boosting the odds of unfathomable catastrophe.

Vast efforts to portray Donald Trump as Vladimir Putin’s flunky have given Trump huge incentives to prove otherwise. Last Thursday, he began the process in a big way by ordering a missile attack on Russia’s close ally Syria. In the aftermath of the attack, the cheerleading from U.S. mass media was close to unanimous, and the assault won lots of praise on Capitol Hill. Finally, the protracted and fervent depictions of Trump as a Kremlin tool were getting some tangible results.

At this point, the anti-Russia bandwagon has gained so much momentum that a national frenzy is boosting the odds of unfathomable catastrophe. The world’s two nuclear superpowers are in confrontation mode.

It’s urgent to tell ourselves and each other: Wake up!....


Yes, and this US 'bandwagon' or more properly war wagon, unfortunately seems to have more than its share of Canadian 'progressives' cheering it on. 

US Should Support ISIS 


"Thomas Friedman, Pulitzer Prize winner, is calling for America to ally itself with ISIS in Syria..."


from Voltairenet......

which was one of the last holdouts re the Trump transformation....

During two weeks of intense fighting within the Trump administration, the United States have illegally attacked the air base at Chayrat (Syria), then multiplied contradictory signals before showing their hand - finally, they are relaunching their imperialist policy.

In less than two weeks, the Trump administration has defended 7 different positions concerning the Syrian Arab Republic [1].

On 12 April 2017, the United States made their great about-face.......

in support of epaulo...it`s time for people to wake up! it`s time for the NDP to wake up, the Greens to wake up.....read the NDP milktoast cover their asses statement...just typical milktoast cover their ass NDP politics...when will the Greens make a move?

Where are the traditional voices for sanity, not to mention alarm...where in fact is the so called environment movement, with the likes of Monbiot supporting the rush to armeggedon...the climate change activists? global warming? How about global incineration!


Not choosing sides, but blocking the UN investigation does not appear to lend credibility to Russian claims.



The Powers of Investigation of the United Nations Security Council



NorthReport wrote:

Not choosing sides, but blocking the UN investigation does not appear to lend credibility to Russian claims.

Being wilfully blind to the response to  that line of attack which more than one person has posted for you is actually choosing sides.


Utter nonsense.

If there is nothing to hide why do you not want to have a UN investigation, eh? 


NorthReport wrote:

Utter nonsense.

If there is nothing to hide why do you not want to have a UN investigation, eh? 

Again the resolution implied guilt and it required a country engaged in a civil war to supply senstive military information to parties that support the insurgents and it had a literal poison pill in that if the "investigating" body got its nose out of joint it authorized immediate UN sanctioned attacks.

I've sat at a lot of negotiating tables and I'll tell you no one in their right mind would agree to do this.


CrossTalk on Russia-US Relations:  Shattered


'Pessimism is fully warranted..."

Jonathan Steele, Gareth Porter and Joe Lauria


Tillerson Breaks Down on Ultimatum Mission to Russia  -  by Finian Cunningham


"...What is obvious is that the Trump administration in concert with its British and French surrogates have attempted to use the dubious chemical weapons incident as a pretext for stepping up military intervention in Syria to topple the Assad government. And central to that agenda is a bid to smear and shame Russia into conceding to the Western doctrine of regime change. Tillerson evidently received a sharp lesson in geopolitical reality while in Moscow this week..."


Golan Heights, Israel, Oil and Trump


"Events are moving rapidly to a possible new war involving Israel, the United States, Syria and Russia. Only this oily war somehow feels more dangerous.

Virtually no mention was made by CNN or other US mainstream media of the most strategic point the two [Netanyahu/Trump] discussed. Netanyahu asked the US President to recognize the illegal occupation of Syria's Golan Heights, something no US President has done.

What has unfolded in the region, since February 16 Trump talks gives reason to believe the US and Netanyahu's Israel covertly agreed to a strategy to allow Trump to recognize Israel as the de facto occupier of Golan Heights amid what they will call the growing chaos of the Syrian 'civil war.'"


Rabbis Urge President Trump To 'Act Decisively' in Syria


"...We believe that a strong response from the US is essential to stopping these war crimes...Israel's President, Reuven Rivlin called the attack 'a stain on humanity' and urged the international community...The Assad regime will not cease these brutal attacks unless it faces the threat of serious military repercussions such as airstrikes...Order targeted airstrikes on the Assad regime..."

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Thank god Trump got elected instead of Hillery... Says nobody in the Kremlin these days.


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