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Russian General Staff Briefing On The Situation in Syria (English subtitles)


...We do not see significant results in the fight against ISIS by the US-led coalition. Declaring the purpose of its fight to be against international terrorism, the coalition strikes Syrian troops, frees ISIS militants from areas of encirclement, strengthening terrorist groups in the area of Palmyra and Deir Ezzor.

I want to ask why they are doing this and what is the real purpose they serve? Now we see that the coalition's actions only prevent the elimination of ISIS by government forces..."


Delta Force, the CIA and Botched Covert Ops in Syria


"Nobody believes in it. You're like, 'Fuck this,' a former Green beret says of America' covert and clandestine programs to train and arm Syrian militias. Everyone on the ground knows they are jihadis. No one on the ground believes in this mission or this effort and they know they are just training the next generation of jihadis..."


Syrian Army and Allies Reach Iraqi Border Southeast of At-Tanf - Reports


"The 'virtual Shia Crescent' cannot be stopped. Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut will be linked regardless."



US-Led Forces Appear To Be Using White Phosphorus in Populated Areas in Iraq and Syria


"On Thursday, footage by the activist group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently showed the signature spread of airburst white phosphorus munitions - probably M825 series 155mm artillery rounds - exploding over eastern Raqqa."


SDF Boosts Relations With Saudi Arabia, Praises Its Role in 'Stabilization' of Syria



Syria Summary: The End of the War is Now in Sight


"As Secretary of State Tillerson rightly said: The US has no legal authority to attack Syrian, Iranian, or Russian forces. None at all. It is invading Syria with no legitimate reason. Syria, in contrast, has the legal authority to throw the US troops out."

Oimran Daqneesh's Father Exposes MSM



'Staggering' Loss of Civilian Lives From US-led Bombing in Raqqa


"UN warcrimes investigators have slammed intensified US-led strikes on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria."

"...and this is after a five-year-long media and NATO-aligned NGO campaign to try and demonize the Syrian government and its allies trying to liberate East Aleppo from terrorist and extremist factions imposed and embedded by NATO-states and Gulf states..." - Vanessa Beeley


Vanessa Beeley on Syria


"US-led airstrikes on Raqqa have, as the UN observed, led to a 'staggering loss of civilian life'. The US-led coalition [with participation of Canadian Aurora targeting aircraft] has also admitted to using white phosphorus but the media reaction in the West has been muted to say the least.

It's all a far cry from the headlines when Syrian forces with Russian support were trying to liberate Aleppo in December. Vanessa Beeley has reported from Syria many times during the current conflict, so we invited her into the studio to discuss these glaring double standards."


US Downs Syrian Fighter Jet Engaged in Anti-Daesh Operations


"A Syrian fighter plane engaged in operations against Daesh in Raqqah has been downed by the US-led coalition. The Syiran army's general command stressed that the 'flagrant aggression' highlights the US's true stance against terrorism. 'The attack stresses coordination between the US and Daesh, and it reveals the evil intentions of the US in administrating terrorism...This comes at a time when the Syrian army and its allies were making clear advances in fighting the Daesh terrorist group."


Syria Iraqi Army Troops Meet Up At Border For First Time in Years


"The general said the meeting point for Iraqi and Syrian forces is northeast of Tanf base, where the US military is training anti-government Takfiri militants."


IRGC Launches Missiles At Daesh Headquarters in Syria from W Iran


"Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has launched missiles at Daesh's Takfiri headquarters in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr."


US-Led Coalition Downing of Syrian Plane 'Act of Aggression' & 'Support For Terrorists' - Moscow


"Moscow views the US-led coalition's attack on the Syrian government's military jet as an act of aggression and assistance for the terrorists that the US is fighting against, according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Rybakov..."


Syria Summary: US Fails To Disrupt Push To Deir Ezzor


"Here is an overview of the situation in south-east Syria..."


'Conflict Gets More Dangerous'; Russia Halts Cooperation With US in Syria


"Russia halts cooperation with USA in Syria as US downs Syrian jet over ISIS held city of Raqqa. Russia describes it as violating not only Syrian sovereignty but international law as well:

'Any aircraft belonging to the US-led coalition detected in the skies west of the Euphrates river, where the Russian air force is operating, will be treated as targets by Russia air defence systems.' - Russian Defence Ministry"


Bombing Syria: 'Impeachable' Carve-Up Agenda


"The targeting of forces of or allied with the Syrian government has no justification whatsoever. It is obviously impeachable. But pro-war Democrats don't raise it..."

Perhaps for some of the same reasons, pro-war Canadian progressives pretend not to notice their own country's illegal participation in US bombing operation warcrimes either. But can be counted upon to attack Russia's role or the Syrian government at every opportunity or when dog-whistled by the Guardian etc. Shocking, obscene and disgusting complicity.  Any word from NDP candidates?



Syria: US Flagrant Aggression is Absurdly Described As 'Self Defense'


"Self-defence overlooks the glaring reality that the US-led military coalition [including Canada] has no legal mandate whatsoever to be in Syria in the first place. Its forces are in breach of international law by operating on Syrian territory without the consent of the government in Damascus and without a mandate from the UN Security Council..."

No Difference Party (NDP) leadership candidates please comment...


NDPP wrote:

Spoiling For A Wider War in Syria


From the comments:

Andrew Dabrowski

June 20, 2017 at 2:15 pm

“… the neocons want the Trump administration to continue violating international law, which forbids military invasions of sovereign countries, and keep the bloodshed flowing. ”

This is the only indication in the article that Trump may have already violated international law, i.e. may in reality himself be in the neocon camp that CN believes wants to take him down. I look forward to more direct admissions that you badly misread Trump.


UN Reports Rise in Israel Ties With Syria Militants


"UN raises alarm over rise in contacts between Israeli troops and Syria militants. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned that the growing interactions between the two sides could lead to escalation and cause harm to members of the UN Disengagement Observer Force deployed to the Golan Heights..."

"Here we go...Israeli Frankenstein's now openly advocating for a Kurdish Frankenstein."


"A Kurdish state could be a strong ally for Israel..."

Canada supports.


'Macron is Right On Syria; You Can't Impose Your System on Other Countries'


"President Emmanuel Macron cautioned that France might be repeating the same mistakes in Syria it did intervening in Libya in 2011..."

No similar admission has come from any Canadian politician. 


Bekayne:   An alternative explanation  - Trump does not substantially control foreign policy as president.   I think most anti-war folks who saw some positives in Trump's position on Russia prior to the election were well aware he would  likely disappoint them.   I saw the difference as Hillary would definitely escalate and Donald probably.


CrossTalk on Syria: Rushing To War? (and vid)


"With Islamic State seen to be on the defense in Syria, many of the parties in the proxy war are eyeing the next stage of this conflict. As a result, Russia and the US are at odds. Is Washington's strategic interest in Syria really Iran?"


Resist This: The US Is At War With Syria


"Syria is now under explicit attack by the armed forces of the US, Turkey and other NATO states. Sixteen countries have combat aircraft buzzing around Syrian airspace under the effective command of the US, and a number of them have attacked Syria's army.

The Syrian state and its allies (Iran and Russia), on the other hand, are engaged in the legitimate self-defence of a sovereign state, and have the right to respond with full military force to any attack on Syrian forces or any attempt by the US to balkanize or occupy Syrian territory or to overthrow the Syrian government...."


Putin Tries To Avoid A War With the US


"The downing of a Syrian warplane by a US F-18 Super Hornet on Sunday proves that [Ottawa and] Washington's real objective in Syria is not to defeat ISIS but to topple the government, carve up the country and install a puppet who will follow Washington's directives. The attack was a clear provocation..."


White Helmets Member Caught On Camera Disposing of Syrian Soldiers' Mutilated Bodies [Graphic Video]


"A member of the so-called White Helmets, which has been hailed by the Western media [and NDP] as 'peace-bearing heroes', has been caught on camera helping a group of unidentified mililtants disposing of bodies of beheaded Syrian soldiers..."


'We Got A Fuckin' Problem'     -    by Seymour M Hersh


"AS: We KNOW that there was no chemical attack. The Syrians struck a weapons cache and there was collateral damage. That's it. They did not conduct any sort of chemical attack. And now they're shoving a shit load of TLAMs (tomahawk missiles) up their ass.

SA: There has been a hidden agenda all along. This is about trying to ultimately go after Iran. What the people around Trump do not understand is that the Russians are not a paper tiger and that they have more robust military capability than we do."


A Baseless Justification For War in Syria


"The recent US shoot-down of a Syrian government jet inside Syria on June 18 was not only illegal under international law but amounts to an impeachable act by President Trump."


Israel's Fire Support For Al Qaeda Mercenaries


"Israel has supported al Qaeda in the area since at least 2014. The al-Qaeda fire-request-by-mortar scheme has been in place for at least three years..."


CrossTalk Bullhorns Say It Straight (and vid)


"Is the war in Syria escalating...?"


White House Says It Will Fake 'Chemical Weapon Attack' in Syria


"The White House claims that the Syrian government is preparing 'chemical weapons attacks'. This is clearly not the case. Syria is winning the war agains tthe country. Any such attack would clearly be to its disadvantage. The White House announcement must thereby be understood as preparation for another US attack on Syria..."


The vile Trump has found a winning formula, winning support from even the hostile Clinton-supporting liberal media for his criminal attack on Syria (though some of them claim it was too little). 

And now,
"Assad prepares another chemical attack" defies any modicum of rationality that may remain in the propaganda saturated consumer of western media.

Seymour Hersh is a top, very meticulous, journalist who always multi-sources his stories. 

His expose on Trump's international crime in attacking Syria with Tomahawks, which was supposedly justified by the fake "Assad uses Sarin" claim, is predictably ignored.

The so-called "Assad Sarin attack" was never probable for "cui bono" and other obvious reasons, but automatically believed by the unthinking consumers of false news, as long as its generated by the likes of the Washington Post, CNN, BBC or the NYT.

Jonathon Cook describes the situation here:
JUNE 27, 2017
"Hersh’s New Syria Revelations Buried From View"



US Air Strike Kills Scores of Civilians in Syria


"The US bombs struck a prison run by ISIS where civilians deemed opponents of ISIS were being held. Deirezzor24, a news site run by local activists put the civilian death toll at 70."

epaulo13 epaulo13's picture

Hersh: Trump Ignored Intel Before Bombing Syria

In an exclusive interview, veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh discusses his new report that President Trump bombed a Syrian military airfield in April despite warnings that U.S. intelligence had found no evidence that the Assad regime used a chemical weapon


Syria Cheat-Sheet: Why the US Wants to Bomb the Syrian Army


"A geopolitical cheat-sheet from the region's top analyst."


IDF Targets Syrian Positions in Response To Projectile Hitting Golan Heights


"The great worry is that these skirmishes or these exchanges actually evolve into a full-on conflict..."


We Repeat: 50 People, Mostly Women & Children Massacred Today in Dablan Village 65 Km East of Deir Ezzor By US Clusterbombs




The Case of Syria and the Bleeding Women


"...Contrast the almost universal indignation over Trump's warped Tweets with the complete lack of attention paid to the 500 civilians US airstrikes have killed in the last month....The liberal antiwar movement (if ever there was such an entity) has shriveled into an anti-Russia claque..."


IDF Targets Syrian Army Positions Over 'Errant Projectile' in 5th Such Exchange Over Week


"One of the incidents coincided with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the Golan Heights on Wednesday. During the visit Netanyahu reinstated Israel's claims on the disputed territory and vowed retaliation for any attack on the territory whatever its source.

Rick Sterling, investigative journalist and member of the Syria Solidarity Movement, told RT he considers the Israeli retaliatory fire 'a clear violation of Syrian sovereignty.' Sterling said he believes the source of the projectiles targeting the Israeli-controlled [and illegally occupied] area in the Golan Heights might well be Syrian rebels backed by the Israeli military, who are thus providing a convenient pretext for their ally to mount an attack on Syria."


UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency is Seeing a Notable Trend of Spontaneous Returns To and Within Syria in 2017


"Aid agencies estimate that more than 400,000 internally displaced people have returned to their homes in Syria during the first six months of this year..."

As Western-backed terror-war of regime change and dismemberment against Syria fails. 


Ex-UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter: Trump's Sarin Claims...


And Canada's made a little contribution as well...


Trump Competes With Clinton in US War of Lies and Terror Against Syria   -   by Glen Ford


"Donald Trump is out to prove that he is as bloodthirsty as Hillary Clinton and better than anyone at brinksmanship. Has he gone 'play-crazy', or is it the real thing? By pushing Trump into a corner and demanding that he display his most bellicose self, or be ceaselessly mocked as a 'puppet' and minion of Russia, a lesser power, the War Party, and its media and clandestine services have created a perfect storm of mayhem that may consume us all..."



'Israel Doing Everything To Prevent Syria from Prevailing Against Terrorists'


"As the possibility of the Syrian government and their allies prevailing in their fight against terrorists approaches, Israel is interceding to do everything it can do to prevent that outcome..."


The Syrian Test of Trump-Putin Accord


"The US mainstream media remains obsessed over Russia's alleged 'meddling' in last fall's election, but the real test of bilateral cooperation may come on the cease-fire in Syria, writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern."


The Kurds in Iraq and Syria Are Being Used By the US as a Trojan Horse For the Purpose of Dividing the Middle East


"Iran, Syria and Iraq believe that the US and Israel are consciously taking advantage of the Kurdsin Syria and Iraq. The US plan to establish a Kurdish state in Iraq and Syria opens the path to a Sunni state in Iraq..."


Maria Zakharova Press Briefing on West's Chemical Weapons Propaganda Campaign


"Zakharova dismantles and forensically examines the chain of events leading to the eventual release of the OPCW report."


Sharmine Narwani  https://twitter.com/snarwani/status/885556850434899968

"Breaking: French president says he and President Donald Trump will work toward a post-war roadmap for Syria."


Syria Summary: Will the Trump-Putin Agreement Hold




Aleppo and Mosul: A Tale of Two Liberated Cities


"The very different ways in which the respective 'liberations' were portrayed tells us much about the way war propaganda works in the so-called free world."


War As A Working Place (Doc)


"Syrian reporters risk death to bring news from the frontlines."


The New Silk Road Will Go Through Syria   -   by Pepe Escobar


"China, Russia and Iran will have priority over anyone else for all infrastructure investment and reconstruction projects when the war is over. The New Silk Roads, or One Belt, One Road Initiative, will inevitably feature a Syrian hub.

Needless to add, all those elaborate plans depend on no more war. And there's the rub."


Bana: The Heartbreaking Story of Child Exploitation, Propaganda and Media Falsehood


"Since the fighting stopped in Aleppo, the verifiable truth about people, places and events there during the time of the occupation and siege has been coming out. It differs from almost everything we were encouraged to believe by the massed corporate media of the world.

The twitter account @AlabedBana is one of the most conspicuous examples. Another is the image of the little boy Omran, who we'll also have a brief mention of at the end..."


Syrian War Report - July 14, 2017: Race To Deir Ezzor (and vid)


"On Thursday, the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces and tribal forces, backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have launched a military operation in the southwestern part of Raqqah province.

Next 7-10 days will be very important for the army and show if the Iranian-Syrian-Russian alliance is able to achieve their key goals, including lifting the siege from Deir Ezzor, on the Syrian battleground before US-backed forces capture the city of Raqqah."


Analysis: Shift in Rhetoric Among Kurdish Politicians in Syria


"Kurdish political officials in Syria are taking an increasingly anti-Iranian and pro-Saudi stance amind the rising tensions between Washington, Tehran and their proxies, and the rift between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, writes journalist Wladimir van Wilgenburg.

'Syrian Kurdish fighers recently secured US backing, independent of the Arab-Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), for the battle in Raqqa. But now that the offensive is well underway - with no guarantee of US support once the so-called Islamic State is defeated - Syrian Kurdish political officials are looking to secure foreign backing..."

First 'Islamic State' And Then the US Breaches Sykes-Picot With One Objective: The Partition of Syria and Iraq



The Crossed Wires of the 'Syrian Revolution'


"Given impetus after the Sept 11th attacks in New York in 2001, the technology of 'colour revolutions' as an element of fourth generation warfare has become the primary method of hijacking the future of a foreign sovereign state..."


More than 40,000 civilians were killed in the devastating battle to retake Mosul from Isis, according to intelligence reports revealed exclusively to The Independent - a death toll far higher than previous estimates.

Residents of the besieged city were killed by Iraqi ground forces attempting to force out militants, as well as by air strikes and Isis fighters, according to Kurdish intelligence services.

. . . .

The figure given by Mr Zebari for the number of civilians killed in the nine-month siege is far higher than those previously reported, but the intelligence service of the Kurdistan Regional Government has a reputation for being extremely accurate and well-informed.



Turkish Media Reveals American Base Locations in Syria


"A Turkish state news agency [Andalou Agency] has released a list of  US military bases in Northern Syria, as relations between the two NATO allies take another downturn. The outlet claims to have detailed Washington's hidden outposts, located in Kurdish-held areas."

See also 





Lavrov: Main Parameters To Establish De-Escalation Zone in South of Syria Has Been Discussed


"Russian FM Sergy Lavrov said that the process of discussing the main parameters for the establishment of a de-escalation zone in the south of Syria has been completed, noting that the details relating to this issue are currently being settled.

Lavrov also affirmed that the US presence on Syrian soil has no legal basis, pointing out that the US is trying to cover up this."


We Can't Have Peace in Syria, That Would Be Giving In To Russia!


"Peace breaking out in Syria? What that's an absolute friggin' disgrace! Better for the Syrian people to endure another 20 years of bloody conflict then to hand Russia 'a victory'!


Syria requests compensation at the United Nations:

Syria Requests Compensation From US Over Destruction Wrought By War


"...My Government reaffirms its position that the attacks by the so-called international coalition against ISIL [of which Canada is a participating member and belligerent] within the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic are illegal and violate the Charter of the United Nations and international law, inasmuch as they are being carried out without prior authorisation from or coordination with the Syrian Government.

My Government insists that these attacks must come to an end, and that the members of S/2017/603,2/217-11960, this illegitimate coalition must bear the political and legal responsibility for the destruction of infrastructure in the Syrian Arab Republic, including responsibility for compensation.

I should be grateful if this letter could be issued as a document of the Security Council..."



'CIA Not Only Armed Syrian Terrorists - It Paid Their Salaries' (and vid)


"Saturday on Twitter, Assange highlighted an article from Thursday where the Financial Times noted how many Syrian rebels are getting salaries from the CIA..."


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